01x03 - That Never Should Have Happened to You

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Passage". Aired: January 2019 to March 2019.*
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Series loosely based on author Justin Cronin's trilogy of the same name, `The Passage'. Project Noah, a secret medical facility where scientists experiment with a dangerous virus on death row inmates that could lead to the cure for all disease -- turning them into highly infectious vampires and Amy and orphaned girl might be the only one who can save the world.
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01x03 - That Never Should Have Happened to You

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Previously on The Passage...

You have the opportunity to take part in a drug trial.

Everything is okay if you just do what he says.

- Do what who says?


- Who's the kid?
- This is Amy Bellafonte.


You won't be safe

until the public knows what you know

about Project Noah.

Take cover. Stay low.


You don't leave me, I don't leave you.

SIMMONS: Maybe she's a good girl after all.


Lot of the guys are having nightmares.

- Are you?
- It's just cabin fever.

Babcock likes to stare at you.

She doesn't stare at me.

Hey, baby. I missed you.



When was the last time you were with a man, Babcock?

Get off of me.

- [GROANS] b*tch!
- [g*n]

What the hell is going on here?

You were supposed to escort her to intake.

We were just having a little fun.

RICHARDS: Oh, you were just having fun, huh?

You having fun now?

Is this fun? Hmm?

You must be Shauna Babcock.

Clark Richards.

Nice to meet you.

Why am I still looking at you?

Get out of here.


- That was scary.
- What is this place?

You okay?

It seemed like a good deal, but...

Why don't you just take a moment?

- Thank you for...
- No. Don't thank me.

That never should have happened to you.

Clark Richards.

Still naming people Clark, huh?

I might be the last one.

- I was named after my grandfather.
- Fair enough.

I'm pretty sure I'm named after a stripper my dad knew.

It smells good here in Colorado.

It's freezing, though.

You're from Las Vegas.

Yeah. I'm a desert rat.

Just a couple states over,

but it does not get cold like this.


Just outside of Philly.

Gets freezing there, too.

Hey, Clark Richards, we're talking about the weather.


Obviously, we are amazing conversationalists.

Just tell me one thing, Clark Richards,

and don't lie to me because I'll know.

Whatever they're gonna do to me in there...

...is it gonna hurt?

Not one bit.

Why don't we go inside where it's warm.



MAN [OVER RADIO]: Induction team is standing by. Over.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: I want these two secured.

All stations are go.


Tell me again. What are we gonna do?

- We're gonna get out of here.
- How are we gonna do it?

We're gonna listen more than we talk.

We're gonna remember and notice everything.

And we're gonna be ready.

Good. What are we not gonna do?



Watch your step.

♪ ♪


Amy, I'll find you.

I promise.

Hmm? Maybe she's been...



SIMMONS: Help! Help!

Oh, help!


How the hell did this happen?

PET: Uh, she reached through the bars, grabbed a sweep

and drank him dry in about seconds.

Welcome home.




Simmons kicks your badge into Babcock's cage.

Uh, th-that's right.

Why would he do that?

He's a d*ck.

Uh, was, ma'am.

LEAR: You know, Babcock could easily have grabbed your arm,

but she doesn't.

But she takes Simmons.

Why do you think she made that choice, Grey?

PET: Jonas, the virus debilitates the neocortex.

She has the decision-making capability of a piranha.

Uh, maybe she knows I belong to Fanning.

- Oy.
- What? I'm sorry?

You belong to Fanning?

Yeah. I-I-I mean,

I-I'm in charge of Fanning's cage.

She hated Simmons.

He-he was a d*ck to her, too.

PET: This is really hard to listen to.

LEAR: No. I saw it myself.
This sweep abused her.

He banged on her cage, made lewd gestures,

- turned the lights on her.
- PET: Wait, you're saying

that this was revenge?
Are you kidding me?

Maybe Simmons smelled better than Grey.

Yeah, right. It was a hygiene issue.

- Look, what if it was revenge?
- Okay, enough.

This is the first viral k*ll

in the three years that Project Noah has been in operation.

What do we do about Babcock?

PET: I know what they'd do at the zoo.

They'd put her down.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.

I mean, we may not want to admit it,

but she's still partly human.

PET: Jonas, her cerebral activity

is basically nonexistent.


Do it.

Euthanize her.

It's a security issue.

Okay, but you won't fix the real problem.

Which is?

The nightmares?

Half of everyone with B clearance is having them.

I'm not having nightmares. Anybody else?

SYKES: Jonas, this is a stressful

and lonely environment.

I'd be surprised if people weren't having bad dreams.


Major Sykes, they need you upstairs.

There's an issue with the little girl.

There's a kid here?
W-Why is there a kid here?

Back to your post, Grey.

- Don't you touch me!
- We're just trying to...

Nobody's putting any needle in me!

And I'm not putting that paper gown on either!

- Don't you touch me.
- Easy. Easy.

Don't touch me!

Hi, Amy.


I'm Dr. Sykes.

I know you're scared and angry.

Nobody asked me if I wanted to come here.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

Okay, well, here's the thing.

There are a lot of sick people in the world,

and you could help us save millions of them.

You might be the most important little girl in the world.

You're gonna help us come up with a cure

for a really dangerous disease.

What's gonna happen to me?

I realize you have no reason to trust me.

But I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. I swear.

You can put that promise in your pocket

and take it out any time you get scared, okay?

What can I do right now to make you feel better?

I want the agent.


PAULSON: You did the old guy in Bolivia.

- What was that like?
- Paulson.

We're not taking any unnecessary risks.

Safety's the priority here.

Gas her, move her to the isolation cell

on the other side of the unit, and then use the lights.


♪ ♪

Why aren't Fanning and Babcock eating?

Tough break, kid.

One cheat meal and you're back on death row.

Tell you what, it was worth it

just to be in charge for seconds.

Human blood's not bad, either.

I think we can be pretty certain

that impulse control is your bête noire, hmm?

- Can you get out of here?

Trying to lighten the mood.


You need a plan.

We need you on the team.

Fanning, my life's just been a series

of things that have happened to me.

Maybe it's time to call it.

Who's that talking, Shauna?
'Cause that is not you.

LEAR: At the dinner table,

there's only one thing you're doing

if you're not eating, right?

You're talking.

FANNING: Here's a promise.

Stick to the plan, and one day,

human blood, as sweet as it is, will bore you,

because you'll be guzzling it by the gallon

every day for a hundred years.

Damn, Fanning,

that was semi-biblical.

You have a lot more power than you think, Shauna. Use it.

Tell him your story.

Make him see you.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Richards, bring Wolgast to Amy's room.


There are new details emerging in the case of Brad Wolgast,

the former FBI agent wanted in the kidnapping

of a ten-year-old girl.

Wolgast was sh*t and k*lled Tuesday

by federal agents after m*rder three employees

in this North Duluth, Minnesota sheriff's station.

I'm Sierra Thompson. I'll have more on this story

in the hour. Back to you, Jim.

JIM: Thank you, Sierra.

I make d*ad look pretty good, right?


You here to k*ll me, buddy?


Right now, I need you to come with me.


It's not a suggestion.

And don't think about moving on me.

Don't blink.

Where's Amy?

She's here, in her room.

She's anxious.

So am I.

What are you gonna do to her?

Well, tell him.

A bird flu pandemic is spreading in China,

and none of the existing vaccines are working.

It's moving into the rest of Asia,

and it'll be here in days,

maybe fewer.

What we're doing could save millions.

Amy gets us there faster.

- Why?
- Because she's a child.

Her central nervous system is more plastic.

RICHARDS: This new bleeding heart of yours is getting

on my nerves. You're part of this.

Not anymore.

How are you not in jail?

RICHARDS: She's getting the sh*t.

That's what's happening.

Now, do you want to hold her hand

or you want me to take you back to your room?



If anything happens to the girl,

I'm coming after all three of you.

Okay. Great.

Come on.

I already sat helplessly by a child's hospital bed

in this lifetime.

You knew that.





What did we say about not panicking?

I didn't panic.

Got you here, didn't I?


So, I counted the steps from the elevator to this room.


Probably less for you.

Because your legs are longer.


Good work.

What's this?

They put a chip in me.

They say it's there to see what my body's doing.

But I think it's there to see if you sneak me out of here.


Let me.

♪ ♪

Don't look at that.

Look at me.



What are you gonna do to her?

FANNING: You have a lot more power than you think, Shauna.

Tell him your story.

♪ ♪

♪ Do you feel like letting go? ♪

♪ I wonder how far down it is ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Nothing is fun ♪

♪ Not like before ♪

♪ You don't get me high anymore ♪

HAYLEY: Okay, I think we got it, Shauna.

Did you get it real close?

I need that for my portfolio.

Yeah, yeah, we got it.

♪ You don't get me high anymore. ♪

Oh, it's super disgusting, dude.

You're so pretty.

Why do you want to make yourself look so gross?

Because it's awesome.

Is this for makeup school?

Special effects makeup.
There's this school out in L.A.

I got to get the hell out of Vegas

before I turn into my mom.

This place is gonna suck me dry.

[SIGHS] You guys...

I hate my costume.

Is it because your horn looks like a massive penis?

Yeah, maybe.

Come on, help me out, Shauna.


♪ ♪


♪ Go away ♪

♪ Please go away. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I've seen people without faces... ♪

- You're beautiful.
- Shut up.

- Hey, you wanna get out of here?
- What? No.

- I thought you liked it rough.
- What are you doing? Stop.

Can I have this?

Whoa! What the hell? You psycho b*tch!

Sorry, did you say something?
Get your hands off my friend.


Are you okay?


MAN: Hey, break it up.

Hey! Hey! Break it up!

♪ Sorry I came ♪

♪ I know you want me. ♪

Let's go.

PAULSON: Sir. Sir. Yo!

Are you waiting for that coffee to do something,

or can I get in there?


WOLGAST: What do you got?

Three of a kind beats two pair?

Unfortunately for me, it does.



How are we feeling today?


NURSE: Okay, good.

So, now I need one deep breath.

Good. Okay. One more.

Okay, everything is looking good,

and I will see you in a couple of hours.



Seven, four, nine.

I missed the last two numbers.

I'll work out the rest.

Oh, I heard a man talking in the room next door.

He has a nice voice.

I think his name is Anthony.

How about we get some sleep?

- I'm not tired.
- No?

That was a pretty big yawn you did back there.

Come on.

Take your slippers off.

Whenever I close my eyes,

I feel like somebody's watching me.

It's just me. Come on.

How 'bout I check the closet for monsters?


No. No monsters.

How about under the bed?

- You hiding monsters under here? No.

Just the floor.

It's just us here.

I don't like this place.

Let's just get out of here, okay?



Hey. Who the hell are you?

- What are you doing?
- Sorry.

- I just wanted to... I just...
- What's happening?

I-I-I'm sorry.

You just wanted to what?

I just wanted to warn you.

- I just wanted to...
- Hey. Hey, hey.

I just wanted to warn you.
He-He's gonna come for her.

- Who?
- Fanning.

- Who's Fanning?
- Patient zero, man.

- He-he makes you do things.
- All right. Okay.

Calm down. Maybe I can help you.

What does Fanning want?

Everything. Everything.

Just please get her out of here.

Tell me where to find him.

- B, with the rest of them.
- GUARD: Hey...

Come on, move.


Like I don't have anything better to do

than pick you up at a police station.

Yeah, I'm sure DeMarco Plumbing really grinds to a halt

if you're not there to file their invoices.

What the hell were you doing last night, Shauna?

Well, I'll tell you.

The evening started at a warehouse party

that I used a fake ID to get into.

We drank, we took Molly. Well, actually,

I think it was Molly; it was a little speedy,

so who really knows? Then,

I saw some gross guy getting handsy with Hayley,

so I slashed his arm with a beer bottle.

And that's why I'm being awarded the medal for heroism.


Is this it?

Is this the best you can do, Shauna?

You know what my plan is.

I'm gonna do special effects makeup for movies.

I'm moving to L.A. I already have three grand saved.

You won't follow through.
Your life's just a series

of things that happen to you.

You're not gonna move to L.A. and work in makeup.

You're just gonna waste that money.

We both know it.

Wash your face.

You're a horror show.


Heard you got in trouble again.

Thanks for your concern.

Were you and your friends wearing some slutty

Halloween costumes with your panties hanging out?

Danny, it is really important you never say

the word "panties" in front of me again.

You used to be nicer to me.

Yeah, well, I don't really know what to tell you, Danny.

With age comes wisdom.

I'm serious, get out of my room.


You're a smart-ass, you know that?

[ECHOING]: You're a smart-ass, you know that?

Where'd you go?

How's she doing?

It's early.

But we're pushing a new prophylactic anti-viral.

And I did another knockout study

before we gave her the sh*t, so...


This kid has to make it or... I don't know.

She will.

I have faith in you.

Are you sure you're okay?

What do you mean?

I don't know, you... you seem distracted.

I thought maybe it was Babcock.

It's happening at midnight, right?


We k*lled her once.

What does it matter if we k*ll her again?

Do you think, after this is all over,

we can walk out of here and lead a normal life?

We answered the call of duty.

So, yeah, we will.

I got to go check on Wolgast.


Room check. Step outside.

Can I go to the bathroom, please?


And here I was thinking that irony was d*ad.

I know I was on the wrong side of this. I'm sorry.

Well, that makes it all okay.

You seem good.

I know, I look good, right?

And I-I feel strong, alert.

Something's not right?

CARTER: I don't know what it is,

but it's coming.

Who's the girl?

And is she on death row, too?


Does the name "Fanning" mean anything to you?

This guy came into Amy's room,

and he said that he's gonna be coming for her.

Fanning's in my head.

He's in my dreams.

I think he runs this place.

You'd best be on your toes, Agent Wolgast.

Brad, walk with me.

I've got a couple of questions.

♪ ♪

Hi... to...


Hi. Uh, could you answer a question

about Martin Echols?

He was on death row at your facility.


Hi, I need to speak to your boss about Julio Martinez.

He was on death row at your prison.



WOMAN: Florence McClure Correctional Center,

Darlene speaking.

Hi, Darlene.

I'm looking for some information on Shauna Babcock.


I'm interested in the details of her death.

Um, death row inmates have d*ed mysteriously

before their execution dates,

and no one wants to talk about it.


Is there something you want to tell me?

Shauna Babcock didn't die here.

She was taken away by federal agents.

I knew it was wrong.

- What are we doing?
- You're on a break.

I need you to confirm something.

Yeah, I need a few things, too.

Was Shauna Babcock planning to go to makeup school in L.A.

before things went sideways?

That's what you need to confirm?

Yes or no?

Sure. That was her plan.

Why does that matter?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Is there any history of sexual v*olence?

Anything like that?

Are you writing a book about her?

The stepfather. Ugly story.

- Was inadmissible.
- How'd you get her to come here,

take the deal with Project Noah?

Everybody in that girl's life let her down.

I presented myself as someone who wouldn't.

You know what I'm starting to think?

Nobody gets over anything.

They say time helps, but it doesn't, does it?

It's... it's just another lie.

You and I have seen the worst

of what human beings do to each other.

You never cracked. You're losing it now.

Tell me why.

You're being dramatic.

Who's Fanning?

I know he's patient zero.

I know I didn't bring him here, and I know that he's

in people's dreams.

What the hell is going on here?

What did you put in that little girl's arm?

- This conversation is over.
- No.

No, no, no, you answer me. Tell me what you did

- to those people that I brought here.
- Just take him away.

- Who is Fanning?
- Get him out of here.

What's gonna happen to Amy?

You've been avoiding me.

Uh, I'm-I'm busy.

I-I can't...

[SIGHS] What do you need from me?

- Oh, no, no. Wha-What?
- Your dreams.

They're about Fanning.


Can you tell me when they started?

Around the time the second or third subject showed up.

[STAMMERS] They were just, like, wispy pictures at first.

So they changed is what you're saying.

Uh, yeah, they got more real, longer.

Movies I couldn't escape...

That I couldn't escape from.

Does Fanning ever talk to you in his dreams?

He does now.

That started after Babcock arrived.

- What does he say?
- The last thing he told me

was, um...

"We have work to do."


- Sierra. Sierra, can I...
- Excuse me.

My name is Lila Wolgast. I'm Brad Wolgast's ex-wife.

I-I-I left you, like, four messages.

You never called me back.

Which should have been your first clue

that I wasn't interested.

Brad's alive.

He was not sh*t and k*lled at the sheriff's station.

You have ten seconds.

In the last three years, death row inmates

from different prisons supposedly d*ed unexpectedly

before their sentences could be carried out.

Do you have names?

They were sent to a government facility in Colorado

to be used as guinea pigs for top secret medical experiments.

You don't have anything resembling proof, do you?

An administrator from the Florence McClure

Women's Correctional Center can confirm

Shauna Babcock didn't die there.

She was taken by two federal agents.

My husband was one of them.

I'll look into this.

If it checks out, you'll hear from me.

GUARD : Hey, I gotta h*t the head again.

GUARD [OVER RADIO]: Do you have backup?

GUARD : Copy. Steve's here.



CARTER: Guard? I need a guard.

GUARD : What do you need, Carter?

CARTER: I'm thirsty. I need some water.

[WHISPERING]: I'll be back in a flash.

I'm gonna go see what's really under the bed.


♪ ♪


♪ The man at the back has a question ♪

♪ His tongue's involved with solutions... ♪

- B, please.
- Um, I can't.

You got to get out... [MUFFLED SHOUTING]

♪ Over the wall ♪

♪ Hand in hand ♪

♪ Over the wall ♪

♪ Watch us fall ♪




♪ Oh... ♪

♪ Oh. ♪






I guess now is a good time to talk.

All right. We have three minutes

before the surveillance system's back online.

Oh, my God.

I brought all these people here.

We thought we could cure all diseases,

create universal immunity,

exponentially increase life expectancy.

Doesn't look like it's going very well.

LEAR: We created a new species,

and we're just beginning to understand what these virals

are capable of.

We thought they were catatonic,

but I think they're talking to each other.

This isn't science anymore.

This janitor, I guess,

Grey? He told me that Fanning was coming for Amy.

What does that mean?

I don't know.

Fanning's patient zero. We created these virals

from attenuated, genetically altered versions of his blood.

You keep saying "virals," but they drink blood,

burn to ash in the sun.

Why don't you just call them vampires?

'Cause we're scientists, Agent Wolgast,

and there's no such thing as vampires.

With each new subject turned,

I think he's gotten more powerful.

What does Fanning want?

What any prisoner wants, I would imagine.

To be free.


- Hey.

How you feeling?


Um, is that a good idea?

- While you're taking pain meds?
- I'm not taking the pain meds.

I like to feel it, so it doesn't dilute my anger

at the individuals who sh*t me.




SIERRA [OVER PHONE]: It's Sierra Thompson.

- I looked into your story.
- And?

SIERRA: There are a lot of holes, and a lot

of unanswered questions, but there's something to it.


SIERRA: I'll call you tomorrow. We'll meet and make a plan.

Okay. Great.

- You read my mind.
- Okay.

[CHUCKLES] Hey, I need that.

♪ ♪


BABCOCK: Where's my money?

Where's my money?

You took it. Where is it?

I didn't take your money.

Yeah, you did. I know because your stupid head

is made of glass and the hamster that you're using as a brain

- looks guilty. Where is it?
- Calm down, Shauna.


I needed to cover something, okay?

You son of a b*tch.

Hey! You're crazy.

- She's crazy.
- Go watch your game.

I-I'll handle this, okay?
Shauna, take a walk.

- You know what that money meant to me!
- Take a walk, Shauna.

I don't want to take a walk. I want my money back!

Not everything is about you, Shauna.

Yeah, 'cause everything's about Danny.

He's a good man.

Do you think that?

Do you really think that?

He's my man.

He is a r*pist.



Any time you're ready, sir.


BABCOCK [ECHOING]: He is a r*pist.

He is a r*pist.



Please react to what I just said.

Please react to what I just said.




Please react to what I just said.

Is he?

Is he really, Shauna?

He started coming into my room when I was eight,

and he kept doing it until I was .

Oh, my God.

You knew.

You knew and you didn't do anything.

You told me you would always protect me.

And I believed you.

But you didn't.

You lied to me.

Danny's a pussycat.

You could have said no.

DANNY: What's going on in there?

Val, you okay?




Hey. Where'd you go?

Just snooping. Getting the lay of the land.

Is everything okay?


No monsters under the bed.




♪ ♪

FANNING: Word to the wise,

stay out of my way, Agent Wolgast.

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