02x13 - The Last Weekend

Episode transcript for the TV show "The Prodigal Son". Aired: September 2019 to present.
A criminal psychologist whose father is the infamous serial k*ller known as, "The Surgeon", helps the NYPD solve cases.
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02x13 - The Last Weekend

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MARTIN: No, no, no. Vivian.

Vivian, please, no.

He's my son!

BRIGHT: They're gonna k*ll you.


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Nice hat.

CAPSHAW: Don't worry.

Just keep this between us...


...and he will never hurt anyone again.



Oh, thank God.

Where have you been?

Sorry, Pilates ran long and I was just dying for a pink macaroon.

- Kidding.

- Not funny, Ainsley.

It's not not funny.

It was impossible to leave work.

They have me on air every hour.

You know.


And you're also their best reporter.

You watch my reports?

Don't get cocky.

Well, something I haven't reported yet.

A source tells me that Capshaw is claiming Malcolm was Dad's accomplice.


I thought he would save me, but no.

All he cared about was his father.

I knew it the moment he looked at me.

With those...

cruel eyes.

GIL: You buying this?

She's wrong about Bright.

Our boy's crazy, but not that crazy.


We all know she's lying.

The problem is, we're the only ones.


Hello, sleepyhead.

BRIGHT: You drugged me?

Where are we?

What did you do?

You said "run," so I ran.

I didn't say take me with you.

Well, you had a pulmonary embolism.

I was saving your life.

Uh, you're welcome.

Whoa, easy, easy.

Now, look, I want to untie you, my boy.

We need to discuss how we get out of this whole imbroglio.

I'm not getting you out of anything.

We are the victims here, Malcolm.

That woman abducted me.

Almost k*lled you.

And, if she's smart...

She'll tell them I was part of the whole thing.

You're in a pickle.

I need to call Gil, tell him the whole story.

Look, look, Gil's great and all, but right now it's your word against hers.

Who would you believe?

Can we talk?


Just for a second?

You look ridiculous.

I look great.

I'm incognito.

You know, a little dirty blond hair dye and some styling and voilà.

I'm a mountain man, named Claire.

I've always respected men with lady names.

What do you think?

Uh, too blond?

Too dirty?

Too insane.

Okay, forget it.

Now, I've got a plan.

I mean, it's a little crazy, but the best ones usually are.


There's no plan.

I'm not your friend and I'm not working with you.

I'm bringing you in.

Okay, just hear me out.

Trust your old man for once.

I didn't k*ll you.

That's got to count for something, right?



- Hello?




You've got to be kidding me.


Oh, how I have missed nougat.




Welcome to Maple Mountain.

Nice, huh?

Why are we in Vermont?

Why aren't we in Vermont?

It's the best.

I told your mother I'd like to grow old here, you know, in a cabin big enough to have all the grandchildren visit.


That dream's as d*ad as your victims.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I'm absolutely right.

Look, you know, it's almost years since that.

Don't you ever think it's possible that I changed?

You said that in your message.

You're not a k*ller anymore.


And I have got a way to prove it.


BRIGHT: You want to find a missing woman?

- That's your brilliant plan?

- If we find this woman and the guy who took her, it'll prove your innocence and maybe, just maybe, redeem your old man.

For I believe that Jeannie Larkin has been abducted by...

- The Woodsman.

- The Woods...


You ruined my big thing.

How did you know?

I worked The Woodsman case at the Bureau for years.

She matches his victimology, we're in the right region...

and he's overdue.

Well, it looks like I picked the right man for the job.

And I know something a-you don't.

The Woodsman lives here in this town.

- How do you know that?

- Well, that's intel for someone who's not gonna call Gil Arroyo the first chance he gets.

BRIGHT: Jeannie's been missing for days.

The Woodsman holds his victims for two weeks, then kills them.

But we could save her.



Oh, hey, yoo-hoo!

Oh, God, we've been spotted.

- (LAUGHS): Hey!

- Claire.

I was looking for you.

I got that fax you were expecting.

Oh, thanks a mil, Gary.

Oh, and, uh, this is my partner Cameron.


Welcome to Maple Mountain.

You two have a great one, okay?

- You got a fax?

- Mm, impressive, right?

There's no way cops are gonna be monitoring an old fax machine.

Listen, I am going to prove that I am a changed man, Malcolm.

Even if it kills me.

But first...





Oh, my boy, my boy, my boy.

You do not know how long it's been since I had real maple syrup.


- Please stop.

These letters seem authentic.

I-I remember The Woodsman's cursive.

The loops on his Gs.

Whimsical, yet precise.

I've always been aroused by good penmanship.

Suppose I'm a little bisexual in that respect.

No, you're not.

All right, each of these letters was sent from a different town.

He used every zip code within his k*ll radius, except one.

Maple Mountain.

That's how I knew he was here.

That's smart.

Well, I try.

He's a bit off-putting, don't you think?

Total misogynist.


- I mean, it's a lot.

- Mm.

He wants your approval.

He's craving it.

So, I've worked this case for years, almost lost my mind over it, and you never thought...

To tell you?

Oh, I called every number at the FBI.

You wanted nothing to do with me.

You had such anger issues.

Still do.

WOMAN: Uh-huh.

We're open from : to : .


No problem.

Thinking about calling me in?

- Yes.

- There's no time, my boy.

The Woodsman is consistent.

In two days, he will drag little Jeannie into the forest, cleave through her chest with a lumberjack's hook and plant a sapling on her grave.

And say what you will, but his commitment to reforestation is admirable.

You got something?


His word choice.

"Pulseless non-breathing," "rovers" instead of radios.

"Last seen wearing." He uses law enforcement jargon.

The FBI were always convinced The Woodsman was an unhinged drifter, but that never made sense to me.

- How so?

- It was his method.

Planting a sapling on the bodies.

Literally laying down roots.

Made me think that he was part of a community.

An upstanding citizen.

- Maybe even...

- A cop?


I'll check in with local PD, see if anyone fits the profile.


Let me h*t the head and then...



We're taking you back to the motel and I'm tying you up.

If you want my trust, you have to earn it.

You realize that plan is crazy.

Well, the best ones usually are.

RUIZ: I'm putting out a BOLO on Malcolm Bright.

You can't do that.

The media will crucify him.

You might as well issue a sh**t-on-sight order.

Oh, good call.

I didn't know we still did those.



This isn't a joke.

I've known Bright since he was ten years old.

He's got his demons, but he's not his father.

If he's still alive, he's our best chance

- to bring in The Surgeon.

- Lieutenant Arroyo...

I'll stake my career on it.


Give him a chance.

If another body drops, I'm not answering for it.

You are.

Come on, kid, where the hell are you?

BRIGHT: Any updates on The Surgeon?


Just that he might have a hostage.

There's no name yet.

Damn, his daughter's smoking.

Maybe you can help me.

I work with the NYPD.

I'm here in town about a missing person.

Jeannie Larkin.

You look like the kind of guy who might know about her case.

You better talk to the sheriff.

She's back here.

Come on.

So, why does a fancy cop out of New York come all the way up here for a missing person case?

Well, Sheriff Cooley, I think I know who took her.

Call me Fern.

Everyone else does.

So, who you thinking?

- The Woodsman?

- You suspect him, too?

Not really, but around these parts, he gets blamed for everything, from B and E's to missing bird feeders.

Woodsman sure does get around, huh?


Don, you brought egg salad.




The missus and I have a standing lunch date every Friday.

After two kids and years of marriage,

- it's what keeps us going.

- Mm-hmm.

Um, so what do you think happened to her?

Well, Jeannie Larkin's family sent her out here to get sober, and I bet it didn't work.

She'll show up back home when she runs out of money.

I mean, that's my hunch, anyways.

DON: Seems like a nice girl.

You sure you shouldn't ask him?

Ask who?

Of course.

Never hurts to shake the trees a little.

Hey, Crutch!

Deputy Crutchfield's our resident expert.

He's been at, um, what, three of The Woodsman crime scenes?

Weren't those in different jurisdictions?

Worked for a few sheriffs over the years, but never too far from home.

I was born here.

You don't say.


Oh, please, Gil.

Say something.

Capshaw was harboring a fugitive, called you and you didn't tell anyone?


I was weak.

But I have wanted to be free of him for so long.

Do you know how many crimes you just admitted to?

I will make a statement, tell them everything, consequences be damned.

We don't have that leverage anymore.

She's already the victim.

That's the way they all see it.

Well, I have to do something.

I know that look, Jess.


If this year's taught me anything, it's that...

...we have to learn from our mistakes.

Some mistakes are just too big.


FERN: So, this is everything we have on The Woodsman.


It's actually four, isn't it?

Excuse me?

BRIGHT: That scar.

That's his hand.

You were there when they found Melanie Stapleton.

That's four crime scenes, not three.

Now that you mention it, suppose you're right.

- How the hell didn't I know that?

- BRIGHT: As I recall, a critical blood sample went missing from that one.

Lab lost it.

Set us back a week.

BRIGHT: Can I ask, who did they blame, Crutch?


- BROOKS: Sir?

Telephone for you.

It's your lieutenant.

Said his name's Claire.

- Hello?

- MARTIN: It's me.

Don't be mad, okay?

I'm at the motel.

And I wanted to check out some of those premium channels Gary's been bragging about.

You're calling me to say you're watching p*rn?

No. I didn't have a credit card, so I'm checking the news instead, and it's bad. You are a wanted man, son.

They're calling you my accomplice. I mean, you got to get out of there.


Yeah, I can't do that.


Oh, do they know already?

No, it's not that.

I, um...

You found The Woodsman. Oh, my boy, my boy.

Oh, do you-you need a minute?


Pushing down your feelings.

Looking for salvation in a case to solve.

You learned a lot from Bright.


I have, too.

Never thought I'd say it, but I like the guy.

I don't need a pep talk.

How about a lead?

Ainsley Whitly paid a visit to Claremont today.

Why would she go there?



Are you guys busy?

We heard about your visit to Claremont.

Good, that'll save us some time.

I think I know where they are.

Ever heard of The Woodsman?

♪ ♪ - Did you steal this truck?

- Of course not.

Gary said I could borrow it for the afternoon.

People around here are so nice.

Or just slow.

I can't tell.

We got to go.

- No.

- What do you mean, "No"?

Get in the truck.

Jeannie Larkin is in a spider hole up in those hills.

Hungry, scared and hurting.

She has one day left.

We can still save her.

But you are a wanted man now.

We have to run.

What happened?

I thought you were a changed man.

Where's that sweet guy from Vermont named Cameron?

No, I'm Claire.

- You're Cameron.

- No!

You're a predatory psychopath.

I'm calling Gil.

I should've known.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

Look, I was, I was sick, when you were little.

You know, my career and your mother, they all demanded perfection.

And I was perfect.

Except when I wasn't.

You know, I made mistakes.

- You k*lled twenty...

- I know, I know what I did.

I know what I did, and I do not want my son getting k*lled because of it.

Why can't you see that?

I'm just trying to be your father.

Then be my father, and help me save this girl.

Now, I think, I think Deputy Crutchfield is The Woodsman.

If I'm right, he'll visit Jeannie soon.


Well, then it's a good thing I brought chips, 'cause we are going on a stakeout.


CAPSHAW: I have to say, I was not expecting your call. If you are suggesting that I have an ulterior motive...


...you'd be right.

Women's intuition.

We share more than that.

We're both survivors.

Not only of The Surgeon, but of Martin Whitly.

I don't know which one hurt me more.

Believe me, I understand.

What about your son?

He's not the man you think he is.

Other people need to know that.

Malcolm is not his father.




let me convince you of that.



Oh, but first, let me get dessert.

The staff left petit fours.

I'll be right back.



♪ ♪ - Exclaiming, "Aye..."


Well, then it's just like you.

Whatcha thinking about?


Always you.

Aw, that's nice.

I was thinking about peeing.

We've been here for hours.


You stay in my sight at all times.

I have been called a monster more times than I would like, but I draw the line at exposing myself in the front seat of a pickup.


Make it quick.






Don't move.


What the hell is he doing?

MARTIN: Probably picking out which seedlings he's gonna plant on our bodies.

This is all wrong.

He had us all alone out there with no one around.

Why would he bring us back here?

Uh, just to say it out loud, what if Crutchfield isn't The Woodsman?

Well, then he'd bring us back here because he just made the biggest arrest in the history of Vermont.

That's a low bar, but still.

He'd also call it in to Fern.

Or, Brooks.

Which means...

The real Woodsman knows we're here.

Yeah, before we talk about Malcolm, there is one thing I have been dying to ask you.

Well, you'd better hurry up and ask.


How did you let Martin get so close in the first place?

You knew what he was.


He's brilliant.


It's so hard to find a man with manners these days.


But surely there are a few who aren't...

(CHUCKLES): Serial K*llers.

You shouldn't victim blame.

I could ask why you let him k*ll right under your nose for all those years.

Back then, I wasn't a good judge of character.


But now...

I can sniff 'em out a mile away.

Do we really have to do this?


Whatever sick game you and Martin are playing


- that's your business.

But you did make one mistake: Bringing my son into it.


What was that, Jessie?

Did you...?


- I'm a little light-headed.

GIL (OVER HEADSET): Jess, you okay?

What's going on?

- Do you need us to come in?

- No.



Not like this.

I'm not done.

Oh, honey, you're so done.

GIL: I'm giving you one more minute.


Why are you doing this?

We move the second she gets a confession.

CAPSHAW: You know why Martin and I were made for each other?

'Cause we know how it feels to hold a life in our hands.



Oh, please, Vivian.


And when I had...

two of the Whitly men, tortured, bound. Ah... What a feeling that was. And your son...

...when he screamed out, not for Mama...

...but for Daddy.





Sorry, Viv.

It's going to take more than two martinis and a couple of Valium to take me down.

That's breakfast in this family.

You're so right.

Mixing booze and pills is such a cliché way to die.

Maybe something more dramatic.


We got it.

Let's go!


I studied Krav Maga with Grace Jones.

Bring it.

I hate it when they don't go down easy.

BRIGHT: Deputy, listen to me.

Someone in this station is The Woodsman.

The missing evidence, the corrupted crime scenes?

The common denominator is this department.

You know who it is, don't you?

It couldn't be...




- No!



Die already!

You don't scare me.

You don't know me.










Open up!



You will not destroy my family.



Suspect is down.

Suspect is down.

OFFICER: Put your hands behind your back.


Looks like I got here just in time.

I had it under control.

I meant for her sake.


So this is where he'll do it?


His special spot.

Where he's in control.

I don't think this ends well for you and me, bud.

You're scared.


Yes, I am.


- BROOKS: Hold on.

Hold on!

All right, we just go in.


Uh, Detective Tarmel, NYPD.

This is my partner Detective Powell.

We, uh, have reason to believe this man may be in the area.

BROOKS: The Surgeon?


Only excitement we had around here was your profiler yesterday about The Woodsman.

You're Ainsley Whitly.



Morning, Brooks.

Hey, Fern.

Uh, you seen Crutch?

His car's out back, but I can't reach him.

He's probably just grabbing breakfast.

You know Crutch.


- Who's this now?

- Sheriff.

We're with NYPD.

We think The Surgeon might be hiding in your town, so if someone is missing, it could be bad.

- We're here to help.

- I mighty appreciate that.

Brooks, call Crutch's landline.

I'll drive by his house.


Oh, you, uh, you folks may want to check the pub.





What's wrong here?

The sheriff's scared.

Yeah, she tried to get rid of us.

Coffee's cold.

Fresh grounds in the trash can.

There's the real crime.

I mean, the place just opened up, you know, and there's cold coffee?

Deputy had tea, but the sheriff drank the coffee without hesitation.

She didn't want us to know she pulled an all-nighter.

Doing what?

Is that blood?

Don't move.

Get on the ground.

All of you!

Hey, what happened here, Sheriff?

Get on the ground.

I will sh**t you!

Don't do anything crazy, okay?

I'm a father.

All right?

I'm a good man.

And I am not a thr*at to you.

But you should know...

- What?

- She is.



Did you bring the egg salad, Don?

MARTIN: You know him?

Sheriff Cooley's husband.

Predatory psychopath married an emotionally compromised enabler.

With access.

She protected you from the inside.

You read my letters so you know what comes next.

MARTIN: Hey, look, Donny-boy.

Uh, k*ller to k*ller, you know, we can skip this part.

You know, it's pedantic and frankly it's a waste...



- k*ller to k*ller, you haven't been in my league in decades.



Let's start with...

The Surgeon.

How'd it happen, Don?

Did Fern find out what you are too late?


Did you hurt her?


Or did she find you?

Is she really the one who's in charge?



This is all me.

Nothing like a misogynist who needs a woman to get the job done.



- No!

- Don't worry.

I won't hurt him.

That would be wrong.

JT: Fern, there's no way you did this on your own.

Who's the real Woodsman, and why did you help him?

It's your husband, isn't it?


Sheriff Cooley, you don't know me, but my father is Martin Whitly.


Growing up...

I always knew that I was half darkness, like my dad.

But I also knew...

I was half my mother.




Your daughters won't be able to say that.

For them, it will be all darkness.

But you can still redeem yourself.

All you have to do is tell us.

Where is The Woodsman?

Jeannie doesn't have long.

We need Don to think we'll hurt him.

That won't work, son.

v*olence is his specialty.

He'll see through it.


I know what to do.

No, no, no.

He'll see through you, too.

Then you have to do it.

He wants your approval.

You can break him.

I can't.

Not anymore.

I'm sorry.

Okay, new deal.

You can hurt one person.


A serial k*ller.

There's no other way.

Well, there is another way.

It's hard, it's awful.

And an innocent woman has to die.

But at least I'll have proved something.

I'm not the man I used to be.

I realize you've changed.


I get it.

But right now...

I need you to hurt this person.

I can't let Jeannie die.


I'm asking as your son.







♪ ♪ It's okay.

Your plan worked.

The child's close by.

What about Don?

- Is he...

- Alive?


But he's not happy about it.


♪ ♪ She has to be here.


This is it.

BRIGHT: Jeannie?

You're safe.


Here you go, put this over you.

You're in shock.

The bad man is gone now.

You'll be safe with us.


What are you doing?

My boy...

we saved her.

Let-Let's stick to the plan.


Can-can we... can we talk?



What is your emergency?
This is Malcolm Bright.

I have Jeannie Larkin and The Woodsman.

And Martin Whitly.

We're yards from a hunting cabin off Highway .


I don't see any...

Stay on the line.

They're coming for you.

Dr. Whitly?!

GIL: She's lawyered up, but we got enough to put her away.

You did good, Jess.

Oh, I couldn't have done it without you.


Or my formidable tolerance for painkillers.


Maybe I need to work on that.

I want to see some things in my life...

a lot more clearly.

EDRISA: Should I go?


'cause it's getting a little steamy.

(LAUGHS): Yeah, I should, I should go.

What do you have, Edrisa?


Uh, I got my hands on Capshaw's old medical files.

N-No reason to dwell on the legality of it all.

I thought she scrubbed them.

She tried.

I have reason to believe that Capshaw is responsible for at least deaths during her tenure at eight hospitals.


No wonder Martin liked her so much.



- JT: Bright!

- AINSLEY: Malcolm!

Jeannie Larkin!

I'm Jeannie Larkin.

Dani, I'm in Northwest one.

- We found Jeannie Larkin.

- DANI: Copy that.


Hey, hey, where are the men who found you?

Uh, the older one just-just ran.

The other one went after him.

I-I don't understand.

The Surgeon's running out of moves.

They both are.


Dr. Whitly!




I did everything!

I shared the letters.

I saved Jeannie.

I was done being that man!

But y...

you just couldn't believe it, could you?

So you made me become him again.

You ruined every...

That's not how psychopathy works.

It's who you are.

No, you tricked me.

You asked me to help.

I was trying to be a good father, you...!

You don't belong out here.

This world...

...isn't for you.


Listen to me.

I'm trying to save you.

♪ ♪ I was a good father.

But you...

...you were never a good son.

You're going to k*ll me.

Ten seconds ago, that's when you decided.

There's no other way.



(QUIETLY): Yes, there is.


(GASPING): I was right.

We are the same.

♪ ♪

DANI: Bright?

What did you do?

MAN: Greg, move your head.
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