01x09 - Tell

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Player" (formerly known as "Endgame"). Aired September 24 - November 19 2015.
"The Player" follows a former intelligence officer who was recruited to join a high-stakes game in which individuals bet on crime in this action-packed Las Vegas thriller.
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01x09 - Tell

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Previously on "The Player"...

That was the most fun I have ever had in an interrogation.

I look forward to what comes next.

I put you away for the rest of your life.

That video was manipulated.

It was a composite of two different images.

So Johnson's been lying to me this whole time?

Johnson has enemies, and right now they're circling.

I thought I could help you.

Alex: Maybe you can.

Help me find her.

[engine revving]


[tires screech]

Cassandra: 30 seconds and counting.

Yeah, I'm moving as fast as I can.

Let's hope that's not true.

If your target escapes with the package, the bet is over, and you lose.

25 seconds.

[horn honks]

[tires screech]

[engines rev]


[tires screech]


What are you doing?


Oh, you know, biding my time.

I got the package. Game over.

Not for our thief. Behind you.

Man: [grunts, groans]

How about now?

Now that would be game over.

Nicely played, Alex. Nicely played.

I believe that's three wins in a row.

You sound surprised.

Well, if I didn't know any better, I would say you're finally starting to enjoy yourself.

Until the next game, Mr. Kane.

Until the next game.

Smug son of a bitch.

I've disabled all surveillance on this level, but Ada will refresh, so talk fast.

I can't keep doing this, Cassandra.

We need to stay on course.

He has Ginny.

We don't know that.

Yeah, but we know he's hiding something.

Wherever she is, Johnson is involved.

Most likely, yes, but just most likely.

Listen... Johnson can make a lethal enemy, Alex.

Until we know for certain what he's playing, we have to keep up appearances.

Do you understand what you're asking me to do?

I understand exactly what I'm asking you to do.

You think you're the only one whose life has been upended by this system?

You mean your system.

My allegiances are my own.

I have chosen to help you because what has been done to you is wrong.

And what did they do to you, Cassandra?

We'll find Ginny.

Johnson isn't the only key to her whereabouts.

There's a storage facility outside of Summerlin, west of Vegas Valley.

This key opens a padlock attached to unit number 415.


These are Ginny's things?

This was all the junk that wouldn't fit into her house after she moved out, when she got her own place, after... after we broke up.


I'm sorry.

I know you were hoping to find something useful.

When Ginny would go away and do her volunteer work, we'd almost never talk on the phone, so I...

I wrote her letters... one letter every week.

Well, it looks like she kept every single one.

I'll give you a moment.


[elevator motor whirs]


[cellphone rings]

[cellphone beeps]

Voice: [modulated] Hello, Alex.

Who is this?

A friend.

Then why the voice scrambler?

To keep things interesting.

All right. I'm interested.

Your wife's trail has gone cold, I believe.

This book will change that.

I've marked a very pertinent passage.

You'll find it useful, I assure you.

How am I supposed to believe you when you don't even tell me who you are?

But I already told you.

Oh, that's right. I'm sorry.

Remind me... why are we friends?

Our enemy.

[disconnect tone beeps]


[cellphone beeps]

Our blonde has a face after all.

Pulled a few favors with Cyber Crimes.

Had them use the photo you gave me to reconstruct her image.

Who is she?

Good question.

I put that pic through every system we got.

Apparently, she doesn't exist.

She's real, all right.

There's got to be a way to identify her.

I've done some canvassing, got a solid lead.

And a proposition.

This proposition legal?


"Technically" isn't "yes."

What I'm about to say could save your friend Alex Kane's life.

Or would you rather wait until his body's found in the desert?

You trying to push my buttons?

This woman could be the key to an international criminal enterprise.

I don't want to do this alone.

But I will if I have to.

Do what, exactly?


I don't trust it.

The signal from that call was bounced around the globe two dozen times over.

Whoever contacted you most definitely had something to hide.

And whoever they are, they wanted me to know about this guy...

Jack Fuller.

He was the head of the Marshal Witness Relocation Program for years.

He went off the grid after his retirement in '08.


He's someone who knows how to make people disappear.

Here, look at this.

Look... the physical characteristics match.

Who are these people?

I have no idea.

But I'm guessing they're our key to finding Fuller today.

If we can get to him, maybe we can get to Ginny.

I can run the names through Ada, look for a connection.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, won't that, uh... won't that tip Johnson off to what we're up to?


You're tired of playing his games?

Let's make him play one of ours.

We force a new bet.

To what? Locate Fuller?

I'll arrange the gamble. Once we do, we watch Johnson.

See how he responds.


If he's culpable in Ginny's disappearance, we'll know.

That's not a bad plan.

But I'm guessing he's got one hell of a poker face.

[scoffs] Everyone has a tell, Alex.

Even the Pit Boss.



We have a new bet.

One I didn't authorize.

I took the initiative.

But only because I requested it.



...requested the game?

Like you said, maybe I'm finally starting to enjoy myself.

The gamblers were eager to ante up.


Good. Good.

I like the action.

Former U.S. Marshal Jack Fuller.

Turns out he's been a very bad boy, using his particular skill set to forge new identities for criminals trying to evade law enforcement.

Since his retirement, Fuller has gone from relocating witnesses to vanishing fugitives, a very lucrative black-market business he's created for himself, which is why Ada flagged him for the bet.

It should make for an interesting game.

Yes, yes, even more so now that he knows people are looking for him.

What are you talking about?

Ada culls information from various government databases, including the Marshal Service, which Mr. Fuller still has access to.

So, now that his name has been flagged in the system, thanks to you, it's likely he's already decided to take his next client... himself.

Revise bet.

[console chimes, beeps]

"Can Alex Kane locate Jack Fuller, professional ghost, before he leaves the country?"

I estimate you have a couple of hours at best.

Johnson: Good luck.

[tablet chimes, beeps]

Did you know this was a risk?

Ada doesn't leave footprints.

If Jack Fuller knows we're looking for him, that's because someone told him.

[cellphone rings]

[receiver clicks]

You have a problem.

Don't make it mine.

Time for you to disappear.

Whoever sent you those names... [console beeps] wants you to find a link to Fuller.

My guess... their aliases to criminals he's disappeared recently.

Alex: Yeah, but they have to have something in common, something concrete.

Cassandra: Mm-hmm.

Different races, ages, occupations.

Almost no overlap.

Ah, except they were all born in the same town.

Alex: Huh.

Deep River, Utah?

What are the chances of that?

Extremely low.

The town's population is barely 4,000.

Look at this... birth rate's highest in the state.


So, either people leave Deep River as soon as they can or they weren't really there to begin with?

Mm-hmm, precisely... someone's creating fake birth certificates and selling them to the Jack Fullers of the world.

But why Deep River, Utah?

[console beeps]

Cassandra: Vandehorne Federal Processing Center.

It looks like there's a government project to digitize all federal paper records and enter them onto the Social Security registry.

And that's how they get fake birth certificates into the system.


Someone on the inside is adding a few extra names, and nobody's noticing.

Cassandra: Until now.



Uh... public's not allowed down here.

Yeah, I, uh... I hear you're the guy to talk to about getting names in the system.

Yeah, I just enter the data.

Maybe try the website.

I bet that's not what you told Jack Fuller.

Uh... who?

Look, I'm not a cop, and I don't care about whatever scam you're running here, but I need to find Jack Fuller now.


All right.

He... gave me a number.

[gags, groans]

[glass clatters]

Alex: Come here.


Stand up.

Now... now, how about that number?

You think a guy like Jack Fuller leaves a forwarding address?

No, I don't, but I think he came to you for one last alias, for himself, and I'm not leaving here without that name.

And trust me... you really don't want me to stay.

[console beeps]

What did you find?

Well, I got a new respect for bureaucrats' Kn*fe skills, and a name.

Jack Fuller is now Eric Cameron.

Ada's on it.

What about Johnson? Has he given anything away?

He hasn't said a word all day, which could mean he's rattled, or it could mean it's a Tuesday.

That's odd.

He's leaving the building.

I'll find Fuller. You stay with Johnson.

And, Cass, be careful.

[cellphone beeps]


[cellphone beeps, rings]

Woman: LVPD Dispatch.

Yeah, I need to put in a call for service.

Badge number LV1732.

Suspect's name is Cameron, Eric.

[elevator bell dings]

Cassandra: No! Aah!

[tires screech]


[tires squeal]

[metal detector warbles]

How predictable.

[metal detector beeps]


[metal detector beeps]

[watch clatters]

You're gonna regret that.

If you have questions, why don't we get on with it?

I've got other things to do.

[stomps] - [device cracks]

[button clicks]

Keep going.


[buttons clatter]


[handcuffs click]


[glove snaps]

Man: Open your mouth.

Cooperate or you'll regret it.


We haven't even charged her with anything.

This interrogation is fully authorized.

Is that the same thing as "legal"?


This woman is the key to finding out the kind of danger your friend is in, and you want to, what, just let her go?


[breathing heavily]

[piano plays]

Mmm. Oh, the best.

You really should try these.

Best in the city.

I don't enjoy bivalves.

Silt and filth... not for me.

So, tell me... why are we here?

Not for the pleasure of each other's company, I'm assuming.

I have a situation.

It's going to result in a forfeit.

Circumstances couldn't have been helped.

There seems to be a growing list of unfortunate circumstances surrounding your House.

I have a personal asset involved in our latest wager.

I need to ensure that he remains uncompromised.

A personal asset, so it's you who needs to remain uncompromised.

Samuel Letts was a wise man.

Why he protected you, I don't know.

I'll allow it.

This time.

But let's not have this conversation again.


Hey, get off! Get off me!



[breathing heavily]

The search was unfortunate.

I apologize.

You did handle it quite well, though, which leads me to assume you've had training.

This, though... this, I bet, is new.

I wouldn't get too comfortable.

That's bold... coming from someone blinded and chained.

A minor inconvenience.

You can drop the act.

No one can hear you.

That must seem familiar, Special Agent Rose Nolan.

Where's Detective Brown? Still hiding behind the glass?

You're reaching deep into the barrel if you're relying on a local police detective to aid in your investigation.

What are you investigating anyway?

Do you even know?

You think you're untouchable.

I think your current situation proves otherwise.

Intimidation techniques... [scoffs] they really are wasted on me, Agent Nolan.


[cellphone rings]

[cellphone beeps]


Woman: We have a h*t on your BOLO, Detective.

Suspect Eric Cameron is currently at McCarran Airport.

Suspect? Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What BOLO?
Sorry... I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Excuse me. So sorry... I'm late for my flight.

Thank you, guys. Thank you!

Excuse me, sir. Sorry. Didn't hear the alarm.

Woman: Shoes. Come on.

Man: I'm a million-miler. Does that mean anything to you?

Jacket... let's go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Look, the X-ray machine's not coming to you.

Let's get it on the belt here.

All right, all right.

I'm going.

There. You happy?

[X-ray machine beeps]

This your bag, sir?

No, it's somebody else's thousand-dollar suitcase.

All right, great.

Grab him. We got a g*n.


[alarm blaring]

Hey, he's got a g*n.

Who are...

Hands on the table.

Hands on the table!

What's going on?

Hands on the table.

What... what are you doing?!


[blaring continues]



You and I need to have a talk.

I suggest you run away.


Stop right there!

Show me your hands.

I told you to run.

Down on your knees and put your hands behind your head now!

Alex: All right. Okay.

Don't move.

Cuff him.

[sighs] You got the wrong guy.

[handcuffs click]

Man: All right, here we go.

Welcome. Good morning.

Scotch and soda with a twist of lemon, please.

Woman: Right away, sir.


You might want to make that a double.

[clears throat]

Vincent Caruso.

Kyle Vaillancourt.

Andre Victoria.

Justin Foucalt.

You know these men.

No, I can't say that I do.

That wasn't a question.

I'm telling you what we already know.

We know each of these men have specialized m*llitary training.

We know all of them relocated to Las Vegas.

We know shortly after that, they all disappeared one by one, and we know they all have a connection to you.

Now, I'm smart enough to know that that's not a coincidence.

And I think you're smart enough not to try to convince me otherwise.

I wasn't aware it was against the law for a girl to have a type.

Oh, yeah, you have a type, all right.

You like men with a very specific skill set so you can use them and manipulate them.

And when you're done with them, you make them disappear.

If only relationships were that simple.

[sighs] You k*lled these men.

Nolan: No.

She wouldn't be careless enough to k*ll anyone.

Not herself.

That's the whole point, isn't it?

That's why you have these men.

You don't want to dirty those pretty little hands of yours.

You just point.

You get someone else to sh**t.

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you both, but you're way off.

For starters, I don't have little hands.

They're quite average for someone my size.

And secondly, I have no idea who these men are.

All right. Let's try a different list.

London, Berlin, Moscow...

Dubai, Algiers, Macau... shall I keep going?

How about Mumbai, Tokyo, Sydney?

Of course there's Buenos Aires, Rio, Cape Town.

That's 12, right?

I must be missing one. Hmm.

Ah, yes. Las Vegas.

You want to tell me what they have in common?

Let's see.

They're not all capitals... not embassy seats.

I would say population over two million, but that would eliminate Algiers, Macau, and Vegas.

Unless you're considering the larger metropolitan area.

Are you?

No. I'm stumped.

Can I have a clue?

Wire transfers.


Wasn't even close, was I?

There were a massive flurry of wire transfers in each of these cities corresponding to the dates of 26 crimes... money laundering, contract k*lling.

I think these cities are the center of an international crime syndicate, and I'd like to know where you fit into this organization.

Well, since we're just making things up, I'll be Jedi Princess of Leprechauns.


No, I don't think you rank that high.

I think you're middle management at best... handing out orders.

And I'd like to know who's giving you your orders.

I suggest you ask yourself the same question, Agent Nolan.

Who's pulling your strings?

Do you even know?

Have you any idea who's feeding you your information?

Are you certain it's the FBI?

Are you even aware you're being manipulated?

What's wrong, Kyle? Is this all news to you?

What has she told you the FBI is investigating?

Have you cleared any of it with her superiors?

Perhaps you'd like to give your friend Agent Forrester a call.

I'd watch out if I were you, Detective Brown.

You're being led down a very dangerous path.

That's enough.

There are forces at work here... forces you can't possibly understand.

Trust me... you're both out of your depth.

[door closes]

What the hell is going on here?

You told me this was a m*rder investigation.

I told you she was connected to the deaths of those men, which she is.

You deliberately misled me so I would go along with this, and your ASAC needs to hear about that.

This is all part of her plan, Detective.

She's playing us.

She wants to drive a wedge between us.

She wants us... [scrape, clatter] out of the room.

Those are warning sh*ts.

Stay where you are, or your men don't get off the ground.

London, 1990... triple homicide.

Husband and wife, their 10-year-old son, all m*rder.

The only survivor was a little girl, 6 years old... their daughter.

The police found you hiding under your bed, shaking.

They had to bribe you out with chocolate buttons.

You've mistaken me for someone else.

You should know there was a person of interest in that case the police were never able to question...

African-American, brilliant, calculating, a real mystery.

Sound like anyone you know?

You think I don't know who I'm working for.

But the better question is do you?


What the hell was that?


Never seen anyone's name get cleared so fast.

You must have some friends in some very high places, Mr. Kane.

Yeah, I wouldn't exactly call them friends.

I'm following orders.

But if I see you here again, those cuffs aren't coming off so easy next time.

I hear that.

[cellphone rings, beeps]

Where the hell have you been?

Let me guess... you're looking for your friend, the blonde, your colleague in the criminal organization you both work for.

You tell me I've got it wrong, Alex.

Stop. Stop talking.

No, no, no. You need to hear this.

Whoever you're working for and whatever's got you showing up at crime scenes using my badge number, this thing you're mixed up in, it's bad, and it's gonna get you k*lled.

No, you're gonna get us k*lled.

You need to let it go. Walk away.

I will if you will, Alex.

You need to listen to me. They will come after you.

Hold on.

Cal, what's going on?

[engine revs]

[tire squeal]


Hold on, buddy! I'm coming!

[tires squeal]


Come on.

[cellphone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[cellphone beeps]

Alex, I'm sorry.

Yeah, explain later. I need you to find Cal.


He's in danger. Just do it, Cassandra.

[tires squeal]

[engine revving]


[tires screech]

Alex, he's stopped.


Commerce... just north of Kings Avenue.

[tires squeal]


[tires squeal]



Come on!

[g*n, b*llet ricochets]

Let's get you in here.

Get in there. Get in there!

Cass, I need all green lights!

I've got you covered.

[engine revs, tires squeal, g*n]

I need some help! I've got an officer down!!

Woman: Okay, grab a gurney!

[grunting] Come on, Cal.

Come on!


Come on! We're doing it!

There they are.

Alex: There they are.

What have we got?

We've got a g*n wound to the abdomen.

How long has he been losing blood?

6 1/2 minutes.

Okay, let's go!

Cal, Cal, you're gonna be fine.

You're gonna be just fine, man.

[straining] We took the blonde, and we questioned her.

I guess you were right. They're coming after me.

What? What?

Woman: Sir, you can't go any further.

Alex: Okay, okay.

Okay? He's in good hands.

Okay. Cal, you're gonna be okay!

Cassandra. Cassandra, can you hear me?

I need to talk to you now!

Johnson did this.


It's taken care of.

[cellphone beeps]

Mr. Kane.

I know you're disturbed.

What can I do for you?

I think it's time I threw you through that window.

[breathing heavily]

You tried to k*ll Cal.

You tried to k*ll my friend.

I did nothing of the sort.

You really don't want to fight with me, Mr. Kane.

You have no idea what I want.

You promised me you'd help me find my wife.

You held it out in front of me like a carrot so I would play your game!

I deceived you?

Who do you think you're playing with, Mr. Kane?

Trust is a two-way street.


[p*stol cocks]

Cassandra: Enough.

You're done.

Both of you.

I didn't k*ll your friend, Alex.

But somebody out there sure as hell wants you to believe that I did.

Don't you see it?

They're playing us against each other.

And who are they?

Well, if I knew that, I wouldn't be wasting my time with you.

There is a bigger thr*at out there... bigger than the gamblers, bigger than the House.

I don't know who they are, but they're coming.

And based on what they've already done, they are extremely dangerous.

I need you to help me stop them.


You're on your own.

And so are you.

[heart monitor beeping]



You walk around here like nothing's changed, like we're still those two guys who used to meet for burgers when we both pulled the graveyard shift.

But a lie of omission is still a lie.

Whatever's going on with you just came down on me like the hand of God.

And you might be fine with whatever shade of charcoal this is, but I sure as hell am not.

And I wish I could tell you, Cal, but I can't.

That is a choice.

You get to make that choice.

Well, so do I.

Today, I crossed a line I never thought I would.

[sighs] I'm pretty sure I broke the law.

I damn well know I broke my own moral code.

I did it for you... my friend.

I thought your life was in danger, so I did what I thought I had to do.

And what do I get in return?

No more favors, Alex.

No more phone calls.

No more looking the other way.

You and me... we're done.

You told me they'd ask me questions.

You didn't tell me she was a sadistic bitch.

Well, I can't know every variable.

What did you find out?

Agent Nolan has gathered an alarming amount of information about us, but she's drawing all the wrong conclusions.


She won't be in the dark long.

No, just long enough for me to find out who's been feeding her.

Anything else?


If want Alex on your side, you'd better think of something to give him other than cracked ribs.


[elevator motor whirs]

I believe you have some questions for Mr. Fuller.

Where's my wife?


Where is my wife?

I don't know.


Aah! Aah!


I have zero capacity to absorb any more lies, so I'm gonna be honest with you.

If you don't tell me who hired you, if you don't tell me where she is, then I don't know what I'm gonna do with you.

But I can promise you it will be slow, and it will be very ugly.

Y-Your wife, Ginny... I j...

I just did what she asked.


She hired me!

She wanted a new identity, so I put her in the cabin before I could get the paperwork ready, a new identity.

A group of men showed up.

Who were they?

I don't know, but she did.

And she was terrified.

And what happened?

I don't know.

Where is she?

She disappeared after that.

She's somewhere in the wind.


[p*stol cocks]

Never k*ll a man in your own house, Alex.


Besides, I think he's telling the truth.

He's lying.

I wish I could tell you.

Believe me. I do.

If Ginny really is on her own, then you have no idea where she is, either, do you?


Then I have no use for you.

Get this man out of my house.





Ginny: Dear Alex, this is my "just in case" letter.

You know how I hate when things get left unsaid, especially when it comes to us.

You and I were always on our own journey.

Maybe that's why we fell in love in the first place.

I'm sorry, Alex.

I'm sorry, Ginny.

So, if there is a next time, one that doesn't involve me, here's my advice... stop punishing yourself.

We're all just doing the best we can in this messed up world.

And you are a good man, Alex.

Don't ever forget that.

[can clatters]



[dramatic tone plays]

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