01x07 - Darkness Comes to Light

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "sh**t the Messenger". Aired: October 10, 2016 to December 2016.*
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"sh**t the Messenger" centers on a young journalist, who is drawn into the criminal underworld when she witnesses an apparent g*ng-related m*rder, and becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate power-brokers and the police.
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01x07 - Darkness Comes to Light

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Previously on "sh**t the Messenger"...


Hassan: This is what they k*lled Khaalid for.

You interested or not?

Christ. It's Sam Charles.

50G's is a lot to ask for a grainy video.

Even if it's the AG with some boy.

Some boy who's my friend.

We're initiating an independent commission to investigate instances of suspected police misconduct and corruption.

And what about your attitude with Sam being my boyfriend?

I don't wanna talk about this.

I have a deadline coming up right around the corner and I can't postpone these partners much longer.

You know Sam is philosophically opposed to the project.

That's bullshit!

We got a trace on Hassan's phone. He's in North Bay.

We'll find him.

[Phone Chimes]

This is where he used to take me.

Want this? You can have it.

No! Hey. Hey! Hey! Agghhhhh!

Okay. Ready when you are.

I like to know what was your relationship with Khaalid Farruq Suleman.

I'm sorry, who?

Khaalid Farruq Suleman.

Oh, the young-the young man who was-from the paper.

Yeah, it's uh... I knew him.

It's just such a sad story.

How well did you know him?

I'm sorry. Daisy, I'm not following.

Were you in a sexual relationship with Khaalid Suleman?

Daisy, what are you talking about?

Were you two lovers?

I don't know what you're doing, but this ends now!

What do you know about Khaalid's death?!

You were lovers, weren't you?

[Door Shuts]

I can't believe this.

Are you f*cking insane?!


Not only is this my job, but this is the man that I...

I am sorry that I did it this way, but you have a right to know the truth.

The truth about what?

Sam. He is involved in Khaalid's m*rder.


Where are you-where are you getting this from?

Show me the proof.

I can't.

[Scoffs] Of course not.

You know what? If you wanna f*ck up your life... fine.

I'm done.

What do you mean done?

Get out.

[Door Opens]

Simon: Hey.

We should go.

[Seagulls Cry]

[Waves Lap]

[Running Footsteps Thud]

[Woman Screaming]

Somebody help!

[Screams Echo]

Wait here.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

[Waves Lap]

[Into Radio]

I need eyes up on the plateau.

Male, bald, suit and tie, just left the scene.

Hassan! Hassan! No!

Hassan no!

[Screaming] Hassan no! Hassan!

♪ ♪

[Door Opens And Clicks Shut]

My sister, has had substance abuse problems.

She's... she's trying to make a name for herself, but she's clearly out of her mind.


I did know Khaalid, the boy who was m*rder.

I uh...

I met him at a party, got a little drunk.

And uh... we made out.


I-I've always... as long as I can remember... been attracted to both men and women.

Chloe I'm bisexual.

I'm-I'm not out about it for obvious reasons.

All the good we've done, You know, the good we're about to do, it would...

It would just vanish because of... you know, ignorance. Fear.

You know, because some people don't understand that sexuality, for some, is-it's... it's complicated.

I know that it's a lot to take.

I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner.

I didn't know how.

I want to be very clear: I had nothing to do with Khaalid's m*rder.

Tell me you understand.

What does this mean for us?

When I'm with someone, I'm with them.

Hopefully I'm still with you.

[Traffic Whirs]

[Screeches To A Halt]

Simon: Receipt please.


Hey, Hey.

We still need to figure out what we're gonna say to Mary so we don't get our asses fired.

Any ideas?

You could let me do the talking for once.

What're you doing here?

I went upstairs they said that you were out.

Mind if we talk in private?

Mary is gonna wanna see you.

I'll be there soon.

God, you look like how I feel.

I got some bad news...

Hassan, he's d*ad.

Found his body two hours ago.

Oh my God!

I'm Sorry. It's all right.

Oh my God!

I'm sorry.


Hal: That's why I've come over for it now.

That's why I believe in getting it first. But get it right.


Mary: Come in.

Hal: Sit.

Sam Charles is a good man.

There are many who think he is our next Prime Minister, myself included.

Now I wanna know why the esteemed Attorney General's lawyer is threatening to sue my paper?

And where is this Daisy person?

I'm gonna put you on 24 hour protection. Okay?

Everyone caught up in this story is d*ad, except you.

There'll be an officer stationed outside the Gazette and at your dad's. Okay?

You gonna be all right?



I gotta get back to the case.

Just thought you should know.

I know why Hassan was k*lled.

It... it has something to do with a video on his phone.

Let me guess, you know what's on the phone?


Sam Charles having sex with Khaalid Suleman.

Sam Charles?

How long?

How long have you known about this?

A week.

A week?

Daisy? A week?

So in front of rehab... you looked me in the eye, you were being all "honest" with me?

I can't believe you.

I should have said something, I know.

No, Daisy! You don't know!

You don't.

This could've been the thing that solved it!

Hassan could have been alive right now.

That's what I know.


[Water Runs]

[Phone Chimes]

[Message Chimes]

[Buttons Tap]

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

[Deep Inhale And Exhale]


[Deep Inhale And Exhale]


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


[Breathing Heavily]

Have you seen Ruckus?

I have.

How the hell could you let something like this get out?

Sam, I can't talk right now but I want to help you.

Can you meet for an early dinner?

Holy sh*t.

Find out where and when they're meeting?

sh*t is happening!

[Beeps Phone Off]

♪ ♪



But m*rder?

All right.

If you can prove it, I'll back you.

Hey that's my...

[Gasps, Screen Shatters]

Attention everyone!

The Internet is a giant cesspool, and Ruckus is the lowest level of scum.

Do not pay attention to scurrilous rumor and do not, under any circumstances speak to the press!

I admit Ruckus was first, but they didn't tell the whole story.

And we have that story.

With Sam Charles at the centre of a conspiracy to m*rder.

We will respond with legal action to the Ruckus site, and anyone else who picks up this ridiculous story.

How did this happen?

It happened because Ruckus published it while we were stuck in ethical debates.

If you had given me something concrete I would have published first.

Publish, from the Latin publicare.

To make widely known.

What we make known - matters.

News is a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

It comes and goes in cycles, in circles, around and is forgotten.

Get to work.

Daisy, put it in your voice.

It started when you witnessed a m*rder, but now it's morphed into something far more complex.

Simon, where are you at with that Lawson angle?

I can have something to show you in a couple hours.

Okay. Great.

Roger, uh...

I want a full back-grounder on Sam Charles, the political ascent, as far back as you can.

Raj, assemble a double-page social spread of Sam's former lovers, okay?

You know I'm the Gazette's legal counsel.

What that means is I'm the guy who'll keep you out of jail.

We cannot explicitly accuse Sam Charles of m*rder.

Make no mistake, we will have something substantial to add to this conversation.

So get writing but show your pages Marty and myself.

Everything has to go through the both of us. Okay?

Right. Let's go.

Come with me to my office.

I tried.

But Lawson only wants to deal with you.

I'll meet him.

Something I should've handled from the beginning.

Just get me the details.

[Door Opens And Closes]

No jokes?

No jokes.

Chief of staff for the AG.


Inspector, what couldn't take a phone call?

Thanks for coming in.

You know Detective Lutz.

Oh yeah.

This is his partner, Detective Ortiz.


She's done some stellar work on the Suleman-Trotman m*rder and the connection to Eric Lawson.

Oh yeah.

Lutz: You seen Ruckus today?

Who hasn't?

The Suleman investigation has lead my people to believe that Eric Lawson is running some kind of sex ring.

So the AG really was with the kid?

He was an adult - 18.

But I spoke to a reporter that saw the two of them together on a video.

Our working theory, Sam Charles is victim of a blackmail scheme, carried out by Lawson and his middleman, Hassan Ali... who is now d*ad.

Jo: Originally we thought the blackmail involved Avril Trong's girls who worked Lawson's parties, but we've since discovered Charles has more exotic tastes.

Yeah. Tastes that a rising politician might k*ll to keep under wraps.

So who's the trigger man?

Pretty boy Attorney General is too smart to get his hands that dirty.

These was taken a 2 minutes after we found Hassan body at the bluffs.

The car is registered to Phil Hardcastle.

Chief of Staff for the AG.

Now we already got a motive.

These put him at the scene. Opportunity.

Any physical evidence?

That's the problem.

That and the characters involved...

Makes it radio active.

Charles, is the guy who signs our boss' paycheque. So...

That's why we need your wire.

Okay. So, let's talk straight here.

You're not helping me get Lawson.

You're gonna nail Charles.

All right. You want my help?

Fine. If this goes tits up, you're gonna wearin' it, not my guys.

Good. Yeah.

Something came onto the wire this morning.

There is a meeting today.

We need to be there.

Easy. We got this. Okay?

Yeah. I'm sending ears in before they even arrive.

You're welcome to observe, but this is still a g*n and Gangs operation.


Hey. It's better than nothing.

So you didn't even get to ask these questions.

My sister pulled me out before I could ask Charles anything else.

Well, I see that that horseshoe is still firmly in place.

I-I don't understand.

I think Mary means that post Ruckus, Sam Charles is gonna go into shut-down mode.

No one will get near him.

Journalistic standards require that we confront him with any allegations before we publish, reaction or no.

You've just given us his non-reaction.

So I did a good thing?

What you did was sloppy, over motional, and against my expressed orders.

But yeah, you did a very good thing.

[Door Opens]

[Traffic Whirs]

♪ ♪

Lawson: Hello.

Woman: Hello.

What happened to Janine?

I'm covering for her regular shift.


I believe she said you always start with a plate of oysters?

That is exactly correct.

Matter of fact give me two orders.

And uh, if they're here by the time I come back from the restroom, then you'll get Janine's regular tip?

Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

[Door Opens]

[Lock Clicks]

We can talk freely in here.

Excuse me.

I'm here to meet Eric Lawson.

Right this way.

Maybe he changed plans.

Maybe Hardcastle was the meet all along.

Then let's find the hell out.

Go ahead.

Ask if it's a party for two.

Will anyone else be joining you?

We'll see.

I have what you need.

Give it to me.

Now first we have to establish a mutual trust.

You accused me of some kind of plot to extort from you.

Of course it was you!

You promised me anonymity at those parties, and now you've mix me up in m*rder!

Hassan initiated this all by himself.

It wasn't me.

I have nothing to do with this.

I don't operate this way.

I bring people to my cottage so the movers and shakers of this city can move and shake with anonymity.

So one day I can call in a favor.

Well, today is that day.

Lawson's been in there way too damn long.

[Into Radio] Locate Lawson.

Hey, what're you doing?

We need eyes on Lawson.

What's the matter with you? Surveillance is a waiting game.



You go. I'll stay.

Go look for Lawson.

Where the fu...! Hey!


Where's Lawson?

I checked the washroom, he's wasn't there.

There's a storage room in the back but it was locked earlier and we didn't put ears in there.

Let's go.

[Running Footsteps Thud]

Where is the storage?

Straight through to the back and then a right.


Sir, are you in there?

It's all right.

[Door Rattles]

What is that?

It's okay.

We're fine.

[Knocks] Sir.

Anonymity? Is that what you think I got from you?

You have the b*lls to use the word secrecy and anonymity to me.

And ask me for a favor!

I never revealed your identity.

Get me that f*cking phone.

I will. But Sam there is something you need to do.

There is something that will benefit both of us, Sam.

[Engine Turns]


[Car Screeches Away]



Hi, it's Raj Chaudhuri from the Gazette...

Uh huh.

Middle school records? Stick 'em on the pile.

[Big Exhale]

How's it going with Marty?


Are you gonna call your sister?

She's gotta know that you weren't so wrong.

Once I figure out what to say.

Talking to me is the last thing in the world she wants to do right now.

[Approaching Footsteps]

Maybe not.

Is there somewhere we can talk?


[Car Rumbles]

He had to have made the wire.

Yeah. I know.

We're a week behind, and we're walking around with our dicks in our hand.

Speak for yourself.

Back to the drawing board, huh?

Yeah, and I know just the place.

[Car Honks]

[Knock On Door]

[Door Creaks Open]

Can we talk?

[Crickets Chirp]

I didn't plan to ambush you.

When I saw you and Sam being so intimate before the interview, I just... I lost my sh*t.

I've been trying to tell you for a while now that Sam, he isn't who you...

I know.

I knew... about Sam's bisexuality.

Is it that shocking?

Didn't you of all people experiment in college?

Look, this isn't about experimentation. Okay?

This is about a d*ad teenager who was sleeping with your boyfriend.

On a video. That I saw.

And you have this video?


Why not?

Because the person who showed it to me is now d*ad.

So tell his story.

I checked the dates, the night Khaalid was k*lled, Sam was at my place.

Then why didn't he go to the police when he found out Khaalid was m*rder?

You know why!

This is why.

There is no way he could come out as a bisexual candidate and do the work he wants to do.

And he's the real deal.

A great leader.

But his career is over if you publish something that isn't true.

We won't publish anything that we can't back up.

If he's innocent, give us his side and we'll publish that too.

What's he saying? Is he going to the police?

Is he making a statement?

I can't believe you're pumping me for information.

Aren't you here doing the same thing?

Chlo, I'm sorry.

I can see how good Sam makes you feel, but I only wanna protect you.

Protect me?

I have held your head over a toilet, numerous times, I've held your hand in the hospital when you OD'd.

But I just love how you're protecting me.


[Elevator Dings]

The Gazette doesn't have the video.

Lawson's the only one who has it.

We have to do this.

So now I'm supposed to go against everything I stand for!

At least you're still standing!

The Prime Minister's Office is applying pressure, the PM himself wants to set up a call.

You know it's not good if he wants to talk.

However the Justice Minister, the party bosses, they're still on side.

If we handle this.

Schedule a press conference.

Was he at Lawson's parties?

Yeah. Yeah, he was there.

But I never saw him.

So who saw him?

He was more into boys.

That we know.

Remember anything else?

The nights he was there, security was always especially tight.

Lawson never let anything in or out of the cottage.

What kind of cottage was it?

More like a mansion, with security.

They made us give this guy our phones and he'd give us a claim ticket so we can pick them up at the end of the night.

Or morning, depending on how long you were needed.

Did anyone ever break the rules?

Yeah. I did.


I uh, had this ipod, an old one that my son uses, I uh, it's the nano kind, you can't even record anything on it.

But they still held my head underwater.

Lutz: Who held your head underwater?

He was older.

Someone said he was ex-cop.

Uh, Silver or Silva something like that.


Marco DaSilva?

Yeah. Yeah. That's it.

You sure?

I'm positive.

Dasilva: In addition to your office, we found a couple other bugs at the house.

But we can't be sure that that's it.

Now the cops know we've made them, they'll probably try to plant some more.


That's why I think it's better if you run this errand for me.

I'd be happy to do it.

Yeah. Thanks.

[Pen Rasps]

Aren't we publishing tonight?

Doing it right the first time means never having to say "retract".

Show me the notes for that quote.

[Papers Rustle]

Can I have it back?

I'm not done. Go for a walk.

[Page Flips]

[Car Honks]

[Lighter Flicks]

[Big Inhale And Exhale]

Marty is still reviewing my stuff.

Well, I'm pretty sure that Marty's red pen is tied to a major vein, so he'll pass out from blood loss soon enough.

[Small Laugh]

How did it go with your sister?

I think I'm more convincing on paper.

I'm just...

I'm so used to having her on my side, you know.

She was the one person I could rely on.

After my dad... we leaned on each other a lot.

I don't know, maybe I was the one doing all the leaning.

I'm just hoping once the story gets out, all of it, maybe things will go back to normal.


What's this?

I sort of liberated it from the commission.

You what?

Your interview was kinda short, I had to improvise.

This is Hassan's manager.

He worked for Lawson.

I met him at Lawson's office. Marco DaSilva.

He said he was Lawson's fleet manager.

Yeah, yeah.

But 10 years ago, Mister DaSilva was a cop and ran the Drug Squad.

And by ran I mean rumors of extortion, trafficking, as*ault, theft, you name it.

He and the entire squad they faced a bunch of charges that were stayed.

So what have we found, exactly?

I don't know.

Mr. DaSilva was never convicted because he took early retirement.

But IA found a connection between his activities and organized crime.

Specifically, a member of the Zuccato family.

So if this is one of the corruption cases Sam Charles' is re-examining, the commission could re-open charges against DaSilva and others in the drug squad.

And any civilians implicated in the crime.

Whatever you're working on, drop it.

Sam Charles just called a press conference.

Marco DaSilva.

A bad penny always turns up.

Yeah, the Dominatrix said that...

[Correcting] Ms. Velasquez.

Ms. Velasquez said that DaSilva was pretty rough at the parties.

Jo: We wanna bring DaSilva in.

That's gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

The Chief wants you two to bring him in tonight.

Reporter vans camped outside my house.

The Bennet's are livid, they keep texting me their marigolds are getting flattened.

I'll get Gloria to send a bouquet and a promise to re-plant when they leave.


Stick with the friendlies.

No one from the Gazette.

I leaked a story to Laura at AP about your lunch with the Justice Minister and you're being tapped for Ottawa.

Suggesting this is just a smear campaign because your opponents are already afraid of you.

We just have to give AP the first call when you finally announce your leadership run.



I don't think I could do this without you.

I don't think I want to.

Where do we stand?

I stand with you.

[Door Opens]


Ready for the national stage?

All we have to do is weather the storm.

Herald gets first question.

Al will ask about the Commission, when it's going to start again and if you've vetted a new judge.

That's all you'll take, and thank everybody for their time.

Do not, under any circumstances, talk about the d*ad kid.

His name was Khaalid.

Remember that.

[Low Hum Of Chatter]

[Cameras Click And Flash]

[Sighs] It's been an interesting day.

[A Few Laugh]

Never discount the humor of the press.

Gallows humor, that is.

[A Few More Laugh]

I've come here tonight for one reason, it's an important reason that I think we forget some times.

And that is the business of good government.

Maybe he's reassigning.

Look at all sides, choose the best one.

And tonight I'm announcing provincial funding for the much late Neilson Correction Facility.

A state of the art Rehabilitative Institution.

[Confused Murmuring]

I was not expecting that.

This project has been stalled by the province for too long, it's time it went forward.


Mr. Attorney General, Adam Pryce, the Herald.


What about the Police Corruption Commission, is that just stalled completely now?

No. Not at all.

The Commission is a vital step, and a replacement appointee is forthcoming.

This modern facility is the next step.

And I'm confident that together they can restore accountability to both sides of the law.

As a government, as a nation, we need to be willing to think differently.

That's all the time we have.

There is more information on the Neilson facility in the briefs...

[Shouting Out Questions]

Thank you.

Do you comment on the Ruckus report?

Do you have a comment on the Somali kid?

I know you are all seeking a comment about Khaalid Suleman.

Let's remember he is another victim still seeking justice.

Justice he deserves.

He was a young man, an artist, and a friend.

Obviously if I can help the police in any way I will, and hopefully we can solve his tragic m*rder.

This is the only time that I will comment publicly on this matter.

Reporters: Have you been in touch with the Police?

Have they shared anything with you about the investigation?

Sir, do you have any further comments? Sir!

[Reporters Continue To Shout Out Overlapping Questions]

Sam Charles is on record opposing this superjail project from day one.

Now suddenly he's supporting it.

If we didn't know already, I'd say...

Lawson has the video.

I love you, Sam. [Chuckles]

Hardcastle: No. no.

Well, he wants them completely muzzled.

No, I need you to do it now.

Philip Hardcastle.

I'm sorry, you are?


Can I help you?

Philip Hardcastle, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit m*rder.

Do you understand the charge against you?

Are you serious?

You're not obligated to say anything, but if you do choose to speak, anything you say can be used as evidence against you.

♪ ♪

Okay. You guys have done an amazing job.

We have everything.

So... let put this paper to bed.

[Cheering, Applause]

You should be proud.


That must be why I feel like crap.

Hey, this all started because of you.

It started because of Hassan.

Because he trusted me.

Because we were friends.


I let him down, Simon.


You're joking, right?

Hassan penciled in his own end the minute that he decided to sell that video for money.

Which we tried to buy.

Because that's what we do, we follow the story, good and bad.

And real life, at least the kind we write about, there's a lot more bad than good.

Sometimes you can't process until it's over.

And like you said, this is a lot to process, but... it is gonna make for one hell of a morning paper.

What's going on?

[Low Hum Of Chatter]

Listen up, guys!

We've just been served with an injunction, preventing us from printing the Sam Charles story.


[Disappointed Reactions, Murmuring]


[Doors Slam Shut]

Where is Lawson?

I thought it would be better if you dealt with me.

Whatever. Give me the phone.

Oh, you've been a naughty boy.

Yeah, I saw the video.

But personally, I don't care if you screw dudes, dogs...

But it's kind of careless leaving video evidence.

I don't have time for this.

Not so fast.

This video was a b*tch to find.

Do you have any idea how many people d*ed for this thing?

I had to work my ass off to get it, you're not gonna get it that easy.

I had a deal with Lawson I announced funding for the Superjail, I did what he asked.

Give me that phone.

Oh, I work for a-for a higher power than Lawson.

Someone who wants you to drop the Police Commission.

That is not on the table.

That is not gonna happen.

There are things in those files that are not gonna see the light of day.

Which files?

The Zuccato's.

The Police Commission needs to be made toothless.

Don't worry, we'll make it easy for you.

They want Justice McClintock to head the commission.

There is no way that that's gonna happen.

[Chuckles] Yeah. It's gonna happen.

So as long as I have this phone, I call the sh*ts.

Oof! Aghh!

[Repeated bl*ws Thud]

[Grunting With Effort] Agh!

[Grunting With Effort] Agh!

[Grunting With Effort] Agh!

[Grunting With Effort] Agh!

[Grunting With Effort] Agh!

[Tired Panting]

[Rod Clanks]


[Running Footsteps Crunch]

[Door Opens Then Shuts]

[Engine Roars]

[Tires Screech]
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