01x01 - Episode 1

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Last Panthers". Aired: April 2016 to December 2015.*
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"The Last Panthers" is based on real events inspired by the notorious Balkan jewel thieves "the Pink Panthers". An independent claims specialist is given the job of recovering stolen diamonds... no matter what it takes. Also on the trail of the diamonds, is a police officer. The investigation takes them across Europe and into a world where shadowy figures control events.
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01x01 - Episode 1

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Hello, Weren't you coming at 3?

"Where's the manager?"

Where's the manager?



They're blocking us from behind!


Police! Stop!



We got them.

Call me.

What's he photographing?

Who are you?


Give me your g*n.

I threw it away.

You threw it away?

I think I k*lled someone.

It was an accident.

Where's Rajko?

I heard g*n.

We're not waiting for him.

He knew to call the Arab.

Let's go.

We have to get to Drago.

Hey, Khalil.

Any news on the fingerprints?


And the wounded guy's blood?


Did you find a flat?

Look, Roman.

Let me handle this case.

I can get a result.

Got any idea where these guys are from?

Look, I'll see what I can do.

This is Kirsty Wilkinson from Interpol.

They'll work with us.

Hello, Where are you?

Seen the news?

You f*cked up. We can't carry on.


It complicates things with the diamonds.

We did our job.

You k*lled a little girl.

We had a deal.

Afterwards, the robbers split up.

We lost the 3 of them.

But the diamonds are another matter.

f*cking insurance!

The one who sh*t the kid comes up here with the diamonds.

He's on camera.

He has the diamonds.

When he gets to the next street, he doesn't.

I couldn't work it out till we spotted this woman.

She came from here.

On this street, she's gone.

What do you mean? What was on the recording?


Apparently it took them 24 hours to realize that the recording had been accidentally erased.

Our only real lead.

Someone's f*cking with us.

The insurance.

You took your time.

You're early.

Have the others come?

Where's Rajko?

They haven't.

He was hurt in Marseille. We think he's alive.

Did you get the money?


The deal's off.

My buyer changed his mind.

The kid's death complicated matters.

We did what they asked.

Where's our f*cking money?

Borlsav, let go.

I said, let go!

Tell me she's not d*ad.

Let go. We need him. In the old days, we'd have k*lled him for that.

What's wrong?

I'll get the money.

Just need some time.

She was 6 years old.

Yes, I heard.

You ever k*lled anyone?

I meant to sh**t the cops, not her.

You think k*lling a cop is a good idea?

Think he'll get the money?

He talks about the old days. But he doesn't know sh*t.

Follow me in your car.

I've got a buyer, but it's a bit of a drive.

You talked in your sleep all night.

Did I say anything funny?

You never say anything funny, Khalil.

I remember you made me a great breakfast and you called me "Your Highness"

Khalil, have my bed. That old thing is bad for you.

And it'll be good for you, Mum?

I can sleep anywhere.

He works hard.

Let him sleep on the sofa. It'll keep him grounded.

I'll be fine.

Want some coffee?

Yes, please.

And me?

Give me a break.

You seemed scared in your dream.

Scared of you?

You've never liked the truth.

Strange for a cop.

Is this where we sell the diamonds?

To these bums?

What do you want?

You're ugly! I'll f*ck your mother.

He likes your haircut.

I’ll f*ck you too, in the ass!

The judge needs results.

Let me do the talking, OK?

So, we have nothing whatsoever?

I wouldn't say that..

Interpol are happy to have the k*ller's g*n.

What's the point of a g*n with untraceable prints?

We have their faces.

Everyone has.

You think they're already in Serbia?

Yes, definitely.

That's why working with Interpol..

But can Interpol actually catch them in Serbia?

Yes, they'll try.

And they'll fail.

Cross-border agreements are sh*t.

Especially there.


You're right, they'll be hard to find.

We need to try a different strategy.

Such as?

The g*n.

If we find the people who sold them the g*n, we stand a chance.

We should discuss it.

If we get to the supplier, it'll give us a lead on the g*ng.

26 people g*n down In the last year ls unacceptable.

After this, we must h*t hard.

Ma'am, admire my colleague's 'cowboy' approach, but I want results, too.

'Think that with time..

Far be it from me to do your job for you, but couldn't we adopt a dual strategy? In other words, Roman, you continue with Interpol, and your 'cowboy' goes after the g*n. How's that?

Yeah, no problem.

All right?

I have another idea.

Yeah, sure.

I'm in charge now.

The diamonds are In a safe place.

Good, 'cause we're going to Belgrade.

It's good to be home.

I'll find us a buyer.

Till then, stay out of sight.
The wanderer returns.

You OK, Jani?

What's new?

You've grown up.

You haven't changed.

Take me to him.

Come on, I changed your nappy when you were little.

Look who's here.

I have diamonds to sell at a good price.

I want to see Zlatko.

You think we don't read the papers?

You have bad diamonds to sell at a bad price.

The Animal is in the sh*t and needs our help.

No-one's called me that in a while.

Yes, I am in the sh*t.

Well, I'm sorry amigo.

But the shop is closed!

f*ck your diamonds.

We play in the big league now.

Run along.

Catch him, dammit!

Get him!

Come here!

Little prick!

The kid has b*lls.

Are you crazy?

Know who I am?

You're an animal.

That's good.

It's Milan.

You shouldn't be calling this number.

I know.

I have a problem, and Zlatko won't listen.

Go ahead.

I'm listening.

Why are we here, Khalil?

You didn't want us to meet.

You were clear about that.

You OK?


It's weird to come back to Marseille.

It's changed here.

A lot has changed.

I'm not surprised.

Hear about that 6-year old girl who got sh*t?


During the diamond heist.

I know they were Serbs and someone gave them the g*n.

They didn't bring them in.

You're here for that?

I don't believe it.

You must be desperate if you come to me.

It's just...

Screw you.

Screw you.

You still live here. You must hear things.

I don't.

Did you expect me to tell you stuff?

Don't take it like that.

How's it feel to be back?

You watching me?

I'm worried about Mum.

Don't worry about Mum. I'm here now.

You haven't changed.


Don't open the door to anyone.

Where's my brother?

How's it going, big guy?

Did you cut your forehead, shaving?

I fell when I was jogging.



Hi, Zlatko.

I tried to tell you... ls the ret*rd still alive?

Yes, the ret*rd's still alive.

You're the last person...

I'd have imagined running to 'Papa'.

Well, I had no choice.

I've got something interesting to show you.

Is she a cop?

Cops hunt in packs.

We followed her for 8 hours.

She's putting up cameras.

A lone wolf Annoying.

She's looking for the diamonds.

We don't know much else.

We left you alone, you know.

It was what you wanted.

I needed money.

Adnan needs a new heart.

The heart of the cowardly lion or the tin man I need money.

The kid needs an operation.

You should have asked for work.

Instead of stealing diamonds with those losers.

If you'd only thought...

Can you help me or not?

'Papa' says I don't have the choice.

I just wanted...

We don't care what you wanted.

Papa' needs some things doing.

So do I You will help us.

And first, if your diamonds are to be worth anything, you'll see to her.

We have an offer.


Like the fat gipsy offered.

100.000 less than the insurance reward.

We'll take it.


'Cause I know them. They'll pay.

We know where the g*n are.

It's from my best informer.

Where are they?

Where they've always been.

On Les Agnettes estate.

Go on.

I'm with you.

We sh**t her and go.



Let's drag her to the river.

We don't have time.

Come on!

Get on with it.

sh**t her, dammit.

I'll do it.


Help me..

It is you.

We're on. We h*t Les Agnettes at dawn.

Is she d*ad?

Look... it got out of hand.

Out of hand?

Borisav k*lled Jani. Then tried to k*ll me so I k*lled him.

Why did he k*ll Jani?

To keep the money and the diamonds, I guess.

Brave man to take on the Animal.

He never really knew who I was.

She didn't have the money on her.

Who cares about the money? Got the diamonds?

That's not all.

You can see I'm being straight with you.

Come on.

Zlatko wants to see you.

Welcome back, Milan.

Go on, you need to talk.
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