01x04 - Seldom Realized

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Quarry" Aired September - October 2016.*
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"Quarry" revolves around a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public.
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01x04 - Seldom Realized

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(faint trickling)





f*ck, f*ck.


Come on.

Yeah, kinda hard for her to get the license and registration from inside the trunk, Karl.

No. No, no, no.

Y'all had two g*dd*mn days to find this assh*le and you don't have jack or sh*t, so you'll pardon my lack of patience.

No. No, no, Karl. No, Karl.

Why don't we just send you a postcard while we're at it, right?

No, you don't worry about where the hell we are, okay?

You just worry about findin' this shitbag so I can take my g*dd*mn wife home.

Lord God, what are you doin', son?

Didn't you see the sign?

Well... here.

How could I miss it?

Well, I don't know what you need a sign for, any-damn-way. Look at it.

I guess it just got away from me.

The thing is so much work.

Well... when was the last time you had your pump checked?

Hell if I know.

Why? Is that what's causing it to look like radioactive piss?

Be my guess.



Hey, there! I'm comin'.

(kids giggling)

God damn these people.

(car door shuts)

Woman: Stop running!

(water pattering)

(faint thump)



Mac? (panting)


You okay?

Can we go home yet?

No. Soon, though.

Roxanne, it's Joni.

No, I'm sick as a dog.

Yeah, I think it's a stomach bug.

I'm sorry. I think I'll be back in fightin' shape by tomorrow.

Oh, well, I will have to try that.

Okay. Thanks, Roxanne.

I will. Bye.

Mac: Got you this.

Spitz is swimmin' later.

I got you some potato skins.

That's the best they have for breakfast.

Got some Niblets.

(static crackles, clicks)

Male commentator: ...three rounds of boxing.

Miller in the blue trunks... light blue for the United States and Cardin in the white top for the Canadians.

So, are we safe here?

Of course.

How can you say that for sure?

'Cause we are.


And what about the man who abducted me and held me prisoner?

What does he want?

(sighs) I don't know.

Don't lie to me, Mac. You do know.

Whoever gave us the car and the g*n, you don't know who that is?

The less you know, the better, Joni.

God forbid we actually call the police whose job it is

to catch the bad guys.

I told you we can't do that.

Why?! Why can't we call...

You don't talk to me for two days, suddenly you want every single f*ck' detail, Joni?

That one-legged psycho is still out there and he could find us.

This motel is five hours away from anywhere that that shitbag would be looking for us.

Okay? And there's one on-ramp to the south of us and there's 600 yards clear view to the north.

I got eyes on every single car comes through here, every single person checks in or out.

"That one-legged psycho," if he hasn't been eaten by some g*dd*mn gator, fled to Mexico, you know.

He's just a lunatic looking for money.

He's got no idea.

There's absolutely no chance that he'll find us here.

What about answers?


He said he wanted answers.

(sighs) Well, I don't have any answers to give him.

How about why you were there the night Arthur d*ed?

You told me you were out all night with your friend Patterson.

Whatever, uh, Arthur got himself involved in, that's what got him k*lled.

And this guy thinks that I know something that I don't.

You understand me?

We're gonna be fine. Okay?

TV commentator: It looks like they're going.

(horn blares on TV)

That's it. That's it.

A victory for the American Miller, in the first round.

(faint barking)



Come on, Tommy. Where you takin' me now?

Just give me a minute, Verne.

Seriously, where are we goin'? I'm starvin'.

I said, gimme a minute. God, man.

Tommy? Tommy! f*ck' assh*le.

(knocking on door)

(knocking) Mrs. Conway?

(g*n clicks)

Mrs. Conway, it's Detective Tommy Olsen.

Mrs. Conway?

Dispatch: All units, all units, code two,


Gotta go, Tommy.

I'm comin'.


God damn it, Verne. I said I'm comin'.

Verne: You think I don't know whose house this is?

I think you don't know a lot of things, Verne.

It's that f*ck' Marine's house.

God help us when you get the taste of blood in your mouth.

What do we got?

Family m*rder-su1c1de on Danny Thomas.

Olsen: Better "Make Room for Daddy."

(faint dispatch chatter)

(engine starts)

(birds chirping)

(metal tapping)


(tapping continues)

Mac: The guy's pump is f*cked.

Joni: I think he's got bigger problems than a pool pump.

How's your shoulder?

It hurts.

Hey, you remember when we went to the, uh, state fair?

Hmm? I won you that, uh... that goldfish. What did we... what did we name him?

"Mr. Goldfish."


That was creative.

I ate all that g*dd*mn cotton candy and threw up all over the place and all the way home.

All over the comforter and... and, uh... you took really good care of me.


Shame she's gotta work on Labor Day.

Should be home with her family.

If I was home, I'd be working on Labor Day.

Well, you shouldn't have had to gotten a job at a newspaper, anyway.

You didn't need that pressure on you.

I like working at the newspaper.

Doesn't mean you should've had to.


What does it matter if I'm happy?

Well, what if we'd had kids?

'Cause room 20 at the Sunnyside Motel in Huntsville, Arkansas is a perfect place to raise a child.


(metal tapping)

Right. Yeah.

Like you would've made such a great f*ck' mother, huh?

Mac: Hey, let me give you a hand with that.

Well, I'd have thought you'd had toxic shock by now.

Your skin gone clear, your organs gone liquid or...?

Not yet.

You know anything about this sh*t?

Well, yeah, I know enough to know banging it with a hammer's not gonna fix it, so...

Maybe not. It certainly makes me feel better, though.


Name's Harlow, Harlow Shapley.

I'm, uh... I'm Sam, Harlow. It's nice to meet you.

Do you have a...


f*cking assh*le! (slapping)

I hate you, you hear me?!

I hate you!



(music playing on radio)

Are you running this place all by yourself?

Mostly. I got a couple maids...

Gussie Mae there. I had a high school kid help me in the office last summer.

I had to let him go 'cause I found out he was havin' parties in the rooms.

I couldn't really afford to keep him on, anyway.


So you live here on-site or...?

I got me a palatial Airstream round back.

It's as much space as a man could want or need.

Aw, apparently I can't do sh*t right today.

I'm about to give myself a hernia on this thing.

Hey, it's okay. Let me give you a hand.

You know how? Thank you.

Yeah, it's just a gravity thing.


Harlow: Well, looky here.

Isn't he a cool-lookin' customer?

Excuse me, Sam. I'll be right back.


Well, I'll meet you right inside there.

Jo... Joni.

Joni? (knocking on door)

Joni, please, can we talk about this?

Please, baby.

(thumps) Joni.

(sighs) Well, will you at least let me watch the Olympics?


Joni, what are you doing?

Joni, where are you going? Joni, Joni, Joni.

Joni. Joni, listen to me. Baby, listen to me.

(engine starts)

I can't keep you safe if you leave, honey.

Look at me. Joni, look at me. Joni, look at me!

Please, baby. I'm sorry.

Okay, baby? I'm sorry. No.

(tires screech)

(tires screeching)

Joni. Joni, no! No, baby!

Come on. Come on!


(car horn honking)

f*ck you!

(voices overlapping)

Thank you.

(phone ringing)

Arts and Culture, how may I direct your call?

One moment, please.

Sorry. So all she's bringing is the Jell-O salad?

Well, do you think that's fair?

I'm making a chop suey cake bringing Mamaw's chicken...


Here, I'll have to call you back.

May I help you?

Yes. Detective Brandon Leverenz,

Memphis Police Department.

I'm looking for a Joni Conway.

Oh, Joni isn't here today.

She called in sick.


Did she call in this mornin'?

She did.

Mm, ain't that just my luck?

(chuckles) Yes, sir. Is this about Cliff?

Potentially, yes.


I can certainly let her know you came by.

No, no, no. That's... that's okay.

I'll... I'll catch up with her.

Say, could I...

I don't mean to be too much trouble, but it's so darn hot outside.

Can I bother you for an ice-cold Coca-Cola?

Why, of course. (chuckles)

Just Coke coke?

We got root beer, too.

Root beer would be divine.

(phone ringing)

(phone ringing)

Thank you.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

You, my dear, are a life saver.

Well... (chuckles)

Do you have a card or a number where Joni can reach you, Detective Leverenz?


Sports commentator: There we have the American team preparing...

Mike Stamm, Tom Bruce, Jerry Heidenreich, and finally, Mark Spitz.

Phenomenal teammates they have been... (car door shuts) on this US swim team.

Spitz has been
the athlete to watch out for in this race, having taken six gold medals already.

If the Americans can win this race, it will give Spitz his seventh gold, setting the record for most gold medals achieved by a single athlete.

(horn honks)

And they are off and swimming.

Commentator: Putting up a good fight right here at the start, it appears this leg is all about Stamm and Matthes as predicted.

There's a great deal of weight placed on Spitz in this race, but Matthes is in...

Commentator: ...meter backstroke two years ago, only to have Matthes steal it back three weeks later.

Matthes in the lead here...

(engine off)

Commentator: ...own world record of 56...

(car door opens, shuts)

What the f*ck is the matter with you?

You can't just run off like that.

Joni: Sounds like you were worried.

Yeah, well, I thought I was never gonna see you again, Joni.


Must've been pretty tough on you not knowing where I was, if I was safe or not.

Hell, if I was even alive.

Pretty scary 30 minutes you just had.

What the hell are you talkin' about?

Oh, well, I was gone for half an hour.

You left me for a year.

Commentator: ...quite a svelte man in his own right, still in the lead thanks partly to a phenomenal split...

But he better look out. American Tom Bruce, UCLA grad...

I didn't have a choice, Joni.

The first tour.

You didn't have a choice the first tour.

The second time you did have a choice and you chose to go back and risk your life for a...

No, I didn't.

You re-enlisted.

My men needed me!

needed you!

Commentator: ...shaping up to be a great race, don't you think, Sandra?

Joni: You have any idea what that was like for me?

All of those nights, not knowing if at any given moment you were even alive or not.

Every night on the news, seeing the body count go up and wondering if one of those numbers was you.

Imaginin' you bleedin' to death in some jungle or being tortured in some prison.

Every knock at the door, every time the phone rang, thinkin'...

"Is this it?

Is this when I find out he's d*ad?"

And you chose that.

Were you not happy?

Was our life together not enough?

Of course it was.

(sighs) Of... of course it was, but when... when Arthur re-enlisted... it's just... you don't understand.

What I understand is that you came home from your first tour and we bought a house and you built a pool.

And when you were done buildin' that pool, you told me you were leavin', you were going back.

That was it.

So, why don't you make me understand how our life mattered so much to you that you went back to w*r.

My men, my... my brothers, they needed me.

They were over there. They were over there fightin' and they were bleedin' and they were dyin' and then I was in a pool in my back yard, Joni.

And if they... if they got k*lled, if they get hurt and I'm not there, then... then I... then... then I failed them.

You know how that makes me feel?

That you would choose these men over me, your wife?

You didn't need me anymore, Joni.

You'd gotten a job at your fancy newspaper I was a secretary.

And now you're some big-sh*t writer.

I... I didn't feel like I was anything, Joni!

I didn't feel like I was doin' anything and I have to feel like I'm something to feel like I deserve you.

I wanted you to be proud of me, Joni.

Commentator: 3:48 and 16, that's 3:48 and 16...

(crickets chirping)

(bucket clatters)

Whoa, sorry.


Let me.

It's just frozen water. No need to worry on it.

I guess so.

Where you folks headed?


You and your husband. What's your final destination?

Honeymoon. We're just... we're just on our way through.

Thank you.

Have a good evenin'.

Excuse me.

Can I have a h*t of that?

You ain't no cop, is you?

No, I am not.

Why, do I seem like one?

Hmm, you either a real good one or a real shitty one.

(both chuckle)

I'll tell you what.

How's about I get you a whole jay of your very own?

I don't have any papers.

Already rolled by yours truly.

How much?

Two for five.

Ah, sh*t.

Don't worry about it.

Gimme a second.

Remind the g*dd*mn mayor who got him in there when those contracts go out.

Never g*dd*mn mind where I am.

Where are you?

Here you go, sweetheart.


You're welcome.

What's the holdup?

Woman: Baby, you was on the phone.

Uh-huh. What we got here? (chuckles)

A little "buy one, get one free," eh?

Aw, get on.


She just wanted a little "Shaynie Special."

Yeah, her and me both.

Shaynie: Get on in here.

(music playing)

Voice: Gumby?


Gumby: Well?

Pokey: Uh... something's chasing me.

(lock rattles)

Gumby: Pokey, every time I turn around you think something's chasing you.

What is it this time?

Mac: You forgot to latch the door.

Pokey: It was a pair of feet, uh, with legs attached.

Yes, I did.

TV voice: Sounds like a case of pantophobia.

Gumby: And what, pray tell...

You get a pecan roll?

Gumby: You're afraid of feet, Pokey.

Why, is somethin' makin' you hungry?

Pokey: ...when they start chasing me.

Gumby: It's all in your head, Pokey.

Shut up, Mac.

Gumby, you're sick.

I only came to tell you you left some machine on in your workshop.

Gumby: I did?


Goo: It's making the funniest noise I ever heard.

"Mac-a-Joni and cheese."

(laughs) Remember that?

"Mac-a-Joni and cheese, please."




You bled through your bandage again.


Mm-hmm. Let me change it.

TV voice: How did you know?

Goo: 'Cause last night there was a full moon.

When it's a full moon, people start seeing things.

It's all in your head.

You and Pokey have pantophobia.

Man: Panta-who?

Ah, Jesus.

What? Somethin' on me?

Besides some nasty cuts and dark bruises, no.

He f*cked me up pretty bad, huh?

It's gonna sting.


Okay, okay, okay.

You're okay. You're okay.

You oughta eat somethin'.

We can talk about it, you know?

Talk about what?

About Cliff.

We have to talk about it.

Go on and eat somethin'.

(door closes)

(faint music playing on radio)

♪ One of these old days... ♪
♪ Whoa, one of these old days... ♪

Beautiful evening, ain't it?

Can't do a damn thing about the pump till tomorrow and the water's still drainin'.

I figured I could at least do somethin' worthwhile.

♪ Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ Whoa, one of these old days... ♪

You religious?

Why, you lookin' for a church?

No, it's the music.

Oh, I can turn that station...

No. No, you don't.

Bessie Griffin, Spirit of Memphis.

You didn't strike me as the kind of guy who, uh...

To listen to black folks sing about the Holy Spirit?

Yeah, that's right.

Well, I was raised Protestant, but I ain't been inside a church since my mama d*ed.

I just... that's just the station comes in clearest up here.

That and some talkin' Harrys out of Fayetteville go on and on about how "McGovern is a fascist."


I had it on in the off-season, just to break up the quiet.

I just never really turned it off.

(music continues)

Are you religious?

Do I seem religious?

Well, you're wearing a St. Christopher and you know all about Bessie Griffin and whatnot.

Well, I don't think the Higher Power would have much for me lately.

You know something?

When you're born into this world and you're screamin' and you're terrified and you're pink as gum, the thing is, you think it's all for you.

And that feels so good.

But... when you get bigger, every year there's someone there to punch you in the gut and tell you, "No, it ain't about you.

It never was about you. It's just random."

I mean, I don't need it to be all about me, but I... it can't be just random.

Can it?

I'll be honest with you.

That's why I listen to them boys there
and Bessie Griffin and the Soul Stirrers, 'cause damn, they got... conviction.

They got f*ck' conviction.

They know somethin' about somethin' that I ain't figured out yet.

Well, you got this place and... that's something.



The "Versailles of northwest Arkansas" is what I call it.

(both chuckle)

Well, you're tryin'.

That ain't nothin'.

Hey, hey, there he goes.

'Bout g*dd*mn time.

What you got for me?

The phone company respects its customers' privacy.

This sh*t is illegal.

We been doin' "this sh*t" for years, Billy.

You give me the same g*dd*mn spiel every time.

That's every incoming call to the Press-Scimitar Arts and Culture department yesterday.

Timestamps right there.

No name of who's callin'?

You'll have to call the phone numbers to find out.

Aw, yeah. You're a real ace in the hole, Bills.


All right, so, uh, usual rate?

I don't think so, man. Hundred doesn't seem like enough.

All right. How much, another 50?

Another hundred.

(clicks tongue) You're a real tough negotiator, Bills.

(chuckles) Mama didn't raise no fool, you know?

(g*n pops)

(birds chirping)

Joni: Hi, Roxanne.

Unfortunately, I'm not. Doctor thinks it's food poisoning.

Yeah, he says it's just gotta work its way outta my system.

Jim McKay: The peace of what have been called "the serene Olympics" was shattered just before dawn this morning...


Was it Detective Olsen?

...about 5:00 when Arab t*rrorists armed with submachine g*n...


...faces blackened, a couple of them disguised as guards...

Oh, thanks, Roxanne.

...or as trash men in the Olympic village...

I will. You, too. Bye. climbed the fence, went to the headquarters of the Israeli team...

Apparently, some other cop came by work lookin' for me.

...Moshe Weinberg, a coach... two sh*ts in the head, one in the stomach.

Joni: What's goin' on?

They've been holding 14 others hostage since then.

Some t*rrorists took Israeli athletes hostage.

What? When?

...but it seems to be confirmed that another person is d*ad.

Last night, I guess.

McKay: German police, of course, are there.

The army is there.

It was a strange, strange thing in the early morning hours...

Reporter: ...building that we're seeing now, which is building number 31...

Good morning.

Mac: Good morning.

Did you see this madness?

Harlow: What do you think's gonna happen to them?

Eh, hard to say.

Hey, what's the story with the man in room five?

Hmm? Drives that black Chrysler.

Oh, well, you know, he checked in yesterday.

I think he's open-ended. I think he's a salesman of some... why, is he causing y'all trouble?

No, no, no, nothing like that.

I mean, it just... think it's kind of hard to sell anything if you don't leave the room, you know?

Oh, Sam, you get all kinds here, you know?

As long as the checks clear and the cash is made of the right kinda paper, I learned a long time ago, I don't look behind the curtains.

Reporter: That is one of the Arab guerillas...

Harlow: Hey, I checked across the street and I called another couple of places about that pump.


Well, no one around here carries them and the closest pool supply place is in Fayetteville.

And Fayetteville ain't exactly close.

But, now, here's the thing.

They're askin' nearly $70 for a new pump.

Does that sound right to you?

Yeah. The price has gone up since I bought mine, but, yeah, I guess that's about right.

Aw, I ain't got $70 for a damn pool pump.

I mean, that's almost Gussie Mae's monthly salary.

$70, that thing better serve me drinks and cure my rheumatism.


I think I'm gonna have to wait till spring
to get it up and running.

You have those tools?

Yeah, I got them tools. Why?

I'll give it a sh*t, see what I can rig up.

Oh, you don't have to do that now 'cause I ain't got any money to pay you.

I ain't askin' for any money.

Besides, my wife's not feeling too swift, so I think we're not gonna leave till about tomorrow.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

But you... you think you might be able to salvage it?

Well, I'll give it a sh*t, but...

Thank you. How much you know about pools, anyway?

And how'd you come to know so much?

Well, I built a pool in my back yard.

You built a pool in your own back yard?

Yeah. 35 feet of glory.

Well, hell, you got a pool back home?

Why are you staying in this sh*thole?

Well, we just wanted to get out of town for a while.

Well, I will definitely get you them tools.

I'm much obliged to you.

Okay. No promises.

But "you're tryin', and that ain't nothin'."

Reporter: ...hostages to safety, and bring the Arab guerillas to justice.

I have heard many people comment...

Uh, yes. Following up on your call to the Press-Scimitar yesterday.


(faint rattling)

Okay, good to hear. Glad he returned the message.


(car horn honking)


Jesus Christ, Diddy.

(phone rings)

Hold them horses. The phone.

Sunnyside Inn, this is Harlow. How may I help you?

Yeah, we do.

(horn honks)

That's right, on 23 just outside of Huntsville.

Yes, sir. Can I... can I make you a reservation?

No, no, no. I'm still lockin' down my dates.

Thank you kindly.

McKay: ...it is believed that several have escaped on foot.

Everyone has been warned not to pick up any hitchhikers.

Originally, they said that the hostages were safe.

Now that has been changed.

Uh, and an Olympic spokesman said...

"We are afraid the information given so far is too optimistic." That's where we seem to stand.

When was it agreed, do you know,

McKay: to allow the t*rrorists to go... (door opens) from the building to the helicopters?

Joni: What is that?

The guy's pump is f*cked.

Can't afford a new one, so I told him I'd fix it for him.

I was watching that.

Yeah, well, let me tell you how it ends... not well.

I can't believe you.

What, Joni?

Hmm? What can't you believe?

You're just settin' up shop here like this is all okay.

What, you think I don't wanna go home, too?

What are you doin' about it, Mac, besides fixin' pool pumps and makin' phone calls?

I already told you, Joni. The less you know, the better.

You won't talk to me about any of this and I wanna go home.


Well, let's look on the bright side... if you can't be a high school swim coach, at least you can fix his pool.

Okay, Joni, you wanna talk?


Because I've been tryin' to figure out the math, you know? I was gone one year and there's what, 600,000 people in Memphis and half of that's men. So just how, logistically, did you manage to f*ck 300,000 men...

You are a child.

Am I?!

I did have an affair, Mac, with one person, with Cliff. We had sex.

Feel better hearing me say it?

That I f*cked another man while you were gone?

Yeah, well, now at least we can both acknowledge you're a whore.

You didn't sleep with any Vietnamese prost*tute...

No, no, no, I didn't!

Bullshit. Bullshit! I know what goes on over there.

No, you have no f*ck' idea about "over there," you understand me?! You have not a f*ck' clue!

No, I didn't f*ck any prost*tute because our marriage mattered to me.

Because you f*ck' mattered to me.

And nothin' matters to you, Joni.

The only thing that matters to you is you.

You're so f*cking noble?! Mister f*cking nobility?!

There probably wasn't enough time for whorehouses while you were over there, Mac.

Too busy f*ck' killin' women and children!


(knocking on door)

Is everything okay?

It's fine. Uh... I'm sorry.

It doesn't sound like it's fine.

Are you okay?

(crickets chirping)

Joni: Mac...?



What's this now? Huh?


Man: Please!

How the f*ck did you find us?!

What are you talking about?!

How the f*ck does he know where we are?!

A f*ck' lunatic, that's what you are.

Baby, stop!

Take whatever's in the wallet!

Just leave me those checks, okay?

I need those.

He's selling encyclopedias, Mac.

You f*ck... you f*ck' stay away from me and my wife, you understand me?

Now, you f*ck' understand me?

Yeah. Yes.

You okay?

What the f*ck?

(panting) I'm calling the g*dd*mn cops.

Please don't, please.

Okay, he thought you were someone else. It was a misunderstanding.

We'll pay for your room.

Fine. Just leave my room.

You all righ...

Okay, please leave my room!


Man on TV: ...they've got to have peace. They've had too much w*r.

There's... the... their young people, they've spent all their money on wars.

Now they have a chance to build their nations.

These nations, of course, they're compatible.

The Arabs and the Israelis are perfectly compatible as far as I can tell.

Economically and even politically one of these days.

And now, as you say, Peter, you're quite right. They've been jolted apart again as they were seeming to come just a little closer.

A little hope.

McKay: We've just gotten the final word.

You know, when I was a kid, my father used to say, "Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized."

Our worst fears have been realized tonight.

They've now said that there were 11 hostages.

Two were k*lled in their rooms this morn... yesterday morning.

Nine were k*lled at the airport tonight.

They're all gone.

At the press conference, reporters were not allowed to ask questions.

But it's all over.

The Israeli Olympic team is destroyed... much of it.

Some of their officials.

The Arabs, three of them, are still alive in a hospital someplace.


If they haven't found him by tomorrow, we can go home.

Joni: I shouldn't have said that.

About killin' children.

So sorry.

It's okay.

I threw some pretty low bl*ws there myself.

And the tool box.

How did you and Cliff start?

We worked together.

Did you love him?



I was just angry enough at the world... at you... to do it.

I didn't...

I needed somethin'. I needed... to feel somethin' other than what I felt.

Which was what?

Just completely and... totally alone.



Did you... k*ll him?

(knocking on door)


Harlow: Sam, are you in there?

Mac: Yeah, Harlow.

Harlow: You got that pump fixed?

I... tomorrow, Harlow. I can fix it tomorrow, okay?

Well, I need them tools.

Room four's AC's crapped out and they're bitchin' like crazy.

Just a little bit late, Harlow.


Sam, I'm sorry.

He said... (grunts)




Who f*ck' sent you?




Was it him?



Oh-hh! (panting)

You f*ck'...


Go now.

Who the f*ck are you?

Who do you think?

Woman: You really need to get outta here.

Mac: Joni...?

Mac: Baby, come on.

Joni? Hey.

Joni, baby, we have to go. Come on.

(tires screeching)

(tap squeaks, water pattering)

(faint dripping)

(softly) Hey.

Are you... you okay?

(dripping continues)

After I got home... a man approached me about goin' to work for him.

Doin' what?

Killin' people.

For money.

And I told him no at first and... then Arthur somehow started workin' for him.


It was hard for us when we got home.

Harder for him and... he needed my help.

What about Ruth and the kids?

They needed money. We needed money.

And Arthur needed me.

So you were there the night that Arthur d*ed.

And so this... this man, he... gave Arthur an advance. A lot of money.

Only I don't... I don't know what Arthur did with it.

This is not a man who... who lets these things go.

And if I don't work it off...

Ruth. And the kids.

So... this man, he, uh... he gives me a file and it's my first job.

A guy named Cliff Williams.

And I followed him... first from his house and then to a bar and then... then to this house.

Our house.

Then I found him under his car and... and I... I k*lled him.

And honestly, I...

I'd do it all over again.

Who is this person?

He calls himself The... The Broker.

And that woman who helped us, (sniffles) she works for him?

Yeah, she's... yes, I... I guess.

I don't know.


How did this become our life?

I'm sorry, Joni.

For goin' back to w*r.

I... I'm sorry for... everything that's happened to you since I've been home.

I'm sorry for not protectin' you and I'm sorry I got you all wrapped up in this.

But I love you and I don't want our life together to be over.

I don't. and I want us to be together.

But if you want me to leave, then I will.

I'll go.

And if you need to call the cops, I'd understand.

But I wanna be here.

I wanna be here.

For you. You know, I just wanna...

I just wanna try to get... us back to what matters.

And put this all behind us.


Do you wanna do that, Joni?


(music playing)

♪ Mm ♪
♪ Hmm ♪
♪ Jesus is calling ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Telling you to wade ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Come on and wade ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ And repent your sins for the soul ♪
♪ Jesus is calling ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Telling you to wade ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Come on and wade ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ And repent your sins for the soul ♪
♪ Well, Satan ♪
♪ Thought he had me ♪
♪ Now, I know he's mad ♪
♪ The Lord saved my soul and He made me whole ♪
♪ And now I'm free at last ♪
♪ Jesus is calling ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Telling you to wade ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Come on and wade ♪
♪ Wade in the water ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ And repent your sins for the soul ♪
♪ I know you wanna wade ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ Wade ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ You'll find joy ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ You'll find love ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ Peace ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ Joy ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ Took Jesus ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ Baptized Him ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ In the water ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ Joy... ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
♪ Joy ♪
♪ In the water... ♪
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