01x06 - Wear It

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pitch". Aired: September 2016 to December 2016.*
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"Pitch" revolves around a young pitcher noted for her screwball pitch who becomes the first woman to play in the league, when she is chosen to play for the San Diego Padres.
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01x06 - Wear It

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Previously, on Pitch...

Ginny: You two have met?

Mike: Hey!

Mike Lawson and I have been seeing each other.

Just for a few weeks.

Now I'm going to L.A.

where I have to see my pain the ass ex-wife, who's just hell-bent on ruining my life.

I got hacked. Pictures. Selfies that we took from the road.

I quit.

I will go with you!

All this attention and celebrity, it's only gonna get worse.

So you better find a friend and let 'em in.

All right? 'Cause all of this is way too much for one person.

I guess you've seen the video.

The whole world's seen the video.

I'm... not a regular therapist, you know.

So you can't just run down the clock.

Game's gonna start eventually.

Well, then we should get started, because you've been asked to talk to me about last night, and I've been asked not to leave until you do.

So, I'm... I'm just supposed to talk about my darkest secrets and my deepest fears, and all that?

You will.

But let's start easy.

What have the last 48 hours been like for Ginny Baker?

♪ ♪

(excited chatter)

♪ 'Cause we've been putting in them hours ♪

Umpire: Strike!

♪ We only taking what was ours ♪
♪ So, so you better not be the one to doubt us ♪

Photographer: Ginny!

♪ 'Cause we gonna blow your mind ♪
♪ We gonna blow your mind ♪
♪ We gonna blow your mind ♪
♪ We gonna blow your mind ♪
♪ We gonna blow your mind ♪
Blow your mind, blow your mind...

Pretty standard.



Tina: Yeah. Whoo! (applause)



Wanda: Whatever you need, Ginny.

And speaking of what you might need to play baseball in style...


Tina: Ta-da.


Wanda: We know you may want to break in the glove, but... we'd love it if you could slip it on for a few sh*ts at the signing party in Los Angeles tomorrow night.

I'm not sure this goes with the dress Amelia's promised. (laughter)

It matches your shoes perfectly.

Elliot: Not an accident.


(whispering): Not an accident.

Now, we'd love to show you some mock-ups from the campaign we discussed.

(Tina hits key on keyboard)

(Tina hits key)

Wanda: It's all about breaking barriers, paving the way for others.

"The first black man in Major League Baseball."

"The first woman in space."

"The first black president."


"A new day is dawning in sports."

♪ ♪


But seriously, no pressure.


I love it.

Me too.

Thank you so much.

Announcer: It's h*t to the shortstop, he leaps to make the catch!

Can you shut it off if you're not watching?

I'm still working here.

Announcer: It's soft enough to be able to time it...

Must be casual Tuesday.

(TV turns off)

So, if it's okay, Ginny invited me to her thing tomorrow night.

I probably should've invited you.

Probably. But I don't bruise easy.

That's a lie. Anyway, if you thought the whole "us" thing would be weird for her, she invited me, so...

You think she's fine because she acted like she was fine?

You really don't understand women, do you?

I think I understand women quite well.


What's that saying? Uh...

"True wisdom is knowing how much you don't know."

Unless you really do know... everything.

Why is that charming?

(laughing): Why is that charming?

See? I do know women.


♪ ♪




What's wrong?

What time is it?

Calm down.

Just try to breathe normally. I'll be right there.

What's going on?

Everything's okay.

It's okay, but she can't breathe?

She's just... having a panic att*ck.

Got it handled.


I'm just tired.

Tired, but I can't sleep, you know?

I know it well.

What's keeping you up?

I don't know.



Is it too late to go with someone else?

The appropriate time to have had that discussion was two days ago.

When we had it.

Remember, you loved that they viewed you as an athlete, treating you the same as LeBron or Serena, and not using that workout gear to hypersexualize you.

You made the right call.

Rest easy on that.

I know...

That's a big sweatshirt.

I borrowed it.


I'm sorry I woke you.

Want me to stay for a bit?

No. I'm fine.

Really, I'm fine.

♪ ♪

Can you tell me about your start yesterday?

You can check the box score online.

Well, I'm trying to make it easy for you, but it's not multitasking if you are just doing one thing.

Don't take it personally, Doc.


You are a "doc"?

I am.

Two kinds of doc, in fact.

And a sports expert.

Mm. Sports fan.

But I'm an expert at stressful jobs.

I was an army psychiatrist.

Overseas? (clicks)

I spent some time in Schweinfurt, Germany, and stateside, but yeah. Some time in Iraq.

My job was... hard.

Too hard at a certain point, and... took a while to admit that to myself.

Hmm. I get it.

Want to know why I couldn't sleep?

I don't belong with those people.

Real heroes.

I am a number five starter.

I'm not the first woman... I'm not even the first black woman...

To pitch professionally.

But no one remembers Peanut Johnson.

Everyone's celebrating me?

I mean, my... my achievements are modest.

Your stats are modest, but make no mistake. Getting to the majors is historic.

But I don't deserve to be in that company.

I don't feel like I deserve any of this.

There, I said it.

Did I have my breakthrough?

Anyone who thinks that they belong in that group would be having a different conversation with me.

And no... I don't think you're going to have a breakthrough until you sit down and talk with me.

All right. Well...

I'm gonna go for a run.

(laughs) Okay, well...

I'll tag along, and, uh... maybe you can tell me about your last start.

Announcer: Two more runs come around to score.

Baker's getting h*t hard today.

That puts the Pads in a six-run hole, with just one out, here in the second inning.

Lawson out to talk it over.

Why are you changing the calls?

You shook me off.

You never change the calls.

Then why'd you shake me off?

You having trouble breathing? What are you...

You having a panic att*ck or something?

What? I'm fine. It's 97 degrees.

Why'd you just ask me that?

You hurt?

I'm fine.

Good, because our bullpen got wiped out yesterday, and you got to eat some innings for us.

We're playing for tomorrow, kid.

You got to wear it today.

You got it, Skip.

Umpire: Come on, Lawson! If you haven't said it yet, it's got to wait.


(reporters clamoring)

What happened?

I just didn't have it today.

Couldn't get my screwball over for a strike.

Reporter: Ginny, any trouble with your arm?

I've got no excuses. I just sucked.

(reporters clamoring)

She had a bad game after four quality starts. What's the problem?

She came into my office the day of the trade deadline to tell me not to trade her friend.

First time I've ever had a player do that.

Well, you could've told me. That's something I need to know.

So I'm wondering if now is the best time for this party.

Maybe she shouldn't have so many distractions.

What party?

She signed a deal with Nike.

The ad agency's throwing her a party.

Lawson and Sanders are going, too.

Look, I got in enough trouble for treating her different.

It sounds like everybody's going to this party.

Would you be so concerned if Baker wasn't a girl?

Would you be so protective?

Guys, look, she had two bad days, all right?

It's a very limited data set.

Now, if we tell her she can't go, it makes something that may be nothing into a thing.

So let's just... let it be.

Why wasn't I invited to the party?

Evelyn: Okay, just look down.


Really? A baseball flying at you at 100 miles an hour, you breathe steady, but mascara makes you shake?

I can't believe I told Amelia that you're as good as a professional makeup artist.

You've literally poked me in the eye every time.

Well, I wouldn't if you just held still.

Putting it away.

Thank you.

(knocking at door)

Ah, that's Amelia with the dress.


Uh-oh, what'd she do now?

Mike Lawson.

(exaggerated): What?

Blip figured it out.

Amelia: Ginny? (knocking on door)

I had to pull strings, twist arms and thr*aten lives, but someone was eventually generous enough to entrust you with this $10,000 loan.

(gasps) Let me see, let me see, let me see.

I wish Ginny was that excited.

(Evelyn gasps)

Ginny: Ow.

Holy crap, Ginny, that is the face of God.

(Amelia chuckles)

I mean, you're gonna look like, well... the tens of millions of dollars that you're about to earn.

Sounds good.

You know, I stopped expecting an-an attagirl.

I'm just doing my job, after all, but maybe tonight you can let loose a little, just... give me a teeny smile?

You're right. You're just doing your job.

And I'd like some reassurance that whatever goes on here... and whatever goes on wherever it is you and Mike do whatever it is you do, is separate.

I'm gonna... not excuse myself, 'cause I want to hear this.

I would never say anything to anyone about what's happening in your life.

He was just there when you called.

Point taken.

You're not the person I call in that situation.

You negotiate contracts and borrow pretty dresses.

So let's leave it there.


You don't have to talk to me.


But you have a headache that's not going away and I'm Tylenol. I suggest you take me.

Okay, I admit that one got away from me.

(treadmill beeps)

Why didn't I pitch well?

I didn't get enough sleep, I... didn't have a feel for my screwball, blah, blah, blah.

I was just terrible.

Yeah, well, your terrible is still better than 319 million Americans.

Doesn't make it not terrible.

Tell me about the waitress.


♪ Drop it down, drop it down, drop it down low ♪
♪ Down to the floor... ♪

Photographer: Over here!

Ginny! Look over here!


(photographers clamoring)

♪ Drop it down, drop it down, drop it down low ♪

Photographer: Mike!

Photographer 2: Mike Lawson!

Photographer 1: Mike Lawson!

Mike, over here!

Mike Lawson!

♪ Hands in the air... ♪

Can we get a few of you together?

You look really nice.

Did you think of that on your own or did you hear Amelia say it?

I'm sorry, really.


Photographer 2: Ginny, over here!

♪ Drop it down, drop it down... ♪

Blip: Well, it looks like the main event is here.

Ooh, good nickname. Keep that one for you.

Main event?

Excuse me, Blip?

Can we get a few sh*ts with your teammates?

Uh, he's not taking any photos for you unless you pay him.



We probably could've got some swag.

Big picture, babe.

Main event.

Evelyn: Ah!


Damn, Ginny.

The dress is something.

Uh, it's not just the dress.

Yeah, it's also that six-foot wide head of yours, too.

Evelyn: We're so proud of you.

Breaking barriers and making bank.

Ginny: This is so crazy. I don't even know what I'm doing.

Just smile, have a drink, or five, and enjoy it.

Excuse me.

Oh, sure.

(laughing): Oh, I just wanted your drink order.

(snorts) Ginny: No.


I'm sorry.

Um... surprise me.

(Blip and Evelyn laugh)

♪ Walla like no one's there... ♪

You know, I didn't see that coming.

♪ Walla like no one's there ♪
♪ Just throw your body in the air... ♪

(exaggerated): What?

She knows we know.

Look, don't give it another thought. Tonight is about you.

How could I forget?

What's so important?

Uh, so, um... something... happened on the mound today.

You and I... what we're doing... might've cost us the game.

You know what? It's-It's okay.


We don't have to do a whole thing.

I've seen the end of this movie.

No, I was just...

You don't want to do this anymore.

No, that's not what I'm saying.

I mean, I...

Okay, then I'll say it.

I've gotten used to being the bad guy.

It's just... it's... complicated, with Ginny...

Yeah, see, this is the whole part that I was hoping to skip.

You know, your head wasn't really in it, anyway.

You should figure out where it's been.

In the meantime, get a drink... and enjoy the party that I've spent every waking minute of the last two years trying to throw.

♪ Oh, DJ, turn it up... ♪

What are we drinking?

We can toast to being the people assisting the people making all this happen.

Oh, I like where your head's at, but you don't want what I'm having.

Is it super girly?

Because I get down with a French 75 or Lemon Drop.

I'd do a daiquiri of any type.

I go crazy for Blue Hawaiians.


I thought you were just flirting, but now I think you actually like neon-colored drinks.


Thank you.

(phone beeps)

I guess an assistant's work is literally never done.


♪ Watchin' Goodfellas on the plane, it's a good vibe ♪
♪ OMG, no emcee wanna ever try to battle ♪
♪ When they know it's me... ♪

Oh, thanks, man.

They were both for me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Listen... now that the cat's out of the bag, I got to say this: at first, I wasn't sure about this whole Amelia thing, but now I think it's a good idea.

She might be a shark, but you're no guppy.

She's age appropriate.

She's strong.

I figured you weren't dating anybody else seriously because, you know, you weren't over Rachel yet, but if this means you are, good on you.

♪ Oh, ay, oh ♪
♪ I'm 'bout to turn it out ♪

You just broke up with her, didn't you?

♪ Oh, ay, oh... ♪

Here. You need this more than I do.

What, I think I hear Evelyn call...


Woman: Ginny, can I get a picture with you?

Yeah, sure.

Woman 2: Ginny, we love you!

Hey, Ginny! Me, too.

Man: Ginny, over here.

Man 2: Ginny, can I get a smile?

Woman: Ginny! Ginny! Ginny!

(camera shutters clicking rapidly)

(overlapping chatter)

(music playing in distance)

Woman: There you are.


I call it a KGB Mule.

It's a Moscow Mule, but covert in a rocks glass.

(sighs) Thank you.

I'm Cara, by the way.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Ginny.

It's been awhile since I had to introduce myself to anyone.

Seems like everyone I meet already knows me.

No, they don't know you. They think you're that person.

Eliot, have you seen Ginny?

♪ My name is Drunken Tiger ♪
♪ Pausin' and grumpy, I lost my lighter... ♪

Do you want to get out of here?

I couldn't.

There's no way.

♪ My flamethrower burn your Range Rover... ♪

You got a car?

♪ Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up. ♪

She's my age, but she's working my launch party.

But she just... walked out on her job like there were no consequences because there were none.

She just graduated college.

I actually had a ride to NC State.

So, what happened?

I got drafted by the Padres before my freshman year.

I thought about playing college ball first.

Ever wonder what might've been?



You never thought, "What if I'd gone to college?"


It all led back to this.

After my dad d*ed, everything felt so uncertain.

I couldn't gamble and... and not get drafted again.

I know "d*ad dad" is probably a hot button topic for you.

You probably want me to talk about him.


I want to talk about why you put on those sneakers last night.


♪ ♪


Will you get fired for leaving?

Probably, but that job sucked. You know, you'd think those rich people would be good tippers, but half the time they don't even notice I exist.

So... what are we doing with a night off?

I probably need to get back to San Diego.

I need to be up early.

Are you pitching?

Wait, you're a pitcher, right?



But no, I'm not pitching.

I just... I just got to stick to my routine.

Game starts at 1:00, so I need to be at the stadium at 8:00 to get my work in.

Probably sounds brutal.


It sounds nice to know why you're getting up in the morning.

Yeah, sometimes, I open my eyes and I don't even know why I'm supposed to get out of bed.

That sounds... like a vacation.

Anyway, that's tomorrow's problem.

What are we doing tonight?


I want to do... whatever you'd do if I wasn't with you.

♪ Yeah, yeah... ♪


♪ Yeah ♪
♪ She got some friends and they're down. ♪

Blip. Hey, have you guys seen Ginny?

Not in awhile.


Have you seen Ginny?

Uh, she's all over the place.

In person?

Oh, no.

Amelia. Have you seen Ginny?

Oh, I just saw her in the ladies' room.

Have you seen Ginny?

Nope. Listen...


♪ Cold flippin' that switch ♪
♪ Beast mode on... ♪
(muffled dance music playing)

Do you want to change?

I can't. My agent would k*ll me if I lose it.


Is it weird?

Not in a bad way.

All right.

♪ We can let go ♪

Hey, guys.

This is my friend, Ginny.


♪ One step, two, three step, four ♪
♪ Strobe light flash ♪

No way.

You're Ginny Baker.

That's what I hear.


♪ Bank score, pure sugar ♪

It's L.A.

♪ Battle moves like a state of w*r ♪
♪ If you break dance ♪
♪ Spin on the floor, I... ♪
♪ SF City out tonight ♪
♪ World champions, it feels right ♪

You didn't finish your coffee.

And since you're not into ambitious cocktailing, maybe I could take you out for a, uh, slow-pour, six dollar cup of coffee?

Yeah, that sounds really nice.

Hey, good for you, seizing the moment.

I know, right?

(Tina chuckles, phone chimes)


You need to deal with that?

Nope, I'm good.

(phone chiming rapidly)

Ooh, it's, uh... really an emergency.

It's okay if you have to respond...

Like... an emergency-emergency.

I-I get it.

I mean, it's okay if your job is important to you.

But-but it's not, it, God...

It's... just the thing I literally spend all my time doing.

This isn't a good look on me, is it?

Only if you don't own it.

I should... get back to the office, anyway.

♪ Hung up on a thin, red line ♪
♪ You got me caught up in your loving ♪

Amelia: Where the hell are you?

On my way.


Okay, come on. Come on, Ginny.

♪ To pick myself up off the floor ♪

(all cheering)

♪ And I'd been lying sayin' I don't want you anymore ♪

What else you got?

♪ Holdin' onto you ♪
♪ And I don't know where it's going ♪
♪ Or what it will do ♪
♪ And I try to control it ♪

(all shouting, exclaiming)

♪ But control is what I lose ♪


♪ You got my blind heart ♪
♪ Holdin' onto you ♪
♪ Just let it be ♪
Just let it be

What else you got?

♪ Just let it be ♪
Just let it be
♪ Just let it be ♪
Just let it be
♪ Just let it be ♪
Just let it be
♪ Just let it be ♪
Just let it be
♪ You got my blind heart holding onto you ♪

I need shoes.

♪ ♪

Can I borrow those?

Ball me.

Wait, what about the dress?

I can dunk in a dress.

That's not what I meant.

(cheers, shouts)

♪ Oh, yeah, I've got my blind, yeah ♪
♪ I've got my blind, yeah ♪
♪ I've got my blind heart holdin' onto you ♪
♪ I'm in pieces like a puzzle... ♪

What else you got?


That dunk's gonna be all over the Internet.

It already is. (chuckles)

Man, I hate cameras.

Yeah, well, overcome your fears.

What do you mean?

I mean, hi. I'm Cara.

Oh, my God.

She's soaking wet, and, uh...

Okay, first of all...

First of all, this is gonna be our new TV show...

(both laughing)

Ginny: Oh, my God.

Why did you have her phone, anyway?

Because even at $10.000, that dress does not have pockets.

(phone chiming)


(chiming continues)

How "Uh-oh"?

Maybe not while you're driving.

Cara: Wait, what about the dress?

Show me.

Ginny: I can dunk in a dress.

Cara: That's not what I meant.

(Ginny shouts)

(water splashing, crowd cheering)

Can you find her from this?

Now seems like a good time to renegotiate my contract.


On it.

(quietly): Oh, man.

Hey, Rach, I was just, uh...

You know, I was in the neighborhood.

Why didn't you call?

Uh... you would have told me not to come.

So you, uh... you put in motion sensor lights.

Uh, yeah. David did that.


He move in?

No. He's trying to protect me from crazy people.


There he is.


David. it's nice to meet you.


Yeah. Sorry, uh, didn't mean to interrupt.

Oh. Well, you're here. Want to come in for dessert?

(chuckles) Major League.

Of course. I, uh... I know what you do.

No, no, the movie. This literally happens.

Um, Tom Berenger shows up at his ex's during a dinner party.

Look, uh, it's awkward if you leave, and it's awkward if you stay, so maybe you should come in.

Well, it didn't go great in the movie, but my Uber already drove off.

So... why not?



No, but honestly, I-I think it's great that you and Mike are able to still be friends like this.

I hope that we can be friends like this when we get divorced.


Well, that says a lot about Mike's maturity that he could be here tonight.

David: You know, if I remember that scene, I think Rene Russo says he was one of the best in baseball before he had the problems with his knees.

Yeah, that part you remember.


I don't want to be weird, but you're Mike Lawson.

I can hardly believe it myself sometimes.

Can we...

Mm-hmm. Mm, yeah.


Oh, come on.

Man: All right, guys, squeeze in.

Oh, that's a little too close. There we go.

Man: Even better.

Mike: That's good.

Awesome. Thank you so much.


Andrea: Come on, Ginny.

Why'd you put on the sneakers?

They want me to wear their glove.

So what's wrong with that?

My glove's the last thing my dad gave me.

There's that hot button again.

I know you want me to talk about him.

Not really.

You're the one who keeps bringing him up.

So why not stop skating around the issue by pressing the d*ad dad button and tell me... why'd you wear the sneakers?

There's nobody here.

Are you sure this is the place?

How accurate is Instagram's geotagging anyway?

Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the place.

Damn it. Now she's probably, like, running around somewhere naked.

You know, after all the time I put into getting her this night...

All the time we put into getting her to this night.

I always put other people ahead of everything in my life.

That's why I'm living in a hotel.

120 miles away from my friends, my band, my girlfriend.

I-I didn't know that you had any of those.

I don't anymore!

I know you made a big sacrifice when you left the agency, but I made sacrifices, too.

Now, I stopped expecting a "thank you" for just doing my job, but I do a lot more than that.


I will give you a raise.

And a job title.

Director of Social Media.


Just get your head on straight and help me fix this thing.

What was your band's name, anyway?

Uh, Rick's Prom Dress.

We sucked.

Should we call the LAPD?

Her agent's trying to find her.

Technically, the only rules she's violated so far involve a trampoline and a basketball.

Still, I think we have to ask the hard question.

Do we think she has the makeup to handle this?

Maybe it is her handling it.

Maybe we need to let her deal with it her way.

Or maybe we should consider letting her get her head straight in triple-A, away from the spotlight.

What a surprise.

The exact opposite of what I want.

You know, I used to think you were just doing what Frank told you, now I'm not so sure.

Al, enough.

Guys... we have both a moral and economic imperative to protect her, and I'm thinking that maybe we don't have the tools to solve this.

So I'm gonna make a call.

(girls laughing)

Mm... Man, you can eat.

Body's a machine, it needs fuel.



I want to go to the beach. See the sunrise.

You can't see the sunrise on the west coast.

'Cause the sun rises in the east.

I want to go to the beach anyway.


You know I live ten minutes from the beach, and I still haven't seen it?

So let's go.

Wait, don't you have to be in at 8:00?

That's tomorrow's problem.

Let's go to the beach!





You don't have to do that.

Oh, I'm happy to.

So David left pretty early.

Yeah, he has surgery in the morning.

Oh, no. Is he okay?

I do not understand why you keep making me repeat "pediatric heart surgeon."

Maybe I need to be reminded how you found a good guy this time.

Oh. (chuckles)

I didn't know the pity parade was running this late.

Oh, God. (chuckles)


I'm sorry I didn't call.

I really don't want to disrupt your life.

Then don't.

I'm still in love with you.


You only want me because you can't have me.

And because you're drunk.

You're wrong.

Take me back and I'll prove it.

Mike... you like chasing.

You don't like having.

The second you get what you want, you figure out a way to throw it away.

You didn't start fighting for me until I was halfway out the door.

That's too late to start fighting for someone.

I'm an idiot.

Well, obviously.

So, what do I do?

Have some coffee.

Go home, and... figure out what you really want.

But sort yourself out before you drag anyone else into your garbage.

I have a habit of doing that.

Well, I know I don't... deserve it, but I really do appreciate the advice.

Well, you don't deserve it.

But it's very helpful.

This is not helpful.

♪ ♪

(seagulls screeching)

Oh, thank God.

Yeah. I had a feeling you didn't really want to miss today.


Thank you.

Oh, it was nothing.


Not nothing. Thank you.

(chuckles softly)


I'll, um...

I'll see you around, Ginny Baker.

Hey, maybe get your car washed.

(engine starts)

(sighs) How bad is it?

I've seen the video of your skills contest dunk.

I mean, luckily, I was able to shut down all the cell t*wers in the area before it h*t the Internet.


(scoffs): No. Ginny, I'm not Batman.

The video is everywhere.

Good news is that people love it.

The bad news is that you were wearing New Balance sneakers.

This is a disaster.

You're gonna buy 100 tickets for veterans, each game, this weekend, and you're gonna give each of them a Nike duffle bag filled with Nike gear.

I would have done that anyway.


(sighs) Now, it's PR.

Amelia, thank you.

For everything.

Everything you do for me.

Just doing my job.


Ginny: I let down my... my teammates, my manager, my ball club, again.

I... I know I'm a representative of the team, and the game. I take that very seriously.

That's good. But we want to discuss the video.

I was just bl*wing off some steam.

I didn't go to college. I... I was just cramming four years' worth of partying into one night.

Yeah, we're not talking about that video.


(Ginny exhales over video)

I don't think I've ever done anything like that before.


No. Is that... is that just like what your life is like?

Cara: Oh, yeah. That's just, like, a typical Wednesday.

Ginny: Wow. (chuckles)


I can't believe I have to go back.


(laughing): I don't want to go back.


I don't want to go back.


I don't want to...

I just don't want to do it anymore. I just don't...

I don't want to, like... I don't want to take secret exits.

I don't want to give careful quotes. I don't want to...

I don't want to smile when I don't want to smile.


She put this on the Internet?


She gave it to us because she was concerned about you.

I watched her delete it, even off the cloud.

Not every person you meet is out there to hurt you.

I know what it looks like, but I'm...

There are no buts.

We've heard all the excuses over the years.

Oscar: Hell, I've made most of them.

Look, you mean a lot to the Padres, and more than just dollars and cents. We're all here for you.

So, for starters, I've called a psychiatrist, who specializes in high pressure situations that you can speak with.

Guys, I appreciate the concern.

But, really, I'm fine.

Al: No.

You're not.


No, I'm not.

I'll talk to your, um... your shrink, or whatever.

Oscar: Good.

She's waiting for you in my office.


Let's get started.

Listen, I know I had... a breakdown in that bathtub.

No. Crying in the bathtub was probably the healthiest thing you did before talking to me.


Man, I liked being around them.

Normal girls, my age.



I know what I'm doing today, I know what I'm doing tomorrow. I know what I'm doing... maybe even ten years from now.

Well, some people might be relieved to know that.

But what if I don't want to do it?

What if I don't want to play baseball?

I mean, I can't quit.

I'm the first woman in the majors.

I can't just decide to do something else.

Why not?

♪ ♪

Because I'm not just me.

I'm... I'm also... that, that person in the ad, the in-quotes Ginny Baker.

I'm not that.

I'm just me.


♪ Please allow me to introduce myself ♪

And I don't know if I want to do this.

♪ Of wealth and taste ♪
♪ I've been around for a long, long year ♪
♪ Stole many a man's soul and faith ♪

Hey, look.

The sky didn't fall.


It's hard to reconcile those two things, the image that they put out there and who you really are.


And if you can't, you might act out to destroy that image.

♪ Pleased to meet you ♪

Like... putting on the wrong sneakers after an endorsement deal with everyone watching?

Maybe like that.

Yeah. (chuckles)


You finally asked yourself the question you've been afraid to ask.

And that's a really good start.

Now, comes the hard work.

It's a good thing that you're not afraid of hard work.

(knocking on door)

♪ Please allow me to introduce myself ♪

How are you doing?

I'm okay.


♪ I've been around for a long, long year ♪
♪ So many men ♪

I don't want to spoil that.

♪ Pleased to meet you ♪

Just rip off the Band-Aid, Amelia.

The selfies hacked from Trevor's computer have surfaced.

♪ When I saw it was a time for a change ♪

You're kidding.

Unfortunately not.

The pictures are being released.

♪ Anastasia screamed in vain ♪
♪ I rode a t*nk, held a general's rank ♪
♪ When the blitzkrieg raged ♪
♪ And the bodies t*nk ♪


What else you got?
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