02x19 - Magic Hours

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Gabby Duran & the Unsittables". Aired: October 2019 - present.
Gabby finds herself babysitting extraterrestrial children who are hiding out on Earth and vows to protect their secret.
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02x19 - Magic Hours

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That is why
The Industrial Revolution is very significant

on American and world history.

So, I decided
to make a year-end project

-this time is equal
-I'm so bored.

-with your percent value,
-Good grief. I also.

slides on the Industrial Revolution.
Everyone has one month

-You understand all this?
-to hand it over.

Her voice is so boring,

go into one ear
and out of the other ear.

I think he said we have a big project
the deadline is a month away?

Who knows. I am very tired.

Because the Industrial Revolution was
great collaboration period,

this will be a partner project.

Before anyone asks,
Don't choose your own partner.

I will use this raffle drum

to ensure
Your partnership is completely random.

- Lottery drums?

-Is this a partner project?
-I just said it.

-Can we choose our own partner?

Not. I just said that too.

Hannah and Danny.

-Good grief. We have to be a couple.
-That's highly doubtful, Gabby.

-Drum lottery is a cruel way.
-Hunters and Adam.

Gabby and...


We are partners on a project!

We really love the Industrial Revolution.

Yes, I'm normal like a fish riding a bicycle

Suitable like summer
And popsicle pop

Don't fight it and be genuine

I skated off the line

When I try to stay inside

Not surprisingly, this is a failure

It's okay, I'm second to none


So whenever I feel

Do not understand mankind


I do my job

You did your thing

When we don't match

We stand out in the crowd
And we shout loudly

I do my job

I'm the only one

Don't try to fit in

I do my job

The Industrial Revolution won't know
what happened.

-We're the best duet.
-Move, ketchup and mustard.

Because when we're together, Wes, it's beautiful.

-Miracles can happen.
-No, Gabby.

Miracles don't happen. We're magic.

We are magic!

I have a magic trick for you.

-How long have you been there?
-Why are you stalking us?

The trick starts with you getting C
in Mr. Boyle's history class.

Then abracadabra!

Y'all handed over those ugly slides,
drop your marks to failure,

and make your summer

I'm not sure I understand the trick.

Then who is the magician in this analogy?

Can I wear a high hat?

I mean,
as Mr Boyle's assistant,

my job is to tell you guys

that you should get
a grade of B or above for that slide

or you go to summer school.

Maybe I should also tell
that schools don't pay

for air conditioning in off-season,
so, it gets really hot.

You know what, Susie?

You're just jealous because Wes and I
will be successful in this project.

Like a professional project maker

-Yes agree!

There's no way we could mess this up.



That is fun!

Yes, that Volpie definitely gets slimy.

It feels like every day this month
like a crazy alien adventure.

But somehow,
all day i think there is something

-what did we forget to do?
-You forgot to turn off the stove?

I always do that.

My stove is on all day.

Not. Something more important?

-Mr Boyle's Project!
-Mr Boyle's Project!

-How can we forget?
-I do not know!

I forgot a lot of things!
I forgot to wear shoes today!

Okay! We can work this out.
When is the deadline?

God, Wes, are you all right?

The deadline is tomorrow at . .

Honey, I just wanted to say
good night and i love you.

Goodnight mother. I love you too.

But just to be sure,

You didn't plan on staying up all night
and worrying

ferret that eats
your zucchini garden, right?

No, Mother. Like I said,
there's not much we can do.

I'm sure soon,
he will get bored with the taste of zucchini

and move on with life.

I'm sure you're right.
All right, sleep well.

Goodnight mother.

Six days of zucchini garden
looks like this.

I thought it was the friendly raccoon, Cosmo.

Then I installed a night vision camera

and capture some photos

-Good grief! He's terrible!
-I know.

That's why tonight,
we will win

what a little thief.

So, we spend a month
do great alien things,

instead of our year-end project.

-Everything is fine!
-Of course!

We'll start working hard,
stop alien activities,

and make great slides

which encapsulates the entire Industrial Revolution
in one night!

So true.
'Cause when you and I are together,

-we're magic.
-Yes, right.

So, we will collect
all that is needed

to focus on this project.

Goji fruit for energy.

Essential oil for concentration.

As well as a custom-made track list CD
Get in the Zone Gabby D.

I'm not worried either

because I have a special miracle maker
to help make the magic happen!

What's that?

This is Big Bertha.

I know what you're thinking.
He was past his prime. Ancient.

But I'll tell you, I've done
all these school projects in Bertha Besar

since second grade,

So, if you're going to say
we can't...

It is okay. If you want to use
your old computer, we'll use.

Let's just get started.
We're wasting time!

It's time to focus and work wonders.

We did it, Wes. Perfect project.

The typeface. The transition.

We cram the year
in minute great slides.

It's perfect!

Gosh, it reeks of Goji sweat in here!

Great idea.

Bertha needs to freshen up
after that hard work session.

You know what, Gabby?

No doubt
we will get a perfect score.

You know why?

We are magic!


Hands are too oily!

He looked fine.

Yes. Right.


We only have eight hours
to submit the project later this year

or go to summer school,

and the computer where we store it
soaking wet.

Come on, dear. Hang on.

He's not d*ad, Gabby!
He's just resting his eyes!

Unless you have a genius plan
to open his eyes,

we die!

I have a plan, but no genius.

But desperate.

-I know someone.

Gilbert Finklestonsky!
The best computer expert in town.

He once fixed Bertha.
But I have to warn you

Gilbert is the most annoying human
you've ever met.

Yeah, I can't fix it.

He was damaged by the water!
What are you doing?

Put it in a wooden barrel,

then throw the wooden barrel
from the top of Niagara Falls?

You can't do that

with computer, MP player,
or any electronic device.

We know we can't throw computers
from the falls, Gil.

So, you have no suggestions
to fix Bertha?

You want my advice?

Bury him. He's done.

-Enough, Gilbert.

You've been very helpful.

You're not kidding.

That person is almost as annoying
with... Susie?

Apparently this is a magic fool
in Havensburg.

What are you guys doing this late?

You guys messed up your project
in a ridiculous way

and have to come here to fix it?

-How do you know?
-Absolutely not! What?

Are you the project cop now?
What are you doing here?

I'm here because of a legitimate crisis.

Pesto, my pet ferret,
been missing for more than a week.

I put up pamphlets around town.

Hello? My friends?

If you don't use my services,
I will go.

sorry again,
I can't fix your computer

with your important project
related to the Industrial Revolution.

In that case, okay.
I don't want to stop you.

I hope you can do a miracle
to save your big project

or both of you will enter
summer school.

Abraka, bye.

Get ready for munchies, vermin.

Principal, may I be honest?

I know you and Gabby usually get along
with an "adventure" like this.

But tonight is just about one thing,

catching vegetable-eating creatures
that sucks.

-Of course. I...
-Let me finish.

I do not want
there is a sweet relationship between us.

No moral lessons. No one.

Olivia, can you help me
and see what's in that duffel bag?

Does it look like an item
what people will bring

if they want to get involved
in "sweet relationship"?

I do not think so. So, let me be clear.

I'm here for only one reason,

zoodle. Just that.

Delicious noodles, curly,
and fat free made from zucchini.

Zoodle. Guilt-free pasta.

Guilt-free pasta.
I like it.

We've had a good relationship lately.

You made zucchini. I ate the zucchini.

It's a nice setting.

But something got in the way of that plan

-There he is!
-Not in pen

my watch!

For zood!

-My feet!
-I'll catch him!

My glasses!

I won't miss twice,
veggie destroyer!

I fall.

You just broke my glasses?

Yes, I broke your glasses!
I'll buy new glasses.

Take that dynamite
and throw at that rogue t*rror1st!

- Alien pepper spray!
-Damn! Not!

I can't see! What happened?

The enemy has entered your house.

Yes. I can repair this ancient tool.

Just open it
and take the hard disk.

Yes! Blurt, you beautiful Borg!

It's so late

-and we really need it...
-But I don't want to.

Wait. What?

-For personal reasons to me.

Let me know if you need help.

It's not about the computer, of course.
because I've made it very clear

that I don't want to.

-I think this is the end for us.

I know people always call you
ancient tool.

But I can always see
the light in your eyes.

I will always love you, BB.

What did you say?

"I will always love you, BB"?


What's that?
Why do you call your computer that?

BB. That's his name. Bertha Besar, BB.

I once loved a BB.

Its name is Breakfast Bot.

We do everything together.

I mean, that thing makes me breakfast.

But my breakfast
not the only one created.

It also comes in
to my cold Borg heart.

Then one day,
worst day of my stupid life.

A Belgian crepe stuck
on the waffle waffle BB.

I've tried my best.
But I'm late.


Since that day, I promise

will not operate on the robot
openly again.

It got me thinking about breakfast.

Please accept my condolences.

That's why I can't operate

your old computer.

This is your chance to make up for it.

For BB. your BB.

I will do it.

We can't make noise.

My mother can't catch us red-handed
here like this!

Yes, I know that, Olivia.

Now, just follow my lead,

and this zoo-destroying rat

will soon be caught.


go ahead.

That's good. A little more advanced. Yes.

Yes. Stop!

You're perfect.

Now, lift the net

and when I say, "Zoodle,"
lower the net.




I did it!

Hooray! Fresh Zoodle, here we come!


My mom wakes up.

What's down here?
Now h*t . .


I mean, I just eat
midnight snack.

The one I put on the floor
for a reason.

But it turns out

I'm not really hungry anymore
So, I'll put it back in the fridge.

If you don't want to eat this zool,
then I want.

After all, it's a guilt-free pasta.

Now go to sleep, honey.
Your eyes are very red.

My mom eats Swift as a zool.

My mom eats Swift as a zool!

Kalaxian scalpel.

Reccranial Brace.


Blorgian Shvitz!

-I do not know what it is.
-I'm sweating. Could you help me?

Yes, that's right.

What happened? It's too long!

-I want your friend to calm down.
-Wes, I can handle this.

I have it!

Blurt, you miracle worker!

-Our project is safe!

and we didn't go to summer school.
Magic, honey!

We are magic.

-We came for Blurt!
-You can't just go through the front door?

You owe us a lot.

You and that strange disc in your hand
come with us!


Are you serious?

All right, Wes. Are you ready?

I think so.
Can we discuss the plan again?

We're wearing a Borg jetpack
from the Blurt wardrobe

to throw ourselves
going to space,

find space intruder
who stole Big Bertha's hard drive,

and get our project back
before it has to be submitted.

Then we have to pick up Blurt
because he was kidnapped, right?

Yes of course. We're going to pick up Blurt.

But especially,
we will take our project

-Because I don't want summer school.
-I can't study without air conditioning.

Here we come, Bertha!

Okay. Let's do it.


Wes, I don't think our project is coming back.

Maybe it's time to admit
that we are not magic.

We are tragic.

You're awake?

That Zoodle gives you a stomach ache too?

I want to sleep again.
You should rest too.

I will never


zoodle again.

That ferret could own my garden.
I don't care anymore.

All right then, Olivia.

Good night. Or good morning.
Or whenever this is.

Principal Swift?

Thank you for your help tonight.

I know we said

no "sweet relationship" tonight,
but can i...


All right, Mr. Boyle, first of all,
we want to apologize.

I'm really sorry.

We make
Best Industrial Revolution slides.

Choose the font only
sure to impress you!

But in a truly wild occurrence,

the project was taken from us two hours ago

-and I was thinking...

Listen, if this is about you
submit a different project

than what I received in my inbox
this morning, then the answer is no.

I will judge you from the file
which I received ten minutes ago.

Now please give me
last few minutes

my personal freedom

before having to teach the youth
who doesn't respect me

for the next eight hours.

Go now.


We didn't submit any files.

-What is Mr. Boyle talking about?
-I do not know.

Maybe it's some kind of crazy hallucination
because we haven't slept yet?

-What happened?
-I guess you'll never know, huh?

Blurt, what are you doing here?

Or maybe you
give this blog some courage

to escape from the debtor's prison
cruel intergalactic

because you reminded him
on a long forgotten love

with a robot capable of making frittata.

-Wait, what?
-That inspires me.

You inspire me.

Never stop being you.

You two.

Wait. So, Blurt was kidnapped,

fly back from outer space,
fix Bertha,

and submit our project
to Mr. Boyle

moments before the deadline?

How could it be?

Miracle, honey.


Next episode
in Gabby Duran and The Unsittables.

-I want to go to human school.
-My answer is no.

We've been dating for a long time
and I think it's time for us to kiss.

One another?

There's a new student starting today,
and I want you to show him around.

-I'm Gabby.

-Will you go to Star Night with me?
-Yes! It sounds good.

Gabby Duran.

Don't go to Star Night
with the child.
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