02x09 - The Magic Garden

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Curious George". Aired 2006 to present.*
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02x09 - The Magic Garden

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NARRATOR: George thought the best vegetables in the world came from the market.


I was thinking about making vegetable soup tonight.


But that got me thinking about Chef Pisghetti's fresh vegetable soup and spinach ravioli.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking, George?


Minestrone with extra carrots and spinach ravioli for two.

PISGHETTI: Nettie, Stop!

Don't take their order.


Is something wrong, Chef Pisghetti?


Oh, yes, I am all out of carrots and spinach.

I, Pisghetti, have failed you.

Chef, can't you just go get some fresh vegetables?

I don't want to keep them waiting.


We'd wait all night for your fresh vegetables, Chef.


They're the reason we come here!


You want to help me get fresh veggies off the roof, Georgio?


NARRATOR: Did he say "the roof"?

Doesn't the grocer make the fresh vegetables at the market?

You see other veggies grow on farms far away, then they travel to a store where they sit around until you buy them.

My veggies grow here, go down to the kitchen then to your belly on the same day.


NARRATOR: George didn't see any carrots here.


Veggies come from dirt!




Ugh, mostruoso!

Oh, weeds are bad, very bad.

You see, weeds like this soak up the water and nutrients from the soil that my veggies need to grow.

If my veggies can't grow, my food won't be Pisghetti fresh.

And if it's not, (SNIFFLES)

I will close down.


Yes, I will close my restaurant before I left anyone think Pisghetti is not the best they ever tasted.


I must pull those weeds.

But after working hard all day, (SIGHS)

I'm too tired to get it all done.


NARRATOR: George couldn't stop thinking about Chef Pisghetti's weed problem.

after working hard all day, was too tired to get his work done.



I didn't think you were paying attention.

I'll start again.

The Shoemaker and The Elves.

Once there was a shoemaker, who, after working hard all day, was too tired to get his work done.

"I'm too tired to get it all done," he thought.

"But if I don't, my customer will have but one shoe "and may hop over to another cobbler!" He couldn't stay awake.

As he slept, an amazing thing happened.

Elves did his work for him!

When the cobbler awoke, he didn't know how that shoe got finished.


NARRATOR: George wondered if a little monkey could be an elf for a chef.

First thing next morning, George did some secret elf-weeding.


NARRATOR: George dug up every nasty green thing he saw.

Three bags full.

Hello, Georgio!

You want to come help me get fresh veggies for today's food?


NARRATOR: Now it was time for elf George to see how happy he'd made the chef.

I'm ruined!


It's all gone!

The weeds and almost all of my veggies.

What am I going to cook?

Uh-oh NARRATOR: Maybe all those nasty green things George pulled weren't weeds.

Luckily, they were all right downstairs in the can.





What could do this?

Roof gophers?

I must replant everything quickly.


Uh, well, vegetables grow from those seeds.

These will be carrot, those are squash and eggplant.

I water and fertilize them, and new veggies will grow right here.


It takes three or four months.

That's a long time.

Until then, I have no fresh veggies to cook with, NARRATOR: So veggies in the store came from a garden, and veggies in a garden came from seeds.

Okay, we're all planted.


If only the seeds could magically grow overnight, my problems would be solved.


NARRATOR: Maybe elf George could help.

He needed to count how many carrot seeds were planted.

And then, he had to get the same amount of carrots from his refrigerator.



George wondered if the chef would be as happy as a cobbler this time.

Well, (SIGHS)

I'm going up to water the garden.

Nettie, I think we should close the restaurant, until the fresh veggies grow.

Ah, no!

We can buy some from the store.

Ah, but they won't taste Pisghetti fresh.

Oh, look at this!


Nettie, Gnocchi, look!

It's a miracle of carrots.

Hmm, it's impossible, chef.

Carrots can't grow from seeds overnight.

I told you.

But they did!

And I need to know how it happened, so I can make it happen again.

So, could you study my dirt?

I'll give you free pizza.


I'll run tests.

Uh, can I keep the carrot?

No, sorry!

I'm making soup.


Oh, Georgio!

Hey, look at the carrots we planted.

Already grown, huh?

You know, as long as I have my fresh veggies, I won't have to close down.


NARRATOR: George felt like he'd made a good elf.

But I wonder why the eggplant's and squash did not grow.


He'd forgotten the eggplants and squash.

Later, I'm going to plant those.

If it works again, tomorrow, we'll have peas and arugula.


NARRATOR: Eggplant, squash but where were peas and arugula?


How could George be an elf without fresh vegetables?





Ah, hello, Professor Wiseman!

Our dirt is just, normal dirt?

No, I don't know yet if it happened again.


Ah, Nettie!

It's happened again!

We've got eggplant, we've got squash.

Come and see!




I'm coming right over.

Don't make soup!

Einstein, Pizza, meet me at Pisghetti's, stat!

Are you buying?

We're not eating, we're being scientists!

Uh, George, did you, um, do something which I don't know what it would possibly be with all of our vegetables?


You're feeding a vegetarian cobbler?



Did you plant a can of peas?


They're growing in cans now?


Call the TV news!


Oh, boy Oh, hi, everybody.


I, well, um This, would be mine, you see, (CLEARS THROAT)

George, um (CLEARS THROAT)

Wanted to be your elf (CHUCKLES)


You did this!

So my garden would grow fast?




Our garden is not magic!


But your cooking still is.

Well you got me there!

That's right, I'm great.

I'm going to cook all these veggies up as lunch for everybody.

Come on, I'm hungry!

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