01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Prey". Aired: April 2014 to December 2015.*
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"Prey" features quite different story lines from one season to another. Season 1 follows a Manchester detective on the run from his former colleagues. Season 2 follows a prison officer, who finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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A body turned up this morning.

Omer Hassan.

You knew him?

Going back a couple of years.

Proper nasty bastard.

I ordered the case files - just a couple of back-up disks.

Got a string of convictions.

as*ault a copper.

You have had a look at 'em, then?

Just the headlines.

According to a witness, Hassan was supposed to have fled the country ten years ago.

What about the witness?

Topher Lomax.

Are you threatening my family?

Don't you ever talk about my family!

Has everyone heard the news?

DI Farrow claims to have discovered the bodies of his wife and son.


I've been promoted to lead the investigation.

You are joking.

We have your fingerprints on the Kn*fe that k*lled Abi.

Why don't you just tell me what happened?

I didn't do it!

You think you have to charge him?

Yes, sir, I do.

Ma'am, there's been an accident.

Farrow's escaped.

Whoever k*lled my family also stole those disks.


What are you doing with the disks?





Cut him off!



See him?

I see him!

He's here!


Right, you stay there, yeah?

Fan out!


Move, move, move!

Out the way!

Out the way!







Where is he?



You all right?


He's a lunatic!


Find me some PCs who know these streets.

It's a bloody warren!

Oh, great timing!

It's all on Comms, talking about Devlin.

Sounds like he took a bit of a kicking.

Where is he?

He's on his way to A&E.

Which one?

I'll find out and get over there.

Good, let's get some transport over there.



File's on your desk, ma'am.

Oh, thank you.



'No, it's me.'


Where are you?

'I didn't do it.

I swear to God, I didn't k*ll Abi and Max.'

Marcus, it doesn't matter what I think.

It was Sean.


It's all tied up to the m*rder of Hassan.

Look, Marcus, Sean's...

Sean's in the hospital.

'I know he is, I put him there.

He's up to his neck in this.'

And it's all connected to why Topher Lomax wanted the disks.

'Only Sean knew they were at Abi's house.'

Marcus, what disks?

What, you mean the case files?

You're not making any sense.

'Ask Devlin about the disks.'

I've got one, he destroyed the other.

'Marcus, I can't do that.'

Please, Mac, do me this one favour.

'Sean knows something.'

Look, I could lose my job for this.

I know.





'No, Lomax, it's not Devlin.

It's Marcus Farrow.'

Who was that?


Hello, love.

DI Sean Devlin.

Yep, V-four-six-nine-two.

Yeah, I just need an address, please.

Er, Leila Hassan.

Widow of Omer Hassan.

She's in Oldham.


Thank you.



DCI Susan Reinhardt.

DS Ashley Chan.


Did you find him?

He escaped.

Are you all right, Sean?


It's just this.

I'll be fine.

Looks like you got the worst of it there, mate.


Three witnesses saw you and Farrow scrapping.

First time any bugger's had their eyes open all day.

So what's going on, Sean?

Where is he?

How would I know?

Nurse: Excuse me.

Well, let's see, um...

You should be on duty, pushing a pen over in Longsight, but somehow you end up in Salford.

You meet Farrow, and the two of you end up...

So,... (SIGHS)

..I'll ask you again.

Where is he?

I don't know.

Don't wind me up, Sean, I'm really tired.

You're his best mate, I get that.

We both want to help him.

Look, I've nothing to say.

All right, Sean, fair enough.

Ash, can you get him over to Longsight, please?

You want me to nick him?

Oh, come on, you can't do that.

How much do you want a bet?

I'm not wearing this bullshit off you, Sean.

Where's Sean?

He's fine, don't worry.

I need to see him.

I'm afraid you can't.

I beg your pardon?

Just come in here a minute.

What's going on?

Andrea, um...

I've had to arrest Sean.


Well, he won't talk to me, so...

You've got no right to do that.

Well, actually I have.

He's obstructing.

Look, they're best mates.

Do you think anyone's gonna thank you for going after Sean?

I'm not going after him, I just want him to talk to me.

You've got a job - find Marcus.

And if you can't do that, you should step aside.

Andrea, did your lot know he was gonna meet Farrow?


I'm sorry.

Look, Susan, I know it's not easy.

But if you're struggling, you need to tell Warner.




To apologise for the other night.

You apologise for turning up at my house by turning up at my house?


What, am I banned from seeing you now?


What do you want?

I don't want anything.



Everything all right?


I was just passing and I brought you some croissants, I think, and something with raisins.


I'm trying to lose the baby weight.

Course you are.



Yes, I am, actually.

I'm on my way to Longsight.

I'm running the Farrow case.

Well done, you.

Well, I can see this was a bouncing idea.

I can't do right for doing wrong, can I?

You keep doing the wrong thing, Susan!

That's the point.

Screw you!


Police radio:

'..in progress at 52 Welsley Road.

Suspect still believed to be at premises.

Proceed with caution.'

Just them please, love.


Oh, I can't give you change.

It's all right.

Doesn't matter.

OK, thanks a lot.



What's new?

I've got Comms managing Twitter, social networks.

You think he'll set up a Facebook page?

It won't be CCTV that collars Farrow, it'll be someone's iPhone.

Here, er, in here.


Will you just stop it?!

What do you want me on?

Get me any reports of any stolen food or milk, clothes - he's got to feed himself, keep warm.



Talk me through Devlin.

Mm, well, he's definitely hiding something, sir.

He claims he was trying to talk Farrow into handing himself in.

IPCC will be all over this once it's over.

Right, Devlin's suspended.

Bail him.

Right, sir.

Got a call from Duggan's on Deansgate.

Girl there reckons she's had Farrow in buying camping gear.

What's the address?

It's at the top end.

100 Duke Street.

Right, he's not going camping in Manchester, is he?

Get some bodies down there, train stations, bus stops, taxi ranks - he must be going somewhere.

Hiya, mate.

Hiya, mate.

I want to get up to Horwich, please.

OK, er...

You want platform number two, Blackpool North train.


I do like to be beside the seaside.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, right.



Duggan's CCTV confirmed it was Farrow.

Tell me you've got something.

One of these ticket blokes reckons he saw Farrow half an hour ago.


He doesn't remember where he was heading, but he does remember he's on the Blackpool North train.

Right, can you find Warner?



'Are you all right?'

You sound pissed off.

'Well, he's being stupid, isn't he?'

Just get yourself back here.

Get yourself back here!

He got the train to Blackpool North.

The train goes through...


It's where he grew up.


Not any more, but he'll know the area well.

He's got the Pennines on the doorstep, so he could just disappear.


Good work, Susan.

OK, listen up, everyone.


Leila Hassan?

I'm Detective Inspector Sean Devlin.

No, I'm her sister.

Is Leila here?

I need to speak to her.

It's about her husband.

Can I come in?

Yeah, come.


Hi, Leila.

I'm Detective Inspector Sean Devlin.


I'm not sure how much you've been told.

That, um, you've found a body and you think it might be Omer.

I'm afraid he was m*rder.

I'm sorry.

Do you know of anyone who might have wanted to...hurt your husband?

(SCOFFS) Take your pick.

He's a bastard.


He terrorised her.

And the kids.

Did he ever mention his work?

Talk about any of his business associates?

Did he ever mention a man called Topher Lomax?

Leila, if you know anything you should tell me.



This body you found, whoever it is, it is not Omer.

He's not d*ad.

So he DID get on the Blackpool North train, then.

Yeah, I know.

I've got the CCTV stuff here.

Is that Tony's Facebook page?


Do you know how much trouble you can get yourself into?

Yeah, I know.

I know!

Yeah, well, you need to tell Tony to change his password.

That's really unhealthy.

You ARE stalking him.

I'm not stalking him.

They've had a baby.

Yeah, I know.

What a difference a year makes.

Oh, you've sucked all the fun out if it.


Go back.


Is that the same bloke?


He wasn't on the train.

What the hell's he doing?

It's a...patient survey.

Feedback for a hernia operation.

d*ad men don't get hernias fixed, do they, Mr Devlin?


This paperwork was sent to his previous address...by mistake, so we chased him for...

Child maintenance.

He made a payment last week.




We did.

Six till ten.

Same again tonight.

What's your excuse?


Don't get pissy.

All right, mate?



Have you got an address for Omer?


He'll know it was me.

Thank you.

That's Omer.

From about 15 years ago.

Can I take this?


If this really is Omer, he's still got to pay maintenance, and so...

Get out.



Get out!



Calm down.

You cannot do this, Asil!


Get out!

Boss, you're gonna want to hear this.

Young lad's just posted that Farrow's been in a house and he chased him out.

He's getting a lot of replies saying he's bullshitting, but he's sticking to his story.

Just translating his posts now.

He's foreign?

He's a kid.

Boss, we've just had a call from a woman.

Farrow's at a house in Oldham.


Could be the same house.

Right, get me an address and, um...

Yeah, I want to talk to the lad myself.

And get that woman back on the phone.


Sean, come in.

Thanks, Gilly, cheers.

You can talk to me about anything, you know?


You know I had a brother that d*ed.

Of course it's not the same.

Everyone keeps telling me what they think I want to hear.

I don't want to hear anything.

Yeah, well they do that, don't they?


I forget you're not a baby anymore.




Look, whatever's gone on, we'll sort it.



Your dad,... he brought some disks home from work.

And they're important.

Do you know if he made any copies?

No, I dunno.

Just...take your time.

No, he didn't.

Did you see him with a computer or anything?

He brought one down from the attic, but it didn't have a USB or anything.



Good lad.

I'll give you a call tomorrow, just to see how you're doing.

It's gonna be all right, Finn.

I promise.

Wh-what do you want?

It's OK.

Omer, who is this man?

I don't know.

Get out of my house!


Do as your dad said.

Get out of my house!

Get out my house!

Omer, who is this man?

I don't mean any harm, OK?

Get out, you bastard!



Now calm down!

Listen to me!

I need to talk to you about Omer Hassan.

Omer Hassan.

Do you understand?

Omer, who is he?




Close the door.

I knew I was in the sh*t ever since that cock-up at the hospital.

We've made a life here.

I pay my taxes.

Omer Hassan pays his taxes.

I even pay for his kids.

It's a false identity.

You're illegal.

Omer Hassan was m*rder.

You come into my house talking about m*rder?

I don't even know you!

Maybe I should call the police.

Listen to me.

I am not interested in you at all.


I want the people that k*lled Omer Hassan.

I don't know anything about that.

They k*lled my little boy and my wife.

Then go to the police.

I can't.

Please, I'm begging you.

If you know anything...

I dealt with a man named Alex Chambers.




Alex Chambers.

He sold me Hassan's identity.

We never met.

Everything was done via email.

Do you know a...a Sean Devlin?

I did meet a man in Manchester to pick up some documents.

I didn't know his name.

He was pale, mean looking.


Always smoked.


I'm sorry, it's been more than ten years.

No, I'm sorry.

Thank you, er...


That's my real name.

Thank you, Malaqui.


Did you hear that?

I don't hear anything.

What do you think we're looking at?

Do you think he's dangerous?


It's obvious he's not just running.

He's not behaving like a fugitive.

He's meticulous.

He's looking for something.

Why is he so interested in Hassan?




What have you done?



This is Susan Reinhardt.'

Hello, Susan.


It's been a mad couple of days.

'Yeah, it has.'

Who's in there with you?

A friend.

'Right, I need you to come out.

Now, no-one's gonna hurt you, you know that.

And we can work everything out...'






You bastard!

Why did you bring this to my door?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

But I was telling you the truth.


We share an attic with our neighbour.




That's it - go, go, go, go.



Entering the building!

Stay where you are!

Stay where you are!

Don't move!


Policeman: All right, all right!

Where's my husband?

Calm down.

Policeman: Kitchen clear!

Omer, what is happening?


Omer, what is happening?

Where's my husband?

Omer, what is happening?

Policeman: Bathroom clear!

He's in the loft!


Hello, love.

Sorry to startle you.

We have to get you out.

I'm a police officer.

If you'd like to make your way out, darling.

That's it.

It's all got a bit hectic outside.

It might be a little bit dangerous.

That's it.

Just hang on for me there a second, love.

Sorry, you'll have to go round the back.

There's been a major incident.

I'm just gonna get my mum out of here, mate, she's a bit freaked out.

Loft's clear, but there's a hatch to the other side.

Out the way!

Right, I don't want anybody coming out of the houses on this side!

I want all the doors sealed off!

And round the back!


Susan Reinhardt: Yeah,...I know.

I just need five minutes.

Why is Marcus Farrow still working on the Hassan case?

What do you mean?

How should I know?

Getting really sick of this, Sean - hearing what you don't know.

You and Farrow were joined at the hip.

What was so important about this case?

I don't know.

Oh, come on, we're on the same team, aren't we?

I do want to help Farrow.

Look, I know he checked out some case files a few days ago.

Exactly what was on them?

You remember the files, Sean?

Look, he just wanted to copy some computer disks onto a CD.

Yeah, but there were no disks at Abi's house, or at his flat - just an old computer, but nothing on the hard drive.

No CD.

He didn't get a chance to do it, then.

Then they're missing, these disks.

What's it matter to you?

Cos they're about Hassan!

Farrow's investigating Hassan!

Do you understand?

(SIGHS) Come on, Sean, you met Farrow.

He told you what he was doing.

No, he didn't.

No, do not lie to me!

You tried to stop him!

A woman and a child are d*ad!

Your best friend's wife and son.

You should be telling me everything!


I loved them, you know.

They were like my own family.

Then act like it.

Finn's lost his mum and his brother, his dad's all he's got left, and you're sat here, pissed off, feeling sorry for yourself?!


Oh, you're pathetic.





Just spoke to the young lad, Finn.

He says his dad HAD been looking at some computer disks.

So where the hell are they?


Right, well, that's great!

Bastard buggery bollocks!

What's Devlin got to do with a decade-old m*rder case?

Does that matter?


You're right, we're after Farrow.

He's our focus.

£1.20, mate, please.


I appreciate the situation isn't ideal, and I'll be taking a view every day on how we can improve that.

In the meantime, I suggest we simplify as much as we can and, if we can, localise...

Anything urgent that you'd normally send upstairs, send me an email.

Mark it urgent, and if I don't reply within a day, then send it again.

The important thing is, is that we keep communication...

Boy: I can't believe it, seriously.


The ones I wanted to buy were a lot though, right?

Let's be straight about it, all right?

Check this guy.

Hey, mate!

Oi, lad!


Oi, you!

The station has to function and be seen to be functioning.

Now this situation isn't gonna last forever.

The more we can simplify, the better things will be all round.

Thank you.

He's just given me the iPad!


Man: Bring it back here, I'll do it now.

Are you Mac?


You can go through.

Bloke said he'd meet you in the back.

Marcus! (SIGHS)

Thank God!

What, you don't trust me?

I have to be careful.

Look at you, you're k*lling yourself.

You have to come in.

Mac, I need you to find someone for me.

No, you're not listening to me.

I have to take you in.

His name is Alex Chambers.

Alex Chambers?

Well, he was a bit of a name in Manchester years ago.

I think there's something on those disks that connected Chambers to the m*rder of Hassan.

So these disks - what's on them?

Why are they so important?

I don't know.


Take it.

Make copies, find out.

No, I can't, Marcus.

It will finish me, you know, helping you.

End my career.


Mac, they k*lled my family.

Look, I know that.

Don't you think I know that?

All right.

Thank you.

No, don't thank me.

I might be here, but I don't know.

I'll have to see tomorrow.

I'll check.

But if I'm not here, you'll have to do it for me.

I'm gonna need a change of clothes, some money...

Reinhardt's here.


I'm sorry.

I...I thought you were having some kind of breakdown.

Chan: 'Ma'am, they're out the back.'

Right, they've had long enough.

Let's go.




What happened?

Your lot dropped the ball!

Farrow saw you.

Back up!

Give him some room!

Oh, come on, Marcus.

This has gone far enough.

I didn't k*ll my wife and son.





Get after him!

Not bloody likely.

Well, cut him off!




I'm in the station.

Chan: 'Yeah, I know.

We're getting uniforms on the exits.'

He needs to get on a train then, doesn't he?



Stop it!

Stop the tr-

She's on the train.

Get back to the car.

She's dropped her radio.

Get Transport on the radio, find out where these trains are going.

Get both teams at the stations, yeah?








Oh,...look, I...I know you're not just running.

I know you're not just trying to escape.

But why are you still investigating Omer Hassan?

Devlin's protecting you.

He won't tell me anything.

What, and you trust that snake?

That snake's your best mate.

Look, Mac told us you were meeting.

She cares about you, Marcus, we all do.

I gave Mac a computer disk.

It's the...the case files into the Hassan disappearance.

I think Hassan and my family was k*lled by a man named Alex Chambers.

Then we'll find him.

I can't let you go.

Oh, Susan.


I'm sorry.



That's OK.

I'm gonna get back.

It's a total b*lls-up.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Right you are, ma'am.

Come on, Dave, let's get all the cars out now.

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