02x12 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Have Made

Episode transcripts for the 2014 TV show "Signed, Sealed, Delivered". Aired: April 2014 to June 2014.
An eccentric group of postal detectives work to solve the mysteries behind undeliverable letters and packages from the past, often managing to get them to the right destination just when they are needed most.
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02x12 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Vows We Have Made

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Shakespeare once wrote

that we are all actors

strutting and fretting
on a stage

until our part is played.

[mother] Come on, come on.

[brakes screeching]

[Oliver] Of course,
Shakespeare was a playwright.

A doctor
mi ght compare the world

to a vast waiting room

into which we humans bring
as much hope as we can carry.

[mother] He was fine.

- Allergies?
- No.

Did he h*t his head?

[mother] I don't think so.


Oh, baby...

[Oliver] A farmer may see us

as seeds in a field
awaiting the harvest.

Or to sea captains,

we are a universe of ships
seeking safe harbor.

Do you have any family
who can help you through this?

It's just been the two of us.

Who's Ferd?



The nurse found this
in his pocket.



Fred is Owen's best friend.

Well, that's somebody,
isn't it?

[mother] His name
is John Marx. M-A-R...

He'd remember Fred.

No. No, my son is Owen.

Fred is...

Fine. What is...

what is that address?

They sell stamps
in the gift shop,

and there's a mailbox outside.

[Oliver] But to
a postal worker like me,

I believe that we are all,
in some way, living letters,

unique souls slipped into
fr agile human envelopes,

stamped by our Creator,

and sent into the world
with a story only we can share.

Even when we are missing
a stamp or two.

Like the mail,

we are sometimes mishandled,


even lost along the way.

And yet,

what is written on our hearts
can never truly be lost...

and will, somehow,

some way, someday,

be delivered.

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ It's all good
and gettin' even better ♪

♪ Blue skies ♪

♪ Only sunny weather ♪

♪ It's a perfect day ♪

♪ Ain't nothin' wrong ♪

♪ 'Cause everything's alright ♪

♪ It's all good ♪

♪ And when we get together ♪

♪ Why not make it
last forever? ♪

♪ When you got what matters ♪

♪ It's all good
and gettin' even better ♪

♪ Don't need
to make a million ♪


♪ Don't need
to rule the world... ♪

Good morning, you two.

How are you two today?

Considering all that
we two have to do today,

we two are good.

"Good," of course,

being an evaluation
of character and well-being,

and "well" being

a characterization
of a state of being.

We're fine, Hazel.

- Excited for Saturday.
- Oh, me too.

I have a question
about the wedding.

[Shane] Oh. Well,
you'll have to keep up.

We're interviewing
for the temp position today,

and we're running late.

[Norman] Our colleagues
are getting married on Saturday,

so you'll be assisting
Miss Haywith Dorman and myself

while our co-workers
are on their honeymoon.

So this is you?

The d*ad Letter guys?

We're an elite task force

with wide powers
of postal discretion.

Some people call us
"The Postables".



It's kind of sticky.

[sniffs] Kind of smells
like leftover breakfast.


You know, I think we have

everything we need
right here on your resume,

so we will be in touch.

We'll be in touch.

All right.

- Oh!
- Hello.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Or goodbye.



That was Phoenix Fink.

He's a no.

Oh. Well...

I'm sure our other applicants
will be more impressive, hmm?

Uh, there are only two.

Not everyone appreciates

the glamor and mystery
of our work, Oliver.

There are only
two applications?

Mm-hmm. Just Phoenix
and a Charley somebody,

who's coming in at : .

But that gives us time
to show you our house at lunch.

Oh, I can't wait.

Oh, and Rita and I
have our last fittings at : .

Ah, then we should get busy.

I believe today we address
the horribly ripped and m*nled.

And sticky.

Oh, these are from

the food truck mishap
that happened last week.

A bucket of syrup
fell off a Waffle Wagon

that ran over
the bag of d*ad letters

that fell off of a postal van
on the way to the DLO.

And now they're all
glued together.

Hence the aroma of breakfast.

Oh, it looks as though
someone less skilled than we

attempted to separate them

and ripped this one off the top.

That was Phoenix.

And now we're left with
just a few letters and numbers,

and then the rest of the address
is, well, stuck to this.

Oh, well. It is a start,
assuming it can be detached.

Norman, any thoughts?

Well, I have been developing
a special separating solution

for paper preservation.

But it's still
in its experimental stages.

It might be too soon.

Norman, from what
I can perceive,

a child's drawing
is cemented in this envelope.

And we cannot allow
our country's children

to lose faith in
the United States Postal System.

So? Shane, Ovilear?

What do you think?

Love it.

It's just so...

Rita and Norman.

Isn't it?

Don't you just love
the breakfast nook?

Love the nook.

And the guest room
can be a nursery someday.


It is the perfect
starter home, yes?

So are you going
to make an offer?

Yeah. We just wanted
your blessing.

Oh, and your dad's, of course.

[Rita] What do you think,
Mr. O'Toole?

Solid bones,

copper plumbing,

new electrical...

I say go for it.



[Joe] Big week, huh?

A house, a wedding...

and we finally
get to meet your mother.

Well, two out of three
isn't bad.

[Joe laughs]

Hey, everybody gets
the "meet the in-laws" jitters.

But if she's anything like you,
it'll be easy.

Yeah, she's not.

We do wear the same size shoe.

And we share...

Nope, just the shoe size.

[Joe laughs]
Don't worry.

We'll take good care of her,
won't we, Oliver?

You know, I'm not sure

this mailbox
meets postal regulations.

Dad, may I borrow
your tape measure?

Her flight gets in tomorrow.

Dinner is at : ,

and I've scheduled my meltdown
for : .

I wouldn't miss it.

[Rita] We did it!

We put in an offer.

And they accepted!

[Ramon] Right over the phone!

Right over the phone.

We bought a house.

We bought a house!

Norman, will you be all right?

I know it's a lot to take in.

A house, down payment,
-day escrow.

But I am getting married
in four days,

and I need my best man to be...

well, at his best.

Yeah. Oh, no problem.

I've got your checklist
right here.

Oh, let's see.

Tuxedo, check.

Ring, check.

Wedding license, check.

Wedding gift for...


I thought people give us gifts.

And you give each other one.

It's basic wedding etiquette.

I read that

in "The Best Man's Guide
to Basic Wedding Etiquette."

- Oh, I see.
- Yeah.

What should I get?


Well, pearls are
always in good taste.

But something simple,

you know,
something that lasts forever.



Yeah, you know,

something that she'll have
at your th anniversary.

Our th.



That's about years
longer than my mortgage.


I've got to admit,

Ramon found the perfect place
for the two of you.


Or maybe...

the three of you?

Did you take the test?

I did, yeah.

And I'm not.


I thought maybe I was

because I was craving


But I think I just like
peanut butter and mayonnaise.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Actually, it's not okay,

but the more I think about it
not being okay,

the more I think
something is not okay.

Which I know
in my heart will be okay.

It's just that I'm--

Disappointed again.



well, you hang in there
and you do what?

Trust the timing.





Can I help you?

I'm waiting for Shane.

Well, she's still at work.

I'm Joseph O'Toole--

I'm Sharon McInerney,

and our children
are getting married.

No kidding.

You didn't know?

No. I mean, I mean,
you're Shane's mother.

Didn't I just say that?


It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm sorry you had
to wait out here like this,

but I think Shane's
expecting you tomorrow.

Yes, she is.



So did it work?

Well, Norman managed

to separate the address
from the syrup,

but it's still
too syrup-damaged to read.

So all we have of the address
is what's left on the envelope?



John something?

And there's a...


Ugh. It's kind of wet.

Yeah, I soaked the envelope
in the same solution.

[phone rings]

It's your dad.

Hey, Joe.

I was thinking that
if we can dry the envelope

and then separate the letter,
then we could--

[Shane] What?

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

It's an extra day.

Your mother can't be that bad.

No, she's not bad.

She's just peculiar

and opinionated,

and she makes me so...


so, so, so, so...

All right,

perhaps she's not
everyone's cup of tea, but...

She's not even a cup.

She is a kettle of crazy.

She is a laboratory beaker full
of bad chemistry.

She is the Holy Grail of guilt.

And I can only spend
two days with her at a time.

Three, tops.

And now it's four.

Four, Oliver.

That gives her enough time
to reorganize my spice racks,

and refold my laundry,


give my cashmere sweaters
to Goodwill.


It is only four days.

Oh, darling,

you are so cute.

[Norman] Okay, we've got it.

The letter is dry.



would you hold that?

Thank you.

All right...


we have...

a letter and a child's drawing.

"Dere Ferd...

I miss you.

Love from Owen."


- Fred?
- Fred.

[Oliver] Let's see.

"Dear John,

It's been two years
since Fred left us

and went to live
with all of you.

It's always meant
so much to Owen

to know that his friend
was still out there

on the lawn with you.

He's such a happy
little seven-year-old,

and I'm so proud to be his mom.

Anyway, tonight,
he just suddenly collapsed...


and now I'm here with him
at Rocky Canyon in the ICU.

And they think he has...


He's so afraid,

and he's asking to see Fred.

If there's any way
you can track him down

and bring him
to the hospital...

then no matter what happens,

I know he'll find some peace.


I think she signs it

The rest is gone.

So we know
the letter's addressed to John,

but without a last name,

it's useless.

All we know is
delayed due to missing postage.

By the time it arrived,

John Whoever
didn't live there anymore,

so it was returned to sender.

That is the letter's directive.

And it must be honored.

So it goes back into the mail.

And the cycle continues

until it's classified
as a d*ad letter.

So we have no idea
how long it was in the system.

It doesn't matter how long.

If this boy
has managed to survive,

he's still waiting

for someone he loves
to come back, and...

We don't know
how much time he has.


[Shane] Then we'd better
get started.

Okay, thank you.

The charge nurse

doesn't remember
any pediatric patients

with the name of Owen
in the past few weeks.

Now, if you want me
to dig back a little further,

I may have to break through
a firewall or two.

Well, what else could we do?

Well, we'll have to focus on
what we have so far.

A partial address.

Very partial.

Yeah, well, first name J-O-H.

That's John.

Second line,
S-T-A something.

Third line,
Something-T Street.

And zip code has

something- -something--

I really had hoped
this letter would yield more.


Oh, what about Owen's drawing?

Oh! Oh.

Eight years ago,

I read a fascinating article

on page
of "Postal Family Monthly"

about hidden messages
in your child's artwork.

It was called
"Secrets of the Crayon".

They said children

like to draw themselves
beside their heroes,

like Superman,

or Captain America or...

Super Fred?


What about "Fearless Fred"?

There's two "F"s on his hat.

And what is this?

[Rita] A sword?
Maybe a magic wand?

A snake?

It's kind of wriggly.

But it has sparks
flying out of it.

[Shane] Mm-hmm.

[Norman] A magic snake?

[Hazel] Excuse me.

There's a Charley Reddick

here to interview
for the temp job.

And she's...

well, I wouldn't
keep her waiting.


Her? She?

[Hazel] You can fill this out.

Sitting down,
or standing up.

- This as well.
- Okay, yes, thank you.


Look at her.

How temporary
does she think this job is?

Norman, there are
certain rules

about what we can say
in the workplace.

No personal questions
about marital status

or parental status or--

I'm just supposed to ignore
the fact that she's--


How is she going to sort all
of the oversized internationals

from the domestics,

or carry the bulk mail
up to Expediting?


It's a new world, Norman.


Whatever you do,
just don't say "baby".

Hi, I'm Rita.

I hope it's okay
that I applied.

I saw the notice on the board

and I thought,
"Well, what am I waiting for?"

I've got a pretty good idea.

Just ignore it.

So, Charley,

let's just skedaddle on over
to Norman's office,

and we can look over
your application.


Oh! Ow!

- Oh!
- Ow!



How am I supposed
to ignore that?

Now, Denver General
is only a mile away.

Don't take Speer,
take Alameda.

Well, maybe you should do this.
I just bought a house.

I don't think my heart
can handle any more today.

- Just keep breathing.
- [Norman] Okay.

Not you. Her!

[Norman screaming]

Did she get the job?



What about this
for Rita's maid of honor gift?


It's a silver owl necklace

with two little sapphires
for eyes.

What are you doing here?

Here, here?

Or here in Colorado
a day early--

because that's a longer story,

and I don't want to take you
away from your work, and...

How do you get any work done

in those shoes
on these cement floors?

That's my mother.

Mrs. McInerney.
I'm so pleased to meet you.

I'm Oliver.

The Oliver
that's marrying my daughter?

Oh, who else, Mother?

He's not the only Oliver
in the world.

Yes, I am indeed
Shane's fiancé.

I would be honored

to give you a tour
of our inner sanctum.

Then lead on, MacDuff.

Ah. Shane didn't tell me
you were a lover of Shakespeare.


Shane didn't mention
you were so...


whatever this is.

When she started vacuuming
your Venetian blinds,

I thought maybe
I'd bring her to you.


She just had Braxton-Hicks.


That's a terrible name
for a baby.

No, Braxton-Hicks
are when you have contractions

that make you think
you're going into labor,

but you're not.

Aren't we breaking
some labor laws

just by being here?

Well, there's nothing
in the rules

about where to have
the interview.

I grew up loving the mail.

The postal service
is in my blood,

and my great-grandfather

rode the U.S. mail mules
down the Grand Canyon.


That was my winning question

at the Miss Special Delivery

You're Miss Special Delivery?

[Norman] Mm-hmm.

Well, that was some time ago.

I used to dream
about doing that.

But then I ended up
with a husband for a while,

and things got...

Well, they got complicated.

If you're wondering
if I can do the job,

this won't be a problem.


Yeah, Little You Know Who.


Charley, of all
the people that applied,

you seem to be the most...



since you're not actually
expected to deliver your...


Uh, little parcel post.

For a few weeks or so,

well, Shane and Oliver
should be back by then,

so let's just make it official.

You can start
training tomorrow.

Oh, that's great.

Thank you.

[Norman] Welcome aboard.

And if you need any help
getting on board...

Okay, Norman.

Yeah, okay.

[Oliver] And we process
thousands of letters a year.

But we treat each one
with a certain reverence,

and we believe each one
has its own destiny.


[Oliver] Now, let's see.

We've been to Sorting, Pending,

the Unattached Objects alcove,

Norman's laboratory,

my collection
of antique letter openers...

Very impressive.

Oh, and we were
awarded these

after a particularly
difficult case

in which we happily averted
a homicide by--

[Sharon] Shanie?

Remember when you got
that best actress trophy

in the tenth grade for...

uh, what was it?

"Much Ado About Nothing,"

which you love to make
much ado about.

Well, you were brilliant.

Oliver, I broke the firewall.

The hospital records
go back seven years.

I could run a search
for the name "Owen,"

but it might take a few days,

and we could be
on our honeymoon by then.

Well, we cannot
allow that to happen.

Any particular reason, Mother,

that you decided
to come on Wednesday

instead of Thursday?


I realized we'd be so busy

that I wouldn't get a chance

to really get to know Oliver
in his natural habitat.

Well, I had a nice dinner party
planned for tomorrow night.

But now I haven't had
a chance to go shopping,

so there's nothing
in the refrigerator.

I saw.

But I'll just get into
that very busy pantry of yours

and rustle something up.

Tell you what.

I have got
some great steaks at home,

and I can stop and get
some shrimp and some corn,

and we can barbecue
in your backyard.

I don't have a barbecue.

I will bring one.

What's this?

That is our current assignment.

It's actually confidential,

very sensitive...

Postal Privacy Code - - .

You know...

my mother actually taught
first grade for a long time.

Maybe she can help.

Why don't you show her
Owen's picture?


uh, yes.

Yes, it's right...


A little boy and a fireman?

I'm sorry, what?

We think a little boy

drew a picture of
his best friend as a superhero,

like Fearless Fred.

Or Fireman Fred.

See? He's holding a hose.


we actually believe
that's a magic sword

or possibly a magic snake.

No, no.

He's sh**ting water
out of the f*re hose

at the f*re right here.

See the orange scribbles?

I know what a child thinks
a firefighter looks like.

Fred's a firefighter.

And right here,

the mother says,

"Owen was always so proud

to know that his friend was
out there on the line with him."


Not "lawn"?

Firefighters fight fires
on f*re lines, not f*re lawns.

Fair point.

It's difficult to make out,
covered with all that syrup.

[Sharon] Thought it smelled
a little like breakfast.

Well, good thing
I came a day early.

Anything else I can help you
with around here?

Actually, I could use
some help with those steaks.

Well, all right.

Where do you stand
on marinades?

I have deeply-held thoughts
about marinades.

[Joe] I imagine you do.

Um, when you said your mother
was an English teacher,

I thought, ah, a kindred spirit,

but I'm having a bit of trouble
keeping up with her.

Maybe more than
just a little bit.

I warned you.

She's a handful.

Sometimes, it's worth it.

Ah, for example?

I can't believe
I am about to say this,


I agree with my mother.

I think Fred is a firefighter.

So do I.

What frightened little boy

wouldn't want someone like that

to come save him

when everything's
burning down around him?

[Rita] So now we're looking
for a firefighter named Fred.

The letter was written
about a Fred,

but it was sent to someone
named John.

What if he was
a firefighter, too?

Maybe that's
who we should be looking for.

Oh, finding all the Freds
and Johns

and matching one to Owen...

well, that will definitely
cut into your honeymoon.

Yeah, I know.

And Oliver won't rest
until this is solved.

But that's what
we love about him.

He takes every letter
so personally.

Do you two have children?

Uh, soon, maybe.

We're really hoping
for soon, but...

Well, Oliver likes to say,
"Trust the timing."

Oliver says all sorts
of things, doesn't he?

Oliver's a wonderful man.

You'll see,
once you get to know him.


Oh, thank you.

We used to have roses like that

in the house
where Shane grew up.


Yes, I know.

Rosaceae rosa xanthina.

She always talks about
how much she loved them,

so I planted them for her.

That was very sweet of you.

Yes, well, I have
an affinity for the past

that Shane's emphasis
on the current

might typically preclude,

but I suspect in some cases,

such as a living reminder
of her ancestral home,

she might still hold
a tender thought.

I just want to make her happy.

How did you two ever...

I mean, I've never seen

anyone wear a suit
and pocket watch to a barbecue.

Oh, thank you.

Yes, it was my grandfather's.

I wind it every morning,
and it has never failed me.

Shane has tried to convert me,


to one of those
digital timepieces

that require nightly charging,

but perhaps
I'm a little old-fashioned.


[Oliver chuckles]

Do you know why?


Why you seem
to identify so much

with things of the past?

Your dad seems comfortable
here in the st century.

Oh, well, he...


We should get these started.

[Joe] Four to five minutes
on the first side

till it's slightly charred.

[Norman] Slightly charred.

[Ramon] Hello, everybody!

- Ramon!
- Hello.

My grandmother's
jalapeño mole surprise.

How does a little boy become
friends with a firefighter?

Perhaps he was a neighbor

or he put a f*re
out at his house?

You know, this is
a complicated one.

Perhaps we should move
the rehearsal to Friday?

Well, the minister
is only available on Thursday.


[Joe] You know,

firefighters are
a very tight-knit family.

I bet if we found a firefighter
that's been around a while,

he might know a Fred or two.

Or at least be able to send you
in the right direction.

Oh, Norman.

I bet you have a cousin
in the f*re department.

Let me think.


How many cousins
does he have?


Oh, Theo.

Yeah. He's a firefighter
at a station in Arvada.


That's the "S-T-A"
on the envelope.

Owen's mother must have sent
the letter to a f*re station.

We should head over to Theo's
first thing in the morning.

Or we could even go tonight.

Or first thing in the morning.

Is there...

is there something
going on with you?

What do you mean?

Well, you just seem
awfully preoccupied recently.

Is it the wedding
or my mother?

Oh, no.
She's lovely.

And so interested
in getting to know me.


Well, that's a good thing,
isn't it?

Of course.

There's just a great deal

to accomplish
before our wedding.

Like the rehearsal that
you were willing to postpone?


I just think it would be nice

not to have any outstanding work
on our desks

so we can relax
on our honeymoon.

Oh, I'm counting on relaxing.

We are going to find Fred.

I just know it.

So Oliver was married before?


It was probably

the only spontaneous thing
Oliver's ever done.

And it didn't
last very long.

She just wasn't...

you know, postal enough.

But he and Shane
are made for each other.

Oh, that's good.


Because marriage is hard.

It's been pretty easy
so far with me and Norman,

but we were friends
for a long time first.

A long time.

Yeah, next time,
I'll do it right.

I was just too young
to be a wife.

And now, being alone

with this one due
in two and a half weeks

and the rent due in two,

it's getting pretty obvious

that I'm not in a good place

to be a mother
right now, either.

So I was thinking that...

I mean...

I want this little girl.

I really do.

But I also want her
to have a chance, you know.



So when she's born,

I'm going to put her up
for adoption.


How'd you like to be the guy

that gets to ride
in one of these bad boys?

Not if it meant
going to a f*re.

Oh, you never dreamed
of being a firefighter, Oliver?


I always wanted to be...

well, this.

[Theo] Norman.

What's up?

Oh, hey, Theo.

These are my colleagues,
Oliver and Shane.

Sorry to be dragging you
away from your forest fires.

Well, none today so far.

Whatcha got?

Oh, we received a letter

from the mother
of a little boy named Owen.

She is searching
for Owen's best friend,

whom we believe may be
a firefighter named Fred.


He looks like this.

Sort of.

[Theo chuckles]

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Fred was with us here
at the station for a while.

You know him?

Well, knew him.


there's a picture of him...

here we go...

at a retirement party
a few years ago.

We've got Bob, Cameron,
Susie, Chris, and Fred.

Uh, five names
but four people?

Four people,
and one Fred.

[Shane] That's Fred?

[Norman] Well, the likeness
is very good.

[Shane laughs]

We thought
he was a firefighter.

Well, he was, in a way.

Do you remember
that big Peak to Peak f*re?

They pulled in f*re crews
from all over the state

to fight that.

So the story goes,

this five-year-old boy,

who always wanted to become
a fireman,

took his favorite toy
to one of the stations,

and I guess he gave it
to the crew

to carry on the truck
for company.

That little boy...

do you know
where we could find him?

I don't think anyone
would know that anymore.

Fred was passed around
from station to station

and f*re to f*re until...

well, until we took him
on an arson call

in Roosevelt National Forest.

We lost control.

We had to pull back
really fast,

leaving everything behind.

We went back
looking for Fred,

but the f*re
was declared a crime scene,

so we weren't allowed
in the area.

Probably wouldn't have mattered.

It was a bad one.

What was the station
Fred came from before this one?

Oh, let me think.

We got Fred from Station
out in Broomfield.

I guess we could just
keep following Fred backwards

until we arrive at Owen.

Sounds like a lot of work.

Well, one way or the other,

this letter
is being returned to sender.

But not Fred.



I don't know.

What's the post office
have to do

with an old arson case?

Happily, we won't burden you

with the complexities
of such a story,

but I assure you,

as a federal task force,

we possess the authority

to employ any means necessary
to complete our investigation.

Good luck.

This could take forever.

Well, look for the boxes
over near the perimeter,

where the f*re trucks
would have been.

Norman. Shane.

Say hello to Fred.

He made it through the f*re.

Oh, me of little faith.

The Peak to Peak f*re
was ten years ago.

That's a lot of firefighters
to interview since then.

Yes, I understand.

- But nevertheless--
- Look at this.

I thought that was
just crystallized syrup,

but underneath,
that looks like handwriting.

Huh. I believe it is.


Oh, what about your old batch
of revelation solution?

Oh, that's in my lab.

[Rita] Oh.

Right. We're going
to get you home, Fred.

Oliver, I think
we need to face something.

Two years
after Owen gave Fred away,

he was diagnosed with leukemia.

That's just a long time

to expect a little boy
to survive something--

I'm sorry.

We are not
medical professionals,

nor are we fortune-tellers.

We can only do what we do well,

efficiently, expediently.


Of course...

Mr. O'Toole.


- Oliver--
- [phone rings]

Hey, Joe.

Oh, no.

No, that's...

that's okay.

Yep. No, I will...

I will meet you there.


All right.
Thank you.

That was your father.

He is on
mother of the bride patrol,

and, apparently,
she has some new ideas.


how about you go
to Station ,

and I will take
my lunch break early.


If that's all right with you.

Shane, I am sorry.

- Please.
- It's fine.

I just...

- I am--
- I said it's fine.

Just don't forget

that the rehearsal
is at : p.m. tonight.

It should be sort of up there.

[Joe] High?



And four standing...


- Posts?
- Pillars.



And creating a kind of a...

A bower?

A bower...

Like a gazebo?

Could you be referring to
the traditional Hebrew chuppah?

There you go.

Mother, we're not Jewish.

And how is that my fault?

And canopies are very symbolic.

They create a sacred space
for the bride and groom

that the rest of us can't enter.

Oh, that sounds really good
right about now.

You know, I've seen
many beautiful weddings

of all faiths

take place under a canopy.

Something like this, perhaps?


Joseph and I
could whip together

a beautiful tabernacle of love
in a few hours.

[Joe] This is
quite nice, Ramon.

[Ramon] Thank you.

I once worked
as an architect's assistant

to Francesco Catalan,

the greatest designer
of urgent care facilities

in Barcelona.

Of course you did.

[Sharon] I love it.

Now, about those candles...

I give up.

Yes, I see what you mean.

You okay?

Thank you.

This wedding isn't big enough
for the both of us.

Maybe not.

But your mom,

she's been imagining this day
her whole life,

just like you.

She's just trying find a way
to be part of it.

But she's only been here a day,

and she's already building
a gazebo in the sanctuary.

[Joe chuckles]

Well, I'm no expert,

but if a gazebo
is the worst of it,

you got off easy.

Fair enough.

Now, if you could just
explain Oliver to me.

What's going on?

We found Fred.

He was a stuffed toy.

A toy?

Sort of a firefighter's mascot.

Owen gave him away years ago.


suddenly, Oliver just seems
far more interested

in reuniting a boy
with his stuffed action figure

than he is in getting married.

Honey, you know
that's not true.

He says he just wants
to clear off his desk

before the wedding, but...

Maybe he needs to clear off
more than a letter.

I'll tell you what.

I'm going to go build a gazebo

for my two favorite people
in the world.

You go find your future husband

and ask him
about Dumbarton Oaks.

Dumbarton Oaks?

Oh, Captain, hi.

My name's Oliver O'Toole.

I'm from
the U.S. Postal Service...

Oliver O'Toole, I'm from
the U.S. Postal Service...

You ever remember
seeing this doll...

Pardon me.

Hi, I'm Oliver O'Toole.

I'm from the United States
Postal Service,

and I was wondering
if you had a moment to--

It's Fred.

Good to see
this little guy again.

It would mean the world to Owen
if we could get Fred back home.

I don't know where he started.

I don't think
anybody knows anymore.


Charley said that?


You know, Norman,

we've been so worried
about getting pregnant

that we've forgotten

that it's really
about being parents.

I mean, and we're ready, right?


And then this happens.

It sort of feels like a...

like a miracle.

I thought getting through
the next three weeks

without using the word "baby"

would be a miracle.


She needs good parents, and...

we're ready to start a family.

- Wow.
- Yeah.


I thought we had a rehearsal.

I canceled it.


Well, it's really
not that complicated.

I mean, you stand there.

Rita and Norman
will walk down the aisle.

I don't understand.


we don't need a rehearsal
for the wedding.

We need one for the marriage.

I can't...

I can't stand here
on Saturday wondering what...

what happened with us today.

You're not sharing with me
what's going on with you,

and if you can't do that today,

how can you share
your life with me?

How can I share mine with you?

Who or what is Dumbarton Oaks?

It's a...

museum in Washington, D.C.

They have an astounding library

of medieval, Latin,
and Old English texts.

Why would your dad tell me
to ask you about it?

As you know,
my mother left my dad and me.

But actually...

she left us twice.

The first time

was after a fight my parents had
when I was eight.

But she came back
for a while...

and she brought me
a stuffed bear.

She said his name
was Dumbarton Oaks,

and she met him in Georgetown
when she was there.

And she thought...

he needed a friend.

Anyway, I loved that bear.

I didn't let him
out of my sight.

But somehow,

I knew she wasn't really back
for good.

I was a kid, so I thought

if I could somehow
just hold on to that bear...

that I could hold on...

Hold on to her.

I kept that bear
on my dresser for years

so she'd know that I loved her.


What happened to Dumbarton?

The day she left us,


I was furious.

And I grabbed him,
took him out to the trash,

but I couldn't do it.

So I took him to church...

and I left him on the altar
right there.

Then I walked out.

And I never looked back.

I can't help feeling


there's something else

that you still need
to leave at the altar.

I just...


why don't we start...

by getting Fred home?

Whatever it takes.

No matter how long.

For better or worse.

What is this?

It's a tabernacle of love.


[Norman] Any minute now.

Norman, I must admit

how very impressed I am
by your scientific skills.

You must have dreamed
of being a scientist

when you were a boy, hmm?

Actually, I wanted
to be a cowboy.

[Oliver] A cowboy?

[Norman] Yeah.

My mother,
my biological mother,

she used to tell me
bedtime stories

about how my father
was just away in Wyoming,

riding horses
and herding cattle,

so I wanted to grow up
to be just like him.


I was going to be
just like my mom.

A cave explorer
and UFO activist.


[Shane] I wanted to teach,
just like my mother.

I wonder if our parents

realize just how much
they shape our dreams.

Uh, well, along those lines,

parenthood-ing and such,

Rita and myself,

I, uh, well...

Charley is planning

to give up her child
for adoption.

So we were thinking--

Very seriously thinking...

[Rita] That those parents
could be...




That is so wonderful!

Have you, uh,
mentioned this to Charley?

Not yet.

But the timing
just seems so amazing.

It will have to be handled
discreetly, of course.


But isn't it fun imagining
a little Postable

running around
the d*ad Letter office,

you know, sorting
and stamping stuff, huh?

[Oliver] Absolutely.


Mrs. McInerney,
what a delightful surprise.

Rita, Norman, good morning.

What brings you
to our workplace, Mother?

Well, I packed two different
mother of the bride dresses,

but not being privy
to what your color scheme is,

I thought
you should pick it out.

One silver, one gold.

Oh, both classic
and traditional.

What's this?

Oh, that is
Fred the Firefighter.

Turns out your assessment
of the child's drawing

was accurate.

You mean I was right?


So did you find the kid?

[Rita] Not yet.

We're working on it.

Well, what is to be will be,

even if it never comes to pass.

Well, we have every intention
it will come to pass.

[Shane] Mother!

You know what?

It's a very small wedding
with no specific color theme,

so wear whatever you want.

Silver, gold...

What's Oliver's favorite color?

[Shane] Oh. Um...


Well, I suppose you have
the rest of your life together

to figure that out, right?

Anyway, I was going to make
dinner tonight

since you're all so busy.

What sounds good?

Clams and a nice red wine,

Clams? Done!

Carry on.

Did I say that

I wanted to be
just like her when I grew up?

Grow up and be ju--

Wait a moment.

Why a firefighter?


Why was Owen fascinated
with firefighters?

Well, maybe he wanted to be one
when he grew up?

Just like his dad.

[Oliver] Very possibly,

except his mother
never mentions a father.

She never writes "we."
She writes "I."

"I am with him.

I know Owen will find peace."

What if Owen took Fred
to the f*re station

because his own father
was about to fight that f*re?

We just have to know
which station.

Any minute now.

I need a Yoo-hoo.

I refilled the refrigerator
this morning.

You only eat clams and red wine
when you're upset.

How do you do it, Norman?

Do what?

You never knew your father.

Your mother abandoned you,
and yet you've become this...

this confident, open,
trusting fellow.

Well, your mother
left you, too.

My point exactly.

Well, I did finally get
a great forever mom.

Forever is hard to come by.

[Rita] Norman, it's working!

I see "Denver" and "Station"

and the number three-something.

, , ?

I'm on it.

Well, you know
the way I see it?

It's not what you've lost.

It's what you've found.

Think of all the great women
who stayed in your life.

My grandmother,
she loves you.

Mrs. Parker Pennington Payne
did provide excellent guidance,

as did my Sunday school teacher,

dear Mrs. Genzinger.

Oh, and your idol,

Theresa Capodiamonte.

She adored you.

And then there's...

well, Shane, of course.

[Oliver, in memory]
Miss McInerney

worked in
Di rect Line Operations,

but a small miracle
brought her to us.

There are no
small miracles, Oliver.

Only big miracles!

They only seem small

because we stand
so far away from them.

[Shane] Oliver,
I found something.

It's from an old
"Denver Post" article.

There was a firefighter
at Station in Park Hill

years ago

named Thomas Owen Walker.

I bet that's it.

I bet Owen has
his father's middle name.

"Despite the destruction
of , acres,

the Peak to Peak f*re
resulted in a single casualty,

Lieutenant Thomas Walker,

whose heroic actions

saved the life
of station captain John Marx,

but resulted
in his own tragic death.


Lieutenant Walker
leaves behind a wife

and a five-year-old son."

Chianti, cabernet...

anything red.


You offered.

[Mrs. Genzinger, in memory]
A Christmas tree...

growing out of a rock...

that sounds miraculous to me.

Funny, I think about that tree
from time to time.

Just out there...

alone in the wind...

holding on to that rock,

just trying to survive.

Or maybe the rock
was holding on to it.

[Shane] Okay. Goodbye.

Well, that was
my mother, of course.

So are you still
in the mood for clams?


I'm sorry.

I was just thinking
of Mrs. Genzinger.

Your Sunday school teacher?

She's known me longer
than any other woman in my life.

I'd forgotten just how much
she'd tried to teach me.

About what?

Oh, when to hold on.

When to let go.

I'm going to hold on.

[Oliver chuckles]

Oh, hey.

Oh, I felt that.


[Rita] Hey, Charley.

How's it going?

Good. Yeah.

I thought I'd get
a head start on the...

What is NIFTS?


"Not intended for the system."

Things that end up here
when they're supposed to be...

somewhere else. Yeah.

We were wondering

if you would like to take
your lunch break with us.

At the Mailbox Grill.

Our treat.

Oh, um...

I'd love to,

but I need to use my lunch hours
to start looking for a new job.

It looks like USPS
is cutting back on temps.

Thank you.

Rain check, maybe?

What are you thinking about?

Well, I don't want to say it

if it's going
to make you unhappy.

We're married, Norman.

We can say anything
to each other.

If her baby
ever needed a family--

tomorrow, next week,
or whenever--

and I knew in my soul

that we were supposed
to be her parents,


well, I believe
that would be a miracle

that we would
have to say yes to.

I agree.

Trust the timing.

But wouldn't it be a mistake
to twist the timing?

What if Charley
isn't our miracle?

What if we're hers?

[Oliver] This is it.

Lieutentant Walker's
old station house.

Someone should
still remember him.

Uh, good afternoon.

We're looking for
the officer on duty.

That's me.

I'm Lieutenant Walker.

Lieutenant Walker?

That's right.

[Oliver] Uh, we're from...

I'm sorry.

Are you Owen's mother?


I wrote this

on Owen's first night
in hospital.

How is he?

He's beaten
the odds so far.

It's getting harder.

How on earth
did you track him down?

We actually thought

we were looking for someone
named John at first.

John Marx.

He was on my husband's crew.

I thought he could help,

except I found out later
he'd retired.

He moved away
and we lost touch.

But I never gave up
trying to track down Fred--

till I saw something on the news

about a f*re
in the National Forest.

They quoted the f*re captain,

saying something about
everybody got out safe

except their mascot...

a stuffed toy named Fred.

I never told Owen, though.


he'd already lost so much.

[Oliver] Forgive me,

but I have to ask.

Becoming a firefighter
after losing your husband,



Owen was determined
to take his dad's place.


Except that wasn't possible.

So I decided to do it.

For the both of them.

It doesn't worry him,

you know, that you're
fighting fires, too?

You know...

we've learned something
about loss

through all of this.

Being afraid
to lose someone someday...

it steals the joy
of having them today.

We've tried everything...

and now there's
one clinical trial left.

And believe it or not,
it starts tomorrow.

This is kind of like a miracle.

Your timing is perfect.

[yard gate opening]


How'd it go
with Firefighter Fred?

[Oliver] Oh. Yeah.

Mission almost accomplished.


Yes. We deliver Fred
to Owen tomorrow.

The same tomorrow

that your wedding
is happening on?

Yes, as a matter of fact.

Mrs. McInerney, may I...

ask why are you
removing Shane's roses?

We need them
for your sacred space.

Give her a chance, Ollie.

You two aren't
so different, you know.

Thank you for your service.

Joe told me

that clams and red wine
are your go-to comfort food.

Are you currently
in need of comfort?

I can't say
I've given it much thought.

Oh, I bet you've put
a lot of thought into it.

How long did you think

before you asked Shane
to marry you?

Hmm. Well, let me think.


It was...

: a.m. on a Monday.

I was standing in line
in front of her--

Good heavens, Oliver.

It was
love at first sight then?

Yes or no?


But I was married.

To a woman
who ran off to Paris

to write terrible poetry,

from what I hear.

It was unremarkable,
the poetry.

The actual leaving was--

Very painful, I imagine.

She left you at
the National Postal Museum,

leaving you holding
the proverbial mailbag

at the Pony Express exhibit.

Shane certainly has...

kept you informed.

I'm her mother.

Come sit.

[Oliver clears his throat]

I'm sure she's had
plenty to say about me, too,

but as much
as we drive each other crazy,

we love each other

and have always
been there for each other.

Just like you and your dad.

We are...

we're close now,

but we were estranged
for nearly years,

I'm afraid.

So he wasn't around
when she left?



who was there
to help you through?

I had my faith.

Faith is good.

Hard to hug, though.

You are a good man, Oliver.

Sensitive, brilliant,

oddly vintage,

grammatically correct,

maddeningly cerebral,

and an incredibly thoughtful
lover of Shakespeare

and mail...

and my beautiful daughter.



you are going to marry her,

and you need
to get your act together

before then

instead of pushing it
all down

with shellfish
and pinot noir.

[clears throat]


I just...

I just...

I don't know what to do.

Well, you begin by doing

the thing
that scares you the most.

All you have to do
is face up to the scary,

and the rest is easy.

You need to heal.

But you don't have
to do it alone.

You have a whole family of
people who love you, dearie.


and that includes me.

Because love is a choice...

and you're a choice
I want to make.



if you want,

I would like to become
the mother you deserve.

What do you say?

[clears throat]

Serve God,

love Shane,

and mend.

"Much Ado About Nothing."

- Are you okay?
- Yes, yes.

- Can I help?
- Thank you.



Charley, we've been thinking.

We are very impressed
with your work.

Oh, thank you.

Maybe you could give me
a recommendation

when I leave.

Well, we talked
to Oliver and Shane,

and we would like to offer
you a job in the DLO.

[Norman] Full-time.

But it feels like...

you would be
giving up something...


because you don't think
you can have both.

Is that right?

Norman and I
have talked it over,



we would like to adopt...


I don't understand.

What if you had a job
and a home and a family

that would love to help you
raise your little...




We just bought a house,

and we could turn
the rumpus room

into an apartment, rent-free.

And we could all
help each other.


It takes a village.

With a basement.

I don't know what to say.

- Say yes.
- Yeah!

- Yes.
- Yes!

- No.
- Oh.

- No?
- No.

Oh, I'm in labor again.


Yes, you've rejoined
the full-time labor force.

And we follow all
the state and federal laws.

No, Norman.

She's in labor-labor.


Baby, baby. Baby.

- Yeah, mm-hmm.
- Oh!

I got you.

[Shane] Hey!

I've made all the calls
for tomorrow.

I've confirmed our tickets
to London Heathrow.

Your tux has arrived.

Is that my bag from Joe? Mm!



I was just trying on
my going-away dress.

What do you think?

Can you believe

that by this time next week,

we will be on our honeymoon,

standing in
the London Museum of Mail,

reveling in the epic archives

of the British
Postal Service.


What are your thoughts on
ballooning over Stockholm?


Oliver, you're...

you're scaring me.

You were right.

Robin Walker's letter...

has awakened...

something in me
I realize I now must face.

When I was little...

I wanted to deliver mail.

As a man, I had to.

I had to...

return to strangers
what was lost.

Because I realized...

that what I'd lost...

I couldn't restore.

Go on.

My mother left me.

My wife left me.

How long will it be
before you--

Oliver, no.

I can't get it
out of my head

that "forever"...

is a promise
not everyone can keep,

especially to me.

Not after they realize
that I'm really--

I'm just--

Just exactly who you are?


Oliver, I'm sorry
your wife left.

And I am so sorry
your mother left.


I'm afraid that
somewhere along the line,

you started believing

that all that leaving
had something to do with you.

They left...

not because
they figured out who you are,

but because they had no clue
who they were.

I know who I am, Oliver.

And I know you.

I know you.

You are the man
that I have loved,

and worked with,

and cried with,

and fought with,

and prayed with,

and prayed for.

I know you.

And I still love you.

I always will,

and I will never leave you.

I will never leave you.

I will never leave you.

I will never leave you.


♪ You asked me ♪

♪ If there'll come a time ♪

♪ When I grow tired of you ♪


♪ Never my love ♪


♪ Never my love ♪


♪ You wonder
if this heart of mine ♪

♪ Will lose
its desire for you ♪


♪ Never my love... ♪

♪ Never my love ♪

♪ Never my love... ♪


♪ What makes you think
love will end ♪

♪ When you know ♪

♪ That my whole life
depends... ♪

♪ On you ♪



♪ Never my love ♪

It's after midnight.

You're seeing the bride
on her wedding day.

And it is
a beautiful sight to behold.

Since it is
our wedding day now,

I have a gift for you.

Do you remember

the last time we saw
Theresa Capodiamonte?

Life is so beautiful.

Don't waste a moment of it.

"Don't waste a moment."

I remember.

Go ahead.


I love it.

I was going
to have it engraved,

but "Trust the timing"
was a bit long.

What about "Forever"?

I'll have it done by noon.

Noon? How?

- Norman has...
- Has a cousin?

Your dad helped me wrap it.


an old friend
helped me find it.



[Shane] You said that

Mrs. Genzinger has known you
longer than anyone.

So I thought

if she was
your Sunday school teacher,

she spent a lot of time
at your church.

So I gave her a call.

Oh, my gosh.

You told me

she wanted you to learn

when to hold on
and when to let go.

Turns out,

you needed to let him go,

and she was wise enough
to hold on to him.

She was the one
who found him at the altar?

Sacred spaces have a way

of turning into
the lost and found.

We're ready.

Owen, your ride is here.

You've got some new friends
you need to meet.

Owen, my name
is Oliver O'Toole.

I understand you're off
to the hospital again, hmm?



we're from the Post Office,

and we've been
looking for you.

And we think you've been
looking for somebody.

Oh, man.

Mom, it's...

Hey, Fred.

Where did you find him?

He was still fighting fires,

like you wanted.

[Oliver] It's a wonderful
gift you gave,

and there are a lot of people

that wanted me to tell you

just how much
Fred has meant to them.

But we thought

they should tell you


your dad was there for us
when we needed him.

So was Fred.

And now we're here for you.

You ready
to fight the good fight?


We got you, Owen.

Good luck to you.

- We got your back, Owen.
- We're here for you.

I'm going to be all puffy
for the ceremony now.

Hey, how long
is the ceremony, anyways?

Because we've got
a baby to shop for

and a nursery to decorate.

Don't worry, Norman.

Ramon said he's going
to take care of everything.


I don't think I've ever
seen you without this on.

To everything
there is a season, Rita.

Thank you for being there
for me through all of them.

I'll see you out there.

I love you.

I love you.

Okay. Go.


- [knocking on door]
- Hi.

Oh, you went with the gold.

Goes with the roses.


if you look this beautiful
in a bathrobe,

I'm guessing

you'll knock 'em d*ad
in your dress.

It has a tricky zipper.

Would you help me
with it, Mom?

Well, they always skimp
on the zippers

because you only wear
the dress once, and...

I would love to.

[classical music playing]

[Ramon] This is for you,
right here.

Yes, it's going to be amazing.

You're welcome. Yes.
No, sit right here.

Ovilear, my friend.

Ramon, I must say,

that is
a magnificent tabernacle.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

- Hi!
- Hi.



You ready?


I know.

Mrs. McInerney,
you look absolutely lovely.

So does your bride.

Have fun up there.

Thank you.

Shall we?

From the Song of Solomon,

"Set me like a seal
ov er your heart,

like a seal on your arm.

For love
is as strong as death.

It burns like a blazing f*re,

like a mighty flame."

[Rita] From Ecclesiastes,

"Two are better than one

because they have

a good reward
for their efforts.

If one falls down,

his companion
can lift him up."

[Rita and Norman]
"When you pass

through the waters,

I will be with you."

[Rita] "I will be with you."

[Norman] "And when you pass
through the rivers..."

[Rita] "And when you pass
through the rivers..."

[Norman] "They will not
overtake you."

[Rita] "They will not
overtake you."

"When you walk
through the f*re..."

"When you walk through
the f*re..."

[Rita and Norman]
"...you will not be b*rned."

Shane Shannon McInerney...

[Shane] Oliver Joseph
Lindley O'Toole...

[Oliver] Will you take me
as your husband?

[Shane] Will you take me

as your fiercely loving
but utterly adoring wife?

[Oliver] Will you accept
this heart I offer

and trust me with yours?

[Shane] Will you
cherish me tenderly,

love me patiently,

and basically put up with me?

[Oliver] Will you forgive
my failings

and overlook my obsession
with the King's English?

Wherever you go, I will go.

And where you stay,
I will stay.

[Shane] "And your people
shall be my people,

and your God, my God."

And will you embrace
my only dream,

which is to make you happy?

Will you trust my heart
to understand yours?

And will you let me love you
with all of my heart?

Will you share every season
of every year ahead,

through rain and snow,

through sleet or sunshine,

even dark of night,

until God parts us?

I will!

I will.

And as a token
of the vows we have made...

And as a symbol
of our love...

[Oliver] With this ring...

[Shane] With this ring...

I thee wed.

I thee wed!



Well, Shane's mom
sure can tango.

That was
the most beautiful wedding

I have ever been to
that I didn't get married at.

- Oh, thank you.
- [Norman] Yeah.

I thought you were going

to change into
your going-away dress.

I was too tired to change.

I may be too tired
to go away.

Oh, Charley named
her baby Eleanor.

Remember Eleanor
from Passports?


She actually always thought

Shane and I
would get together.

[Rita] I miss her.

[Oliver] To absent friends.

[Norman] Oh. So don't forget
to call us

when you land in London.

[Rita] Yes, and text us
lots of pictures.

Oh, I shall.

I mean, well, sorry,
Shane shall.

Oh, my goodness.

[Shane] Oh.

Oh, postmarked, stamped...

Look, the wax seal's intact.

- Huh.
- Huh.

Handwriting indicates
male, s, slight tremor.

Commemorative rose stamp.

Maybe it's a love letter.


[Norman] Hand-mixed ink.

Italian, probably.

And the faintest scent of...



Yak. Oh.


Does that say "Alameda"
and "Alamo" or something?

Oh, there's a zoo
in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Lots of yaks there.

Postmark could be
New Mexico.

The seal seems like

some sort
of family crest, perhaps.

Oh, I have a book

on seals and stamps
of the Southwest

back at the DLO.

It's just a block from here.

What say you,
Miss McInerney?


We've got time,
Mr. O'Toole.

To deliver what is lost,

to redeem
wh at has been forgotten,

to faithfully
bring to completion

the epic journey
of a humble envelope

and whatever dwells
in that sacred space inside,

that is a noble calling.

And it is what we do.

It is what we love.

It is who we are.

And we are, forever,
the Postables.

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