04x10 - Legacy

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Greek". Series Complete 2007-2011.
Series follows a group of students as they experience the college life.
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04x10 - Legacy

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Previously onGreek:

The mixers, the formals, the fraternity sweethearts...

...it's life and death, but once you leave, it all becomes nice memories.

I guess you can't be nostalgic for something you've never loved.

Evan and Cappie got into a fight that night that ended their friendship.

We were all friends again, why'd you have to screw it up?

Hey, you screwed it up!

Why are Cappie and Evan still fighting?

Because of you.

They both fell for the same girl.

What if all along it was supposed to be you and me?

I don't have a major. What are you afraid of?

Picking something I hate just to pick.

Welcome, truthseekers. Why are we here?

There's nothing happening between us.

So if I did anything to make you think otherwise, then I'm really, really sorry.

She's not going to declare our house a historical landmark.

It either has to be fixed up or it'll have to be torn down.

Lasker's buying the house. We're saved!

The att*cks on KT, it all started rush night, right?

Maybe young Mr. Parkes is our Villain X.

What's that? It's nothing.

Our house was built in the Spring of 1916 and originally held 20 members and cost $36,000 to construct.

It has seen over 15 changes to its structure, twelve of which were intentional.

And now it's about to see its most extensive one to date.

Yep, thanks to my dad, Mr. Saving the Day... Man.

I need to work on my insults.

Hey, Cap. Good luck on your finals!

Gee, thanks, Peter!

I don't trust that kid.

And it's not just because of his shifty eyes.

Well it's a little bit his shifty eyes.

I really don't think Peter is Villain X.

He just has family issues.

And shifty eyes.

Regardless, we have more pressing matters.

We have to be out of here by tomorrow night so Lasker's guys can start the renovations.

And get our house GPA up to a 2.0.

Which is something I want to talk to you about.

I have one more final left.

Well, it's not so much a final as it is a philosophical rumination and oration on life and the history of the universal perception.

How do we not have a 2.0?

And since you're done with your finals, I was thinking maybe while I'm preparing to orate, you could be substitute president.

We have a lot to do around here, I could really use the help.

Yes, Yeah, Yes. Yeah?

President Russell Alan Cartwright. Substitute.

Hey, Case.

What's up with your arm?


Look at this, I found an article on the razing of a historic pre-World w*r I building.

I know Segal's going to want that.

Evan. Yeah?

I'm sorry he asked me to be his research assistant and not you.

OK, well, he wants me to help too.

He's telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Miss Cartwright.

I need you both. What happened to your arm?

Oh, it's nothing.

Uh-huh. What's going on?

Well, the university has been developing some expansion plans for some time now and they want to break ground as early as next semester on a new athletic center.

Are they expanding into a puppy shop?

Sort of. See, your mock trial case was never that mock.

CRU is acquiring some properties, a few vacated residences and a blighted fraternity house, which they plan to tear down in two days.

A blighted fraternity house? Yeah, Lambda Sigma.

Oh, thank God.

Wait, nope,that's the safe one. It's Kappa Tau Gamma.

What? Uh...

I think what she means is, what would you like us to do?

You're both so good forecasting opposing strategy during the mock trial, I want you to put yourselves in this fraternity's shoes.

Think about what they might try to pull to prevent the university from tearing their house down.

But, Professor Segal, that is my boyfriend's fraternity.

And my brother's. I don't think I can do this.

Don't think you can do your job?

How do you think your colleagues and future professors are going to react to you no longer being my assistant because of your boyfriend's fraternity?

You'd f*re me?

The choice is yours.

This is important to the university and to me.

If you want to be successful, it needs to be important to you too. Both of you.

OK, you know what? This is insane.

I mean, we can't be a part of the research team that destroys Kappa Tau, right?

Why not? I mean, look, it sounds like it's going to happen with or without us, right?

And KT's a sinking ship, it's inevitable.

OK, but KT means so much to Cappie.

Not to mention Rusty.

OK, well, how much does your future mean to you?

But they'd never forgive me. I'm going to tell them.

All right, well do what you want. Just leave me out of it.

Come on, Evan. There isn't there some small part of you that still cares about Cappie?

Why can't you just let it go?

Because I'm not interested in pissing off Segal, or the university for some stupid fraternity.

You pledged that stupid fraternity.

Yeah, and that was in the past.

Since when did Casey Cartwright stop thinking about her future?

Peter mentioned his dad was investing in more land around the KT house.

Now why would Lasker Parkes Incorporated buy up all these lots?

Maybe it's not just renovation, but expansion.

Maybe you guys are getting a pool!

Hey, working girl.

Hello, boys. Sorry I can't dawdle, but Clarissa and I are checking out our new offices, so I better start my commute, maybe get a latte on the way in my on-the-go to-go mug.

Well, I'm psyched for you.

Thanks. It feels good. I was kinda adrift there for a while.

Me, too. But... hey, big news.

I've finally picked out a major.

What is it? Really?

Yeah. Uh, accounting!



No, it's good. It's practical, you know?

The business sector is robust. Not recession-proof but...

And you love it. Right?

Yeah, I mean, yeah, you know, I will. I do.

Yeah! OK. So, yay!

Ashleigh, before you leave, I got you a little something.

It's for your office, so everybody knows your name.

You hate it?

No, I love it. It's just so...

...grown-up serious.

Thanks. You're welcome.

OK, bye. Bye.

You still like her.

I like giving her presents. Big deal.

Oh my gosh, wait, you gave her that taxicab not-r*pe whistle when she went to New York, right?

How long have you had these feelings for Ashleigh?

Well, it doesn't matter 'cause nothing's ever gonna happen.

I'm sorry, man.

Whatever. It's just... you know, it's stupid.

I'm stupid.

To even think... whoa, wait, oh my God.

What? I don't think KT's getting a pool.

Vince lavaliered Betsy last night!

He hid it in her chili dog!

I almost choked and d*ed. It was so worth it!

What a waste of a perfectly good chili dog.


Happy couples make me sick.

True dat.

My second cousin Barry got married last weekend.

He hadn't left the house in five years.

So why am I hard up right now?

If he can find Mrs. Barry Kettlewell...

Well, look at me. An extremely hot ZBZ president, and I'm totally dateless.

I couldn't make it last with Cappie or Evan. Or a girl.

Girls aren't any easier.

I've been dumped by a landlord and Laura.

You don't think we're the problem, do you?

Hey. Remember that terrible Matthew McConaughey film?

Sahara?Ed TV? The Wedding Planner?

Failure to Launch? How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days?

- Fool's Gold? No.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

He revisited his exes and learned what went wrong.

Forget it.



Oh Crap! Hey, sorry.

Better tell Lasker we're gonna need a new TV.

Hey, Cap, I got really bad news.

You broke the flat screen?

Plug that in, it might still work.

Oh! Sorry.

This is gonna be the easiest move ever.

OK, um...

Hey, guys, I have really bad news.

You broke the bottle t*nk? Well my news is a lot worse.

Trust me it pales in comparison to what I'm going to say to you.

You can't just walk in here... Do not sh**t the messenger...


This is why daddy drinks.

OK, I was researching Lasker Parkes Incorporated and I found some geological surveys of our area and I think he's buying up land around us because we're sitting on oil.

Lasker Parkes is buying up land?

For oil. No, it's not for oil.

He's donating the land to the university, because they want to build an athletic center.

And... they're going to tear down your house to do it.

They're going to tear us down?

Lasker? Yeah.

Well, he... He knew about our secret rush party, and our fake philanthropy.

Hell, he created Joshua Whopper.

Lasker is Villain X. Are you sure about this?

Segal put Evan and me on the university's legal research team.

Oh. Well, are you staying on?

Cap, this is my future. It's just research.

Research that they're using to help tear down our house.

I'm so sorry. I...

I get it. I'll handle our side of things.

Hey, what are you going to do, Spitter?

Good one, Cap. No, I'm serious.

I have my philosophy final to worry about and you're acting president, so...

So what? First of all, it's an oration, it's not a final.

Second, since when do you care about grades?

I'm gonna worry about the house GPA, I'm the nerd.

But you've been wanting to take the reigns since the beginning of the semester.

But this isn't saving parties or stealing goats.

If we lose our house, Nationals said they'll shut us down.

You're the president. You are KT.

You're the only one who can do this.


Well, I guess I'm the only one.

We should get, like a million balloons, and tie them to the house, and move it.

I think I saw it on20/20once.

Yeah, I saw that episode. It totally worked.

What did old90210do to save the Peach Pit?

Maybe we should try something a little more in the box.

The house is a box...

I'm so sorry, guys. I had no idea. I swear.

We believe you. Right, Cap?

You can't blame Luke Skywalker for being Darth Vader's son.

Spoiler alert. Hey, maybe you can talk to your dad?

Change his mind?

About business? No way.

I don't get it. All I heard growing up was how awesome KT was.

Clearly, he doesn't feel that way anymore.

That's it! What if Lasker Parkes forgot what it's like to be a KT?

Yeah, like, he has amnesia or something.

Maybe he h*t his head a long time ago, and we just need to h*t him on the head again!

Or... maybe he just forgot what brotherhood means.

And we need to remind him.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

So, did your dad keep any of his old KT stuff?

Pictures, pledge paddles... inflatable dolls?

The only fraternity stuff of his I've ever seen are in his office.

We're going to need 'em. I can't go in without him noticing.

There's serious security.

Corporate spying, tech theft's a big issue.

Well, it's about to get even bigger...

Pledge Spidey, bring me the action figures...

...and the Barbies, too!

We're gonna need 'em all.

After you.

Not bad.

Yeah, it looks like all fun and games... bought with blood money.

Relax. Nobody's dying.

And how would you feel if it was the Omega Chi house being torn down, Evan Bacon?


It's like Kevin Bacon, but like Ev... you know how... Yeah.

My two star pupils.

A pleasure to meet you both. We are ready to get to work.

Have you had lunch? I thought we'd h*t one of our organic cafes.

Ooh. Sorry about your arm. What happened?

Ah, nothing. This way.

Welcome to Laskerplex.

This enchanting world of productivity and technological advancement...

Oh, you know who should work here? Rusty!

Ah, you know who should move out of his apartment? You.

He really likes you. He has apparently for some time.

Yeah, well, I like him too.

Then why don't you just go out with him?

Casey made me promise that I wouldn't unless I was a 100% sure.

Maybe I'm just gonna hurt him.

Being in his life so much might be hurting him more.

Happy to be at Laskey.


With over 300 beanbags company-wide.

I gotta go to the bathroom. I have to go, too.

We'll just wait here.

Do not go in there. Somebody's got IBS and real bad aim.

I'm afraid you'll have to hold it 'til we reach the lap pools.

It's lady business. I might explode.

Fine, the executive wing is this way.

You'll find the restroom on your left.

Don't talk. Or make eye contact.

Please be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.

Have I told you about our house rabbit adoption center?

This coffee is so good, but how do you know that it's organic?

Well, I picked these beans myself.


It's just, how do you find the time?

That was a joke. It's a joke.

Ready to save the day? I think Cappie is the hero here.

You could've handled all this, Rus.

I don't see why you gave up the presidency.

Hey, If I get caught with this ID, your dad's going to be pretty pissed at you.

You sure you're good with that? It's my house too.

Uh, could you take our picture? Oh, of course, sir.

Photos aren't allowed. Thanks.

Oh, wow.


Lost a contact. Sorry.

Is that the same girl that you went in there with?

Of course she is. What?

That's definitely the same girl whom I've never met before.

Quickly this way people.

Like baby birds. I'm the momma let's do this.

I'm totally serious. I was told Mr. Parkes is screaming for you in Conference Room Fauna.

And I'm supposed to cover your phones.

Not again. I'll be right back.

Well done. Oh, Thanks. Go, I'll sit guard.

Well, It should be smooth sailing, Mr. Parkes.

You own the property, you have all the necessary permits.

The law's completely on your side.

But I'm more concerned about unlawful activism.

What are we up against?

Knowing KT, they'll probably try tying a million balloons to the house and float it away.

What about you, Miss Cartwright? What do you think?

Well, I'd imagine there will be some kind of protest rally.

They could contact the school paper, or local news stations.

However, per Rardin v. O'Toole, they'd be trespassing.

You know you own that land, you could have them forcibly removed.

Sorry, my assistant is not at her desk, which is strange.

And a little unacceptable. I'm gonna run up to the office. Excuse me, guys.

God, he's going to be up here any second.

Bingo. Yes!


Oh my God, go!

Yeah, It's Lasker, where is my assistant? Lasker.

Lasker Parkes, how many Lasker's are there?

They're like robots, or Terminators, sent from the future to destroy our house without any remorse.

I'm one of 'they'. But you are 'you', Even though you're part of 'they', they're the 'they'.

I hate helping 'they'.

Well, you're pretty good at it. Maybe a little too good.

I don't want to be good at something like this, that I don't agree with or believe in.

I know how much the house means to you.

There's something else we need to talk about.

What's this?

Over the past five years I took so many different classes and had so many different majors. I kinda lost track.

And, this letter explains that, um...

...I can graduate.

This semester.

You accidentally graduated? That's great!

Or is it?

Well, I was waiting to surprise you, and to see if I passed but now, I'm not so sure if I can.

Because of the fraternity.

I thought Rusty could take over. I don't get it.

I think he's scared. So am I, but that's not going to save KT.

I mean, that house... it's kinda where I grew up.

You have grown-up.

Right now I feel like the only person who can save it.

If I go, so does Kappa Tau.

It's funny. I've spent most of college feeling like the KT house was the 'other woman', knowing I'd have to share you.

If this doesn't work out tomorrow...

...tonight's her last night.

I get it.

Go to her.

Thank you.

So, I got an e-mail from Robin.

She claims we didn't work out because I'm not a lesbian.

Despite your masculine energy.

Which leaves me with Cappie, who's way busy with Kappa Tau.

And Evan, who I'm saving for last.

Kind of dreading that one.

Yeah, I'm saving Laura for last.

Or you could rip off the Band-Aid.

OK. All right here we go.

A little privacy? Right.

Ladies, could you excuse us?



Why didn't we ever work out?

You don't like to sweat.

No, I mean... like our relationship.

Did we even have a relationship?

Never mind. Because I wish we did.

You do?

Oh, come on!


What are you doing here?

Probably the same thing you are.

So I'm guessing you'll confront Lasker tomorrow morning, at the protest.

You know, I'm not very proud of the way that I backed out as interim president.

I thought you wanted to lead the house.

When I came to CRU, I didn't know how to have fun.

Having Kappa Tau in my life changed all that.

But without it, I'm just gonna go back to being same old nerdy Crusty Cartwright.

This house is way too important for me to take over.

It's a good thing we're not going to lose it then.


We just thought it'd be fun to get trashed here one more time.

One last round.

So, is this it?

We're coming to you live from Cyprus-Rhodes University's infamous Greek row, where a student rally is taking place to save...

I'm disgusted by what they're trying to do to you guys, Mr. Cappie.

Back up, knucklehead!

Wade! What are you doing here?

KT forever!

And my parents finally kicked me out of their basement, so I'm looking for a place to crash for a few weeks.

So let's save this house! You got it, bud.

So good to see you, buddy. Yeah, you too!

Whoa, check, here we go.

Hi, I'm Cappie. President of Kappa Tau Gamma.

I just want to thank every one of you for coming out to support the preservation of our beloved home.

Now this house is a time capsule for many, many...

...many parties and personal college stories.

Now, does anyone want to share a KT story with us?

Great, thank you. All right.

Hi, my name is Katherine Parker, I am former Pan-Hellenic President and Gamma Psi alum.

Thank you. Thank you.

This house is especially important to me because this is where I lost my virginity.

It was like two months ago!

So, how many of you guys lost your virginity at this house?


Does it matter which virginity you lost?

Anyone else? Yes?

Lisa Lawson. Hi.

OK. And how many of you lost it to me?

Oh, my word.

Ok. Thanks. Anyone else?

Oh all right, yes.

Hi. I'm Jennifer Kenney, Editor in Chief of theCyprus-Rhodes Courier.

Oh, you'll be happy to know I took your advice.

Finally. Wow, Rus is a really lucky guy.

Oh no, not that advice. The moving out part.

I put down a deposit on an apartment last night.

Oh, taking the safe road.

Uh, you should know. Accounting.

When I was a freshman, I wrote a scathing yet award-winning indictment on the Greek system that I have now come to regret.

In my article, I att*cked the common practices of this two- century-old tradition.

Hey, everyone. My name is Lasker Parkes, and I guess you could say I'm the one responsible for all this.

All right, all right.

All children grow up.

Dad, please don't do this.

Son, it is just a house.

But it was your house, too.

Remember this?

Brother Falken?

Falken? Pretty bigWarGamesfan, right?

You were in my office?

InWarGames,the nerd got to be the hero.

Which isn't always the case.

That's very informative, Rusty. The name's Spitter.

I'm a nerd, just like you.

And KT's accepted me, just like they accepted you.

You can still be the hero here.

Doesn't the spirit of KT mean anything to you?

Is this how you want to be remembered?

Rusty, when you leave college, this stuff doesn't go with you.

None of this matters. This athletic center though...

...this will be my legacy.

Now, we're all going to miss the KT house, including me.

But this is in the name of making a better CRU, with a gym, racquetball courts, an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Oh really? Oh sweet!

So, not everyone is opposed to this idea.

Now, I even have with me two recent CRU grads, the former presidents of ZBZ and Omega Chi, and they will explain to you why this is a really good idea.

Miss Cartwright? You're up.

Say something.


Casey, your legal career hangs in the balance right now.

Look, I'm sorry, Professor.

But I don't want to be remembered as the girl who helped tear down the Kappa Tau house.

It's all on you, Chambers.

Are you going to choose your future or your friends?

Well, when you put it like that...



Tear it down, guys.

♪ I still love you ♪

♪ After all ♪

♪ Please don't leave me after all ♪

♪ After all ♪

♪ Till death do us part ♪

♪ After all ♪

♪ Till death do us part ♪

♪ I still love you ♪

♪ After all ♪♪

You know, you did all you could.

Then why can't I help feeling like I let the whole house down?

And after all we went through to get that stupid paddle.

You were amazing, Rus.

Seeing you stand up to Lasker like that?

You're not my geeky little brother who got b*at up by a sixth grader in high school.

She was an eighth grader.

And you heard Parkes.

Without Kappa Tau, I'm basically back to geeky Rusty.

I don't believe that.

You've changed.

That old Rusty is gone for good.

You know...

You don't need me or anyone to protect you anymore.

You can handle yourself.

I get that from you.

The way you stood up to your professor, that was pretty incredible.


So, what are you going to do about law school now?

I have no idea.

But I did the right thing.

That's from you...

...Jiminy Cricket.

Come here.

That was pretty impressive, what you did at the Kappa Tau rally.

You came here to tell me that?

No. I came here to ask you a question.

Dale and I are doing this dumb thing, so, I just wanted to ask:

Why exactly did you and I not work out?

We couldn't work out because I blew it.

You know, I screwed up, putting law school ahead of you.

That's been something that's been really hard for me to accept.

What do you think happened to my hand?

You got in a fight? With a wall.

For what it's worth, it's a really tough wall.

It's Professor Segal.

You better get that.


Good luck.

Adios, KT.

It was good knowing you.

I see a lot of frowny faces!

Spitter, we're standing in Greek ruins. Literally.

But you're still the president of this house.

Not if there's no house to be president of.

I'm so sorry, again, guys.

I'm sensing a lot more family therapy after all this.

So Lasker grew into a bitter nerd. So what?

But it doesn't have to be that way.

He's a relic of the '80s.

It's his generation who tells us the real world sucks because they make it sucky.

But he was right about one thing.

This was just a house.

Kappa Tau isn't one person.

Kappa tau isn't wood, it isn't dry-rot, it isn't moldy wallpaper, it isn't beer-soaked carpets.

It's living for the fun of life. And that's what bonds us.

As long as we remember that, Kappa Tau lives on, past houses, past college.

So, what do we do now, Spitter?

Anybody who still has finals to take... go study now.

We're gonna have to get our GPA up going into next semester.

But where are we gonna live then?

We can't sleep in tents all winter.

In case you forgot, this is Ohio.

I'm gonna find a new house over break. A better one. With working toilets.

Can I crash there? Absolutely!

No more moping around. Get up!

Let's go!

Spit-ter! Spit-ter! Spit-ter!

Hey, what are you doing?

I haven't been in here since I left for New York.

You know, this room is crazy big.


I'm meeting Cappie at Dobler's, if you want to come.

Nah, I'm good.

But, um, tell him I'm sorry for his loss.

Oh, and when you see Rusty, let him know that I thought it was pretty cool how he stood up to Lasker like that.

It was, huh?

Um, I'll tell him you said so.

You know... I was wrong.

When I told you to be careful with Rusty.

He's a lot stronger than I gave him credit for.

You should've seen Rusty today. You would've been proud.

I already am.

Hey, Crappie.

The name's Cappie.

And thanks for your support today.

Yeah, well... you know, seeing Casey make that choice.

And join you on the other side?

It helped me realize what really matters.

Segal looked pissed, huh?

Oh, he wants to see us both.

I bet he does.

I guess it's time to start groveling.

I'm not going to.

I don't want to have to compromise what I believe in.

Law school, or defending Evil Corp or Lasker Parkes, or whomever.

It's not me.

What am I supposed to do now?

Go to Washington, no law degree? No plan?

Why the hell not?

Yeah... why the hell not? I'll go with you.

I got one more final to pass, then I can graduate.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can graduate?

Accidentally. What?

What about KT? After today, I'm pretty sure Rusty can handle it.

We'll figure it out together.

As it should be.

There's just one problem.

I've barely studied for my last class.

Then we should get going! Go!

Are you... Yeah, yeah, go.


♪ Have a drink, the sky is sinking ♪

♪ Toward a deeper blue ♪

♪ And you're still all right ♪ Hey. Hi.

So, you're moving out.

Couldn't live on the futon forever, huh?


Well, I have a rule that I don't date roommates.

It's kind of a new rule, since I've only ever lived with girls.

Mostly your sister, and this really big rat in New York.

Neither of whom I wanted to date. But...


You want to date me?

♪ We are always living in twilight ♪♪

Can you just wait two more minutes? I know Cappie will be here any second.

'The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.' Socrates.

OK, well, Socrates didn't text.

I'm here! I'm here! I'm sorry!

I overslept because I was up all night preparing, and then my house was torn down, and I, I just, I need this credit to graduate.

Class is over. I'm afraid you have no more time.

But what is time?

I see you've been paying attention.

OK... you can present.

For your final, I just have one question.


Because you're lazy? I'm just joking.

Well, the first thing you asked us at the beginning of the semester was, 'Why are we here?'

Well, I thought about that. A lot.

We all have a purpose.

And our purpose is to figure out our purpose.

That's what college is.

So why college? Why CRU?

The truth is, I chose CRU because a friend of mine from camp was going here.

Then I chose to rush a fraternity, and I made new friends, and college has been everything I could've ever imagined it to be... so I kept thinking, why would I ever want to leave this place?

But then I realized...

...that there's so much left to learn, and experience, and look forward to.

And now I'm graduating... hopefully...

...and heading out into the real world with the love of my life, who was my purpose.

So, today, I'm here to graduate.

And tomorrow? Well, that's hard to say, because I have no idea where I'll be.

Nice hat.

This is your real name?

"Captain John Paul Jones"?

How did we never know that?

Congratulations, Cappie. This is an emotional day for all of us.

I guess we should drink to KT's newest alum.


And to Calvin!

We're gonna miss you next semester.

You're going abroad, right? Going to help people.

Yeah, we leave for India the first week of the new year.

Not playing it safe.


Best way to play.

Dale lavaliered me!

I brought this here as well.

Oh, you didn't.

And this! Oh my God!

They say that that if you sit in it and it fits, you're KT president.

Go ahead, try it out.

Do a test drive there.

Test it out.


And the transfer of power is complete!

You are my legacy, Spitter.

Here's to the new KT president.

sh*ts! sh*ts! sh*ts!

And to Cappie! The best...

Long live KT!

Cheers. Cheers.


I'm sorry I'm leaving again.

Well, I'm not following you this time.

I have my own apartment, my own job.

And a new relationship.

Take care of each other.

I can't believe you're making me hire a new house mom.

Oh, I will miss the sorority.

And you.

I know.

♪ That I was only lookin out for me ♪

♪ Instead of gettin you the help you need ♪

♪ Who do you think you are? ♪

♪ Who do I think I am? ♪♪

Hey, we'll see you guys at Christmas.

Love you.

Bye. Bye.

Hey, keep in touch, man. You too.



It arrived this morning.

And, since you were such an integral part of us winning the Golden Lily, I'd like to give it to you.

Oh my God, I couldn't possibly.

I said I'd like to, not that I was going to.

Have a safe trip.

Bye. Bye.

Well, Dale, this is it.

You could've been the future Mrs. Dale Kettlewell.

Never forget that. I won't.

Don't forget that either.

Dale? Bye, buddy.

Take care of my sister for me, OK?

I promise.

I love you, Casey.

I love you, too.

See you later.

You ready?


Bye, guys!

Take care.

So, um... where to?

Wherever you're going.

♪ I want to be forever young ♪

♪ Do you really want to live forever ♪


♪ Forever young ♪

♪ I want to be ♪

♪ Forever young ♪♪
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