01x10 - Victoria

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Y: The Last Man". Aired: September 13, 2021- present.
Series follows the survivors in the post-apocalyptic world as they struggle to restore what was lost and build something better.
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01x10 - Victoria

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- Previously on Y: The Last Man...

- Run!

I'm the president.

Enough bullshit!

Jennifer's son is alive.
She k*lled two soldiers

- to keep it quiet.

AGENT : When'd she recruit you?

- She doesn't want to be found.

- Even by us.
- SONIA: What's this?

AGENT : Vibrator?

I mean, half the world d*ed.

- That was pretty weird.


She's a p*stol.

World ended, and she's
still stubborn as hell.

- SAM: What did she say?
- That I'm selfish

and self-destructive and, uh, cruel.

Men ruined my life.

Every last one of them deserves to die.

That's a waste of time.

We need a place to live. Supplies.

I saw a man in a market
near Boston. He's nearby.

- A town with electricity.
- Electricity?

You're right.

We should do it. This one first.

- ROXANNE: Why him?
- NORA: He's nearby.

Town with food, electricity.
Everything we need.

He can't hide.

Not from us.


- WAITER: Any for you, ma'am?
- WOMAN: No, thank you.


I sit on the edge of it so I'm
eye level with the audience.

I kind of meet them there.

Did you know Elvis had a twin brother?

- DEAN: I did know that. I think I told you.
- YORICK: I know.

- It's not a question and answer thing.
- I thought you quit.

- What gave you that impression?
- So, his name was Jesse...

- Garon Presley.
- Really?

- Let him finish.
- Sorry.

- I just can't believe I remembered that.
- YORICK: Okay.

So, his name was Jesse Garon Presley,

and he was stillborn

mere minutes before Gladys
gave birth to the King.

They buried him in a shoebox.

And that's when I... That's
when I take out the shoebox.

Do you think people at a magic
show want to be thinking

- about stillborn babies?

No, no. The... The...
It's-it's a question

that I'm asking the audience.

Right? Why does fate choose
one man over another?

What if Jesse had lived
and Elvis had d*ed?

What if-what if they had both lived?

JENNIFER: What if Jesse was even better

- than Elvis? Mm.
- YORICK: Exactly.

- So, this is performance art?
- BETH: No, it's still an escape...

YORICK: It's... I'm
telling you about it.

So, in the box, there
are chains, a rope,

- a pair of handcuffs.
- Oh, thank God. I was getting worried.

- YORICK: I take them out one at a time.

Uh, the first one represents,
"my mother is a congresswoman,

- chair of the House Intel Committee... "
- How did I get dragged into this?

It's not-it's not a bad thing, okay?

Then my dad, this one represents,

"my dad is a professor. Tenured... "

Not chair of the Intel
Committee, but still...

Well, you did win a raffle
one time, honey.

A DVD player at a Boy Scout raffle.

- You should totally mention that.

YORICK: I will mention that.
So, I take them out one at a time.

It goes on like that, right?

My parents' marriage,

- my girlfriend's PhD, my...
- What about me?

Yeah, you, too. You, too.
No, my sister is a paramedic.

You know, blue ribbons
in horseback riding.

I'm kidding. I don't want to be a chain

- keeping you down.
- It's not a chain keeping me down.

It's a poorly constructed
metaphor? No, I get it.

- It's a work in progress.
- Mm, well...

What do... What do you mean?
Do you think it needs something?

I just mean that you're
still working on it.

No, I shouldn't... I shouldn't
have mentioned anything.

- No.
- It's, like, too early.

- Oh.
- I think it's very interesting.

I do.

Why don't you try eating something.

DEAN: Is the idea that
you're weighed down

- by familial expectations?
- No. No, no, no, no.

No, it's the burden of
the straight cis white guy

whose mom's in f*cking Congress.

DEAN: Come on.

- Come on.

It's a joke.


Get up.

You okay?




ROXANNE: Think this guy's for real?

A survivor in Ohio?

Doesn't matter. Look
how fast we got here.

The girls are all fired up.

Yeah, what happens if they
find out it's all bullshit?

Well, we'll have a place with resources,

and they won't care.

You're all business, Nora.

You ever had any fun?

It's got to be at least
kind of interesting

being a mother right now.

- "Interesting."
- The world's gonna end.

You don't have to raise your
kid to be somebody's wife

or somebody's mother.

She'll never have to punch a clock.

Have a boss. There's
some freedom in that

if you get the stick out of your ass.

What's this?



This is what I'm gonna do with you.



Hey. You seen Yorick?

Inside. Eating breakfast.

Do you think he knows
about the Sunda rat?

- Who?
- Muller's giant Sunda rat.

Extinct now. It's only got
a six-month life span.

We still have a little more
time to save whales,

but we're gonna lose
mice soon. And bunnies.

You think he knows how f*cked we are?

Oh, he only knows about crackers
and flinging his own shit.

- Sh-Should we get him?
- He'll stay close.

He likes me more than Yorick.


It happened again?

Is there something I could do to help?

I could tie you to the bed.
Oh, that sounded...

- I just meant that...
- Yeah, I've tried that.

Turns out I can escape
restraints in my sleep.

- Has anything helped?
- A sandbag.

I tied a ten-pound sandbag to
my arm once. Slept like a baby.


Not very practical for travel.

Anyway, uh, Janis says we
can have a couple ATVs,

so, we should be able to get pretty far.

We were getting somewhere just now.

- We were talking like people.
- Look, the longer we stay here,

the more danger he's in. I...

I'm feeling better, okay? It's time.

He'll be disappointed.

He likes it here.


Well, he'll live.

They got a greenhouse.

NICOLE: Greenhouse?
They got f*cking lights.

SONIA: So, what's the idea?
You become Johnny Appledick,

- the Universal Donor?

You ever try knocking someone
up the old-fashioned way?

Uh, no. No, Beth was pretty adamant

that there wouldn't be kids
until she was on tenure track,

- so...
- But you wanted kids.

- Mm-hmm.
- Always?

- No reservations?
- Yeah.


Have you slept with anyone since...



Are you one of those guys
that thinks sex is a big deal?

What is happening right now?

How many women have you slept with?


Huh. Well, I've... never
really counted before,

but, um... one.

You're f*cking with me.

No. Beth and I got together
when we were, uh, young.



- Uh, you want some coffee?
- We leave tomorrow.

NORA: Main Street. The river.

Community center. Library. Greenhouse.

It's a g*dd*mn paradise.

- It's ours for the taking.
- How many people on the east side?

- Seven.
- And on the main drag.

JODI: Another ten in some of
the houses. Maybe a few more.

That's what we could see.
We didn't want to get too close.

- Yeah.
- NICOLE: Town's pretty empty.

Doesn't mean they won't
defend themselves.

We can take a handful of soccer moms.

They've got electricity,
clean water, food.

They're smart enough to figure that out.

I wasn't talking about you, Nora.

Hey, Mackenzie.

- MACK: What?
- You play soccer?


We'll split up into three groups.

Take the horses, we can get
out quick if we need to.

h*t them fast, drive
them onto the street,

where we can keep them surrounded.

Make them think there's
more of us than there are.

How 'bout this? We start sh**ting.

Scare the f*ck out of them.

- They run off into the sunset.
- RUTH: Hey!

- Get out of the f*cking pool!
- We found this place! It's ours!

RUTH: We were gone barely an hour.

HERO: Why don't you put the g*n down.

What are your names?

- What?
- HERO: Your names.

- DIANA: Diana.
- RUTH: Ruth.

Well, Diana, Ruth, we like it here.

We're having fun.

Maybe you should go to one
of the survivor's camps.

Let the government take care of you.

There is no government.

Camps? Camps are disbanding.
That's where we came from.

Rioters stormed the Pentagon,
k*lled the president.


sh*t her in the head.

People are building
bonfires on the roof.

You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here.

Go on, get.

BETH: But... Okay, so,
we've generally accepted

the notion that democracy is the only,
um, civilized governing model.

Personal freedoms, capitalism,

- self-determination.
- DEAN: Uh-oh, she's coming for you, Jen.

- Oh, no, that's not what I...
- JENNIFER: You won't catch me

banging the drum for capitalism.

But don't quote her on that.

All right, ignore him. Keep going.

Okay, well, this community
is matrilineal, collectivist.

It's based on the idea that your actions

actually affect other people

- and...
- What's happening on your phone?

Sorry, work thing.

When does the, uh, fellowship start?

Oh, I'm not sure I'm gonna take
it yet be... I just found out.

Oh, my God, you're taking it.
She's taking it.

- Thousands of people applied.
- BETH: Hundreds, not thousands.

DEAN: Your mom must be thrilled.

Uh, I don't think it's really h*t
her that I might be leaving,

- so...
- YORICK: Oh, come on, she's so excited.

She's been talking about
Christmas in Sydney.

I think we should all go.

L-Let's let her get settled

before we start making
our vacation plans.

- I'm not even sure if I'm gonna...
- YORICK: Oh, come on.

It's exciting, babe.

Babe, it's okay to be excited.

Congratulations, Beth.




BETH: Couldn't find any hair dye.

We should cut it off.

Or shave it, maybe. Um, do
you have a razor around here?


You think I'm gonna...

I'm not shaving my head.

You can't walk around
out there like that.

What happened to you?

Those women in the Pentagon

were working their ass
off hours a day

to fix problems you
don't even know exist!

Yeah, can't be fixed. System's broken.

So, that was your plan?

That f*ck?
Anarchy is the big idea?

Where's Yorick?


You think I know?

Well, how do we find him?

You don't.

You won't survive out there without me.

Lot's been going on since
you locked yourself up

in your little f*cking fortress, okay?

The world has changed.

You stay here, they will find you.

And they will probably k*ll you.

Pack what you can carry.

We'll leave when it gets dark.

I mean, she acts tough

and wants everybody to think
she's a stone-cold badass.

You know, defender of democracy.

But in reality, she's,
uh, she's kind of...

Kind of what?

Well, I was gonna say lonely,

but I'm just realizing you're, uh...

you're like the super
spy version of my mom.

No, I'm not.

- No, it's a compliment.
- No, I am not your mother.

- I know. It was a joke.
- And I'm not lonely.

Uh, you're not? How is that possible?

I don't know. I don't need
as much attention as you do?

So, what about your spy friends?

The, uh, the Culper Ring.
Is that really what it's called?

My handler was a man.

So, what, you're the only woman
in the whole organization?

Uh, no, they keep us separate.

Siloed. I don't really
know anybody else.

Well... (EXHALES)

We're safe here. I mean,
we have everything we need.

Maybe, uh... maybe we stay?

At least-at least until we can
make contact with my mom?

We can't stay 'cause there's
a pretty girl in town.

YORICK: Look, that's not what I'm...

Listen, I just think that
we should consider...

AGENT : No, the
lab's in San Francisco.

- YORICK: Yeah.
- AGENT : And every day that we stay here,

another species dies.

Ask Allison about the
freaking Sunda rat.

Do you really think she can fix this?

I mean, look, I know she's smart, but...

Come on.

- We could stay...
- They're throwing us a goodbye party.

It's supposed to be a surprise,

but I didn't want you to k*ll
anyone, so... heads up.

DEAN: Have you thought any more

about, uh, reapplying to
school? I know that you...

I went to school to be a paramedic.

- You know what I mean.
- Did you think I just woke up one day

and started riding around
in an ambulance?

The longer you take to get
your bachelor's degree,

- the harder it's gonna be...
- HERO: I'm not...

Uh, Hero's dating someone.

- Are you kidding me?
- YORICK: What?

Come on, every time we
try to hang out with you,

- you're too busy.
- Has it occurred to you

you're just not that fun to
hang out with? (LAUGHS)

- Not you.

- No, it's true, it's true.

Our idea of fun doesn't involve
pushing the human limits

- of alcohol consumption.
- JENNIFER: Yorick.

Very well.

Is it true, Hero? Is there someone?



Yes, I am, uh, dating someone,
whatever that means.

- I'm dating a man.
- Well, that's great.

- That's exciting.
- Who is he? Do we get to meet him?

- His name is Mike.
- DEAN: Mike.

- Sounds like a good guy.
- You're trying too hard, honey.

He's married.

But he's...

- They're getting a...
- No. Still going strong.

- Hero.
- What?

That's why you've never met him.

He's busy most nights.
His wife's having a baby.

JENNIFER: What is this?

- What are you doing?
- Well, I'm dating a man.

His name is Mike.

You asked. That's the answer.

You can't do this.

- You have to end it.
- HERO: Okay.

Dad, do you want to back me up here?

No. Your mom's right.

Who are you texting?

Hey, maybe, uh, drink a
f*cking glass of water.

- He's been texting all night.
- DEAN: No, I haven't.

- You've had too much to drink.
- Dad's f*cking his T. A.,

and I'm the assh*le?

- Lower your voice, please.
- Show them your phone, Dad.

You are such f*cking hypocrites.

Think I should maybe, um, uh...

Why should I keep your secrets?

You never back me up.

- You never defend me.
- YORICK: Hero, this is...

Yorick, why don't you have my back

- for once in your f*cking life.
- JENNIFER: You know what?

They know me here.

- We don't have to wait for the check.
- Mom...

No, it's... I'm sorry to do this.

Things are getting crazy at
work. I really should go.

And, Beth, my dear,
congratulations again.

- Thank you.
- DEAN: Jen, let me come with you.

I guess this is my


JENNIFER: I, uh... Make sure
your sister gets home safe.





- (STUN g*n ZAPS)
- SAM: Oh, f*ck!

Shit. Stop, please.

- Sam?
- BETH: Sam.

- What the f*ck?
- BETH: Oh, my God.

(CHUCKLES): I am so sorry.

- Are you okay?
- JENNIFER: Is Hero with you?

- BETH: What are you doing here?
- I've been looking...

I've been looking for you.
I was with her, but...

- Where is she here?
- She needs our help.

- We have to... I-I...
- She's alive?

- I couldn't stay with her but...
- JENNIFER: Where is she?

There's a van around
the corner. Is it yours?

There's someone watching the house.

Okay, we need to move right now.

- Come on.



CAPTOR: You're surrounded.

We're gonna need you to come with us.



You know, I vetted your mom

when Campbell was considering her

- for VP.
- Really?

We asked her if she had
any skeletons, liabilities,

- things we should know about.
- And, what, she said me?

Some guy grilled me
for, like, nine hours.

My brother had a -minute phone call.

Yeah, we're not that
different, actually.

We both spent our whole
lives trying to be perfect.

You just cracked sooner.

Who names a kid Hero?

I mean, come on,
who can live up to that?

It's Shakespeare.

- Much Ado About Nothing.
- Ah, right. Yeah, sure. Uh...

Hero is the one getting married.

The ingenue.

Her fiancé gets tricked
into thinking she's a whore

and abandons her at the altar.

It's a comedy.

I changed my name.

- When I left home.
- Really?

NORA: My mom gave me
a stuffy old-lady name.

I think it made her feel...
rich or something.

Anytime anyone said my name,
it just pissed me off.

- She didn't know me at all.
- We have mourners in our midst.

Give us a minute, how about?

Cry about the Pentagon, really?

It's not Nora's fault.

She's spent her whole life
playing by their rules.

And she was good at it.

Tomorrow we move into our new home.

The Amazons are celebrating.


Guess I'm gonna get drunk.

Don't f*cking talk to me like that.

Hey, I thought we were celebrating!



♪ He doesn't know ♪

♪ Just how I feel... ♪

- ALLISON: You're hiding, too?
- (LAUGHING): No, I'm tired.

I'm going to bed.


No, I didn't say anything.

What if we get to San Francisco

and I can't fix this?

I mean, you probably can't.

It's a lot to ask of one person.

Even if they are the smartest
person in the world.

I never said I was the smartest.

You're in the conversation, though.

Which ain't bad.

We have to try, right?

This okay?


Not a-a sandbag, but...

It's good.

Where will you go?


- San Francisco.
- Hmm.

Yeah, there's a lab there.

- Mm-hmm.
- So...

I'll miss you.

♪ Darling, darling,
don't leave me, now... ♪



Uh, yeah. Yeah, no,
I'll miss you guys, too.

I know you feel guilty.
For... for liking it here.

No. No.

Time's not as linear as you perceive it.

I'm serio... I'm serious. Okay.

You think that all the moments
of your life are dots on a line

and the line's moving forward.

One thing leads to another, right?

That accurately describes
my perception of time, yes.

Well, I guess that when you've done...

bad things you hope that that's
really not how it is at all.

Because if it is, then it's just,
it's just the moments before

and the moments after the
worst thing I... ever did.

Which is that I k*lled someone.

WOMAN: Somebody change the music!


I wish there was a way
I could tell you about it

that would make you understand or...

- feel bad for me.
- Hey... I know enough.

I know you now.

I guess if time was more like an ocean,

then you can't just pick one moment out.

It's all mixed together...
the good and the bad.

You-you can... you can
miss your girlfriend...

and you can make new friends.

Doesn't mean you miss her any less.

- You...
- ♪ I wait patiently ♪

♪ When you're alone ♪

♪ The going gets rough ♪

♪ Come back, come back, come back ♪

♪ I've had enough. ♪




You got your period.

It's exciting.


I don't know.

That's just what my mother told me.

- You know I love you, right?
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

For what?


We'll find a chain.

- You can wear it around your neck.
- No, you should keep it.

I love your dad and Connor.

And I miss them.

And we're never gonna stop missing them.

But you're a woman now.

And I need you to be brave and strong.

- You sound like Roxanne.
- No.

Roxanne sounds like me.


KIMBERLY: What... ?







Oh. Christine?

- Is someone here?
- No, no. You're safe.

- What time is it?
- I know how to fix this.

I know what we need to do.

- I see it.
- What?

A future. My future.

Your future, o-our future,
all of our futures.

All we need is him.




Ladies of Marrisville! Wake the f*ck up!

The f*ck is this?

We hear you've got a man in town.

Well, look at that... you do.

I half thought it was bullshit.

Well, produce the son of a bitch.



You want to hurt someone, hurt me.

Oh, yeah? You in charge?

You president of the PTA?

Where is he?

You want to die to protect a man?

You gonna die a traitor.

Or your other option is... you can run.

Pray we never catch up with you.

To be fair, I'll give you
a little head start.


All right then run, bitch.
Time's a-wastin'.

Ten, nine...


You have no idea who
you're dealing with.


What was that?

Get dressed.

Hey, were those g*n?

We got to move. You got a w*apon?

Whoever's out there, they
can't find him, understand?


Janis will hold them off as long
as she can till we get there.

We knew sooner or later someone
would come. We're prepared.

- You need to get him out of here.
- No, no, no, no!

We all need to get out of here.



They've got horses, g*n.

There's a silo about a mile from
here... it's clear of town.

- Go, go, go, go, go.
- I'll meet you there.

No, no, hey, hey!
I'm not leaving you here.

Yes, you are. Go. Now. Go.

ATHENA: Is he in there?

NICOLE: Come on outside.

In ten seconds, we start sh**ting.

Leave it. Trust me.

You come out or we're coming in!

We're unarmed.

We don't want any trouble!
Please don't hurt us!

Holy shit.

Start walking. Somebody
wants to meet you.


We don't like k*lling people.

But we will defend what's ours.

Y'all need to break free.

Don't die to protect some man.

ROXANNE: Consider us your wake-up call.

- Roxanne!
- C Block! Let's go!

- (g*n)

- Go, go!




Ow! Ow! Please, please...


Run. Run!

- Let's get out of here!

- Let's go!

Cover me!


Mack! Mack!

Go, I got you!

- Go! Go!
- Okay.

- Mack!


- Mack!
- Mom! Watch out!


- Stay back!
- I can help!


Mom, I can help. I'm strong.

I'm strong.

Now! Now!

Come here, come here, come here.

Hey, you're okay, Jodi. You're okay.

You're okay, we've got you.
We've got you.

Hold my hand, honey. Hold my hand, baby.

Here, look at us. Yeah, you're okay.



- No!

- No! No, Sonia, no!

Stop, Sonia, stop!

- No, no, no, no!

- Yorick!

- Where have you been?
- Yorick? You're alive!


- How are you alive?!
- I looked for you!

I can't... I can't believe you're here.

Mom is d*ad.

- What? What?
- She's...

They stormed the Pentagon,
they k*lled her.

(STAMMERS) W-What, what, wait, wait.

- Wait, wait, what?
- Listen to me,

- you have to get out of here!
- What's going on?

- Who is this?
- This is my sister, guys! Hero, Hero!

Where did you hear this?
Where did you hear this?

- You have to run.
- What?

- They're coming for you.
- Who?


What is that, Hero? What does that mean?

They're gonna k*ll you.

- What are you talking about?
- Who is?

They're gonna find you and
they're gonna k*ll you.


So the new world can be born.

- (g*n)
- What...

Oh, my God, oh, my God!

- No, no, no, no, f*ck!
- Hero, get down!

- ALLISON: She's d*ad, Yorick.
- Yorick.


- HERO: Run.
- NICOLE: Hero!

Right now.

- Or I will sh**t you!
- (g*n)

- Run!

ALLISON: Yorick!

This way! This way! This way!

- This way!
- (g*n)

YORICK: ... that this is really
the time to do it, isn't it?

I mean, I can't even look at her.

- BETH: She's upset.
- YORICK: No, no, no. No.

No, she's selfish. I'm sorry,
but she always has been.

Could you please promise me

when we have kids, we won't
f*ck them up like this?

Hey. Hey.

Hey, um, I think we're gonna
head out, actually. He's tired.

What? I thought we
were grabbing a drink.

Uh, car is here.


- What the f*ck happened?
- Just take her home.

I'm sorry.

- YORICK: Beth.
- BETH: Yeah. Coming.



I made a mess.


Come on.




ROXANNE: Oh, hell, no.

- f*ck!

NORA: Don't sh**t!

Don't sh**t! We surrender!

What the f*ck are you doing?

- Give me that g*n.
- We surrender!

Can't sh**t them after
they've surrendered.

Hold your f*re!

- Hold your f*re. Hold.
- (g*n STOPS)


- Go.


ROXANNE: Bullshit.

Surrender. f*ck you! f*ck you!

f*ck off! You f*cking coward!

f*ck you! f*ck you all! f*ck you!

Out of my f*cking way! f*cking shit!

Stupid f*cking shit! f*ck this shit!



- Are you sh*t?
- I'll be fine.

My brother is alive.

I don't know how.

No one else knows.

ROXANNE: You were
supposed to be warriors.

The f*ck was that?

But you're cowards.
Every last one of you.

- That's enough.

There she is.

Biggest coward of them
all. "I surrender."

It was a su1c1de mission.

- You don't listen.
- ROXANNE: Well,

- this ain't a democracy, Nora.
- NORA: No plan.

No exit strategy. Just
f*cking bullshit and lies.

- They lost their friends.
- Their friends d*ed heroes.

Tell them who you really are.

ROXANNE: Oh, they know who I am.

I've known a million girls like Nora.

They walk into the room,
shut the door behind them.

(GASPS) "I'm so special.
I'm just like them."

Well, f*ck that, f*ck
those girls and f*ck you.

And I've known a million men like you.

- Here we go.
- I've spent my entire life

making assholes seem reasonable.

Go f*ck yourself.

You've got them all living in fear.

- You girls are afraid of me?
- NORA: Shame and humiliation

and then compliments.
Yeah, I remember that.

Every man I ever worked for.

I am f*cking done with your shit, Nora.

That's not my name. No vision, right?

- Yeah.
- NORA: I'm scared?

I already tried your bullshit
f*cking years ago.

My mom named me Victoria.

I hated it. I hated her.
I changed my name.

Got married. Had kids.

I worked for the f*cking president.

It doesn't work.

The real you is a shadow,

and it is always there.

Athena, Hero, please escort
this bitch out of my face.

NORA: She wants to change you.

She wants to brand you.

Chip away until you're exactly
what she wants you to be.

Any of that sound familiar?

Oh, f*ck this shit. (SCOFFS)

- (g*n COCKS)

ROXANNE: You don't have the guts.

We don't have to reinvent ourselves.

We don't serve Roxanne.
We don't belong to anyone.

This world will learn to fear us

because we'll show them
exactly who we are.


Ah! Oh.


- You good? You good?
- Yeah.

- Is he inside?
- Wait, wait, wait.


She told you?

I'm sorry.

My sister's brainwashed.

And my mother's d*ad.


The Pentagon.

Everywhere I go. Everything I touch.


I should have d*ed. None
of this would've happened.


You want to know something about me?

When I was growing up, my
grandmother lived with us.

She was a musician. A singer.

One night, when I was ,
she took me to a club.

So, my parents come
home, we aren't there.

When they finally find us,

my dad's... screaming at her, you know?

"What's wrong with you?

What were you thinking?"

So, we pile into the minivan,
and everybody's angry.

Especially me, because that
was the best night of my life.

And then, when we're
a half mile from home,

a drunk driver jumps the lane,

my dad swerves and hits a
tree going miles an hour.

Suddenly, I'm alone.

It's like, everybody's angry,
and then they were gone.

I should've d*ed, but I didn't.

I survived.

You will, too.

I'm sorry about your mother.

You're free to go if you want.


I take my orders from the president.

If she's d*ad...

You can give this up.

Go live your life. Find Beth.

Wait. He...

I don't want to be a liability anymore.

Or a pawn.

Or a Y chromosome with legs.

If we do this, I can't be helpless.

Okay? You have to teach me.

Now, I'm-I'm-I'm a quick learner,

- and I think I...
- Okay.

- Okay?
- Prove it.

Did you see anything?

How long were we moving?

Only a couple hours.


Who are these people?


(WHISPERS): We're being watched.

You want me to go in there?

- Talk to them?
- Not yet.

Come get me when she's on the move.

ALLISON: Whose car is that?

AGENT : I think it's ours.

YORICK: How'd they find us?


It's a full t*nk of gas.




Refrigerated storage.

Vials for blood samples.
Sterilization equipment.

- Needles.
- How did they know?

They're watching us.

Coordinates and a map.
They want us to come in.

The Culper Ring. They're
like your family, right?

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