01x04 - Careful What You Pray For

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "sh**t the Messenger". Aired: October 10, 2016 to December 2016.*
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"sh**t the Messenger" centers on a young journalist, who is drawn into the criminal underworld when she witnesses an apparent g*ng-related m*rder, and becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate power-brokers and the police.
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01x04 - Careful What You Pray For

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Previously on "sh**t the Messenger..."

5PM said they were gonna destroy us, we will destroy them!

All: Yeah! That's right.

Because this is w*r!

[g*n pop]

I am not an alcoholic. I like coke!

You need to go.

Your friend, Khaalid, was sh*t d*ad right in front of you.

Your girlfriend, Avril, was sh*t d*ad right in front of you.

What's the connection here?

I saw you that night, you took his phone.

Yeah, there is something on it my boss wants.

That's why they k*lled him.

You should check out my bedroom, some of my best work.

We're initiating an independent commission to investigate instances of suspected police misconduct and corruption.

And we're very fortunate to have Justice Susan Reeves to oversee this commission.

Orlandio's sex addiction.

Look! That old hag is in her 60's.

Oh my God! Is that Judge Reeves?

Female reporter: Police did confirm the identity of Monday's sh**ting victim to be Tasha Trotman.

The nine-year-old girl, who was struck down in her own home.

Sources believe the sh**ting was g*ng related.

But police refuse to comment other than to say a person of interest was brought in for questioning but has been released.

Suspect's believed to be Somali g*ng members.

And are described 20-30 year old black males, dressed in a dark hooded sweatshirts and driving a stolen red stolen minivan.

How long do you think you have?


You k*lled a little girl. 5PM won't just take that.

They don't have the stones.

[Chambers click]

[Clicks off the TV]

Khaalid is d*ad.

Now, he is avenged. Blood for blood.

What you did isn't justice.

All you've done is guarantee more death.

So what do we do - run? This is our world.

This is our life!

Markwell: Police!

Officers: Move out!

Down! Now!

Get down! Go.

Get on the ground! Don't you move!

Don't you f*cking breath!

Ready?! Go!

Let's get out of here!

Don't move!

Down on your knees right now! Get down!

[Material rips]

Over here!

Stand back!

[Loud thuds]

[Police sirens wail]

Officer: 1403, 1403 what's your 20?

Female officer: We're about 10 minutes out from the scene.

Officer: 1403, investigating 1079...

[Muted police radio chatter]

[Door shuts, engine turns]

Hey, you got your passport, Wallet?


Yeah. I've got this.


What if you didn't go?

[Small chuckle]

New city, new team, working for a new client.

The head of HR kinda has to be there.

Yeah. I know.

Is this about the photograph?

Whether or not to publish it?

Not my call.

Then what?

Nothing you've told me makes this story any worse than a dozen you've worked on.

So what's Daisy's opinion of it all?

Uh... She's... you know, she's surprised at the choices people make.

Yeah, but there is always a choice, right?

You always have a choice.


You always have a choice.

Safe trip.

[Cassie giggles]

See you in a week.

[Car engine turns, door slams]

[Rumbles away]

[Paper rips]


Dad! Are you up?

Shower at 7:25.

Breakfast at eight.

I'm out the door at 8:25.

Every day?

Every day.

Do you want breakfast?

Hm. Thanks dad.

That's a nice offer, but I've got a meeting.

You should have some breakfast.

Hm. I really appreciate you letting me stay here.

Oh, why wouldn't I? You're my daughter.

Thanks for the present.

Oh yeah.


You should eat breakfast.

[Door opens, then slams]

♪ ♪

Hope you're finished with this breakfast, buddy, because we gotta go.



All right. All right.

Ankle breaker.

You and that jump sh*t.

Listen, we gotta get going.

Let's get this on you, buddy.


You look good this morning.

Are you good? You look good.

You got soccer tonight, yeah?

Hm. Well, you'll need these.

All right?

Mom should pick you up later.

All right. Good.

Love you, Dad.

Love you, Buddy.

But we gotta go, okay?

Before Ms. Lubich sends me another angry letter.

Let's go. [Grunts]

N.A. member: It was a simple question - do you want a h*t?

So hard to answer.

To say no.

Five years sober.

[Phone buzzes, chimes]

It never goes away.

Thanks for listening.

Counselor: Thanks, Burt.

Would anyone else like to share?


Reporter: Something the Chief was saying, but it was in fact a deputy Chief jockeying for a position, putting those words into the Chief mouth.

Mary: Okay, thanks.


Oh, Channing.

What a pity that all the money I'm spending on security doesn't make you more punctual.

[Reporters laugh]


Now that we're all here.

The cops are puffed out and proud this morning they're always happy when they get to bring out their battering rams and flash bangs.


Chief's presser is at 11.

I expect to see a table full of freshly liberated g*n and dr*gs.


More than 20 members from each g*ng are now in the warm embrace of the justice system.

Charges are being prepared, but expect most of them to be out on bail by say... Friday.

$20 says Chief Thompson will tell us that the raid protects the City from the thr*at of g*ng v*olence.

I'll take that bet if you give me a raise.

[All chuckle]

You have any names of the people who were arrested?

Nothing yet.

Okay, will you point out to the Chief the convenient timing of the raid so soon after the corruption probe.

I'll ask. If I get the chance.

Okay. Stacy, City hall.

[Whispers] You think Hassan got swept up in the raid?

I'm hoping.

I want him to be safe.

Allahuu Akbar.

[Reciting Salat Prayer]

Allahuu Akbar.

[Reciting Salat Prayer]

Allahuu Akbar.

Hassan... you know I'm concerned for you.

You know we all care for you.

You're asking me to leave?

With what happened with the raids...

Sooner or later the police will come inside here.

And you can't risk that.

Not if you don't tell me what this is about.

Remember your prayers.

"Praise is for Allah."

Show us the straight way.

The way of those whom you have blessed.

"Who have not gone astray."

And if I don't go astray everything will be fine.

[Heavy sighs]

If you want, I will go with you to the police.

As-salamu alaykum.


Mary: So this is the ballplayer?

Yeah, Orlandio Spence.

And she's Judge Susan Reeves.

The head of the corruption commission.

Where'd you get this?

From a members-only cuckolding site.

Men post pictures of their wives having sex with...

Yeah, I know what cuckolding is, Channing.

Whoever tried to k*ll Hassan... whoever k*lled Khaalid... it might be about this.



They're both married to other people.

Reeves has a lot to protect.

A new commission. High profile.

I don't know.

Hassan would probably look at the ball player and see a giant dollar sign.

Remember, Hassan had the photo of Spence on his fridge, so he must know him.

Right, so what if he tried to blackmail him, cash for the photo.

And Orlandio tried to get the photo back.

Feels greasy enough to be something.

Let's start with the ball player.

Figure out if this photo is actually real.

Here you keep this.

Give me everything else.

[Retreating footsteps]

[Envelope rustles]

[Camera shutters click]

Chief Thompson: This City is safer thanks to the work of Detective Sergeant Markwell.

With these arrests, we've stopped a g*ng w*r in its tracks.

And it is my belief we've taken the K*llers of Tasha Trotman off our streets.


[Reporters shout out overlapping questions]


Chief Thompson, people are questioning the timing of the raid.

Coming just days after a commission begins investigating your department for corruption.

That's an important question.

This raid has been planned for six months.

This isn't about politics.

It's about protecting the residents of this City from gangs.

[Reporters shout out overlapping questions]

It's not about scoring points.

It's always about scoring points.

We announce the corruption commission, the Chief unleashes g*n and gangs.

But it can't be about scoring points for us.

I'm not a politician, Phil.

The spotlight's going to be bright.

Which is why you picked me.

We'll be squeaky clean.

If there's dirt. We'll find it. If there's not...

I'm not asking you to make it up.


All right, everyone.

Time to dig in.

In about 30 minutes, we're going to get swamped with paper.

Paper that was created by some very smart, capable people.

We're going to go through it to see what they missed, or what they wanted us to miss.

Each file has a team.

And each team has a leader.

And at the top of every team there's me.

I'm going to go through every file you report.

So impress me.

Anything unfinished, we mark it and we follow up.

Now the Tindall, Walker and Zuccato cases are up first.

As far as police officers charged with criminal misconduct, those are just the tip of the iceberg...

So. Let's start chipping away.

Daisy: Up close these guys are huge.

Simon: You never sat down on the floor before?

It's the only way to watch a game.

You can hear these guys yelling at each other.

It's not pg though.

How long were you in sports?

A couple of years.

A couple more in City Hall.

And a bunch more in crime.

All of a sudden, it's a career.

From where I'm sitting it's a great career.

Yeah, well, everything looks good with fresh eyes.

Man: All right, good job, man!

Good job. Beautiful!


Buddy, nice work.

Looks like that trade's not going to happen!

This is the guy who helped us out.

Right. Thanks.

Simon, from the gazette.

This is Daisy.


Uh, Greggor said we could grab you for a minute.

Come on, man.

It's cool. We talked about it.

[Phone rings]

You know what I have to take that.

Two minutes. I'm timing you!

Sorry about the misunderstanding.


We were wondering if you can help us.

Have you seen this photo?

What the hell is that?!

Are you working for my ex-wife?

No, we spoke to your ex wife.

We know about your... addiction.

Then you know this is sh*t. I'm done.

Does anyone else know?

Has anyone called you about this photo?

Threatened you?

Threatened me?

What about Hassan? Do you know Hassan Ali?

That went well.

One thing is for sure... the photo's real.

Simon: Sp do you believe Orlandio?

He's got lots of money, makes him a target.

Yeah. But like Mary said, the judge has more to lose.

She's well respected on the bench.

If this photo comes out, her career evaporates.

So the judge... what... tracked Hassan down looking for the photo?

sh*t him?

Judge with a g*n!

Maybe. I don't know.

Simon, thanks a lot for helping me out on this.

Mary assigned me.

Like you aren't loving it.


I am.

Does it ever get old?

Being on the inside. Being close to the story.

Knowing things before anyone else does.

No. It never gets old.

So how do you wanna follow this up?

Your sister's works for the commission.

She's got insight into Judge Reeves.

Can you talk to her?

Sure. Yeah. Good idea.

I'll track down Reeves' husband.

He's obviously into this, but I doubt he wants the world to know.

Maybe he took matters into his own hands.

What do we tell Mary?

Uh, let's see what we find out.

I'd like to go back to her with answers instead of more questions.


McCallister: Eric, it's not possible.

Anything's possible, Glen.

Not this time. The bank's aren't going to budge.

Are you kidding me?

After all the business we've brought them in the past they can't extend this deadline a little bit?

I mean, It's not like they still won't be making.

Tens of millions of dollars on this deal.

Look, you promised the consortium partners the provinces approval on the super jail.

It was a condition of the loan, and you don't get it.

Now the banks have the right to impose a penalty on the reserve account.

I know the have the right.

But that doesn't mean they should.

We brought them a lot of business.

[Door clicks open]

The Zuccato's have arrived.

Oh sh*t.

They're here?


Eric, listen to me...

No, you listen to me.

We are going to reassure them that everything is on track.

With these new penalties, you're five million dollars further under water.

Glen, that's not the news the Zuccato's want to hear.

What they want to hear is that we had minor delays, the bank is fully confident in our ability to built this jail and they are more than happy to waive the penalties.

You got me?

What if I can't get the bank to move?

Then the next time the Zuccato's pay us a visit it's not going to be during the day.

[Approaching footsteps]


Good to see you. How are you?

Hello. Hello.

I know you're busy?

Get a seat.

Glen here is gonna update you on the finances, okay?


[Low hum of chatter]
[Knock on door]


You've only been on this commission for a couple of days and I already know half a dozen officers who have your picture on a dart board.

You might want to join them.

Is-is there a problem with the Lawson warrant?

Three problem, Detective Lutz.

Full. Frank. And fair.

It's what the warrant needs to be and it's not.

You have to catalogue the good points and as well as the bad.

If it looks like a vendetta, a good lawyer gets it thrown out, all of it.

Understood, your Honor.

But it would really, really help me if you could...

Here's an example.

In the warrant you say that Lawson may be connected to a m*rder because some Somali gangster on a wire says that Lawson wants something from him.

Somali... gangster?

Hassan Ali.

Well, he's wanted for m*rder, and he used to work for Lawson.

That's my point.

I don't think he's the most credible source.

Yeah, but he's directly connected to Lawson.

Detective Lutz, do your homework and I'll be happy to sign your warrant.

[Phone chimes]

[Small chuckle]

[Keys tap]


Ah... I'm in the middle of a few things.

Five minutes. It's all I need.

About what happened at your place.

It's not my problem.

I know that.

I-I just want to apologize.

Okay, fine.

Thank you.


But I'm not going to make it my problem anymore, Dais, It's too hard.

That's fair. I get it.

Okay. Good.

Unless there's something else.

I need a favor.

What is it?

I need some background on Judge Reeves.

Now that the commission's up and running the paper's doing a profile on her.

We've got a briefing book.

It took us months to put together.

That would be great.

And I'd love to talk to someone who really knows her.

How she handles the pressure of the job.

She was actually Sam's mentor back in law school.

But there's no way he's got time to talk to you.


You mean... your boss, Sam?

Ahem. Um, when did he become... Sam?

Seriously, the file room?

Oh. You have a visitor.

I'm not a visitor. I'm Daisy.

Ah! Of course. I'm Sam. The sister.

Right. Obviously.

Ah, hey, great work you're doing at the gazette.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah. Listen, if there's anything that I can do to ah, to help your paper tell our side of the story, I'd be more than happy to take the time.

That would be terrific.

Actually, we're doing a piece on the commission, about you and Judge Reeves.

Oh well, I can't speak for Justice Reeves, but I'm sure that Chloe can find a time where I'm supposed to be having a sandwich...

[Small laugh]

Thank you. It ah, it means a lot.

No. Not at all. It's great to meet you, Daisy.

Okay. Chloe if you can come find me when you're done here.



Hm, Sam is definitely nice.

Raj: Judge Reeves alone.

Judge Reeves by herself.

Judge Reeves and a bunch of other judges.

You sure she's married?

That's the rumor.

Rumors? Why didn't you say so.

[Keys clack]

Simon: Ruckus?

They've got better photos and they pay more too.

You get an offer?

They threw a bunch of money at me.

And my own byline.

Perez Hilton who?

Well, the biggest office gossip working for the biggest on-line gossip site.

That sounds about right.

I leave in a month. You should come join me.

They're always looking for hot... stories.

Yeah. Nice offer...

I don't think I could pull off red jeans.

You could pull off my jeans.


You're not the only one who isn't fashionable.

That's the guy you're looking for?

Is that Judge Reeves' husband?

Raj: Seems so.

Oh, it says they've been married 30 years. Boring.

Who is he?

Glen McCallister. Banker.

Valery: Like clock work. 2:30 every day.

Out of the mosque... and down the street.

I don't know, I get the feeling he knows we're following him.

You think he made us?

[Engine turns]

[Traffic whirs by]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Receptionist: Lawson Industries.

Eric Lawson please.

Please hold.

Heading out for coffee. You need anything?

Can you get me more hours in the day?

I'll take an extra large of that.

Lawson: Susan. Always a pleasure.




[Phone clicks off]

McCallister: Mr. Olanski. Come in.


I appreciate your time.

Well, you make it sound so mysterious.

This is got to be about my wife's commission? Please.

No, actually... this is something more personal.

Do you know the name Hassan Ali?

Never heard of him.

He's a Somali kid, he was recently involved in a sh**ting.

Tragically, a friend of his Khaalid Suleman - was k*lled.

And what does this have to do with me?

I was hoping you could take a look at this for me.

How did you get this?

So you knew about this photo.

You need to leave here.

You took this photo, didn't you?


Does your wife know you posted this online?

I have someone who needs to be escorted out of the building.

I know the way out.

Hey, did you get much from your sister?

Judge Reeves' official record is clean as a whistle.

Everything I can find about their marriage... which isn't much... it's rock solid. You?

The guy you saw who pulled a g*n on you.

What did he look like?

6 feet. Something like 200 lbs.

Good build.

So is McCallister.

You think he could be the sh**t?

He wasn't exactly happy to talk to me.

Before he kicked me out I saw something at his office that might help us out.

Well, what is it?

Give me a couple of minutes. Let me nail it down.

Lutz: She wouldn't sign it.

Markwell: That warrant was supposed to be a slam-dunk.

Judge Reeves disagrees.

Yeah, well, then fix it.

I don't write another word until you tell me what the hell is going on here.

We think Lawson's mobbed up.

With who?

Well, that's what we're trying to find out.

We need this warrant approved, that way we can get some leverage on Lawson, flip him, take down who ever he's been dealing with.

Is that a good enough reason for you to do your job, Detective?

[Phone rings]

Well, if it isn't former homicide detective Kevin Lutz.

Hey Jo, listen, I just want to let you know that this whole Suleman thing... it's starting to feel awfully loaded.

Why? What's going on?

A lot of people seem interested in our boy Hassan.

I had a judge drop his name the other today.

And his ex-boss, Lawson, he has mob ties.

I'm actually taking my turn watching him now.

Good. Eyes open, heads down.

We're not the only ones who want a piece of Hassan.

[Phone beeps off]

[Approaching footsteps]

May I help you?

Can you tell me what I do with these?

I'm sorry?

I was asked to translate them. Recordings.

Between the g*ng members?

I'm sorry they're late.

But my daughter was sick and... but I finished them.

I understand.

I'll take those. Thanks.

Mary: So Judge Reeves' husband is a four-time provincial r*fle champion?

Prone and standing.

The guy who sh*t Hassan - he was about a 100 feet away.

McCallister could have made that sh*t.

And Daisy says he matches the description of the guy who att*cked her.

McCallister knew about the photo.

Of course, he probably took it.

And somehow Hassan got his hands on it and wanted to extort him for money.

But he's not picking up, so maybe we go to the judge for comment?

No, no, you know what, leave it with me.

So we're walking away?

That's not what I said. I said leave it with me.

You two have done some good work.

I'll call in a few favors.

So what do you want us to do?

Oh, this is a story.

Keep on digging, see what else you can find.

Okay? Thanks.

[Dialing beeps, phone rings]

Woman: Judge Reeves office...

What is she talking about? It's gotta be about the photo.

Well, maybe. Maybe not.

But something going on.

I can feel it. You can too.

So what do we do?

We dig in.

[Clothes rustle, zipper zips]

[Phone chimes]

[Keys tap]


[Cover clinks]

♪ ♪

Not his usual time.

I could do for a walk.

[Opens door]

Stay close.

[Door slams]

[Low hum of chatter]

♪ ♪ ♪

Got some unusual movement on Ali. Stand by incase I need backup.

♪ ♪

[Low hum of patron chatter]

[Door clicks shut]

[Items rustle]

[Door squeaks open]


You see anybody else pass this way?



[Low hum of patron chatter]

[Door squeaks open]

I lost him in an alley behind the Samiya restaurant.

Anybody got some extra eyes out front just in case.

[Traffic whirs, cars honk]

Hello Mary, don't you look fantastic.

I love that new color.

Mary: Thanks for stopping by, Susan.

Here have a seat.

Well, that's not quite the reaction I was expecting.

Have you been talking to the chief? [Chuckles]


Ah... but it's not good.

[Envelopes rustles]

[Low hum of chatter, phones ringing]

[Photo rustles]

So no one's asked you for money.

Favors. Anything?


You think that boy was k*lled over this?

We're not sure. But... yes.

I suppose I should be insulted you think that I was involved.

I have to ask, Susan. You know I do.

Right. That's why we're friends.

It wasn't me.

What happened to that young man and it wasn't Glen.

Look I hate to say this, but how can you be sure?

Glen is a sharpsh**ter.

Look, I know my husband's a great businessman.

A fierce competitor.

But he's not a k*ller.

I've got rid of all the copies my reporters had.

You don't have to worry about us. We're not... we're not going to print this but...

If you found it... someone else will find it too.

I'm sorry.

We've been married 30 years.

Susan, you really don't have to explain.

We've never really had any problems.

He's always been a good husband.

Supported me. Encouraged me.

When he talk to me about this, it was the first thing he had ever really...


Really asked me for.

So I went along with it.

And the first time we did it... it was for him. But...

But after that it was a chance, I don't know, it was a chance for me to be someone else.

To leave the judge behind.


Now, I just look like a fool.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

[Envelopes rustles]

[Heels clomp]

[Phones ringing]

[Door creaks shut]

[Approaching footsteps]

[Floorboards creak]

Hey... I'm home.

How was the day?

[Footsteps thud]

Hey... everything okay?

What's wrong?

[Poker clinks]

[Slap, she screams]


Susan! Susan! Susan!

Aghhhh! [Slap]

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

[Screaming, wailing]

I'm so sorry.



Forgive me.

[Screaming, wailing]

[Papers rustle]

[Computer keys clack]

[Pensive sigh]

[Papers rustle]

[Highlighter rasps]

[Keys clacks]

[Highlighter rasps]

[Papers rustle]


I've confirmed that Khaalid's favorite subject was Khaalid.

So he's like almost everyone else under the age of 30.


So besides being ancient, are you doing okay?

No one sh*t at me... or even near me today.

So... a good day.

Thanks for asking.

So, we pick it up again in the morning?




Do you want a ride?

No strings. Just an honest offer.


[Phone buzzes]

Oh my God. It's Hassan.

Hassan. Are you okay?

The video that Khaalid made?

The video that got Avril k*lled?

You can see it. Tonight.

Simon: You tell him where we are?

Yeah, I told him it's a red Audi.

Why is it red?

Uhh, it's Cassie's actually.

Oh, of course.

[Small laugh]

And don't worry, Hassan knows you're helping me on this.

You know, I'm not just helping you out.

I get it... your name comes first.

No. It's not the byline.


You've got something that I don't have anymore.


To what?

A couple of years ago... I got sloppy.

A detective gave me a tip... and I wasn't careful enough when the story ran.

My source got identified... he lost his job.

Uh, I'm sorry.

So now, when ever I ask a cop a question it's: No comment.

They've frozen me out.

I don't know anything until everyone else does.

This gets you back in?

It could. I need that.

Daisy, I need to be on the inside.

Xannan. I didn't know if you could make it.

This is all I can get.

[Sighs] Thank you.

Take me with you.


There's nothing for me here. I can't stay.

And you need help. You need... me.


Please Hassan.

Look, I can't.

I love you.

It's too dangerous. It's too... soon.

Khaalid and Avril were k*lled in front of me.

Because of me.

I gotta figure out what to do.

Then... Look, I'll let you know where I am.

I'll pray for you.

I gotta go.


Hassan. Come on, he works with me.

You know what happened last time.


Wait, he'll leave. Get in.

Get in.

I'm close if you need me.

Hassan, you still need to talk to the cops.

I know you don't trust them, but...

Look, this is what they k*lled Khaalid for.

You interested or not?

No. You gotta pay for this.

Fine. What do you want?

Fifty grand.

[Scoffs] Wha? Hassan, be reasonable.

The gazette hardly ever pays for stories.

Others will.

I'm giving you first look, because of our history.

I can't promise anything.

But I'll see what I can do. If it's worth it.

You do that.

What the hell am I looking at?

Keep watching.

It's Khaalid.

You know who this is?


It's Sam Charles.

Announcer: On the next. sh**t the Messenger...

Skeletons have a way of rattling at inconvenient times.

You may want to bury yours a little deeper, Sam.

What a tangled web they weave.

Why are you backing away from this?

We need to make this go away.

Announcer: sh**t The Messenger, November 14th at 9:00 on CBC.
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