01x04 - Interlude

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Billy the Kid". Aired: Apr 24, 2022 - current.*
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Epic romantic adventure series based on the life of famous American outlaw Billy the Kid.
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01x04 - Interlude

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Previously on "Billy The Kid"...


please promise me that
you'll never hurt Antrim.

I really hate myself, Billy.
I always have!

You know what they do
to people who...

What is it
you want to be, Billy?

You can't work tables
and play poker forever.

Hey, Jesse, how do you
earn a living?

I do a little cattle rustling.
You wanna come try?


Is he gonna die?
Is my son gonna die?

Your son is suffering
from consumption.

Why don't you come out with us?

And you can make
some real money.

I'll take care of you.

Yah! Yah!

Yah! Yah!

My poor boy.

I'm so sorry
for your loss, Kathleen.

Everything that's happened,
do you think it's been worth it?

- Do we have any choice?
- No.

I don't think we have a choice.

- What is it?
- It's the same disease

that carried away your brother.

I have to go, Billy.
You have to let me.

I've looked in your soul,
and I know how good you are.

I'm really sorry, Billy.
First thing,

you gotta get money.

Come on. Let's get
outta here, Jesse.

Billy, come on!

The Santa Fe ring
run most things

out here in the West, Billy.

I'm investigating
the whole damn system.

They buy judges, they buy anyone
they damn well please.

They get rid of people
who stand in their way.

We find the defendant guilty

and sentenced
to three years in jail.

Shame on you, Judge.

Make a kid pay
for the things I've done?



You're alive.

Who the hell... are you?

My name's Billy Antrim.

Just passing through.
I didn't mean to intrude.

What the hell are you
doin' riding up here?


I just broke outta jail.

That has gotta be...

the best excuse I ever heard
for being anywhere.

What's your name?


That's my name.

Every time I got arrested,
I gave 'em a different name.

And they kept asking,
"Are you using an alias?"

And it made perfect sense
to me to just say,

"Yes. Exactly.

I'm using an alias...
'cause that's my name."

Why'd you get arrested?

I just... don't like the law.

You think I was gonna k*ll you?

If I was, you'd already be d*ad.

I'm just playin'.


So now you're outta jail...

Where you planning on going?

It just so happens
I'm on the move, too.

I was thinking of heading back
into Texas, pick up some work.

If you can rope and ride,

them ranches don't care
about nothin' else.

Maybe you wanna... string along?

You're an outlaw now, boy.
You ain't got a lot of options.


Remember, you ain't
Billy Antrim no more.

Good to see ya.
How ya been?

Same as usual, Mr. Hooker?

Of course.

Evening, sir.

You remember me,
don't you, Mr. Hooker, sir?

'Course I do. Mr. Alias.

I'm always surprised
to see you still at liberty...

which I suppose
is to your credit.

Thank you, sir.

I assume
you're looking for work.

Yes, sir. I am.

As a matter of fact,
I have a young friend with me

who's also in need
of daily sustenance.

Good evening, Mr. Hooker, sir.

My name is William H. Bonney.

Where are you from?

I was raised in Kansas.

My father was a carpenter.

I always had a hankering
to be a cowboy.

I have family in Kansas.

You don't sound
like you come from Kansas.

That's because my family
came here from Ireland, sir.

That right?

They came here as immigrants.

How long have you known
Mr. Alias?

Long enough, sir.

We shared a room together
in Pueblo

when we were
breaking in some horses.

Ever k*lled anyone?

Not yet... sir.

Well, we get plenty of rustlers
stealing my property.

You can't argue with them.

Sometimes, you just
gotta sh**t 'em.

Could you do that?

Sure, I could.

Sing me a song, William Bonney,
if you really are Irish.

I'm not sure about that.

Sure, you are.

What would you like to hear?

Somethin' f*ck' Irish.

♪ One mornin'

♪ Early as I walked forth

♪ By the margin of Loch Leinn

♪ The sunshine dressed
The trees in green ♪

♪ And summer bloomed again

♪ I left the town

♪ And wandered down

♪ Through fields of

♪ Green and gay

♪ And who should I meet

♪ But me colleen sweet

♪ By the dawning of

♪ The day

Well, I guess I got
two new cowboys.

- Well, sir?
- Whiskey.

- Don't mind if I do.
- Double, please.

This one's on me.

Good morning, Billy.



I know.

Git up!




I've been thinking...

Hooker does a bunch
of horse-thieving on the side.

He pays guys like us to do it.

We take all the risk.
He takes all the money.

You ain't satisfied
working for Mr. Hooker?

Billy, Billy...

Only monkeys work
for peanuts, son.

h**ker's made a very
comfortable life for himself.

And I? I want a part of it.

There's a bunch of new horses
up at Camp Grant.

This time, we'll take
the horses without him.

What if he finds out?

Not gonna let me down, are you?

After everything
I've done for you?


We've got three minutes
between guards. In and out.

Come on, Billy. Gotta go!


What can I do for you, boy?

I was hoping you might be able
to put some new shoes on him.

How come a young fellow like you

got such a fine young horse
like this?

- I bought him.
- Who from?

I know all the dealers
around here.

I bought him down in New Mexico.


He was branded.

I heard some horses got stolen
up at Camp Grant.

Did you steal him, boy?
You steal him from the Army?

See, I'm ex-Army myself.

We used to sh**t horse thieves.

And I told you...

I bought him down in New Mexico.

Listen, if you don't want
the business...

Who said I didn't want it?

What's your name?

William H. Bonney.

It's just me.

What are you doing?

Watching you sleep.

Like a baby.


'Cause I'm leaving.



Me and Hooker fell out.

He found out. So I sh*t him.

That's why I'm moving on.

Here's my girl.

Well, well, if it ain't
Mr. William H. Bonney.

I still reckon
you stole that horse.

Hope you folks don't mind
playing with a horse thief!

I told you
I ain't no horse thief.

You! Why don't you shut
your fool mouth?

Or what?

Huh? f*cking darkie?

All right, gentlemen.
Settle down. Settle down.

Come on! Come on!

- Hey! Settle down.
- Hey.

What've you got against me?


Well, then, do as he says.

Shut your mouth.

How about you just
leave this town?

I've got as much a right to be
here as you do, Mr. Cahill.

It's a free country.

You're a horse-thief
and a liar, boy.

Stop it! Stop it!


We all saw.

It wasn't your fault.

You might like
to get outta here.


I need to speak to you.

I k*lled a man.

I didn't mean to.

I had no choice.

I don't know if I can ask
for forgiveness.

Maybe not.

Ma, I know what you'd say.

Can't run away from it.

Can't pretend it never happened.

I have to go back.

Tell the truth.

Face the consequences.

Is that what you think?

My name is William H. Bonney.

I'm here to talk to you
about the death

of Francis P. Cahill,
the blacksmith.

William H. Bonney,
you have been arrested

for the foul m*rder
of the blacksmith

known to us all as Windy Cahill.
How do you plead?

It wasn't m*rder.

It was self-defense.

Mr. Cahill att*cked me.

And somehow,
during the struggle,

I got a hold of the g*n,
and it just went off.

I swear on my mother's grave,
I never meant to k*ll him.

I'm afraid your guilt
is already established,

Mr. Bonney,
due to your previous conviction

for armed robbery in Silver City

and your unlawful escape
from jail.

Ask any of the witnesses
in that saloon,

and you will know the truth.


My family came to America...

on the promise of...

just and fair treatment for all.

And I came back here today...

because I want to believe
that promise.

You are arraigned for trial.

In the meantime,
for the safety of the public,

I order you placed
in the guardhouse

under surveillance until
you are brought to justice.

There he is!

He k*lled Windy! m*rder!

You'll rot in jail, kid!

Hang him, Sheriff!

Hang him, Sheriff!

Billy! Billy!

Hang him, Sheriff!

Leave the prisoner alone, Miss!

You're going to hell, son!

Hang him!

Sir, you can't go any closer.

I'm a certified journalist.

I'm here to see the prisoner.

You're a man of the law.
Surely you aren't intending

to infringe upon the freedom
of the press, are you?

Let me have your g*n.

Mr. Upson. What the hell
are you doing here?

I have ears everywhere, Billy.

Well, it's nice to see
a friendly face.

I had no choice, Mr. Upson.

I would never k*ll
in cold blood.

They wanna try you for m*rder.
They're all corrupt.

They're not interested
in the truth.

I'm not layin' down, Mr. Upson.

I'm gonna find a way outta here.

I don't doubt that for a minute.

But when you do...

you'll have an eye
over your shoulder,

a g*n in your hand.

From here on out,
they'll call you a m*rder.

- I'm no m*rder.
- No.

No. You are a good
and a decent person, Billy.

Wherever you go from here...

never forget that.

Will you do me one thing?

Find Alice at the saloon
and just tell her...

thank you.

This won't be
our last meeting, Mr. Upson.

Damn sure.


I don't need that stuff!
I just need my horse!

Please don't take him!
I'll die out here!

You and your people have taken
all of our lands.

In return, I do not take
your life, only your horse.



Billy. Billy.

- Billy?
- What?


- What?
- Hey.

It's okay, Billy.

Who are you?

My name's Barbara.

Barbara Jones.

How do you know who I am?

I don't understand.

- Where am I?
- New Mexico.

Hey, you're...
you're still pretty sick.

I'm gonna feed you up
and get you well again.



I'm tired.

Then sleep.

So this is Lincoln County.

Just outside Fort Stanton.

This your place?


We just... kinda occupy it.

It was empty.

Who's "we"?

I run with a group called
the Seven River g*ng.

The boys are away,
rustling herds.

That enough for you?

Yeah, I guess.

What am I doing here?

I don't remember much,

apart from the trail
and coyotes, and...

when my horse got stolen.

One of the boys found you
on the trail.

You were flat out,
and like to die, he said,

but recognized you and...

brought you here.

How'd he recognize me?

You don't even know
how famous you are.

There are "Wanted" posters
for you all over the state.

And you don't mind me
being here?

I hang out with outlaws.
I like outlaws.

They're dangerous
but... exciting to be around.

I admire their point of view,
and mostly I share it.

My folks were Calvinists.

Worshippers of the devil.

I couldn't wait...
to escape and be free.

My folks, back in Ireland,
were called...


Against the British.

They couldn't wait
to escape here...

to America.

They wanted to be free, too.

You and I, Billy...

we're part of the same tribe.

How long are your boys
gonna be away?

Another week or so, I guess.

♪ Oh, bury me not

♪ On the lone prairie

♪ Those words came low

♪ And mournfully

♪ From the pallid lips

♪ Of the youth who lay

♪ On his dying bed

♪ At the close of day

♪ I wish to lie

♪ Where a mother's prayers

♪ And a sister's tear

♪ Will linger there

♪ Where friends can come

♪ Weep over me

♪ Oh, bury me not

♪ In the lone prairie

They're back.

Billy, I'm sorry.

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