01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sponsor". Aired: February 23, 2022 - present.
South Korean series follows four people who look for a sponsor to satisfy their desires.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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[Runway Homme Fatale Winner Hyeon Seung Hoon
Discovery of a Monster Rookie]

I told you so.

We got it because the other team dropped out.

This is a combination of luck and skill.

It was possible because of you, CEO. Thank you.

From now on just stick to the schedule. You can do that right?


(Episode )

Then after the merger and acquisition, all the detailed data was deleted?

I see.

So there is no electronic data left.

Kang Hyun.

I didn't get a chance to look at it yet.

I will confirm.


Your username or password are unknown.

Your username or password are unknown.

Your username or password are unknown.

Your username or password are unknown.

Your username or password are unknown.



My birthday.

CCTV? CCTV / Internet Explorer / Trash


Look who it is.

I guess you're marketable nowadays.

Because Ceo Han has made you pretty, pretty, pretty,

it feels like you have become something, doesn't it?

I am sorry, sir.

Do I look like a pushover to you?

Because I was conned. When you don't have the ability to get the surgery at the right time for your kid.

your wife borrowed this hand.

People don't know this.

Isn't it? Isn't it? Say something.

You aren't going to. You can't respond. You know?

Many are watching.

Stop before you get charged with as*ault.

Is ruining people's lives your hobby?

If you messed up once, you shouldn't do it twice.

Let's go, Seung Hoon.


Lee Seon Wu.

I'm watching you.


How can somebody with a body like this get h*t?

You have a lot of sh**t scheduled. What are you going to do?

Mr. Park was probably angry and he took it out on me.

You had the ability naturally. Backing was missing.

They're not capable.

This won't do. I'm going to go turn it upside down.

Thank you... for being on my side.

I'll definitely pay you back in the future.

Just wait for a little bit.

Thank you very much.

Let me see. Are you going to be okay?

This is nothin compared to soccer.

- Photographer.
- Yes?

I don't want to miss the rope CEO Han gave me.


Do your best not to be detached from that rope.

Thank you, sir. By the way...

There won't be an article about this, will there?

The person to h*t was David and you were the victim.

David is the one worried about it.

I hope not.

Don't worry about it too much. Just do well in your sh**t.

People, let's go.

Yes, did anything come out?

Yes. First. Chairman Park and Assemblyman Kim

seem to have made a deal.

They bought million won worth of books in the guise of a donation ...

That's how they gained permission to build the cosmetic factory.

Is there any progress on the accident site USB?

I told you before,

whether it's a police line or a top-line... The connection is blocked.

Someone erased all the CCTV in this area.

I think it would be better to hang around the accident site and get information.

It shows me I'm circling around you.

If we keep pushing, they might get nervous.

Okay... Please find out as much as you can.

Don't worry about it...

Am I not private detective Kang Hyeon?

- I will find out what you want.
- Yes.

Good job, sir.

This is where you are.

Ah, CEO Han.

It's all thanks to you CEO. What's going on?

Seung Hoon said there was trouble with David this morning. Are you okay?

Ah, I am alright.

By the way, I have been thinking about the offer you made.

That one?

Have you considered what I suggested before?

Oh my. This container design is unusual.

It's a Sehan beauty product.

It's gone now...

but the products were good and the container design was unique.

I see.

♫ It digs deep into me sharply ♫

♫ I've melted deep into your head and I'm filling it up ♫

♫ I lock you in my heart entrapped ♫

♫ I completely fulfill your desires ♫

♫ Behind the shadow ♫

- Then, I'll be going.
- Oh, yes.

♫ Behind the shadow ♫

The culprit who destroyed Father may be someone he trusted the most.

That endless greed was both born in my hands

and will end in my hands.

This design is unusual.

It is a Sehan beauty product.

I just thought desire could dominate the opposite sex.


In her eyes you can see deceit, secrets, betrayal...

Hidden with romance.

My father couldn't see that she was the thorn from a rose.

But I can see it.

The thorn hidden under her beauty.


As soon as I get a doctor's appointment, I'm going to go to America.

Already? You got it fast.

I'm going to settle with CEO Han Chae Rim.

And, let's finalize our divorce.

My lawyer will contact you soon.

What are you saying?

You made a divorce agreement with CEO Han and not me? It is our business as a couple.

If you're going to argue, argue with CEO Han.

Why are you in such a hurry? Let's take our time thinking about it.

Aren't you in more of a rush than me?

I have nothing more to say so I'm hanging up.

Da Som, wait a sec. Da Som!

Chairwoman Han Chae Rim

Did something happen that you're here so late? Let's talk at home.

My divorce. Is that your condition?

Aren't we already finished talking about that?

I don't know about anything else, but shouldn't you ask me what I intend to do?

I thought you also agreed.

Everything is settled.

Please follow along with my decisions on this issue.

Wait a moment.

Weren't you going to move in with her from the start?

That's not so.

Seung Hoon.

Even if we were poor and living was difficult, I think our past was good.

It broke my heart that Da Som changed so much, but I think you're a different person now too.

Nuna. I also said this before, I can't ever live like this.

Even as we moved from relative to relative, living on their good will, we weren't beggars.

Stop saying nonsense.

I want Jin Yeong treated and I will give you everything you want.

I'll do everything I couldn't do for my child.

Nuna, I don't want to be pathetic.

How are you?

Intern? I'm seeing you for the first time.

Please take care of me! (Informally)

You're talking rather casually.

Oh, yes, ma'am. Please take care of me (Politely).

Yes. For now, you may leave.

Hey, hey. Do you know who he is?

That intern?

It's CEO Han's brother.



Welcome everyone.


What is this? It's so nice.

I paid special attention to you guys.

What do you think? Do you like it?

I wanted to wear something sparkly and this is so perfect.


I'm Chang Gi. I'm Min Hui.

I'm Jang Hyun. I'm Min Goo.

I'm Bin Hui.

Min Hui, Bin Hui, will you leave?

You're so cute.

I hear there are a lot of athletes we can use here. Do you like that?

Oh my, yes.

I like it a lot.

That girl.

It's a shop I run.

Come and hang out. I'll give you a new bag.

I can't carry around a small bag. Thank you, Nunim.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

- All right. Come and hang out.
- I would love to.

I hear you are seeing Chairman Park.

Eonni, that mouth ...

I heard you are still seeing Chairman Park, as if he is your father-in-law

Don't get h*t on the back of your head while causing a commotion. Be careful.


Is something going on with the chairman?

There is.

I'm saying this because he is in Korea.

The person to be wary of even when he smiles is Chairman Park.

It's not a bad idea to be too careful.

I agree.

Want a glass?

- Let's drink.
- No, you drink it.

All right then.

I will be responsible for your child's treatment.

Do you want to divorce Seung Hoon?


Is Jin Hyeong all right?

Yes. He got better after we went to the hospital.

That's a relief.

Are you crying?


Eonni, why aren't you leaving him to Seung Hoon, just like before?

Because of Jin Yeong, you're missing out on the All Star League sh**t.

I can sh**t anytime, but the surgery can't be done unless it is now.

That's true, but still ...

you suddenly seem to be a different person.

I am Jin Yeong's mom.

Since we've separated, Jin Yeong is all that I have.

Then, how about joining Brother-in-law again?

He's doing well now.

Seeing you suddenly do this, I think you have lingering feelings.

You're really something.

Is Jin Yeong all right?

I called him. He should know.

You've been doing this earlier.

Okay. I'm going out for a while and will be right back.

I didn't want someone else making decisions on the subject of our divorce.

Aren't you the one who made it that way?

Anyway, we can't live together.

For both you and Jin Yeong's sake, and for mine.

I'm heartsick. I'm sorry.

I think Chairman Han thinks you're special.

Grab an opportunity when it comes.

Da Som. Should we just return to what we lost?

- Like before.
- Are you nuts?

We were different from others from the start.

We started at the bottom.

Have you forgotten how hard I worked for years to earn money to pay off all the debt?

- When I think that I can't see Jin Yeong—
- Do you think this chance comes to anyone?

Think about Jin Yeong's surgery.

I'm going to do that.

Seung Hoon.

Were you drinking?

I had a drink while I was working.

That guy is not coming today?

- Han Yu Min
- This is house is only for us.

I don't want anyone else moving in here.

Yu Min.

I don't need anything.

I just want someone to love who loves me back.

I'm not interested in your love life anymore.

I hurt someone for you.

Han Yu Min!

It was self defense. Just forget about it.

I can't forget.

You're home.

Should we move away from Yu Min?

It's tough for you to come into our home, right?

It's not bad.

This is how we become family.

Thank you for thinking that.

- It is I who am thankful.
- No.

Seung Hoon, you're my man, aren't you?

Right, I am Chae Rin's man.

You must be % my man.

I don't like . %.

I'll do better.

Miss Park Da Som is here.

Send her in.

Welcome, Da Som. Have you come sooner than I thought you would?

Please have a seat.

If you came to see me,

does it mean you're accepting my offer?


You made a wise decision.

Da Som, who is taking care of the child now?

My sister-in-law.

I mean, Jin Yeong's aunt takes care of him often.

Right now, I'm doing it.

If you're going to call his aunt because you're busy due to work,

I would rather you use a part-time sitter or care-giver whom I will find for you.

Must you go so far?

I don't like that you will be involved with Seung Hoon's family for one reason or another.

If you do that, you will become involved with Seung Hoon.

What is it? Can't you do it?


I will do that.


- It's a contract.
- A contract?

It's nothing special. About three or four conditions.

Read it and sign it.

. Park Da Som and Hyeon Jin Yeong will have no contact with Hyeon Seung Hoon.

If Conditions or are violated you will pay a penalty of three times the amount paid to you.

A triple penalty?

Let's just call it an agreement.

If you keep the agreement, then you can ignore the penalty.

Can't I contact him even if my child is in critical condition or in case of an emergency?

If there is such a situation, contact me first please.

I'll be the judge.

When did it begin?

Are you asking about my relationship with Seung Hoon?


I don't know when it started for him.

For me ... from the very beginning.

How can you like someone from the very beginning?

You knew nothing about Oppa.

I recognized it the first time I saw him.

That he was going to be my man.

He has a power. Shall I call it the power to attract people?

Probably, it's just the energy he has.

It makes me want to dive into that energy.

Even so, why ...

You can meet a much better person.

What does it mean to be a better person? Economically?


Why, of all people, is it Seung Hoon?

- Don't you think there's an answer to your question?
- What?

You need Jin Yeong's Dad,

and as for me, I want the man Hyeon Seung Hoon as himself.

If you were Seung Hoon,

which side would you choose?

I will sign it.


Park Da Som

I will have the contract notarized and send it to you by the end of the day.

Hello. Welcome, photographer.

Photographer? Yes.

You photographed the Chavin Perfume photo book for several years.


At the launching of my new sunscreen, and I would like to invite the Chavin CEO.

Can you please help me?

I've never asked for a personal favor.

That's why I am asking you.

I want to be successful as an Asian CEO of a skincare brand.

Well, when Chavin Andre attends a launching show,

half of our products succeed.

I'll definitely pay you back.

Ahh? Really?

Please tell me.

So CEO, please buy me a drink and a meal.

There is a saying like that. It's scary to drink and eat.

As much as you can.

Park Da Som, are you okay?

What were you thinking?

Come on. Let's chat.

What were you thinking? Be careful.

Things didn't go well, did they?

Why did you get entangled with CEO Han? I said you should listen to me.

It's already past so I'll let it slide. That the nature of my temperament.

Listen to me carefully. I will sponsor you.

Stick close to me from now on.

I heard your divorce is finally over. Are you free?

I'll make you a new home, so move out.

What about Jin Yeong?

You can leave him to Hyeon Seung Hoon as before.

Jin Yeong must have his surgery soon.

He must go to an American hospital.

I have to take care of him now.

I'm going to help you. How about living with me?

Consider it carefully.

For Jin Yeong's sake.

Next time.

I'll take this.

You come often.

Right. I am thinking about this flavor.

You are someone who is very knowledgeable.

The coffee was roasted by a barista who has won the coffee competition five times in a row.

Oh really? Wait a second.

Here is a gift.


Oh my.

Oh my, you even got an autograph? Thank you.

Really, our pretty girls ...

That's great that you like it.

Oh my, my, my.

Is she Jin Na?

Why is that picture over there?

But how do you know Jin Na?

Of course, I know her.

There aren't many Koreans there.

Ji Na is tall and beautiful. That's why she was so popular.

It seems you were very close.

No, Chae Rin was closer.

Oh, CEO Han?

We're just alumni and through stuff like that.

The coffee is very good, right? Ah, yes.

Thank you for contacting me last time.

Are you really finalizing to divorce with Eonni?


Didn't you have feelings for my sister?

Da Som and I came too far now.

We need to start going our separate ways.

I have nothing to say to you, sister-in-law.

Unni said, even if Jin Yeong is sick, please don't call you.

There won't be a separate call to you from now on. I am sorry.

Are you feeling tired during the sh**t today?

I sh**t every day. How could I be tired?

Do you want me to make an egg roll?

It's okay.

What is it? What's the matter?

Da Hye, why is my life always struggling?

Do you know what is shameless?

Shameless people can get happiness easily.

Unni, I know you struggled a lot.

I'll be living as a shameless person from now on, whoever told me.

Everyone else seems to be living easy lives.

You can live well from now on, isn't it?

Da Hye,

when will we live as well as others people did?

Are you worried about something?


I don't think so.

I'm really fine.

Is your kid sick?


You need money, don't you?

No, I can manage it.

I will protect the person who doesn't betray me until the end.

Even if I have to put my life on the line.

You are the only person I can trust.

There won't be any issues with the commercial and TV appearance you booked.


Small waves are no fun for me.

It's more fun to ride rough waves.

Don't worry.

The ocean will be on our side this time too.

Thank you, CEO.

It wasn't easy when I took over Sehan Beauty either.

I was able to on one condition. To hire all the employees there.

I don't think business is for everyone.

Only you could've endured it. I wouldn't have been able to.

Why not? I think you'd do surprisingly well.

Who knows, you may have a hidden talent.

Then shall I try to take over your rival company?


Do you want to compete with me?

Shall we finish up now?

It seems like only I finished my meal.

Anyway, thank you for the meal.

Oh, right. I'll give you this instead for the meal.

Taking pictures have become a habit for me. I ended up taking these without your permission.

Yes, hello? Did you get anything from around Chairman Park?

As I suspected, I didn't find any issues with the merger.

I don't know why Chairman Park is going to this extent to look out for Han Chae Rin.

Anyway. Did you find anything unusual?

There was something unusual about Han Chae Rin's brother.

It seems like he received psychiatric treatment since he was young.

Psychiatric treament?


I'm trying to find a cr*ck, so don't worry too much.

Also, I've requested help from an expert in Yongsan for Lee Yeong Suk's accident file USB.

Those guys are very thorough. They won't miss anything.

How long will it take?

It should be done in about three days.

I'm depending on you.

Please do your best to search for it.

Han Chae Rin.

You came to our home that day.

Because my father didn't agree to the merger.

You came to destroy the evidence.

But you're saying it's not true?

It is.

But I don't know anything.

The way you're acting, Seon Wu. I'm so disappointed.



Do you even have the rights to say that to me?

It was self defense for me.

Han Chae Rin. You're crazy.

Let go.

I said, let go. I didn't do anything wrong.

Are you out of your mind?

Do whatever you want to.

I didn't do anything wrong.

- I'm not afraid to die!
- Han Chae Rin!

What are you doing? How dare you h*t my woman?

You should come to your senses too.

She's the type of woman who seduces a married man with a sick child.

Do you have proof? Do you?!


Her conscience is proof.

Stop it! Stop.

Han Chae Rin. How much more do you need?

Just tell me before you regret it.

I won't have any regrets.

I have nothing to be afraid of.

Tell me. Tell me!

I heard it was quite a show at the lobby.

Show? What do you mean, show?

Did rumors spread already?

It's been revealed to the entire world. How do you plan to stop this?

Nobody can stop news from spreading better than you.

It's not your first time cleaning up after the kids.

How about you act your age?

Before I do that, let me ask you something.

Hyeon Seung Hoon and Park Da Som are getting divorced, right?

I'm asking you... if it's okay that I propose to Park Da Som.

You're quick. They just sent their divorce papers in.

Do you know why my divorce and marriages are smooth sailing?

It's because I tie the knot and cut it clearly.

I'm not interested in your ideologies on marriage. Just think of ways on expanding the beauty business.

Chairman's health isn't very good.

Did you go see my father?

Sometimes, he feels more like your father and not mine.

I'm leaving.

There's a bite to even his laughs. That's who Chairman Park is.

I'm telling you, you can never be too cautious.

He went over Da Som's house to meet her two days ago.

- Keep watching him.
- Okay.

Also, last time at the bar. Seung Hoon... Gosh, I don't know if I should tell you this or not.

It's right that I tell you, right?

- What is it?
- Man...

- Tell me.
- Okay.

Seung Hoon asked me to find him a sponsor.

What did you say?

- Is that true?
- Why would I lie about that?

I clearly know how passionately you're working for Seung Hoon's success.

Gosh, I can't help because of my loyalty to you. My mouth is the problem.

I'll get going then.

Go on in first.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

You are doing well.

I heard you're filming a commercial? A cosmetic commercial of all that.

I told you last time that I can do it too.

Don't underestimate it. You think this a soccer field or something?

Simply running around won't cut it.

All right, thanks. I'll take that as an advice.

- When did it begin?
- I recognized it the first time I saw him.

That he was going to be my man.

Don't underestimate it.

Simply running around won't cut it.

All right, thanks. I'll take that as an advice.

Why are you being difficult?

Hyeon Seung Hoon, he...

Never mind.

You should finish your sentence.

You can't just stop in the middle.

I don't like Han Chae Rin. She annoys me.

Are you jealous?

Because she's living with Hyeon Seung Hoon?

I don't like how she brags about money,

and I just hate everything! Just because, okay!?

Do something about it.

Do you have any power to do that?

I do. Of course I do.

Hey, let's go visit my father soon.

Han Chae Rin can't do anything when it comes to my father.


So, what?

What do want?

Ruin both of them. So they can't ever get up again.


It is not how long you have been breathing that matters in life.

It is how many breathtaking moments you have had in life that matter.

I'll become a jackpot for you.

So that you'll never have to give anything up for success again.

Thank you... for being on my side.

I'll definitely pay you back in the future. Just wait for a little bit.

Nice to meet you. I'm Han Chae Rin.

Han Chae Rin's success wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Chairman Park.

I don't know why Chairman Park is going to this extent to look out for Han Chae Rin.

What do you think your doing Seung Hoon?

Am I a joke to you?

A joke?

I don't understand why you're upset.

You don't understand?

I'm doing all sorts of things to protect you,

and you're going around meeting with your ex-wife and child behind my back.

The child is sick.

My child is a different matter from my ex-wife.

- Do you have any respect for me?
- Excuse me?

I don't share with others.

I'd rather give up on it if I had to share.

What kind of person are you?

Ever since I met and fell in love with you,

my passion and heart wants to make you the best you can be.

And now, you're playing with those feelings.

I'm not.

Then what is it?

Do you think it's playing fair

after meeting your wife and child behind my back?!

I only visited to discuss the child.

Do you want me to understand even about your kid?

Seung Hoon, you know what?

When you're in a high spot, you should never look down.

If you do that, you'll get scared,

and your legs will shake and you won't be able to move.

I'm aware of that.

Remember what you said when we first met?

You said, "Is thirty an age where you can't start anything?"


To be honest, I was surprised at that time.

Refreshingly surprised.

I started dreaming as I looked at you.

A dream where I get a wonderful proposal like others do,

and wear a wedding dress,

and getting married in the midst of everyone's blessing.

Go to work together, come home together,

talk about work, and once you become the top actor and model,

I was going to make you the chairman of our company.

Because I believed that the only person I can trust,

the man I can trust, was you.

I never imagined that this would happen.

Chae Rin...

I don't know what to do.

If I should continue our relationship even after the fact,

or if I should end it here.

Do you... want to get married?

♪ Warm as a spring day ♪

♪ The scenery then ♪

♪ That splendid dream, above that dream ♪

♪ Petals fluttering ♪

♪ Will I be able to return again when I want? ♪

♪ At the end of the world where I am stumbling ♪

♪ I pray ♪

♪ Even though I try to break away I'm in the same place ♪

I have good news. Seung Hoon and I are getting married within this month.

This is just a sl*ve contract stating to do as your told.

Keep an eye on the company. I think he's going to give it to someone else and not you.

I think it's better to give it back to the rightful owner.

He's asking for me to give it back after all that!?

Well, I guess there's at least one thing in common.

Don't hurt her. The pain will last forever.

I don't want some bastard to take you away.

There were people who tried to k*ll my father.

Did they arrest the culprit?

Oh, yes. I can make you become like Chairman Han if you want.

How can I get Lee Seon Wu on my side?

I got my passion to give all of me back.
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