01x07 - At the House

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Billy the Kid". Aired: Apr 24, 2022 - current.*
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Epic romantic adventure series based on the life of famous American outlaw Billy the Kid.
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01x07 - At the House

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Previously on "Billy The Kid"...

[BILLY] Why are you staring at me?

[PAT] Thought I recognized you, is all.

- [BILLY] What's your name?
- I'm Pat Garrett.

I'm ridin' with a good friend of yours.

[BILLY] Last time I saw Jesse,

things weren't too good between us.

Hello, Jesse.

[JESSE] I'm really
glad to see you, Billy.

We made the papers, boys!

- [g*n]
- [PAT] "A recent sh**t

between the Seven Rivers g*ng
and some of Chisum's cowboys

resulted in the deaths of five men."

Why do you have to rob
and k*ll people like me?

[PAT] Including a lad of .

- [g*n]

You're getting pretty famous now.

Your face is in a lot of
places. People talk about you.

[BILLY] That don't mean nothing to me.

I sure as hell don't want to
be famous for k*lling people.

[JESSE] Boys, allow me
to introduce a very old

friend of mine... Frank Baker.

The plan, boys, is for us to
head on in to Lincoln County.

There's a big player in Lincoln.
His name's Lawrence P. Murphy.

He wants to protect his operation,

and that's where we come in.

And, Billy, we'll make sure

you get the biggest slice of the cake

when it comes time for remuneration.

Wait a minute there.

If people want my services...


... they're gonna have to pay for 'em.


We're setting out for
Lincoln. It's all arranged.

[BILLY] I'll meet you there.

Billy, you came.

[BILLY] I had to. You're
in here 'cause of me.


I'm gonna miss you.






- [MAN] Billy.
- [BILLY] Boys.

[PAT] Hey, Billy!

- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you, too.

[PAT] How'd the rescue mission go?

I got him out. That's all that matters.

Aw, look who's here.

Here he is.

[BILLY] Frank.

Sight for sore eyes.

Hey, Billy, listen.

We got a really good thing going here.

Frank was right.

This guy Murphy, he owns
a big store in Lincoln.

But, uh...

A whole lot more than that.

Yup. I told him about you,

but he's already heard about you.

And he wants a meeting with you.


He's got a couple of
guys working for him

really running the operation there.

It's, uh, Johnny Riley and Jim Dolan.

Couple smart fellas.

They got a company called The House,

and they run it out of Murphy's store.

That's where they all want to meet you.

So when do I get to meet 'em?


[BILLY] Howdy.

[MURPHY] Come in!


- Jesse, Frank.
- [FRANK] Mr. Murphy.

Great to see ya's again.

So, you're Billy the Kid?

Yes, sir, I am.

Well, Billy, I want to
say it is a great honor

to finally meet you in
the flesh. Great honor.

- Why's that?
- "Why's that?" he says.


Because you've a reputation.

From where I'm standing,
it is a great reputation.

You know how to look after yourself.

That's what I'm lookin' for.
I'm lookin' for tough people

who can take on any challenge!

And who aren't afraid to
take on new challenges.

Am I right in saying that, son?

I guess so.

'Course I'm right.

You're an Irishman,

just like me.

Just like my partners here,
Johnny Riley, Jim Dolan.

Say hello, boys.

It's nice to meet you.

Now, Billy, I don't know
what these lads have told you,

but we pay well here
for a job well done.

An important aspect of your work will be

to enforce our business interests.

You may have seen this new store
down at the end of the street.

[DOLAN] This fellow Tunstall,

he's brought in a herd of cattle,

and he's already grabbing
land and hiring cowboys.

[RILEY] And we need that to stop.

You see, what you need to
understand here, Billy...

is that this is my kingdom.


My kingdom.

I founded it, and I
built it up from nothing.

So, I'll be damned if
I'm gonna let a stranger,

let alone some prick
Englishman, take it away from me.

That's not gonna happen.

Not gonna happen.

Not as long as you're around, Billy.

That's for sure, right?

So, here's to a new partnership.

You, Jesse, and your friends

are all welcome additions to The House.

I sincerely hope that
this ongoing partnership

enriches all of us.

Now, here's to ya's.




Hey, Billy.


Jesse. Smell off to you?


[MAN] Hey! What the hell are you doing?



You, uh, know where Mr. Tunstall is?

We'd like to have a word.

Mr. Tunstall is currently
in Santa Fe, buying stock.


This grain smells musty.

Must've got damp.

Everything here is piss poor.

Not like Mr. Murphy's.

[MAN] I can assure you,
sir, that everything here

is of the same quality as that
sold in Mr. Murphy's store.

Don't get smart with me, boy.

[BILLY] Hey.

We're done here.

You tell Mr. Tunstall we'll be back.

So f*cking polite, Billy.

Yup. And you're an ass.

What is that?

[DOLAN] Aw, that's him all right.

That turncoat McSween.

That's probably his new wife.

[RILEY] I just can't
believe he came back.

I thought he was gone forever.

A piano?! Where the f*ck does
he think he is? New Orleans?

I don't think that man's
coming back into town

just to play the piano.





What do you want with me?

[JESSE] Well, we're just checking up.

We heard a man called John Tunstall,

who owns a store in Lincoln,

been collecting grain
notes from farmers.

You sign such a note?


You're breaking your sworn
agreement with Mr. Murphy.

You owe him your grain.

What's he saying?

He's saying Murphy cheats him.

Listen to me, you f*cking Mexican.

[BILLY] Hey, Jesse.

You're gonna honor your
agreement to Mr. Murphy,

the one that you signed...

or we're coming back here.

Nod your f*cking head. You understand?

Come on, Jesse.

- You understand?
- You made your point.




[MURPHY] So why'd you
guys want a meeting?

We think it's about time we tell
you the truth there, Lawrence.

The truth is that The
House is in deep trouble.

This fellow Tunstall,
he's real competition;

he's hurtin' us, and
he's taking our business.

The fact is, we've
plunged deep into debt.

Now, we bought the firm
from you in good faith,

but you gave us no indication
how bad things were gettin'.

We've signed notes for over $ ,

just to keep the business goin'.

And as it stands,

we haven't got a hope in
hell of paying 'em off.

Now, we've heard rumors that
Tunstall has hired McSween,

the lawyer that used to work for you.

Now, if that's true, things just got

a whole lot more difficult for all of us

because the last thing that we need

is the law sniffin' around.

Mm. Listen.

Listen to me.

You both know that I have
friends in high places.

No one is gonna foreclose on us.

No one.

And no one is gonna g*n us.




[FRANK] Well, that looks like

some of Tunstall's boys right there.

That fella right up front
there, that's George Coe.

He's a farmer who
signed up with Tunstall.

[JESSE] What are they doin'
this side of the valley?

I say we go talk to 'em.

- Yah!


- [JESSE] You George Coe?

I am.

And I believe you're Jesse Evans.

What can I do for you?

Well, you can clear
outta here for a start.

I thought this was a free country.

Who told you that, boy?

We don't wanna see you

within five miles of our
cattle or our grain stores.

Or interfering with our farmers.

Yeah, that's right. We know your game.

Mr. Tunstall's got legitimate
business interests here,

and you have no right tryin' to
prevent us from pursuing them.

This says I do.

Is that a thr*at? Are
you threatening us?


What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?

[BILLY] Nobody's threatening anybody.

- What are you gonna do?
- Are they, Jesse?

We're just here to protect
Mr. Murphy's interests

same as you all are doing for your boss.

That's all.

Who are you?

I'm Billy.

Hah! Come on, boys!

- [PAT] Come on!
- Yah!



What's this about?

We hired you boys to send a message

to the people around here because

our business is nowhere near
as healthy as we need it to be.

But Tunstall is still
buying off our farmers

and undercuttin' us.

We need it to stop. Now.

These Mexican farmers
think we won't do anything

about them breakin' our deals.

They think our deals are just
worthless pieces of paper.

I rode up. I spoke to one
of those Mexican farmers

just the other day.

I know, and it made no difference.

They're still intent on
selling the grain to Tunstall.

You need to show them
that we mean business.

That's what we're paying you for.

Do you understand that?

I do, yes, Mr. Riley.

You can trust us.

I knew we understood each other.

Otherwise, I'd be worried
that I'd have to rethink

having hired ya and your
expensive friend, Billy.

Now let's go and join

Mr. Murphy's generous hospitality.



[RILEY] There he is.


Come here.

I would like to
introduce you to my wife.

Honey, this is the fella
I was telling you about.

This is Billy the Kid.

Billy belongs to The House now.

- This is Irene.
- Howdy.

So, you're a cowboy, are you?

Oh, he's an outlaw, baby.

This man's wanted for m*rder.

Well, it sure is nice to
meet such a handsome outlaw.



This is a bit of fun.


Who's that?

[JESSE] Yeah. That's the local sheriff.

District court judge.

What about him?

[JESSE] Colonel. He's from the Fort.

[BILLY] Murphy has important friends.

[DOLAN] Hey, Billy.

Uh, we've, uh, set up a
little fun thing for you to do.

See, everyone here,
they want to see what

you can do with a g*n, hmm?
They've all heard the stories.

Murphy thinks it would be a great idea

for you to give them all a little,

you know, a demonstration.

Yeah? No.


Okay, okay, Billy.


I see you don't
understand how this works.

We're paying you a whole lot of money.

So, if we ask you to do

something small for us in return,

we expect you to do it.

Now come this way.

I don't feel like doing that.

[DOLAN] Come, Jimmy.


Billy... now...

Drink that whiskey and
just remember who you are.

You're special. You're different.

There's no one here in
this room, in this county,

who's got the reputation
that you've got.

So, we need you to show us just
a little of how good you are.

That's all. That's all
we're asking is just

[RAISES VOICE] a little
bit of a demonstration

for all our friends!

You can do that for us, yes?

And if you agree there, Billy,
we got you a little gift, hmm?

It's brand-new.

Very expensive.

We think you're gonna like it.

It's a double action.



[DOLAN] Come on, everyone outside.

We've got a little treat for ya.

Ladies and gentlemen,

our friend Billy here's
gonna demonstrate his gifts

as a g*n and the
reason why we hired him

to protect all of our interests. Yeah?


Come on, Billy!






[g*n CLICKS]








I told you! I told you not to
sell grain to Tunstall, right?

You have a contract with us!

f*cking Mexicans.


He says if he stops selling to Tunstall,

he can't afford to feed his family.

[JESSE] Oh, is that right, Billy?

- What the hell?

What are you doing?

Enough talking. All right?

I warned you. I warned you.
Mr. Murphy wants you to stop

selling grain to Tunstall right now.

Got that?

Otherwise, we're gonna torch your farm,

and we'll run you off the territory.


You got that? [SPITS]

This is my home. I will never leave.

- [g*n]
- [WOMAN] No! No!

- No, no, no!

No, no! Pat, put it away!
Don't sh**t, don't sh**t!



f*ck you!

Billy, these people,
they don't mean anything!

[BILLY] Git up! Hah! Hah!

Hey there, Charlie.

Hey, George.

What brings you up here?

First of all, I wanted to
congratulate you on your marriage.

Manuela's inside if
you want to meet her.

[MANUELA] No, I'm here.

Manuela, meet Mr. George Coe.

He farms with his brother on
the other side of the valley.

- George, meet Mrs. Bowdre.
- It's a pleasure, Mrs. Bowdre.

You can call me Manuela if
you're a friend of Charlie's.

Well, I wish I was here
for a friendly visit,

but I'm here 'cause we got trouble.

I'm talking about the
w*r that's brewing,

the w*r between Murphy and Tunstall.

You really think it will
come to that, George?

Sure looks that way to me.

Yeah, both sides are hirin' g*n.

And Murphy just put
the Seven Rivers g*ng

on his payroll.

Well, okay, Murphy's hiring K*llers.

What's that to me, George?
You work for Tunstall. I don't.

Forgive me.

I'm afraid we're already
involved, Charlie.

Murphy has already started
putting pressures on us farmers.

They're only offering us half
the price now for our cattle.

How can we survive like that?

Would you consider coming in with us?

Maybe if we get enough
g*n, Murphy will back off.

I wouldn't ask you if we
weren't desperate, Charlie.

George, I just can't do it.

We've got a baby on the way.

Riders coming in!

Get up. We got company. Get up.

What can we do for you, gentlemen?

We're sheriff's deputies. Been
sent here by Sheriff Brady.

He wants to talk to a person here

about the recent m*rder
of a Mexican farmer.

- Which person, exactly?
- His name is Pat Garrett.

That's me.

You arresting me?

No. Sheriff Brady just
wants to talk to you.



I'll come with you.

I'll get my horse.

Mr. Garrett?

I'm Sheriff Brady.

I wanna thank you for agreeing
to come in today to talk to me.

Can't say it's exactly
a pleasure, Sheriff.

But I don't mind.

We have witnesses to
say that you were present

when the farmer, Manuel
Garcia, was sh*t and k*lled.

Why were you there?

Major Murphy, our boss...

told me, Jesse Evans, and Billy Antrim

to go up there, try to persuade Garcia,

whatever his name was,
to stop cheating on him.

He'd been double-crossing him

with this English fellow, John Tunstall.

So, why was he sh*t?

We were just trying to persuade him

when suddenly he got angry,

said some stuff in Spanish,
pointed his g*n right at Jesse.

I mean, I had no
alternative but to sh**t him.

Otherwise, he would've k*lled
Jesse. Probably me, too.

So it was self-defense?

What else could it be, Sheriff?

Can I go now?

Unfortunately not.

We have a real large Hispanic
community here in Lincoln,

and they're real riled
up over this sh**ting.

I need to avoid trouble if I can.

You should speak to Mr. Murphy.

You can be sure I'll be talkin' to him.

But in the meantime...

I'm gonna have to lock you up here.

Hope it's only for the one night,

but under the circumstances,

there's really nothing else I can do.



Get me a bottle of whiskey
and some cigars, would you?





George, I'm with you
now, no matter what comes.

Manuela's poor sister.

I never thought this could happen.


- [PRIEST] Amen.
- [ALL] Amen.








You're Billy the Kid?

I am.

You were with the Tunstall boys.

That's right.

This is a friend of
mine, Charlie Bowdre.

Well, it was nice meeting you.

Sorry it was under these circumstances.


John Tunstall is my boss,
and unlike Mr. Murphy,

he's gonna be fair to these people here.

He's not gonna cheat them.
He's not gonna k*ll them.

That's good to hear.


So maybe you'd like
to meet Mr. Tunstall,

and I'm sure he'd like to meet you.

I just came here to pay my respects.

And for what it's worth,
Manuel's k*ller's been arrested.

[GEORGE] You know
that won't do anything.

Murphy's got the law in his pocket.

[CHARLIE] You did something
remarkable today, Billy.

I'd sure like to have you on our side.

Sorry for your loss.

Feelings are running
real high in Lincoln.

I spoke with your friend Saturnino Baca.

Even he says he can't control the anger

over this sh**ting.

If we're not careful, we're
gonna have riots and burnings,

like we had before.

Maybe he goes away for a while.

Gets re-educated, comes back
over to your side as a lawman.

Anything that takes him away
from here but gets him a job.


What about the people here?
What about the Mexicans?

They're screaming for justice.

All right.

This is what you tell 'em.

You tell 'em that he's
been sent to a higher court.

Maybe in Santa Fe or even further away,

but a court that can decide to hang him.

That's what you tell 'em.


[FRANK] Is that Dolan?

- [DOLAN] Gentlemen.
- [FRANK] Mr. Dolan.

Mr. Murphy salutes your actions.

We understand that you
had no other choice.

This farmer... was deliberately
breaking his deal with us.

Now, we warned him.

He didn't listen.

These Mexicans, they need
to learn the American way.

'Cause our word is our bond.

And if we make a deal, we stick to it.

So should they.

Mr. Murphy will take care of Pat.


The Major would like to
give his thanks to you all

for coming out to support his business.

He appreciates it.

So, here are some crates of whiskey

as a sign of his
pleasure and his support.

- [FRANK] Yeah.

[DOLAN] Enjoy.

[BECKWITH] Here you go, boys! Whoo!

[JESSE] Give Mr. Murphy our thanks.

[DOLAN] Oh, he'll get
your message, Jesse.

All right, gents.

[JESSE] Let's fill
your boots, boys. Whoo!

- [DOLAN] Grab a case!
- [MAN] Whoo!

Get over here. Get over
here. Got me more of that.


[JESSE] Yes, sir.

[OLINGER] Life's good now, boys!

[JESSE] There you go, boys!





I didn't get your name
last time you were in.

I need to speak to Tunstall.

He's not here.

Is there anything I can help you with?

Can I tell him who's asking for him?


George Coe told me that
someone in the store

was asking to speak to
Mr. Tunstall yesterday.

I thought it might be you.

Might've been.

Mr. Tunstall's away, but
if you want, you can go

and meet his lawyer, Mr. McSween.

And he can give you a good account

of what's actually
happening here in Lincoln.

What is actually happening
here in Lincoln, Charlie?

'Cause everybody around here

seems to have their own angle on it.

What's yours?

Well, I think we're on
the verge of a big w*r...

a w*r between Murphy and Tunstall.

And as far as I can
see, one side is right,

and the other side is plain wrong.

If I agree to meet with McSween,

it has to be in secret.

No one can know about it.

You can tell McSween...
it's just a friendly visit.

I'm not ready to commit to anything.

I still work for Murphy.

I've got friends in that camp.

They're dangerous people, Charlie.

More dangerous than you know.





Hey there, Irene. Come to join in?

[IRENE] If you'll have me, Sam.

[SAM] Have a seat.

Good evening, gentlemen.

- [MAN ] Señorita.
- Ma'am.

- [MAN ] Ma'am.
- [MAN ] Irene.


It's Billy the Kid, isn't it?

Yes, ma'am.

Do not call me that.

It makes me feel old, and I am not old.

I didn't mean to suggest you were.

I'm really so happy to see you, Billy.

[SAM] Wanna to start a new game?

[IRENE] Oh, no. You go on. I'll watch.

Here's to you, Billy.

Well, I really should be going.

- Gentlemen.
- [IRENE] Oh, no. Don't go.


Walk me home later?

I'll walk you home, Irene.

Good night.

Deal me in, Sam.

Thanks for the game, Sam.







- Charlie, who is that?

Her name is
SeñoritaDulcinea del Tobosco.

She comes from one of the
richest Mexican families

in the territory.

They have a ranch outside Lincoln.





You must be Billy.

I'm Alex McSween.

A great pleasure to meet you.

And you.


I'm sure Charlie's told you something

about what's happening here in Lincoln.

I'm now the lawyer
for Mr. John Tunstall.

Not so long ago, I was
persuaded to leave Santa Fe

to act as the lawyer for
Major Lawrence Murphy.

Unfortunately, I soon discovered

that Murphy himself was a crook.

And that, I believe,

is the same situation
you yourself now face.

I have a feeling, a strong feeling...

that after tonight, your
whole life will change.

And it will change for the
better. Believe me, I know,

for this is the time and place

you have waited for all your life,

only you never knew it.



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