01x08 - The Possession

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Baby". Aired: April 24, 2022 - present.*
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Natasha's closest friends are all having babies and then her life takes an unexpected turn when she ends up with a baby of her own.
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01x08 - The Possession

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Yes sir, that's my baby ♪
- Hi.

- No sir, I don't mean maybe ♪
Yes sir, that's my baby now ♪
Are you hungry?
Are you hungry?
- Yes sir, we've decided ♪
- Hello.

No sir, we won't hide it ♪
Yes sir, you're invited now ♪
By the way ♪
- Are we sleep training?
- Yes.

How many naps a day?
- Three.

- Hm.

Not much time for yourself, is there?
Any concerns at all from Mum?
- None.

- You know,
these visits are as much
for you as they are for baby.

Let's pop him on the table,
do a quick check-up.

Why don't you grab a tea,
and take five minutes
for yourself.
Go on.

Oh, I'm fine.

Just a routine checkup, dear.

He doesn't like anyone
touching him.
Only me.

Well, that's ridiculous.

You'll give him attachment issues.

Listen, love, you clearly need a break.

Just leave him with me.

I'm telling you, it's not a good idea.


I think Mummy's a bit tired.

Let's give her a little break
for a minute, shall we?

Oh my god! Oh my
god! Someone call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!
What's happened?
No, don't.
Keep away.
Keep, keep back.

I, uh, I couldn't find the
Svengali Deck or the linking rings.


No worries.

I've been thinking
about everything.

My mum had me because she
thought I'd make things better.

I think that's why I try
to make people happy
because on some level,
I think it's my job.

But that's a lot to put on a person.

Especially a baby.


I've been really lonely.

- So have I
- It's painful
seeing you want something so badly
and it's not me.

You know this whole thing,
it's brought up a lot
of my own stuff, you know?
But there's no space for me.

'Cause your sh*t is
just, just everywhere.

- Yeah.

- I gotta go.

See you, Bob.

I don't know where to start.

- Try your sister.

- What?
Something's clearly going on,
but you've been too wrapped up
in your own sh*t to see it.

Natasha doesn't need me.

Open your eyes, Bobbi.

Hey, uh Have you seen Natasha?
Is everything all right?
Natasha, it's me.

I think Natasha's in trouble.

I need you to tell me what's going on
She already told you.

What's he doing to her?
What is he?
He looks like a baby
but he's made of something very old.

He's our fear of being unloved.

He's a bottomless pit of need.

I believed I made him that way
but the world did.

But what do I know?
- So, what do we do?
- She made her choice.

She is his now.

- That's it?
- Hm.

Are you serious?
You'd rather just
stay here and, and rot?
- Get out.

- Fine.

Didn't need to hurt that lady.

I wasn't going to leave you.

We won't go out again.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I'm not going anywhere.

You tired?
I'm tired.

You tired?
You want to go to sleep, yeah?
I think we both need a little rest.

Go to sleep, my darling.

Mummy loves you.

It's only me and you, okay?
Mummy loves, Mummy loves you.

Mummy loves you so much.

So, so much.

Mummy's all yours.

Got some goodies!
One lovely roast comin' up!
We won the toss!
If we can get Smith out,
we might b*at the bastards
on their home turf.

Baby's asleep, Dad.

I got this from the Turkish deli.

The lady said it's very good.

You made some changes.

Right, let's get cooking!
Dad, you need to leave.

What you talkin' about?
It's the test match.

What about whoopin' Australia?
Did he wake you up? It's okay.

I'm right here.
I'm not goin' anywhere.

Shh, please don't do anything.

He won't be here long.

Hey let me have a cuddle.

It's food time, isn't it?
We'll get some dinner.

That's right.


What've we got?
Hey, you look tired.
Let me feed him.

I know how he likes it.

You were exactly the same with Bobbi.

- What?
- Only you could do it right.

No one else was allowed to help
It's not like there was loads of help
on offer, was there?
Forget it, Dad.
I do
I don't wanna talk about it.

Listen I'm sorry.

- I knew you weren't okay.

- Dad.

But I didn't know how to help you.

I w I was strugglin' myself.

- Let me help you now.

- Dad, no.

What's goin' on, baby?
I'm here.
Bobbi's here.

Let us help you.

- Just leave him for a second.

- No, Dad,
- y-you don't understand.

- He's fine.
Aren't you?
Dad Dad!
- Yes, you are.

- Dad, no, please.

Let's give Mum a break.

She has to have some time for herself.

There we go.

Right, Tashy.
We should
leave him alone for a bit.

He needs to learn that you
can't be with him all the time.

Please get out of my head.
Please stop.

- Hi.

- Hi.

I bought some things for the baby.

My flat was full of baby stuff.

- You might as well have it.

- Wow Thanks, Bob.

- Should probably get
- I wanted to say sorry
about what happened at Jupiter House.

It's okay.

To be honest, I was jealous
about you having a baby.

You tried to tell me what
was going on with you
and I couldn't hear it.

But I want to help you now.

I know I can help you
with the baby.

You don't have to do this by yourself.

What do you need me to do?
Ma Mama.

So nice of you to bring
all of this stuff.

It's more than enough.


I'm fine.

I am.

- Is Dad here?
- No.

Well, anyway, it's gettin' late.

Thanks for coming over.

You should go.


It's okay.

- Jesus!
- Oh god! Sorry, uh.

I'll get a towel.

It's okay.

Dad? Please.

- What's happening?
- It's me.
It's okay.

Stay here.

Bobbi, have you got the towel?
I can't stop him.
He's controlling her.

Shh! Shh.

Time to sleep.

Close your eyes.

Sleep time.

Natasha! Natasha!
- I'm a monster!
- Look at me!
- It's okay.

- Oh my god!
- He's a monster! Not you!
- Oh my god!
- You can fight him!
- You need to leave us.

- Natasha.

- Lydia was right.

- Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
- Natasha.

You can't help me! No one can help!
Don't be a moron!
You're evil! You're f*cking evil!
You're a parasite! You suck people dry.

Of course, she left you!
You're a monster!
Dad, Dad! You all right?
- I'll find you an ambulance.

- What happened?
We need to go.

No one's gonna catch you this time.

You go.
Go on.
Go on.
I'm fine.

I know that wasn't you.

I know that's not who you are.

Who am I then, Bob?
I don't know what my life's about.

What am I here for?
No one knows what their life's about.

No one knows what they're here for.

When I thought you'd
never speak to me again, I
I didn't know what to do.

I-I tried to find something
to make me happy
a-and nothing could.

You don't need to know
what you're here for.

You're my sister.

And I love you.

Let me look after you this time.

I thought it'd give me a reason.

The baby can't give you that.

No one can.

- Maybe.

- He's not the answer.

Oh, please, just let me help you.

We can figure this out together.

- Oh, just let him go!
- Natasha!
- I have to be sure.

- Stop,
- stop tryna save everyone.

- Natasha!
- Don't be a martyr.

- Natasha, wait!
I want to say goodbye to him.

I hope you find some peace.

- No!
- Oh my god, oh my god!
Is it over?
I think so.

Bobbi : Natasha!
Me and you are hangin' out tonight
because your mum's gonna
get laid by your dad.

You are the worst aunty ever.

- The worst?
- The f*cking worst.

Second worst.

The worst.


It's okay.

And I'm gonna turn up for you.

Yeah, I know.

I am so constipated.

No one told me I'd be this constipated.

Yeah, that part is bad.

Remind me what the good part is?

How's things with Bobbi?
- We're workin' on it.

- You think it's in my pockets?
- Yeah!
- Wow!
Who's gonna help me eat all of these?
Turns out I've got
some stuff to work on, too.

Who knew?
It's proper mad.

You got a human in there.

Am I gonna massively regret it?
- Some days, yeah.

- Jesus.

You're all bumming me out.

Hey don't listen to them.

Mum's not thinkin' straight
'cause she's too horny.

What's that? I'm the best?
Nuh-uh! You're the best!
Wait, uhh, you're the best.

Wait, you think I'm the best?
No, you're the best.

Woo, every Friday and Saturday night ♪
It's "Pata Pata" time ♪
Come on.

The dance keeps going ♪
- Movin' forward!
- I'm too old.

Aya sat wuguga sat-wo-ho-o ♪
Saguquga sathi bega nantsi Pata Pata ♪
Saguquga sathi bega nantsi Pata Pata ♪
Saguquga sathi bega nantsi Pata Pata ♪
Hiyo mama hiyo ma nantsi Pata Pata ♪
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