01x04 - The Myth of the Naiad

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Paranormal". Aired: November 5, 2020.*
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In the 1960s, hematologist Dr. Refaat Ismail becomes an unwilling go-to guy for paranormal investigations.
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01x04 - The Myth of the Naiad

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The plague, as it was known
in the middle ages,

would k*ll a third
of the world's population.

What many people at the time believed was,

that if a sick person wanted to be cured,
they must hug someone healthy.

The sick person would get better,
while the disease passed on someone else.

I think it's clear that this practice
was not very effective.

I'm just talking
to myself at this point.

I wonder if I change the subject,
would anyone notice?

One of the reasons prices are so high,

is because we're afraid the things we need
might be gone.

Any questions? This make sense?

Why did you do it?

Why risk your life in the desert
if you're just going to leave her?

Did I ask you why you got a divorce?

That's just because you're a coward.

- So, I am a coward?
- Yes!

You may not be afraid of a monster
who lives far in the desert,

but you're still afraid, afraid you could
ever get close to someone,

afraid of what you're feeling,
well, that's the real monster.

But if it's true I'm such a coward,
why did you come?

To Egypt, I mean.

Were you hoping I'd found
some courage, Maggie?

Well, I'm sorry to let you down,
because I'm still a coward.

It's important that I'm… afraid.

I'm afraid people will be hurt
because of me.

Especially those who I love.

Wouldn't you say it's sort of arrogant
to assume that everything happens

just because of you?

That it's your responsibility
to protect anyone at all?

That's what I've always
liked most about Maggie.

No matter what,
she's always honest with me.

What were you just thinking
about right now, Refaat?

What I was just now thinking
is how you're always honest with me.

So now, you know exactly how I feel.

You happy?

Was that so terrible?

Is anyone d*ad?




Calm down, Nagat.

Well, what happened?


- My mom.
- What's wrong?

My sister-in-law just told me
that I need to come home

as soon as possible.

I'm sure something happened to mom.

This is exactly
what the cards warned me about.



Talaat, pack extra clothes.
We might spend the night there.

I'm praying that your mother
recovers quickly.

I am, too. Here's the key.

I hope that Taha
won't give you any trouble.

Are you ready, Talaat?


Only if I can find my clean underwear.

Seriously? Must you lose everything?
Where could they have gone?

I'm sorry, Raeefa.

So now I have to find them? Move! Move!

Unbelievable. I have to do
everything myself.

This house would fall apart without me!

Howaida, I was hoping we could talk
about something.

Take a seat.

I just hope you hadn't given up on Refaat.

Refaat has made mistakes before.

But if you had seen how he was
while you were sick,

I'm hoping this is just a bluff.

I think it's for the best, maybe.

Of course, I'll miss being with him.

But now I've had the chance
to think thing over,

I'm not sure we would've worked,
there's someone else meant for me.

- I'll be fine.
- Talaat.

Can we go?

Is this the house where you all used
to play when you were children?

Is that Refaat? What a pleasant surprise!

What are they doing to the house?

You know, usually, when people
first see each other, they say hello.

Hello there, Emman.
Tell me what's going on.

The new owner over there
is going to tear the place down.

- Thank heaven you made it.
- Where is she?

What's wrong with her?

Nothing's wrong with her.

Mom is fine, Refaat.

Then why did you ask me to come back here?

Reda was called by a naiad.




He's been like this
ever since he heard the call.

Do you know if he eat
or drink anything strange?


Then maybe he's taken something?

He would never do that, doctor.

He must have heard her call.

And if he was called once,
she will call him again,

and I'll lose my husband forever.

No more superstitions, Nagat, please.




It's happening again!

The naiad is calling to him!

- Calm down.
- I'm going to lose my husband!

He's not going anywhere, Nagat!

- Reda!
- Enough!

Please, Reda!

- Raeefa, Raeefa, tie him down!
- Reda!

Talaat, Talaat, give me a hand.

All right.

- Nagat, do you have any sedatives?
- Not with me.

- I'll go get a doctor.
- Ahh! She's bothering me!




Want me to come with you.

No, you stay here. I won't be long.

- I'm sorry you had to see all this.
- It's all right.


If Maggie weren't here,
I might finally go insane this time.

Dr. Refaat Ismail, in person?

Welcome! Welcome!

Please come in, doctor.

I was your student years ago.
Come in, come in, doctor.

Right this way.

An albino doctor in the desert.

Someone in the health department
must have a cruel sense of humor.

Make yourself at home, doctor. I insist.

Let me, uh, just…

I need an anticonvulsant tranquilizer.

And can I test a blood sample?

You know I take your visit tonight
as sort of a sign,

because the truth is…

I'd been hoping I might be reassigned
somewhere else.

I filed plenty of requests,
but nothing seems to be getting through.

You need to work in Cairo
to do any serious research.

And I am this close to proving
a connection between schizophrenia...

Sorry, very sorry, but I'm in a hurry.

Are these medications
for your brother, Dr. Ismail?

I examined him myself.

There's nothing physically wrong with him.

Have you heard of the naiad?

Hm, I'm starting to see
why no one writes back to this guy.

The naiad?

I hope that someone in this clinic
would believe in science.


May I just show you something quickly?

This is the log where I've gathered
all of the naiad's victims.

Call me insane, but they all reported
identical symptoms.

Delirium. Hallucinations.

But even stranger, they all heard a woman
calling their name.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe this.

Please, just give me what I ask for.

At first, I didn't believe it either.

But look at this.

These drawings are from the victim's IDs.


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out

anything about the very first cases
of disappearances.

- No photos, criminal records…
- "Mohammad Amin."

- …and no witnesses. Nothing at all.
- "Ahmad Abbas.

Tayseer Salah Al Tokhi."

But everyone, so far,
who's disappeared was a man.

Well, then…

This is fascinating.

Maybe I can get those medications now?

They say the naiad is a monster.

A monster disguised as a girl.

An extremely beautiful girl at that.

If you go near the canal alone,
she'll call to you.

With the first call, you become a sl*ve
to her voice.

You become obsessed with the idea
of seeing her.

With the second call,
your family will seem like strangers.

And with the third call, you completely
lose control of your senses.

By that point, nothing will be able
to stop you

from following her all the way.

- What's all this?
- Oh, this?

All the stuff you asked for.

All of this?

Oh, yeah, I also got some phenobarbital.

In case your brother needs
something stronger.

I also brought a few doses for us.

You know, it's just in case
one of us hears the call,

we'll be safe.


What's going on?

- What's this?
- Nagat sent for them.

She wants them to help with Reda.

God's words will help you,

for God is omnipresent.


- Get out of here!
- Please...

Take you magic with you.
Just get out! Get out!

- I don't wanna hear it.
- Just calm down!

I don't want you
with stalkers in my house!

If I see your face in this house again,
I'm calling the police!

- That's enough, Refaat!
- Get them out.

Is this how you thank me?

Do you think insulting me
will help your brother?

What can you do that will cure him?

Sheikh Salah is the man of God, he'll save
your brother before it's too late!

Liars! You're con artists.
Every one of you!

That's enough, doctor! Such disrespect!
You think they called you upon the city,

- you could bully an old man?
- We're so sorry, Sheikh Salah.

We mean no disrespect.
I think you should all go!

There's only one solution. It's this.

The iron rod.
Or else he'll be lost like the others.


- Raeefa, that's enough. This is nothing.
- Go inside.

Utter nonsense!

May God help us.

I'll go to the central hospital right away
and have these samples tested.

I need you to stay here.

You take this, Raeefa.
Head back to Cairo with Talaat.

As soon as you can,
go to the university and find Dr. Sami.

- "Dr. Sami."
- You got it.

- He'll test that sample.
- All right.

I still don't get it, doctor.
What was he doing down in the sewer?

Didn't you say you wanted to transfer?

Yes, if you're offering to help.

It's nothing. If you help me with this,
I'll write you a letter of recommendation.

Go, Raeefa, and call me
as soon as you get the results.

- How will I reach you?
- Don't worry.

We'll call the number
from the local clinic.

Nagat lent me something
a little more modest.

How do I look?

I'm starting to see why men
around here would take the naiad's offer.

Has she always been like this?

Tomorrow morning, I'll find a car
to take you back to Cairo.

You don't know me very well
if you think that I would leave you

in the middle of all of this.

Besides, maybe I can help.

So tell me,

should I allow that man
to swindle my brother?

I'm here as a guest, Refaat,
it isn't my place.

Shouldn't you just do what Reda
would have wanted?

There's a chance that man could help.

All right, so, now I'm supposed
to abandon science for superstition?

Why is all of this happening?

The pharaoh, the custodian,
and whatever the naiad is.

Are you suggesting… Are you suggesting
that somehow…

It's my fault, that I'm cursed,
possessed, or…

Something paranormal is responsible
for everything you and I have seen?

You know that I can't accept that.

It may be true that fantasy provides us
with need and comforting answers,

science reason gives better ones.

The naiad for instance,

I'll bet you this is just a scam
that old crook made up with.

This female assistant tricks the victims,

and that so-called doctor
from the clinic with the list of names,

he's in on it too, he dr*gs them.

Then the others sell the cure.

And I'll prove it to everyone.

To everyone or yourself?

To both.

Did you tell everyone our plane?

Just one of the local kids,
I told them it was top-secret.

So I'd say, in half an hour,
the whole village will know

what we're getting up to.

I wouldn't be surprised
if they broadcast it over the radio.

And what's this "iron rod"
I keep hearing about?

That's how he treats the victims.

He inserts a heated rod into their ears.

Causing permanent hearing damage
in the process!

And the bastard thinks that's our cure?

Supposedly, this is where the naiad
calls her victims to.

I guess we'll have to see.

If he's right, we'll catch her.

If nothing happens, we'll prove
that it was all just a myth.

Let's see.

He brought tea?

Does he think this is a picnic?


Keep your eye on him.

- Refaat.
- Huh.

What's wrong, Refaat?

I heard something!
Come on, Kamal!

I don't see anything.




Look, he's waking up.

What a disaster!

Just when I needed your help!

You go ahead and passed out on me.

We should send
for Sheikh Salah right away.

I've done everything I can,
he might know what to do.

No, take me back to the clinic
and show me what medications you have.

Maybe you have something that can help.

All right, but maybe it's better that
you stay here while I get the medication.

Listen, I'm coming with you.




No one there.

Well, doctor, take what you need.

I need you to make me a cup of tea.

Why, yes.

What are you searching for, doctor?



Hello, Raeefa?

Who is this? Where's Refaat?

It's Maggie speaking.

It's okay to tell me the results.

Well, the doctors here are saying
that the results are good.

But it will take them time
to write up the report.

The moment the give to me,

I'll bring it back there right away,
so that Refaat can look at it.


Unfortunately, there's bad news.





- What are you doing here, Taha?
- Did you see her, too?

What are you talking about?

I haven't seen anything.

Why is she looking for Uncle Refaat?

Can't she see
he doesn't wanna play with her?

I'm very worried about him.
Why won't she leave him alone?

Well, don't worry.

He can take care of himself.

Hello? It's me.

How's everyone?

What? Refaat and Reda?


This is the end, brother.


It's not the end.

This is all a trick.

Kamal drugged me.

This… This is all part of their plan.

It is naiad.

Accept it.

I'm not ignorant enough to accept that.


So I'm just ignorant?

That's how you think of me?

When my hands are cracked
from working the fields

for you to go to schools.

But I am the ignorant one?

I have a limp,

because I was crippled
when you fell from the roof.

I still worked after!

All so you could study.

And did it mean so little to you?

Forgotten anything else?

Forgotten how hard it was beaten
in your place

when you set f*re to that bon?

Do you know why?

Because I knew you'd never be able
to handle a b*ating from our father.

Forget that?

I swear I never wanted to hurt you.

For 30 years, I've been telling you
I never set that bon on f*re.

Dad made you work in the fields
because you were stronger than I was.

You were the healthy one.

While I was too weak
for anything except books.

I know Dad only loved you, Reda.

That's just what you tell yourself
to feel better.

Not true.


I just disappointed him.


whatever it looked like,
he was never a father to me.

Not like you were, Reda.

I'm here for you now.


I… I need to get this off.

I know how to get rid of that naiad.

What do you think you're doing, Nagat?

Don't worry, doctor,
I know what I have to do.

I'll pierce his ear through,
like Sheikh Salah told him.

I'm telling you that's crazy!


What's happening? Oh, no! I can hear her!

Ahh! I can hear her!

Oh, no, she's coming!

I need help! I'm doomed! I'm doomed!

I think she's calling. Yes, she's calling!

Please, make it stop!
I can't take it! I can't take it!

Pierce my ear before his. I can't take it.

What are you doing, doctor?
Please let me go, doctor!

Let me go! Let me go!

Give me half an hour to solve this.

I know what they're doing,
and I'm going to prove it to you.

And then you'll see everything.

Shh. I'll come back for you soon.

Don't leave me, doctor! Please don't!
I'm begging you! Doctor!

You have no idea
how happy I am Dr. Ismail is here.

All his students are so afraid of him,
but not me, I could see past that.

I know probably seems harsh
to most people,

maybe they need to be more patient.

The list of victims.

Refaat told me that you have it.
May I take a look?

- What do you want? What are you doing?
- Enough lies!

You had that girl posing as the naiad!
I saw her myself! Admit it!

How dare you come and att*ck me
in my own home?


You're the one who's been calling them.
But you can't fool me anymore.

I know what you're up to.

Get out of my house.

Get out of my house now,

or I'll throw the b*llet
through your skull.

I called the police,
and they're on their way.

You won't get away with this.

Tell me the truth.
You're the one who's calling them.

Does he make you do it?

Don't be afraid. I can protect you.

That's impossible.

She's a mute.

She doesn't have a tongue anymore.

Now get out of my house
before you make me a m*rder.

Refaat told me the naiad
is really this woman.

I'm afraid that's not possible.

The girl's a mute,
as per her father Sheikh Salah.

I treated her myself after she lost
her tongue in a vicious att*ck.

Come to think of it,
I still have her file.


Samah Salah. Samah… Hold on.

What's wrong?

Samah Salah Al Tokhi.

The same last name as Tayseer.

Tayseer Salah Al Tokhi.

It never occurred to me
that Sheikh Salah's last name Al Tokhi,

which would mean his son
was summoned, too.

And look at that, same birthday.

What it must feel like to know
your twin brother was a victim.

Or sister.

Who are you?

- Who are you?
- Untie me. I'm begging you.

- What are you doing?
- Please help me. Please!

Help me. Help me. Help me.

What are you doing?

I'll tell him! Okay, I'll tell him.

Tell me what?

I r*ped Sheikh Salah's daughter years ago.

Daughter? What do you mean?

This girl's twin.

But I swear I didn't k*ll her.
I swear I didn't k*ll her.

Her father k*lled her
himself to hide the shame.

She ran to the village,
bleeding and calling for help,

but nobody came to her.

Since then, her ghost has been haunting
the men who didn't help her.

Sheikh Salah cut out
this girl's tongue himself

to keep the truth hidden.

But they can hear her.
I hear her all the time.

I just want to die and get this over with.

No, no!

That can't be right. All of you are lying!


Hello, Raeefa?

- Nagat, what happened?
- Please, untie me, Howaida.

Untie me.

What happened?





Is something the matter?



Nagat, wake up, Nagat.

Hey, you're scaring me.

- Reda!
- Uncle Reda!

- Reda!
- Uncle Reda!

Hey, Reda!

- Howaida!
- Have you seen, Refaat?

He's not in the house?

Dr. Ismail!

Dr. Ismail!

Where's Reda?

Where is he?

What happened?


- May he rest in peace.
- Thank you.

- May he rest in peace.
- Thank you.

Stay strong, doctor.

I wanted to tell you
that Salah was arrested.

The daughter turned him in.

Why don't you give me your research paper?

I should read it over before I write you
a recommendation letter.

That's okay, doctor, it can wait.

It's now problem.

I very much appreciate it.
My condolences again.

- Sorry for your lost.
- Thank you.

- Sorry for your lost.
- Thank you.

For once, I'm actually glad
you can't see what's happening.

For all I know,
you're dreaming of him now.

It's much better that way.

Come here. It's time to say goodbye
to your uncle.

You two be good to your mother now.


Everyone is saying that it was me,
that I'm the one who untied him,

but I never touched the ropes, I swear...

I felt something lift me up
and throw me across the room.

When I looked up, he had vanished.
It was like he was never there.

- Nagat.
- If you don't believe me, ask Howaida.


It was fate.

He had to accept what coming.

Whatever happened,
we have to take care of this children.

I promise to be around more.

What do you think of that, girls?

Looking forward to spending
more time with your uncle?

I'll make sure
to bring candy next time.

Whatever you want.
I love you both very much.

Don't forget that.




I'm so sorry. Please… Please forgive me.

I'm so sorry, please…

I'll take good care of your girls.

I'm truly sorry for all your suffering.

And I'm so sorry for setting
that bon on f*re.

I couldn't find the courage
to tell the truth to you.

I wanted to prove you wrong.

I… I wanted to prove
that I don't discuss problems for you.

It's true, I know,
everything you said about me is true.

Everything was my fault.

I'm just…

I'm so sorry.
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