02x18 - Shadow of a Doubt

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Private Eyes". Aired: May 2016 to present.
"Private Eyes" follows an ex-pro hockey player, who irrevocably changes his life when he decides to team up with a fierce P.I. to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse, investigating high-stakes crimes in the worlds of horse racing, fine dining, Toronto's vibrant hip-hop scene, scandalous literature, magic clubs, and more. Based on the novel "The Code".
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02x18 - Shadow of a Doubt

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Look at that one. Look at his face.

It's hilarious. Can you just
send it to the client already?

Yeah. I can't believe you got that guy

to lift a -pound box over his head

while wearing a neck
brace in broad daylight.

- All in a day's work.
- Right.

- Photos are on their way.
- Great.

So, is it a present or just news?

- What?
- My surprise.

- What are you talking about?
- That call yesterday.

You were on the phone for, like,
ten minutes, all cloak and dagger.

If I wanted you to
know, I would've told you.

Well, if you didn't want me to know,

you would've waited until I was gone.

- It's a surprise, right? For me?
- For God's sake,

you're worse than a kid at
Christmas shaking his gifts.

Open the glove box.

Look inside.

It's the one-year anniversary
of our very first case,

and I figured

you're part of this firm, you
might as well have your name on it.

I've never had my name on anything before.

So I guess Shade and
Everett was already taken?

Oh, shut up.

- What is that?

No idea.


♪ I see you and you see me ♪

♪ Watch you blowin' the lines
when you're making a scene ♪

♪ Oh boy, you've got to know ♪

♪ What my head overlooks ♪

♪ The senses will show to my heart ♪

♪ When it's watching for lies ♪

♪ 'Cause you can't escape my ♪

♪ Private Eyes ♪

♪ They're watching you ♪

♪ Private Eyes ♪

♪ They're watching you,
watching you, watching you ♪

♪ Watching you ♪

So, you think someone bugged our office.

I'm so sorry about all of that.
I just... I need to be extra careful.

Why? Is someone after you?

I don't know. Maybe.

I'm not really sure of anything anymore.

Why don't you just tell us what happened?

OK, um...

My name is Dana Edson.
I'm a software engineer.

Or... at least I was. I
was fired three weeks ago.

Sorry to hear that. What company?

Summit Path Technologies.
They're IT consultants.

They build customised

social media apps for commercial clients.

Tech architecture, UX
design, stuff like that.

Yeah, sure. Oh yeah.

And why do you need us?

I'm sorry, just one second.

It's OK, just... take your time.

You need to understand

that there aren't a lot of
female coders out there, so...

I got a lot of attention.

Unwanted attention.

My first week there,
the founder of the company,

Ray West, started hanging around my desk,

telling me how good I looked,

that I must work out.
It made me uncomfortable.

- Did you talk to HR?
- Of course,

but nothing changed.

In fact, things got weirder.

West started asking me

personal questions

about my tattoo, my brother's divorce...

Things he couldn't possibly know about.

And then one day he asked
all the male employees

into his office to discuss...

Project Marigold.

What was Project Marigold?

As it turns out,

it was me.

That's my bedroom.

West used a remote hack to activate

- the webcam on my smart TV.
- He can do that?

He can do whatever he wants.

You know that privacy is meaningless

in this day and age, right?

The next day, I told West that
if he didn't stop harassing me,

I'd go right to the police.

I got a termination notice that afternoon.

Well, this is all kinds of wrong,

but you really need to talk to a lawyer.

Shade's right. This has wrongful
dismissal written all over it.

I wanna sue him, but...

I'm afraid of what other
photos he might have of me,

- from my phone, from my laptop...
- You're afraid

that he'll post the other photos online.

I looked into you.

You have a reputation for helping
people with difficult problems

and I just thought if... look, if
I could just get those photos back...

Steal them back, you mean.

Where are these photos?

They're on a hard drive
in the main computer lab

- on the fifth floor.
- And are you sure there's no duplicates?

West isn't dumb enough
to upload them to the cloud.

Can you give us a second?


So what do you think?

I think someone needs to help this woman.

- Yeah, but stealing?
- It's recovering.

She never gave them permission to
take those photos in the first place.

- It makes my skin crawl.
- You get no argument from me there, but

how are we gonna do this?

With a really good plan.


Go for Red Eagle One.

For the last time, we
don't need code names.

You're just pissed 'cause
I took the best one.

How's it looking on your end?

Well, there's a loading dock
back here and some service doors

but no easy access. You?

Yeah, this place is locked up
tighter than Spanx on a sumo wrestler.

As far as I can tell, to get in

- you need a key card.
- Yeah, I can see that.

- At least that's something.
- What do you mean?

Well, for all their tech
savvy, they're still using

a standard security protocol.

- Hold on. Hey, Zoe.

You're on with both of us.

Sweet. I can never
figure out how to do that.

- What's going on?
- Well, the security guys just finished.

- The bug sweep came back clean.
- Well, that's one piece of good news.

I also contacted my friend
at the employment office.

He confirmed that a Dana Edson

was let go at Summit Path three weeks ago.

- What can you tell us about the company?
- Not much.

Their home page is basically
a glorified Twitter timeline.

Sending you a pic of the
chief tweeter himself.

OK, Zoe, get a hold of
Dana, have her meet us back

at the office. We're gonna
need some inside information.

- Where d'you get these?
- They were a part

of my orientation package
when I was first hired.

Poetic justice. Now you get to
use them to take the company down.

So, I think the best way in is through

this door near the loading docks.

I saw that when I was there,

but there's a security
camera pointed right at it.

Well, there are cameras
everywhere. You can't avoid them.

So, once you're inside,
it's a straight sh*t

up this elevator to the
fifth floor lab, and...

this is where the hard drives are stored.

Alright. Anything else
we need to know about?

Piranha t*nk? Giant rolling boulder, maybe?

No, that's pretty much it.

Oh, except for the, uh, motion sensors.

- Motion sensors?
- In the lab.

There aren't any cameras in there

because the information is proprietary,

so the motion sensors kick in after hours.

OK, well, daytime it is, then.

We still have the same problem.
We need a key card.

And not just anyone's key card.

They have to have access
to the fifth floor.

Right. So?

How would you like to put that athleticism

you keep bragging about to the test?

Hey! Hey!

I got it!

Hurry up, he's right behind me!

No key card.

It's gotta be there
somewhere. Check the pocket.

- I'm telling you, it's not here.
- OK, well, just take his phone.

Meet me back at the agency. Go.

- Oh, hey!
- Oh my God, that's amazing!

- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

I stopped him, but I think
he got your cell phone.

Oh, don't worry about
that. I've got two backups.

At least you got my wallet, right?

Hey, um...

Can I repay you somehow?

Let me take you out to dinner.

What's your Ameechee handle?
I'll, uh, I'll DM you.

You know what, I'm actually on a
social media cleanse. Thanks anyways.


I'm in.

Seriously, people, stop
using your birth year.

Apparently, privacy isn't
high on his list of priorities.

Can you bring up his calendar?

I don't understand.
I thought all you needed was a key card.

We do.

There. I just made an appointment

in Mr. West's calendar for
a meeting tomorrow morning.

- Fritz Rademacher?
- Who's that supposed to be?

Better brush up on your German.


Avete dei piatti vegetariani?

What is that, Polish?

Ha ha. Very funny.

I just want to be well-versed
when I visit Jules in Italy.

Planning on ordering a lot
of vegetarian dishes, are ya?

- Speaking of Jules, where is she?
- Upstairs.

- Uh, I wouldn't.
- Why not?

She's with Liam.

- Liam? What's he doing here?
- She said he wanted to talk.

Yeah, I'm sure that's what he wants to do.

Relax, Dad, we only went to third base.

Hi, Mr. Shade.
Uh, she's totally kidding about third base.

I don't even know what that is. You know.

I mean, I know,

- but I...
- Stop talking, Liam.

Yes, sir. Well, I better
get going. See you around.

- Yeah, sure.
- OK. Take care.

Dad, don't.

Why is he even still hanging
around? I thought you two split up.

Tomorrow, you're going
to Italy for months!

Really? It's the first I've heard about it.

Just promise me you've got it handled.

I do. Thanks.


- Matt Shade.
- Matt! Dominick Chambers.

You probably don't remember me.
I'm Dan Chambers' older brother.

I need your help.

So you played for Hillcrest?

Yeah, but two years before you and Dan.

Long gone by the time you guys came up.

I got scouted by a team
in Scotland, of all places.


- Yeah.

So how is Dan?

I haven't seen that guy in years.

He's great. He's living in Seattle.

Made a k*lling off real estate, unlike me,

hanging in this crappy bar
reminiscing about Coach Bishop.

Coach Bishop, wow.
Didn't he always wear a...

- Yeah, the silver bowties.
- Yeah.

For years, I thought
that was the epitome of cool.

- Ouch.
- Dread.

Look, Shadow, um,

I didn't call you here
to reminisce about hockey.

I called you here because my
brother said that I could trust you.

- You are a PI, right?
- Yeah, that's right. What's up?

That is the puck that won
the Stanley Cup finals.

Game , Toronto over Montreal.
It belonged to my grandfather.


He was at the game that night,
proposed to my grandmother,

and to commemorate the occasion

- he ultimately bought the puck.
- So what's the problem?

- Someone took it.
- Do you know who?

I think it was my ex's
new boyfriend, Randy,

but I was hoping you could help me out.

- Sure.
- Oh, great!

Can you give me a couple of days, though?

I'm just wrapping up another case.

Uh, can it wait?

I mean, I'm pretty sure he's gonna sell,

and he's gonna move as quick as he can.

Yeah, it's a kind of a sensitive case.
Sexual harassment.

It requires my full attention.

I'll tell you what: I'll call you in a

couple of days and we'll figure it out, OK?

- Oh, OK. Thanks, Shadow.
- You got it. I'll be in touch.

OK, that's West's building.

Oh, and you'll need one of these.

This is a really bad idea, boss.

- We have no choice.
- I can't do it,

West has already seen me.

- All set, Shade?
- Jawohl.

Remember, you have to hold
your phone up to his key card

for a full seconds in order
for the cloning app to work.

Yeah, no pressure.

- Guten Tag.
- May I help you?

Uh, my nommen is Fritz Rademacher

und I have an appointment
mit Mr. West.

- OK. You can have a seat.
- Danke.

OK, seriously, I don't think I can do this.

I mean, what if I freeze up?

Or, you know, even worse,
what if I can't stop talking?

That's a thing with me, you know.

Yeah, I'm familiar. Can you just calm down?

I'm gonna be in your ear
the whole time guiding you.

I don't even know why I agreed to do this.

Because I made it conditional
upon your continued employment?

- Ah, mister, uh...
- Rademacher.

Right. I'm sorry, it's
just I don't remember

- scheduling this interview.
- Yeah, it was some months ago

at the coders conference in
Gdansk. I'm sure you remember

the keynote speaker. She had the
hair the colour of hefeweizen.


it's just I'm not sure if
there's a position available.

But I have come all the way from Berlin,

and I hear such wonderful
things about your company...

The tech architecture,
und the UX design...

It really is out of this world.

- It is pretty rad, isn't it?
- Ja.

Yeah. Well,

- take a seat, let's figure this out.
- OK, ja, ja.

- I'm in.
- Copy that.

You're up.

What did you say, Germany?

Ja, Germany. We make the cars.

Do you have a résumé?

Ja, ja.


Zoe, say something.

You have a package for Mr. Raymond West.

I have a package for Mr. Raymond West.

OK. You can just put it
on the pile right over there.

Tell her you need a signature.

Uh, sorry,

I need Mr. West to sign for it.

Oh, that's not how we do things here.

Show her the label.

Um... oh,

this package is actually
a little bit sensitive.

It's not the kind of
thing you want every Tom,

d*ck and mailroom employee

knowing about, if you catch my drift.

OK... hold on.

- This is impressive.
- Ja,
thank you.

- Graduate of MIT.
- Ja.

Did you get a chance to
work with Dr. Kashani?

Ja, I did. Ja, ja. He's very impressive.


Dr. Kashani's a woman.

Ja. Ja.

How long ago were you there?

Maybe you find she's made some... changes,

if you know what I'm saying. [CHUCKLING]

- I do. Gotcha. Had me there.

Excuse me for a moment.

- Hello?
- Mr. West?

You have a package down
here you have to sign for.

But I'm right in the
middle of a meeting right now.

Apparently it's quite sensitive;

OK, I'll... I'll come down.

I'm so sorry, Mr. Rademacher,

apparently there's a package
waiting for me downstairs

and I must sign for it. I'll be right back.

- You're OK here?
- Oh ja, ja. Danke.

OK. Two minutes.

Well done, Zoe.

Now I just need to clone the card.

I got it. Keep him busy.

OK, I'll do my best.

This place is a maze. Which way am I going?

Uh, gimme a second. Uh, OK.

Take the long corridor down
the west side of the building.


Yeah, no, it's OK. I've got time now.

Where's this package?

- It's right over there.
- Uh-huh, yeah.

Oh, I understand, Barry.

Just one second.


I'm blocked. You're
gonna have to keep stalling.

Got it.

Excuse me. Can I just sign for that?

You know what, Barry? I gotta go.

OK. Bye-bye.

Ah... sorry about that.

My bosses are being a real drag.


I just need you to sign

right there.

And um...


And also back of the page.

OK, great.

I guess that's it, then, except...

- your fingerprint.
- You're kidding, right?

What do you need my fingerprint for?

Hey, I don't make the rules.

Can I help you?

Oh my God, it's you!

Shadow? What are you doing here?

Hey! How you doing?

Is this the bathroom?

No, it's not the bathroom. Come on.

Shadow! I can't believe it's you!

Gimme the package Just gimme the package.

Just gimme the package.
Let me see! Let me see!

No, no, no, no.

- OK, you know what? Forget it. Keep it.
- Wait...

If it's that important,
they'll send it again.

No! I'm gonna get in trouble!

I saw that game where you h*t
Stuart Bodkins behind the play,

and the crowd screaming looking
at the replay, freaking out.

Angie, I couldn't stop him.
He's heading back upstairs.

Shade? You have to get out of there.

Hey, thanks. Listen, can I get you
an autographed picture or something?

- I'm in a bit of a hurry.
- Yeah, sure! I've got...

No, no, I'll bring it
next time I'm here, OK?

Next time? Next time!

- Mr. Rademacher?
- Yeah, you know what,

I just found out my father's

wiener schnitzel restaurant has just b*rned

to the ground. I must go
right away. Guten Tag.

- OK, uh...
- Danke schön!

I don't understand. You were caught

- and they let you go?
- Not caught, exactly.


Shade's a former
professional hockey player.

I couldn't do it. West had already seen me.

The bottom line is we have bl*wn our cover.

We can't get anywhere near Summit Path.

You can't give up now.

You guys are so close.

I'm really sorry, Dana.

Thank you, I... I know you guys tried.


I don't know what I was thinking.
I never should've gone in there.

It's not your fault. Besides,

your fame has helped us in the past.

Yes, I just admitted that.

So what are we gonna do? Dana's
right, we can't just abandon her.

I don't know, but at this
point we've run out of options.

Hey, listen, I gotta go. We're having

a special dinner for Jules.
She's leaving for Italy.

Oh, right.

- Say bye for me. Tell her I'll miss her.
- Yeah. Will do.

- Just call it my special sauce.

Well, I hope the dinner was OK.

I'm not a gourmet chef yet, I guess.

I thought it was inspired, Don.

- I should have you on the show.
- Oh, thanks so much.

- Double check your flight?
- Yeah. My coat.

- Got a pillow for the plane?
- I do.

How about some noise-cancelling
headphones? I think I got an old pair

- kicking around here somewhere.
- Dad, I got this,

- OK?
- OK.

I'm gonna miss you.

Not nearly as much as I'm gonna miss you.

You're gonna have a blast, honey.

Italy is gonna change your life.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got you something.

You didn't have to do that.

Yeah, I know. Open it.

I figured you're getting
a little bit older now;

it's probably time that we updated

that "Code" necklace I gave you last year.

"Don't forget to spread your wings".

Thanks, Dad, I love it.


- About Liam...
- No, honey, you know what?

It's OK. It's not my business.
I shouldn't have stuck my nose...

- No, it's not just that.
- OK, sweetie, we really gotta get going.

- OK. Well...
- Bye, baby.

I'll call you when I get there, OK?

- Bye, sweetie.
- Bye.

- Love you. Love you both.
- Love you too.

Did I really just send my
daughter , miles away?

She's gonna be fine.

It's you I'm worried about.



Thank God. Shade? You gotta help me.


Dana? What's wrong?

I know it's late, but
I needed to talk to you.


I saw that when I got home.

It's West.

He's still watching me.
I don't know what to do.

You need to take this to the police.

I can't. It wouldn't do any good.

I don't have any real proof,
and even if I... even if I...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's just... my dad is sick.

If those photos get released and
it's the last thing that he sees...

Is that your dad?

I didn't mean to...

No, no, it's OK.

I know that you said your cover was bl*wn,

but West is the only one that saw you.

- If you went back in tonight...
- Tonight?

You still have a key card.

West wouldn't be there.

I... I can't ask Shade
to do that a second time.

Then don't.

No disrespect to your
partner, Angie, but...

he doesn't know what it's like
to be a woman in a man's world.

We can't let this happen to someone else.

Dana, I...

I wanna help, but...

didn't you say that there are
sensors that kick in after hours?

You're right.

I'm sorry, I forgot.

I... I just haven't been thinking clearly

with everything, with my dad...

I'm sorry.

Wait. Just... wait.

You know, there's one
thing that my dad taught me.

It's never to back down from a fight.

What's the lag time on those sensors?

What do you mean?

Well, I'm assuming
there's a built-in protocol

to prevent false alarms, so...

why don't you walk me through what
happens when they're triggered?


Are you sure this is the same puck?

Well, it says it. I mean,

"The Cup-winning puck from game

of the Stanley Cup
playoffs". I mean, I knew

he was gonna sell it.
The bid's up to $ , .

Have you tried talking
to the guy? Or even your ex?

Maybe if they understood the sentimental

value this thing has for you...?

Are you kidding me? That's
why they're selling it.

Look, Randy works at Baycroft Arena.

Guaranteed that's where he's hiding it.

If you distract him, I
can run in and grab it.

Me? How am I supposed to do that?

You're a legend, Shadow!
Plus, Randy's a huge fan.

He'd be over the moon if you
read him your shopping list.

Come on.

You have no idea of the
effect you have on people.

We could wrap this thing
up in minutes, tops.

OK, fine.

Let me just check in with
my partner real quick, OK?

Right. I'll settle up.


Hi. It's Angie. Leave me a message.

We doing this?

Hey, are you Randy?

Matt Shade?

Hey, buddy, what can I do for ya?

I'll rent this place out.

I'm thinking about putting on a
charity event with some of the boys.

Like an old-timers' game?


Yeah... Here, let me show you around.


You're early.

Yes, well, early bird catches the worm.

Hope I don't find any, though.

Don't like worms. Or snakes. Or
basically anything that slithers.

Anyhoo, I best get crackin',

'cause those toilets are
not gonna clean themselves.

Uh, hold up.

- Where's Maria?
- Maria, right.

She is sick tonight.

- Oh, she was sick last week.
- Yes. Yes, she was.

I keep telling that
girl she's gotta lay off

the all-you-can-eat
sushi bars.

- Ew.
- Well, tick tock.

So, ice time includes access to the

lockers and the upper viewing area.

Of course, Zamboni's extra.

Hey, um... that scoreboard

is a little outdated, don't you think?

They're talking about getting
a new one in the spring,

but they've been saying that
for years running now, so...

Don't worry, though, she
still works like clockwork.

- Right, yeah.
- Hey, um,

you think Doug Gilmour's gonna come?

If he doesn't chicken out
like last time. [LAUGHING]

I love it.

Man, I can't believe I'm
standing here with Matt Shade.


So, what do you think?

You know, I think you're running
a pretty tight ship here, Randy.

- I'll be in touch.
- Alright, buddy. Nice to meet you.

You too.

Matt Shade.

Ho, ho, ho! Man, that
was incredible, Shade!

Must be awesome being famous.
People do whatever you want.

- Comes in handy sometimes, I guess.
- Yeah. Alright,

- let's get some beer. It's on me.
- Uh, sure.

Let me just check in with my partner.

- Didn't you just do that?
- It's just weird she hasn't called me.

Let me just try her again.

Hi. It's Angie. Leave me a message.

You're off the hook? Where to?

Can I take a rain check?

The only time Angie
doesn't answer her phone

is when she's in the subway, in the shower

or in trouble. I'll catch you later.



Yeah, Dave, I've got an alarm
in the lab on the fifth floor.

I'm on it.


Stupid eggheads.

False alarm.

They left the fan on.

Copy that. Let me know when you get
the all-clear and I will reset.

Let 'em clean up their own mess, right?

- All clear.
- Copy that.



Anybody home?


Motion sensors?

No, you didn't.

Yeah, you did.

Third time's the charm?

Whew! Thank you, Dana.

G .

Where's the key?!


Yeah. I know, twice in one day,
what are the chances, right?

What are you doing here? We're closed.

Two things, actually. One,

I wanted to give you this.

And two,

I actually need a favour.


You know, I really appreciate
your help with this.


I can't believe that
you got the receptionist

to give you her number and you lost it.

Wait till I tell the guys that I
was able to help the Shadow score.

Ha, ha, ha! That's funny! Ha, ha, ha!

- Where do you think you dropped it?
- Uh, you know,

I really don't know,

so why don't you check down there
and I'll check over at this end?


[WHISPERING]: The card!

The card!

Oh, hey, here it is!

Found it. Heh, heh. Ah man,

- you really saved my life.
- Pff! It's just my job.

Hey, don't do anything I wouldn't do.

I'm feeling that leaves the
playing field pretty wide open.


Let me guess. You don't do windows.

- How did you know I was here?
- I'm not just a pretty face.

I'm too grateful right
now to argue with you.

You know, you didn't
have to go in there alone.

Seemed like the most logical choice.

Logical? Is that what you call this?


Anyhow, it worked out. Project Marigold.

Score one for the good guys.

Let's get the hell outta here.

Yeah, I got in like an hour
ago. Everything's been great.

Theyre're taking us on a tour of
the Montepulciano region tomorrow.

Which is the second most planted grape

in all of Italy due to
its elevated acidity.

Wait a minute, is this a high school trip

or an audition for the
movie Sideways?

Yeah, I don't even know what that means.

Of course. Look, honey,
I'm just glad you're happy.

It must be something in the Tuscan wind.

Actually, uh.

There's a... There's another reason.

What do you mean?

Well... Ahem! remember when I was trying

- to talk to you about Liam?
- Uh-huh?

- Well...
- Buongiorno, Sir!

A spot opened up. It was perfect.

What do you mean, a spot opened up?

I thought that this trip had been booked

for months... You gotta
be kidding me. Really?


- Hey, Shade.
- Liam's there.


In Italy, on the other
side of the ocean, with Jules.

What? I'm sorry,

I shouldn't be laughing.
Uh... how did he pull that off?

- Because he's Liam!
- Liam is a good kid,

you said so yourself. And...

it's nice that Jules has
someone there she can count on.

- It might actually make you worry less.
- No. There is no less.

- There's only Liam.
- Why don't you meet me here,

we'll go tell Dana the good news together.

That's the other reason I'm calling.
Can you take this one solo?

I gotta meet my buddy's brother
again, he's got a cheque for us.

See? Two cases solved
and it's not even noon.

It's a good day, Shade.

Yeah. I'll see you later, Everett.


Man of the hour. Man of the year, actually.

Thank you very much.

You have no idea what it
means to get that puck back.

Seems like you needed
one for the win column.

Yeah, I kind of did.

- You got time for breakfast?
- I gotta run.

- I just wanted to make sure you got this.
- Thanks.

I'll give you a call next
week, OK? Oh, and good luck

finding that girl's photos.

Hey. How d'you know about that?


- The photos.
- From you. The other night.

No, I just told you

I was working on a sexual harassment case.

I never mentioned the photos.

My bad. Listen, I'm late for work.

Don't be a stranger.



Zoe, do me a favour.

Go on the Hillcrest Ravens'
website. There's an alumni section.

Search Dominick Chambers.

Didn't find anything.

Search Dan Chambers.
What's his brother's name?

Uh, says here he has a
sister, Kim. No brother.

You did it.

Everything you promised. Thank you.

Well, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun.

Hey, your friend at the employment office,

did he ever send over Dana's file?

- Yeah, it's right here, why?
- Do a search with that name and address.

That can't be right.

It's showing a Dana Edson

that worked at Summit
Path, but it's not our Dana.

I knew I chose the
right person for the job.

- It was a team effort. Shade helped.
- Yeah, but you finished it.

Us girls, we have to stick together.

Alright, text me the address
where she's meeting her.

If Angie calls in, tell her not
to give Dana that hard drive.

This is for you.

I'll never forget this, Angie.

You have no idea how much this means.


Hey, Shade.

- It's a scam.
- Uh,

did you have one too many Bloody Marys

- with your pal?
- No, he's not my pal.

He was working with Dana.

They were keeping us
apart to split our focus.

What are you talking about?

Please tell me you didn't
give her the hard drive.


- Oh, my God.


- Put your hands up!
- Hands up!

Drop the phone! Now!

Angie? Angie!


Ready to go?

So ready.

Let me do the talking, OK?
These Fed guys are a little intense.

Excuse me. I'm Detective Kurtis
Mazhari. We called about Angie Everett?

- Where is she?
- Shade.

She's in holding.

- Thank you.
- And you are?

Sergeant Ellis.

- Federal Intelligence.
- Well, you're half right.

Shade! Remember what we
talked about seconds ago?

You're wasting your time, detective.

You have no jurisdiction here.

Jurisdiction? Come on,
it can't be that serious.

Miss Everett's being
charged with espionage.

Espionage? OK, let's
slow down for a second.

That's insane!

Summit Path Tech has a contract
with the Defense Department.

Your partner stole top secret data.

Listen, Joe Friday,

I don't care what you think
you have. My partner was set up.

I gotta give those analysts credit,
you know. They nailed you to a T.

Belligerent, they said.
A loose cannon. Cowboy.

- What, is that supposed to intimidate me?
- No, it's not, but this is.

I know you were at Summit
Path twice yesterday.

The only reason I haven't
charged you as an accessory

is because I don't have enough evidence.


I want to see Angie.


Hey. You OK?

Yeah, I'm fine.


Shade, they're saying that I...

- Yeah, I know.
- Ellis told me.

It's gonna be OK.

How did I miss this?

- How did I...
- No, it wasn't just you.

She has us both fooled, and she had help.

That guy pretending to be my buddy's
brother... he was in on it too.

So the whole thing,

sexual harassment, invasion of privacy,

- her father's illness...
- It was all fake.

She knew it would push your
buttons, so she exploited it.

What are we gonna do?

♪ Oh, you've got to believe ♪

I'm gonna get you out of here.

♪ Yeah, I've got to concede ♪

♪ I'm under your spell ♪
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