01x07 - The Curse

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Baby". Aired: April 24, 2022 - present.*
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Natasha's closest friends are all having babies and then her life takes an unexpected turn when she ends up with a baby of her own.
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01x07 - The Curse

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Here you go.

Don't wolf it, yeah?

I'm fine.

- Let's go.
- What?

Find Jack.
Remove the curse.


No, you just had a heart att*ck.

- You should be in hospital.
- No hospitals. Let's go.

He's not givin' us any grief.

He's knackered, too.

So first, we're gonna
get you washed and fed,

get some sleep.

Then, we'll find Jack,

and you can kick his ass, yeah?

Oh, don't give me
those mardy vibes.

Ya stink,

and you look like a scarecrow.

- f*ck you.
- f*ck you.

You're getting too soft on him.

I'm gettin' too soft
with you, mate.

Lie your ass down.

So, you think that curse
you put on his dad started all of this?


Why didn't you tell me before?

I thought Jack was d*ad.

But how do you lift
a curse off someone?

There are ways.

It says here that we should
stock up on sage and crystals.

I suspect we're gonna need
somethin' a bit stronger than that.

Oh, this is bleak.

In this medieval sect,

they used to burn the victim
and the curser to death,

so the curse d*ed
with them both.

These lot were
dark back in the day.

I don't know, man. A curse?

All just seems a
bit... witchy-woo.

You talk as if you've
never cursed somebody.

I haven't.

You've never felt hate so strong

it turned your inside into lava?

You think your emotions
don't have the power

to change the course of events?

To destroy a life? To
destroy many lives?

But you're a skeptic,
so... you'll find Jack.

I'll do the rest.

Oh, f*ck' hell, Bobbi.
Where have you been?

- The audition's in half an hour, all right?
- Yep.

I'm so excited. How are
you feeling? Are you excited?

- Why you bein' weird?
- I'm not bein' weird.

- Do you want me to help you with that, or?
- Oh, I got it.

- Wait, it'd just be quicker if I did it.
- Yeah, but I've got it.

- I've got it. I can do...
- Sam, I've got it. Just...

Natasha was a d*ck to you,
wasn't she? What did she do?

Patricia called.

They want us to wait six months.

- Baby...
- Sam!

- Jerry! Hi.
- Have you guys got everything you need?

Oh yeah, definitely.

I hope everything's
okay with your family.

Yeah, it's fine. Thanks.

Um, and, and thank you so much

- for giving us another audition.
- Ah, no worries.

We're rootin' for ya.

You seem really upset.

Hey, consider this
your final bath from me,

my stinky little friend...

'cause pretty soon

I am gonna be

♪ Free ♪

♪ Free, free ♪

♪ Free ♪

You're not so bad now
you're gettin' some TLC.

What's gonna happen to you, hm?

Maybe we'll lift the curse, you'll just
disappear into a big cloud of smoke.

Maybe we both will.

Not like anyone's gonna miss me.

What am I gonna
do with myself next?

Any bright ideas?

- Dad!
- Hello, Tashy!

Ah, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t. I
forgot to do your big shop.

- Ah, that's okay.
- Nah, no, it's not okay.

- I said I'll do it.
- It's fine, honey.

Mrs. Chen did it on her laptop.

She's happy to
do it from now on.

Oh... okay.

Guess I'm not needed then.

Not that nonsense, Tashy.

Listen, I spoke to Bobbi.

She said you went to see her.

Yeah. Dad, listen...

Hey... I'm proud of you, sugar.

That's grown-up.

Look, I've gotta go.

My cabbages are
crying out for some TLC.

Love you, baby!

Love you, Dad.

I'm going to k*ll him.

I know.

'Kay. Have
you got the apple?

Yeah... Oh, and remember,
um, we changed the order,

so it's, um, left armpit,
right knee, right armpit.

Welcome! I'm
Sam... and that's...

And that's Bobbi!

And we are... Sam and Bobbi!

Audiences have
forever been intrigued

by the dynamic between
magician and assistant.

Is the assistant just
there to look pretty?

Or do they hold the
secret to the entire trick?

Everyone knows the magician
is nothing without her assistant,

but it's the magician
who gets the limelight.

So maybe, it's time... for
the Assistant's Revenge!

What the hell, Bob?

Can you cheer up?

But why, you may wonder,

might an assistant want revenge?

Maybe, the assistant has
finally realized that the magician

- will always prioritize work...
- Bobbi!

- Over making...
- Stop!

- A family.
- Bobbi!

Hi, Jerry! I should
probably tell you,

I'm not really
throwing the knives.

It's all just pretend... Sorry.

- I can't believe you're doin' this.
- Yeah, well, I am.

I quit.

I found him a month
after Helen d*ed...

with a woman in Cornwall.

She was kicked in
the head by a horse.

It took me years to
understand the pattern:

he... always went
for childless women.

Women who didn't want a baby.

I think they reminded
him of Helen.

He wanted them to love
him the way she couldn't...


And when they wouldn't,

he got rid of them and moved on.

Some of them fought back.

I thought I could
help those ones.

But... the more they
resisted, the worse it got.

So I just watched.

Did anyone try to love him?

Who could?

It was my words that did this.

It's my curse.

- You okay?
- I'm not afraid of death.

And I'm not afraid of Jack.

I'm afraid of
dying before I fix it.

Well, then we better fix it.

Found a bunch of
witchy sh*t in your car.

- Which has been clamped, by the way.
- Hm?

Got some ideas, but I'll
pitch 'em to you tomorrow.

- And I found Jack.
- What?!


That's him, right?

Chair of the
Fernthorpe Rotary Club.

Spoke to a very helpful lady.

Says he's in Lea
Bridge Hospital.


Yeah, he's got lung disease,

which is great for us.

Can just pin him down,
whip that curse right off.

Even in your feeble-arse state.

But tomorrow... yeah?

Tonight, we rest.

He's fine... Aren't you?

- I'm sorry I tried to k*ll you.
- Oh.

No worries.


Doors opening.

- He was so happy to see Mum.
- Aww.

He just gazed at her the
whole night. It was so cute.

Yeah, I think
they really missed each other.

Well, they barely spent
a night apart before this.

Oh, what a gorgeous baby.

I f*cking adore this song.

It's Bulgarian.

Three brothers are
building a house.

By day, they graft. By
night, the house falls down.

They believe it to be cursed...

so they agree to sacrifice
the next person they see.

The first person to come
over the hill is the wife

of the eldest brother...
bringing them breakfast.

She lets herself be walled

into the foundations
of the house.

But begged them

to leave her left breast exposed

so she can feed her baby

until she dies.

They do it, and the
house finally stands.

So, the woman
just sacrificed herself.

We live in a violent world

over which we have
very little control.

Some of us go our
whole lives fighting.

But sometimes, it's
just too much to bear.

Sometimes it's
easier to surrender.

If not that woman, then it
would have been the next one.

It's an endless cycle.

What about the curse?

I think a curse is just
another story we tell ourselves.

How it started isn't
what's important.

It's how you end it.

Just give him what
he wants, Natasha.

Why shouldn't it be you?
What else are you here for?

Just give him what he wants.

There isn't a curse.


- Bye-bye!
- Bye, love you.

Bye, Dad! Love you!

- Happy birthday!
- Bye!

Who, who are you?

I don't know who you are.

Hello, Jack.

It's been a while.

Helen's friend.

That's not how she
would describe me.

I want you to meet your son.

What? My son?

What are you talking
about? Why are you here?

- And now I want to finish what I started.
- This is madness.


She k*lled him.

- She took him into the sea with her.
- Daddy.

- You've always been a f*ck' liar.
- Help, help!

He didn't die.

You left him and you left me

to deal with your f*cking mess!

There was something
wrong with him from the start!

It was Helen's fault!

She should've loved him!
She made him malicious!




No! Not like this. We
have to die together!

You can't k*ll
him. I have to do it.

Ah... It's not too late.

- What the f*ck are you thinkin'?
- No, no, no!

Give it to me!

- I can still end it! No!
- You can't end it!

You didn't start it!
Okay? There's no curse!

There's no f*ck' curse!

He's just a violent
product of a violent world,

and the only way to stop him

is to give him what he wants.

See, it's not your fault.

All right? It's bigger than you,

it's bigger than me,

and the sooner we accept it...

the easier it will go.



No... Don't do this.

- Someone's got to. Might as well be me.
- No!

- Natasha!
- It was nice to meet you.

You can't change him!


Mama's takin' you home.

♪ Adelante con
mi roja y mi negra ♪

♪ Dame fuerza a la guerra ♪

♪ En la calle gata negra ♪

♪ Dame, ah ♪

♪ Adelante con la roja ♪

♪ Adelante con
mi roja y mi negra ♪

♪ Dame fuerza a la guerra ♪

♪ En la calle gata negra ♪

♪ Dame, ah ♪

♪ Adelante con
mi roja y mi negra ♪

♪ Dame fuerza a la guerra ♪

♪ En la calle gata negra ♪

♪ Dame, ah ♪

♪ Adelante con, adelante con ♪

♪ Adelante con
mi roja y mi negra ♪

♪ Roca y mi negra,
roja y mi negra ♪

♪ A-a-adelante, adelante,
adelante, adelante, adelante ♪

♪ Con mi roja y mi negra ♪

♪ Dame fuerza a la guerra ♪

♪ En la calle gata negra ♪

♪ Dame, ah ♪

♪ Adelante con la,
con la roja ♪

♪ Con mi roja y mi negra ♪

♪ Dame fuerza a la guerra ♪

♪ En la calle gata negra ♪

♪ Dame, ah ♪

♪ Adelante con mi roja
y mi negra ♪

♪ Dame fuerza a la guerra ♪

♪ En la calle gata negra ♪

♪ Dame, ah, adelante con la,
ah, ah, one, two, ah, ah, ah ♪
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