04x13 - Coming Home

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Trek: Discovery". Aired: September 2017 to present.*
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The crew of USS Discovery explores new worlds and civilizations.
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04x13 - Coming Home

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Previously on Star Trek: Discovery...

LINUS: Our ship is enclosed

in a membrane of unknown substance.

It appears to be an orb of some kind.

Tell Stamets to assemble a team

and figure out a way to
get us out of this thing.

The DMA could destroy
both of our worlds.

They must be evacuating, even now.

The math doesn't lie.

Most will not be saved.

- NDOYE: We have a problem.
- What is it?

We have only hours
before the DMA reaches Earth.

Won't take nearly that
long to get us out of here.

NODYE: Where do I come in?

You'll hack Discovery's systems,

and vent the plasma through
the starboard nacelle.

BOOK: We can't do this without you.

It's done.

Just make sure you stop
the damn thing in time.

I am not certain how to
step into danger with one

for whom I have such personal fondness.

This is one of the reasons I
avoid closeness with others.


SARU: Something is coming.

A life-form.

They responded to our
expression of suffering

with an expression of great sadness.

And if they have empathy
for us, diplomacy can work.

- Your friend Tarka's gonna k*ll us all.
- I won't let you do this.

TARKA: I never wanted this, Book.

Never. minutes left.

Then we're out of this
orb and on our way.

We just received an urgent
message from Booker's ship.

Tarka's got me and Book locked up.

If he takes out the DMA
the way he wants to,

it'll destroy the
hyperfield, the Ten-C...

probably Discovery, too.

It'll also leave a toxic void,

same as we got stuck in,
heading straight for Earth.

You have to stop us, whatever it takes.

TILLY: Each deck of Federation
Headquarters is able

- to function independently...

... essentially as
its own life lifeboat,

so don't waste any space.

As soon as your deck
is filled to capacity,

report to your CO, who will detach

and warp to Evacuation Base Gamma.

We need to get as many people to safety

- as quickly as possible.
- MALE: Lieutenant Simms,

- please report to shuttle bay.
- People are scared.

They're losing everything.
They're gonna be looking

to the Federation for
guidance, for safety, for hope.

We get to give that to them.

Attention all personnel, please stand by.

We'll be dropping out
of warp in one minute.

All available officers are on evac duty.

Our job is to help them succeed.

As of now, you are no longer cadets.

I know you may not feel ready,

but I assure you, you are.

We can do this.

Dismissed. Gorev,
Harral, you're with me.

FEMALE: Deck 's at capacity.

Requesting permission to undock.

VANCE: Permission granted.

See you at the rendezvous point.


Admiral Vance.

Admiral, Ni'Var has ships
heading to the evacuation base.

Do you want me to bring
them here after they unload?

No. They should stick to the plan.

Ni'Var only has
warp-capable ships as it is.

- Yes, sir.
- How long do we have here, sir,

- to help Earth?
- Four hours until the DMA starts to hit.

Well, the Mitchell is at Titan;

even with the entire colony on board,

they won't hit capacity.

It's a good idea.

When the Mitchell's done,

get them back here to pick up

as many additional refugees as they can.

OFFICER: Yes, sir.

HARRAL: Excuse me, sir.

I'm sorry, Admiral,
I was just wondering.

How many can we save?


If first contact fails, all off Titan.

Maybe , off of
Earth. Same with Ni'Var.

Best case.

That's it?

Please hurry, Michael.

Where is Stamets on
getting us out of this orb?

He's testing some theories,
nothing concrete yet.

What about the Ten-C, any response?

Negative. Dr. Hirai is still
asking them to release us.

Owosekun, what's the status on Tarka?

Scans show he's gaining speed,

heading for the DMA power source.

It's encased within a
silicon-ellanium alloy.

Same as the DMA controller itself.

That alloy's incredibly
effective at containing energy,

but it won't withstand external forces.

So whatever Tarka's planning...

He's going to hit it
with the gravimetric beam.

If the Ten-C think they're under attack,

they won't come back and
talk to us. Not in time.

Ten-Cs just launched
another orb, Captain.

Looks like they're trying
to capture Book's ship.

Keep me posted.

Lieutenant Christopher, tell
Commander Stamets to test faster.

I want us out of the
orb, whatever it takes.

And have the diplomatic
personnel gather in the mess hall.

- CHRISTOPHER: Yes, Captain.
- Madam President, if you'd join me?

RILLAK: May I ask what you have in mind?

I'm going to confine
them all to quarters.

I think you should be
there when I tell them.

TARKA: The orbs will capture us again

if we don't keep changing
our astrodynamics.

Where is your presto chango button?

I'm not helping you
with another damn thing.

I don't understand.

I'm doing exactly what we said we'd do.

- Nothing's changed.
- Everything's changed.

The cost of this, it has
to be the last resort.

You heard Ndoye, right?

The first contact team is gone.

They're in an orb.

- They could be dead for all we know.
- No.

They're talking to the
Ten-C. It could work.

You once told me anger
can be productive.

It can also blind you.

I've been trying for ten years!

I'm going home.

I'm finding Oros.

End of story.

There it is.

There's got to be a way out of this.

If I had some hot and sour soup...

Wouldn't help us, I'm just hungry.

The upside is,

when we hit the hyperfield,
we'll be vaporized immediately.

Where's the upside in that?

We'll die fast. I hate pain.


Or maybe we'll survive after all.

I'm sorry, Madam President,
but plasma doesn't vent itself.

This entire mission is compromised.

There has to be a less
public way to handle this.

It'll erode their trust in one another.

I can't let whoever did this
keep walking around my ship.

Is this about the plasma vent?

I'll fill you in once everyone is here,

but I'm gonna need to lock you all down.

That won't be necessary.

I'm the one who aided their escape.


- Why would you...
- United Earth is running out of time,

and you were all gone.

We had no idea where the orb went,

when you'd be back, or if
you were even still alive.

- They can stop the DMA right now.
- BURNHAM: No, no.

Billions of people might still die.

No, Mr. Booker assured me...

Was that before or after
Tarka took him hostage?

Communication with the
Ten-C was working, General.

We think they would have
withdrawn the DMA in time.

Officer Zena.

Please confine General
Ndoye to her quarters.

Captain. Madam President.

I remain ready and willing to serve.


SARU [OVER COMM]: Captain, we have
received an answer from the Ten-C.

BURNHAM: What did they say?

Well, it is rather bewildering.

We have been asking them
to release us from the orb.

They replied that we
are already free of it.

Are we sure the message was clear, Zora?

ZORA: For that particular
exchange, I estimate

our accuracy to be in
the th percentile.

Could they be confused
about who sent it?

More likely they presume we're
working with Booker and Tarka.

We did arrive here together.

Zora, can you communicate that
Tarka is acting on his own?

ZORA: The nuances of that
could take quite a long time.


I can connect with them telepathically,

I may be able to convey
our desire to protect them.

Madam President, linking with
an unknown species is dangerous

in ways we cannot begin to anticipate.

RILLAK: We have less than four hours.

Do we really have a choice?


I have made contact.



- [ECHOING]: Madam President.
- Break the link.

- T'Rina.
- BURNHMAM: Break the link.

We have to break it. Break the link.

- Madam President?

Madam President!

Are you okay?


What happened?

They... they are confused.


They cannot stop Booker's ship,

and they no longer trust us.

We-we must find another
way to reach them,

or I fear that our
worlds are already doomed.


POLLARD [ECHOING]: Heart rate and
blood pressure are still elevated,

but her neural activity's
returning to normal.

BURNHAM: Madam President,

is there anything else
you can tell us about them?

The experience was...

... unusual.

Our connection, I...

I was not feeling one of the Ten-C

but all of them.

They're linked? Like the Borg?

No. No, quite different.

There was a sense of
harmony with one another.

It's difficult to describe,
but I believe they may not have

any awareness of individual existence

as we know it.

We're running out of time
to help them understand.

I've got a way out of the orb,

but it won't be pretty.

We're on our way.

Keep us posted.

SARU: I apologize that I must go.

Uh... before I do, if I may,

what you said about avoiding
closeness with others...

this possibility,

it is the reason I, too, have avoided

a certain type of closeness
since leaving Kaminar.

But I have come to believe that

the limits I place upon myself

do not protect me so much as

dull the brightness of my days.

Ah. In any event...




We made it.

I just need the power source,

and you two can go back to Discovery.

It'll be over in minutes.

Unless another orb chases us into
the hyperfield and we all die.

The Ten-C wouldn't risk getting
this close to the plasma streams.

Book, you hear that?

- We're nearly there.
- I heard you.

Look, I know we don't see
eye to eye on this, but...

this doesn't just have
to be about my home.

Kwejian will be there, too.

You could come with me.

You'll get your family back.

Kyheem and Leto.

No, he won't,

because they're gone.

Anyone in your universe
can look the same,

laugh the same, want their
sandwiches cut diagonally

with exactly two pickles on the side...


... but Kyheem isn't there.

Neither is Leto, or my wife,

or anyone else we've lost.

I never said it was them exactly, but...

it is them.


Think of it.

Reno's right.

They're gone.

So let me out of here

before you do something
we're all going to regret.

This will all be over soon.

It sure as hell will.

STAMETS: Good news is, I can get us out,

and we should survive.

- Should?
- Best I can do these days.

Yeah, uh, we've been
analyzing the amount energy

required for Booker's
ship to escape the orb.

Now, considering
much larger size,

let's just say that it
would take a lot more

for us to do the same.

And, as of right now,
there is only one process

that can discharge that amount of energy

without also k*lling us immediately.

The spore drive.

Normally, when we jump,

the energy that's discharged
is converted into momentum

that propels the ship along the pathways

of the mycelial network.

But if we were to remain stationary,

all that stored-up
energy would have to find

somewhere else to go.

You're saying it would
release into the orb

- and break us out.
- Yes,

but it would burn out the
spore drive in the process,

which we won't be able to
repair without spacedock.

Meaning we'd have to warp home.

It would take decades.

That's the bad news.

Do it.

RENO: Are you gonna tell
me what the hell that is?

BOOK: It's a cat collar.

Grudge hates holos.

Used to scare holo couriers,
so I had to install a disruptor,

one that'll work rather nicely

on a force field
generated by holo emitters.


Is this where I get to
say I was born ready?

A cat door.

You can thank me later.

BURNHAM: Commander Stamets, are you set?

STAMETS: Spore drive's active.

Ready to jump on your mark.

Dr. Hirai, any word back from the Ten-C?

HIRAI: I repeated the message
that we're trying to help.

Not much more we can do
if they won't answer.

Okay. Black alert.

- Let's get the hell out of here.

- Commander Stamets!
- Spore drive's holding,

but power throughput's nearing capacity.

We've got minor hull
breaches on multiple decks.

No injuries reported.

What about the orb?

No changes yet.


Captain, our entire E.P.S. grid
is about to overload.

Do not stop it. This is our only shot.



We're out of the orb.

Impulse engines are back up and running.

Warp drive is gonna take a while.

So will weapons systems.

Spore drive's down, as expected.

Any other orbs on the way?

None. Seems they're letting us go.

RILLAK: Maybe we can turn
this around after all.

DETMER: Exiting the
gas giant now, Captain.

Get us back to Book's
ship as fast as you can.

The Ten-C won't talk to
us until we stop Tarka.

Aye, Captain.

BOOK: Tarka.

RENO: Here's to holo disruptors.

Think I might actually start
to like that cat of yours.

I can't get into the system.

It's on autopilot. Ten minutes
until I get to the power source

and the hyperfield goes boom.

There's no way we're gonna be able

to override the system in time.

Damn it. We're locked out of comms, too.

So much for calling in the cavalry.

Hey. Take my badge.

Beam back to Discovery,
tell them what's happening.

I'm gonna stay with him
and find a way to stop this.

Tell Michael I love her.

And whatever she has to do,

it's okay.

DETMER: Book's ship
back in range, Captain.

- Can you get us any closer?
- Not with those plasma bursts.

Captain, someone's beaming aboard.

I've got a lock. It's Commander Reno.

BURNHAM: Bring her to the bridge.

Commander, are you okay?

Better than Boy Genius.

He'll be through to the power
source in the next ten, just FYI.


Still getting weapons on line.

I'll see if I can help with that.

The man loves you.

He said do whatever it takes.

Okay. We need options.

Can we transport them back here?

Booker's ship is protected
by a pattern interrupter.

I can't get a lock unless
they choose to leave.

RHYS: What about a tractor beam?

Pull them away from the casement?

Only if they stop their
gravimetric beam first.

Otherwise, we could destroy
the hyperfield ourselves.

Captain, if I may?

General Ndoye has a singular
mind for military tactics.

She did offer to help.

VANCE: What am I looking at, Lieutenant?

TILLY: We have incoming.

Uh, near-Earth debris
pushed by gravitational waves

at , kilometers per
second. That's the DMA.

Tell Earth to raise their shields.

Attention all personnel,
prepare for incoming.

Transport shuttles,
continue evacuations.

All others, defensive formation Omega.

We'll hold the line as long as we can.

Who was that?

It's the USS Mitchell, sir.
They made it.

Remind me to give their
captain a commendation

if we ever make it out of this alive.

- Is the president off-world?
- No, sir.

She's helping with the evacuation.

She said she won't leave
until the last possible moment.

Make sure the evac captain

gets her in a shuttle
before pulling out.

Admiral, Deck Five is at full capacity.

Tell them to get out
while they still can.

- Yes, sir.
- We're running out of time.

I presume you've considered the obvious.

- Tractor beam and the like.
- BURNHAM: We have.

What about a targeted hit?

We could send a shuttle on autopilot.

NILSSON: Gravimetric flux
would disrupt navigation.

Somebody would have to be on
the controls to stay on target.

OWOSEKUN: I don't think I
could beam them out in time.

RHYS: It's a su1c1de mission.

And there's no way Book
and Tarka would survive.

If we don't stop Tarka, the
Ten-C will never stop the DMA.

Earth and Ni'Var may
already be getting hit.


We'll need a great pilot.

I'm ready, Captain.

NDOYE: Let me do it.


I have years of experience
as a combat pilot.

United Earth is my home.

Its citizens are my family.

I've spent the last years
fighting to protect both.

That is where my decision to
help Booker and Tarka came from.

Whether or not you would
have made the same choice,

you must understand it.

Owosekun, prepare to beam
the general to shuttle bay.

NDOYE: If I don't make it back,

please tell the president
I gave my all for Earth.

I will.


VANCE: Status report.

Bridge propulsion systems
just went down, Admiral.

- We're stuck.
- OFFICER: Pathfinder and Tikhov

both report shields below ten percent.


The Credence is leaving now.

The Nog's still not at capacity,

but they're taking hits
and won't last much longer.

FEMALE OFFICER: This is USS Yelchin.
Evacuation orders are complete.

See you on the other side.

This is Admiral Charles Vance.

All remaining vessels,

cease evacuation efforts.

Depart Earth and her moon immediately.

I'll provide covering fire for you

for as long as I possibly can.

confirming all navigation...

Thank you all for your bravery.

Abandon ship.

CREW: Aye, aye, Captain.

Report to the Mitchell immediately.


You both did a great job today.

I just wish we could've done more.

Oh! My God.

I know. Me, too.




See you on the Mitchell.

OFFICER: Federation HQ,
this is the USS

Jumping to the rendezvous point now.

Good luck, Admiral.


Lieutenant, what are you doing?

Helping you with covering fire.

Those are my cadets out there.

This was all for nothing if
the ships can't actually leave.

Once they get clear, we won't
be able to transport over.

I know, sir.

BOOK: Come on, damn it, wake up.

COMPUTER: Four minutes
to casement breach.

Come on, come on. I've tried everything.

Tell me how to stop it.

I can't do that.

Would Oros want this?

We're almost home.

He won't be there.

- You have to know that.
- Stop.

He's gone, Tarka.

- You don't know that!
- Hey.

I understand, okay?

I do.

It's painful, the
hole they leave behind.

Leto. Kyheem.

Some days, I don't know
even how to wake up.

Love always ends in grief.

But we can't let the pain do this to us.

He'd have done what
you're doing right now.

- He'd have stopped me.
- Yeah, I know.

Why isn't he here to stop me?

COMPUTER: seconds to casement breach.

I'm sorry.

- What?
- I'm so sorry.

I used the recursive
fractal encryption key.

I can't stop this in time.

COMPUTER: Warning. Proximity alert.

BURNHAM: They've nearly
reached the power source.

NDOYE: I'll get there in time, Captain.

We're with you, Diatta.

NDOYE: I know you are, Laira.

If I don't make it,

please save them.

Save our home.

BURNHAM: Get ready, Owosekun.

OWOSEKUN: Aye, Captain.

DETMER: She did it, Captain.
The hyperfield is safe.

OWOSEKUN: And I've got General Ndoye.

BURNHAM: Good. Beam
her straight to sickbay.

Are there any life signs on Book's ship?

Two. They both made it.

See if you can beam
them on board as well.

The hit may have taken out
their pattern interrupter.

I'm trying. I can't get a lock.

RHYS: They don't have
much time, Captain.

They're on a collision
course with the hyperfield.

COMPUTER: seconds to impact.



Hyperfield will destroy us.

We have to beam back to Discovery.

There's not enough power.

COMPUTER: Life support terminated.

What are you doing?

I'm leaving enough to transport you.

No, we're both getting out of this.

- COMPUTER: seconds to impact.
- Listen to me.

Listen, hey, hey.

Michael is in this world, Book.

Your life is in this world.

Mine belongs to Kayalise.

Or a place beyond it.

Maybe the transporter I built will work.

Maybe the impact will be
enough to get me there.

Maybe I'll see Oros again.

I won't leave you here to die.

Goodbye, Book.

COMPUTER: seconds to impact.

OWOSEKUN: I have a new
transport signature.

Book. It's faint.

- Can you get him?
- Working on it.

Locking on.

BURNHAM: Bring him
straight to the bridge.


Did we... ?






RHYS: Captain.

Another orb is coming.


Let's go finish this.

Prepare to reenter the orb.

Well, we lost the last of
the weapons systems, but, uh,

all our ships made it safely

- to the rendezvous point.
- Oh.

So I thought we should
celebrate that, at least.

[SNIFFS] Whiskey?

Yeah, it's from Risa.

Tarka gave it to me when we
finished the new spacedock.

Mm. What a sweetheart that guy is.


Oh, I, um, I programmed the DOTS

to reinforce the deflector arrays

and rerouted all power to the shields,

so toilets might not flush anymore,

but we might buy Earth
a little bit more time.


How much time do we have?

According to the
gravitational lensing I saw...

two hours until the DMA really gets us.

[CHUCKLES] That's more than
enough time to get bogged down

with life's greatest regrets, right?

I'm actually pretty happy
with how my life went.

I made some friends
who became my family.

I got to see and do incredible things.

This, uh,

this one sunset,

my first boyfriend and I, we
skipped our biology lecture

and climbed up on the roof
of the academy just to see it.

Well, I'm glad you never
ditched engineering.


Some people never find their
purpose in life, you know?

I'm grateful I found mine.

Yeah, me, too.

I just wish I fulfilled it better.

My daughter.

I wish I spent more
time with my daughter.

Does she know you love her?

Of course.

More than anything.

My mom and I didn't have
an easy relationship at all,

but I always knew she loved me.

That's the most important thing.

That's what I remember.

BURNHAM: Commander Detmer, where are we?

Still descending.

Heading deeper into the gas giant.

Scans show we're approaching a
structure of massive proportions.

Like on their homeworld?


Wherever they're taking us,
there are thousands of life signs.

SARU: Captain, we are receiving

a new message from the Ten-C.

"We now understand your
request to leave the orb."

"You are not one."

"How many are you?"

HIRAI: They're also
asking us to join them.

They say they'll send transport.

Same as before.

Mr. Saru, Dr. Harai,
meet us in shuttle bay.

Zora, join us there as well.

And all of you,

we don't have much time left.

We should all be there for this.



Uh, Commander Stamets, are we ready?

STAMETS: Uh, just about.

Saru's device will continue
beaming our hydrocarbons

onto the orb's surface.

But given the size of the space,

Zora will need to
generate the light map.

ZORA: I'm joining you now, Captain.

STAMETS: We'll keep working together

and calibrate as we go back and forth.

Thank you. All of you.

ADIRA: I am, uh, sending the
updated language algorithm

to the device now, Captain.

STAMETS: I thought you'd be down
on the surface with everyone else.

After what happened with Book...

... I want to be with my family.

I'm glad you're here.

SARU: Captain, Madam President,

we are receiving a new message.

The map should arrive momentarily.

And there it is.

Th-They are repeating
their query from before.

"We understand now
that you are not one."

"How many are you?"

What would you like me to say?

Tell them

each of us is an individual "one."

We are also one as a whole.

Our appearances and experiences differ,

yet we all seek happiness, freedom,

security, equality.

We want that for our children.

Just as you do for yours.

There is so much that unites us.

They're sending a reply.

SARU: They are asking about

the others who were trying
to breach the casement.


Tell them...

... they were once connected to us.

Part of the whole.

And then they separated.

They would like to know why.

One of them had someone...

... his "one,"

and he lost him long ago.

He believed the power
source would reunite them.

And the other...

... your device destroyed his planet.

It k*lled his family.

He didn't want anyone
else to experience that.

"Is that why you are here?"


That loss is about to happen again.

To all of us.

We experienced your fear

and your pain,

when you had to leave your former home.

When so many of your loved
ones were left behind.

And that is what we
are feeling right now.

You have to stop your device.

Otherwise it will destroy
our planets as well.

And billions will die.

Do not let history repeat.

SARU: They said...


Did the DMA just...


They said they will move it away.


And there goes the debris field.


Reno, are you hearing
this? They stopped the DMA.

RENO: I'm already making
a cocktail, Bobcat.



It's a, it's a good nickname.



SARU: They feel your sadness, Captain,

but they do not understand.

They say, "Your home is safe.

Billions of 'ones' are safe."

They ask why you feel this way.


The two people who separated from us,

that died today,

one of them I loved very deeply.

He was...

He was my "one."


Where am I?

- What happened?

Did it work?

- Yeah.
- Is Earth and Ni'Var safe?

- They are.
- Yeah?

Are you real?

- Yeah.
- Oh...

He's alive.


That's them.

Can I talk to them?

Saru will translate.

How am I even here?

"We intercepted your
transportation signal."

"We did not understand its nature

but presumed its importance,

given the timing of its appearance,

so we held it in stasis."

And the DMA,

is it gone for good?

SARU: "We did not realize

you were higher life-forms.

In the future, we
will scan more broadly.

We will only operate in
uninhabited areas of space."


That's not good enough.

It's not enough

to stop destroying lives.

The DMA always leaves
behind a toxic mess.

You have to shut it off for good.

That is the start of
making things right.

Well, they said if they do that,
they would not be able to...

I do not understand the word.

They seem to be referring
to the hyperfield.

"We would not be able to power it.

That would make us unsafe."

Hiding behind a wall
may calm your fears,

but it won't keep you safe.

The void will eventually reach you.

We all live in the same space.

This is all there is.

On my home,

we had an organism.

The World Root.

It connected all life on Kwejian.

Wherever we lived, whatever
village or continent,

it reminded us we were
all on the same planet.

Our fates always interconnected.

Maybe that's the lesson.

If there is one.

That is true of all of us.

We've lost so many.

You and me.

But we can't do harm in
their names or memories.

[VOICE BREAKING]: We have to honor them.

All of them.

Because they were beloved.


They're sending a new message.

"We have caused great harm.

We are filled with regret and sorrow.

We will make this right."


They did it.

They sure did.

[LAUGHS]: They sure did.



Commander Rhys,

cancel red alert.

Aye, Captain.


OWOSEKUN: Scans show a wormhole forming.

It's approaching at a rate
of kilometers a second.

They are using the DMA
wormhole one last time.

We're going home.


SARU: I am pleased that the damage

to United Earth and
Ni'Var was not more severe.


Titan got it the worst,
but Earth's already there.

Everyone's coming together
to help them rebuild. It's...

We have come a long way, Captain.

Indeed, we have.


- Oh.

BURNHAM: What? Tilly!


I love you. I missed you.


- Admiral.
- Madam President.

Thank you for carrying us through.

Well, I'd say we were both
exactly where we needed to be.


[LAUGHS] None of this
would have been happening

the last time that I saw you.

It's still a little hard sometimes,

but it's okay.

TILLY: Okay, but you're doing great.

And then, you know, the
times that it's hard,

that's what family's for.

I hope I'm not interrupting.

Not at all.

I was just thinking about Ni'Var.


You must be eager to return home.

I am.

And I am grateful

that we no longer need to worry.

As am I.

I have been considering
what you shared earlier.

I have long told myself
that balancing duty

and personal relationships
was not possible.

I believe now that I was
being dishonest with myself.

It is possible, if difficult.

However, it is worth the effort

for the right individual.

When I feared we may not survive,

my greatest regret

was that I had not
spent more time with you,

Madam President.


You must call me T'Rina.





RILLAK: It's a hell of a thing,

the Ten-C.

BURNHAM: It makes me wonder
about all the other beings

we've never met.

There's still so much to learn

about our one small
corner of the universe.


Oh, how's your family?
Is your partner okay?

All safe.


He was evacuated from the moon

with the rest of the research team.

And my family stayed on Earth,

but they escaped the worst of it.

- [CHUCKLES]: I'm gonna see them soon.

You have come a long way

since we first stood here.

The Kobayashi Maru conversation.

Mm. I told you you weren't ready
for a Voyager captaincy.

You are now.

Thank you.

I still wouldn't take it, ma'am.

- [CHUCKLES] Oh, I know.


What happens with him?

- With Book?

He violated multiple
Federation statutes.

He launched an isolytic w*apon. It's...

- It's a long list.
- And I am not asking for leniency.

I know.

But reasons do matter.

It's the only way
justice can ever be just.


BOOK: I got the news about my future.

Could you give us a minute, please?

We're beaming him back
to his shuttle in five.

- Hey. Hey.
- Hey.


- You okay?
- BURNHAM: Yeah.

What did they say?

Federation's sending me to help
families displaced by the DMA.

Not sure for how long,
but I know where I'll be.


How do you feel about it?

I'll miss the freedom of my ship,

but all things considered...

I heard my own voice

when I was talking to the Ten-C.

About not causing harm.

I'm sorry, Michael.

It'll be nice to be of use, though.

- Book, I don't know how to say bye.
- We don't.

We say "Kwakoni Yiquan."

It's a Kwejian term
used only amongst hunters

with the tightest of bonds.

It means something like,

"We've parted a hundred times.

May we rejoin to part a hundred more."

Kwakoni Yiquan it is.

- Kwakoni Yiquan.
- I said it right the first time.


I love you, you know.

I love you more.


I first knew it

when we were in that
terrible scrap in Tiburon.

It was so cold. Do you remember?

- Yeah, but it wasn't that cold.
- Oh, it was freezing.

There was a dust of snow on the ground,

- and everything was pink.
- I do remember that.

- That was beautiful.
- Yeah. And you were shivering.

Yeah, trying to be so tough,

- but I saw you shivering.

I told you that I was
moving to keep warm.

Yeah, and that's when I said...

"That's what shivering is, Michael."


I took a long look at you.

And I thought,

"All right, Book.

What are you gonna do?"

And that's when you said,

"We're gonna be okay."


Hard to believe it's over.

The uncertainty, the fear, the unknown.

Sometimes it felt like
it would never end.

But we made it.

We've been tracking subspace rifts.

The Ten-C are keeping their
promise to clean them up.

First contact wasn't easy,

but, as always, the effort was worth it.

How's it going?

Uh, it's faster than expected, actually.

BURNHAM: Which means we'll all
get a much-needed break soon.

Everyone has people to see...

- Is Bryce meeting us there?
- That's what he said.

- Ah, assuming Kovich lets him go.

... and places to visit.

Places they haven't seen in years.

I can't believe you did this for me.

I actually get to go home.

I did it for me, actually,

so I can finally have mavi
not made by a replicator.


BURNHAM: Some will use this time

to strengthen existing relationships.

Others are already reaching
out to build new ones.

And Book.

He's heading to an
emergency center on Europa.

I don't know when I'll see him again,

but I know I will.

Kwakoni Yiquan.

We came to this future to
find the Federation in pieces.

Quadrants and sectors,
planets and families divided.

So much uncertainty and disconnection.

But the Burn and the DMA have shown us

that we are all connected,

and we can overcome any challenge

so long as we do it together.

The Federation is continuing to
help impacted worlds recover.

Many have since joined us.

Their perspectives are helping
us all see more clearly.

Ni'Var is back.

Tellar Prime never left.

Andoria's now in talks. And today,

we greet the president of United Earth.

- Madam President.
- Madam President.

RILLAK: Welcome. I am so
pleased that you've come.

We are eager to begin
diplomatic discussions.

Nothing to discuss.

United Earth is ready right now

to rejoin the Federation.

And nothing could make me
happier than to say those words.

Thank you. Thank you all.

What you have accomplished here...

We were lucky to have each other, ma'am.

- We couldn't have succeeded otherwise.
- PRESIDENT: General.

I'm glad to see you've recovered.

Yes. I haven't had that
close a call in quite a while.

I would consider it a personal favor

if that were your last close call.

I'm ever at your
service, Madam President.

- Captain, may I have a word?
- Of course.

PRESIDENT: I can only
imagine what you're feeling,

having lived in a time before
Earth left the Federation.

It means a lot to all of us.

But, yes, it's-it's very special to me

to get to welcome you home.

Thank you.

Bringing the Federation back
together again has been a great start.

But there are countless worlds
out there to still be explored.

So many are looking for understanding,


better tomorrow.

There's a lot of work to do.

Are you ready for that?

I am.

Let's get to it.


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