01x10 - Fidelity

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Agent X". Aired: November 2015 to December 2015
"Agent X" is the code name for a special agent, who is trained and ready to serve, who helps protect the country in times of crisis, who handles sensitive cases that the CIA and the FBI cannot. Unknown to the President, "Agent X" can only be deployed at the careful discretion of the Vice President, who only recently becomes aware of this.
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01x10 - Fidelity

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[Tchaikovsky's "Miniature Overture" plays]

[audience murmuring]

Helen: Look, it's so sweet.

[audience screaming]

Oh, my...

[electronic beeping]

[horns honking]

Olga: Any more instructions from Volker?

John: Not yet.

You think he knows we impersonated his people?

We'll know soon enough.

The device has a tracking chip in it, so if he's onto us, we're being hunted.


What are you doing, Olga?

We're in Paris.

We might as well live a little before we die.

Volker: Plato, the greatest mind in ancient Greece, said it best... there will be no end to the troubles of humanity until the philosophers become the rulers in this world.

We, the people in this room, are finally about to make his wisdom a reality.

That is, if we can trust each other.


I'd like you to put the g*n against your head and f*re.

It's all right. I've removed all the b*ll*ts.

Or maybe I didn't.

You have nothing to fear so long as you obeyed my instructions to the letter.

To the letter.

[breathing heavily]

[exhales sharply, g*n clatters]

[French accent] I told my wife about the plan.

I know you did, Henri.

We bugged your home.

How can we all trust you now?

I'll do anything you want.

[door opens]

[door shuts]




Pick up the g*n, Henri.

[breathing heavily]

[French accent] Henri.



I'm sorry!!

Sarah: Motorcycles, fashion models, and a multibillion-dollar petroleum empire.

What made Misha Voronsky want to go into politics?

Lust for power? Greed?

[Natalie and Helen chuckle]

Voronsky: [Russian accent] My conscience, Sarah.

I truly believe I can make Russia better and, by extension, the rest of the world.

And what do you hope to accomplish in Paris at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Summit?

I hope to bring President Eckhart to his senses.

Developing nations have a right to cheap nuclear energy.

Of course, he left out the part about selling him nuclear power plants with heavy-water reactors capable of making b*mb.

We'll put a spotlight on that at the Summit.

We need to get Chancellor Brauer on our side.

That's what cocktail parties are for, right, Helen?

But we have to get to her before Voronsky does.

You need to settle down, Thomas.

Your fever... it's getting worse.

Darling, I'm fine.

I begged him to cancel tonight. Everyone begged him.

If I don't show up, they'll think I'm weak.

You are weak.

FDR was dying at Yalta.

Stalin took advantage of his illness, and we ended up with a Cold w*r.

And now I got my own Russian bastard and his own cult of personality.

I'm sorry.


She married beneath herself.

Yes, and I enjoy the view from above.


- Je vous en prie.



Oh, it's hot.

You really enjoying this, aren't you?

Hmm, let's see... we're pretending to be two people we don't even know waiting to be contacted by people we don't even know who may or may not k*ll us.

And even if we pass the test, we have no idea where they're gonna take us or what our characters are expected to do.

This is the life I've always wanted.

It's the life I can't wait to leave behind.

You're quitting the game?

Finishing it.

Well, in the meantime... at least enjoy Paris.

It's so much more beautiful than I expected.

You've never been to Paris?

Mnh-mnh. I've been saving it.

For what?

My gypsy babushka told me to wait for a sign.

And then I will see Paris in the snow.

Yeah. Well, I don't see snow.

But I... see the sign.

[cellphone vibrating]

Looks like we're going to the Hotel de Sade.

I k*lled a guy there once.

Of course you did. Should we go?

All right, we're gonna go, but I'm gonna take care of the tail.

Dressed like a Frenchman, walks like an American?

That's the one.

Hello, John.

Did you miss me, Malcolm?

Like a migraine once it's gone.

Did you trail me from Mongolia?

I happened to see a surveillance photo of you catching a flight from Ulaanbaatar to Paris.


Yeah. Yeah.

You hate Paris.

I do.


I have some skeletons here, and I didn't want you to become another one.

Look, if you really want to help me, you should just go.

John, there is no way that you can just erase everything that you and I have been through together.

You're right. I can't.

You can't just...

I can't. You're right. I can't.

But I can leave it behind.

You don't get it, do you?

We're done.

All right.

All right, well... goodbye, John.

Good luck to you.

Was that Malcolm?

What's left of him.

We should go.

[horns honking]

[soft classical music playing]

Malcolm, where are we?

John spotted me.

Is that bad?

No, ma'am, that's good. I wanted him to.


So that I could mark him with radioactive dust.

Goodbye, John.

And you can track him with that?

Yes, ma'am.

How are things going with the President and the German Chancellor?

Madame Vice President.

Just the woman I was looking for.

I'll call you back, Mom.

[phone beeps]


And why is that?

Well, I thought you and I should get to know each other a little better.

I think you're confusing me with the President.

The President isn't well, and you will be taking his place soon.

I don't think you should believe everything you hear.

Chronic pains, intermittent fevers... anxiety att*cks.

I don't hear rumors, I receive intelligence.

Perhaps you should concentrate on your primary objective.

Which is?

Courting Chancellor Brauer.

Actually, I'm doing both.

To capture a woman's attention, you need to be seen with the most beautiful woman in the room.


Heidi, nice to see you.

You remember my wife.

[German accent] Of course. Helen.

Nice to see you.

You, too.

Is this your first time in Paris?

Oh, no. Thomas takes me here every year for our anniversary.

How romantic.

[chuckling] I was lucky if my ex-husband even remembered ours.


Oh, I'm so sorry.

It's all right. Don't worry.

[door beeps]

Fancy schmancy.

Well, I'll say one thing for Nicolas... he only pays for the best.



Check out the bed.

Give it a rest, Olga.

I'm serious.

Volker left two disguises for his operatives.

DCRI badges... cash... standard-issue w*apon... this is all French secret service.

Hmm. We're going to the ballet.

If you would, please indulge me a moment.

Clausewitz said that diplomacy is the continuation of w*r by other means.

I reject that cynicism.

Diplomacy is what humanizes politics.

It's a dance between the nations.

I would like to propose that we show the rest of the world that we can indeed dance together.

[orchestra plays waltz]

Madam Chancellor, I believe you and I are the only single heads of state here.

May I have this dance?

[music continues]

[soft piano music playing]

You play?


In another life maybe, but, um... a little when I was kid.

My mom used to give lessons to make extra money.

When was the last time you saw her?

I was 17.

In our world, if you take time to look in the rearview mirror, you crash.

Well, then you lose sight of what you're leaving behind.

[piano notes play]

Like Pamela?


Yeah, like Pamela.

[waltz music playing]

Do not charm me.

I am a German first... and a woman second.

Then I'll appeal to your head.

In six months, you'll be sitting down with Eckhart to discuss the level of American troops in Germany.

Your point?

If you give him your support, on the nuclear issue now, what leverage would you have with him in six months?

He's winning her.

Her ex-husband had an affair with his personal secretary.

Voronsky's just playing on her bruised ego.

Aren't you tired of having Americans tell you what to do?

Maybe we should do the same?


Well, one thing you can say about these summits is there's never a line in the ladies' room.

Still a boys' club, yes?

Although there are some advantages to being a feminine voice in the male crowd.

You've been playing him very well, by the way, using his weakness for women.



[chuckles] I meant that as a compliment, by the way.

Sexuality is an undeniable tool at the negotiating table.

One must use the gifts one is given.

I know that President Eckhart is grateful to have such a shrewd ally as you next to him at the negotiations.

He's a very loyal man, Eckhart... a man of fidelity.

Once you have him by your side, he stays there.

[toilet flushes]


[breathing heavily]

You don't look so well, Thomas.

Perhaps you should retire.

To your hotel room, of course.

Well, thank you for your kindness.

One day... I hope to return it.


Man: Distinguished guests of the Paris Nuclear Non-Proliferation Summit, it is our honor to bring you a private performance of "The Nutcracker" suite, danced by the International Children's Ballet!


[Tchaikovsky's "Miniature Overture" plays]
[audience murmuring]

[indistinct conversations]

[electronic beeping]

[keypad beeps]

[cellphone vibrating]

It's a performance for the Paris Summit.


[cellphone chimes]

What does Volker want now?

"Tell Santa we've been nice."



[speaking French]


Uh, vous, uh... vous voulez quelque chose?

C'est pour vous.


"When the King dies"... does that mean anything to you?

That... doesn't mean anything to me.

Let's focus.

[conversation in French]

They've all got pins.

It's a snake pit.

Fortunately, they think we're one of them.

Let's warn the head of Security.

Monsieur, pardon.


[conversation in French]

- Monsieur Director.



[speaks French]

S'il vous plait.




[silenced g*n]

[speaking Russian] _


[audience screaming]

All the leaders up!


Now! Come on!

[crying] No! Thomas, don't leave me! Don't!

[indistinct shouting]

Gentlemen... we're on lock-down!

We have 67 minutes before the play is scheduled to end...

67 minutes to change course of history.

[children screaming]

Come on!

Come on, in the back room. Come on.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Sh-shut up!

[screaming stops]

Hey, hey. This man needs medical attention.

[people screaming]

All right, grab a chair! Get in the middle of the room!



[inhales sharply, groaning]

He sh*t you?

Actually, you did. Thank you very much.

One time I wasn't trying.

They're jamming all the cell signals down here.

At least we know this works.

Who are you trying to call, the police?

We are way past the police.

[cellphone vibrating]

[keypad beeps]



Hey, I didn't know who else to call.

That's right. Everything's fine, you idiots.

They've taken the theater hostage.

I think Volker has recruited the head of the French secret service.

Oh, great.

Now if we call the authorities, Volker's man will be the first one to know, and they won't believe our story until it's too late.

They'll k*ll everyone.

Good news is we have you on the inside.

Well, the bad news is I got sh*t.

How badly?

It's pretty bad.

I think I have a plan.

You think?

I have a plan.

I need you to buy some time.

Grab that bottle of Champagne and get the comms off the d*ad guy.

And grab a bottle of olive oil.

And, John, I'm glad you called.

It's like Judge Thorne said, right?

In times of crisis, we take our hatchets.

And bury them in the backs of our real enemies.

On my life, I won't let you down this time.

[keypad beeps]

[beep, whirring]

[keypad beeping]

[line ringing]

Man: Oui.

I'm back.

I want to make a trade.

Volker: We have 41 minutes.

We record this and get the hell out.

Put this on closed-circuit.

I want to share it with our guests.

Three, two, one, action.

By the time you, the world, watch this, justice will have been done.

We're not t*rrorists, we're jurists.

Like Nuremberg, we're here to chronicle and immortalize the truth before it's perverted by the criminals who write history.

You're looking at six defendants, each of whom will be tried for their crimes against humanity.

But the court is merciful.

Each defendant will be given the opportunity to save his or her own life.

[crying] Oh, God.

You don't have much time.

They don't, either. Come here. Look at this.

This is a map of the theater, right?

That's the stage, with a trap door underneath.

We're right there.

Hello, Jacques.

Jacques: [French accent] Malcolm.

20 years.

You've changed.

You've gotten softer.

I heard it in your voice.

You've changed, too, Jacques.

You've gotten uglier.

Yes, well, I wouldn't know... now would I?

Our deal has a clock on it.

Are your men ready?

One question first... how do you know I will honor my promise?

The one quality we share... we're both men of our word.

[chuckles] Oui, oui.

Yes. We are.


Volker: 20,000 d*ad in Southern Ukraine.

And how many Russian lives saved?

Or your math doesn't take that into account?

Oh, right, the, uh... patriotic argument, which presupposes that some human lives are worth more than others.

John: Right now your life isn't worth shit, Ray.

You know, John, I think you're seriously becoming codependent on me.

That's funny, Ray. You're the only one that could turn a death thr*at into a compliment.

Grab the microwave and put it right here in the middle of the floor. Give me the olive oil.

John's got one of our comms.

There's a tracking chip in the hardware.

We disabled the GMS, but not the GPS.

Stop talking and find him!!

[shouting in French]

I'm glad you're here to enjoy our little Christmas gift to the world.

You don't give gifts, Ray, you sell death.

Well, death is a gift. It purifies.

And then you profit off the misery, right?

Let me guess... you made a pretty healthy bet the market's gonna crash tomorrow?

Well, let's just say my partners are less altruistic than I am.

It was my duty to deliver on their investment.

Yeah, well, it's my duty to k*ll you, Ray.

[bottle clatters]

[keypad beeping]

[men screaming]

[static hisses]

Man: We have intruders in the kitchen.

It's John.

You have 16 minutes to find him... or 17 minutes to live.

Yes, sir.

Ah. The King himself.

Where shall we begin?


Come again?

I'll save you the time... I'm guilty of all the things that you were about to accuse me of, and I'd do them again because that's what leaders do.

They choose the lesser evil every day because the alternative... it's a world of perpetual barbarity... a world run by men like you.

Really? Well, maybe you want to enlighten the court as to the nature of our past relationship.

Tell the world why your desire to k*ll me was a lesser evil.

Silence... the defense of cowards.

Find that trap door. You go down. I'm going up.

John... in case we never see each other again... the sign my babushka gave me... she said I'd see Paris when I met the right man.

I don't think I'm the right man, Olga.

I know. It's very Russian, yes?


Volker: Lady Chancellor...

German arms deals in the Middle East.

Germany used to start wars.

Now they profit from them... with their w*apon sales.

What are you doing?

Getting some water for the people.

Helen, wait for my signal.


Six defendants, six guilty verdicts.

You are the lowest vermin of society.

And vermin must be exterminated.


But as promised, I will offer you all one possible reprieve.

Would you like water?


Get ready to stop them.

You've all taken the lives of thousands by proxy.

Now I'm gonna ask you to k*ll one human being by your own hands.

Do you need some water?

Wait for my signal.

Thank you.

Volker: In just one of those p*stol lies a single round, and on my count, you'll either f*re or not f*re.

Those who sh**t will be released.

Oh, my God.

On three...


Oh, my God, no!

Sit down.

You're animals, all of you!

Shut up!



Now! Now! Now!

Come on. Hurry.

Come on. Hurry. Come on. Come on.

Malcolm: Gentlemen, we're running out of time.

Power! Give me power!


Find him! Move!


He's up there!

You lose.

[both g*n click]

[both g*n click]

[Volker's g*n clicks]



Man: Go! Go!

Over there!

Those of...

Malcolm: John.

Hang in there now.

Don't you quit on me. Help's on the way.

Go. Go.

Come on.

Come on! Come on! Let's go!




[groans, coughs]

You don't look so good, my friend.


Maybe you should retire.

Man: Where are they?

[siren wailing]

[indistinct conversations]


No. I can't. Wait. I'm not leaving without my wife.

Man: Move it. Move it.

[breathing heavily]

We're good, man. I want you to know we're clean.

Look, John, I don't want there to be any secrets between us, not anymore.

I want you to know about how we recruited you.

Black Ops, right?

No. No, John.

We've had our eye on you since the day you were born.

I made a promise to your father before he d*ed.

He was one of us.



Are you okay?

[siren wailing]


Where's the President?

He's safe.

How'd you get blood on your hands?

I'm fine.

It's over now.


Let's get going, gentlemen.

Out of curiosity, how long were you planning on torturing me before you k*ll me?

Well, let's see...

I spent a year in hospital after you b*mb my car.

A year seems fair, n'est-ce pas?

Was it worth it to save him?

I wasn't saving him.

I was saving myself.
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