01x10 - A Quality of Mercy

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds". Aired: May 5, 2022 - present.
An ancient alien relic thwarts the Enterprise crew from re-routing a comet on track to strike an inhabited planet.
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01x10 - A Quality of Mercy

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Previously on
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds...

PIKE: T'quiel Dawn.

- UNA: You know their names.
- PIKE: Muliq Al Alcazar.


We can keep doing this,
but we can also talk about it.

It's classified.

UNA: How do you know you can't make

a different choice?

Yuuto Hoshide.

One that saves all of you?

PIKE: Andrea Lopez.

I accepted my fate.

PIKE: It goes beyond my own life.

What if your fate is what you make it?

PIKE: Maybe that's the good
in-in seeing my future.

Stay the course, save their lives.

PIKE: Captain's log, stardate . .

The Enterprise is on the edge
of the Neutral Zone.

A narrow band of space
separating the Romulan Empire

from the Federation.

A remnant of a treaty
from years ago,

when a destructive w*r was waged
between our two cultures.

Enterprise and the USS Cayuga
are here to help the outposts

that guard the Neutral Zone
with much needed

retrofitting and supplies.

We already had spaghetti last night.

I'm making pasta mama.

Just add eggs, parmesan...

... lightly sauté and it
transforms from leftovers

- into something new.
- Mm.

Little like what we're doing
to these outposts.

Not as tasty, though.

Keep hearing rumors the Romulans
are developing new w*apon.

Ah, the Romulans are the bogeymen.

No one's ever seen one.

Nobody even knows what they look like,

and yet they get blamed for
a lot of things around here.

Some actually their fault.

You know,

I think I miss the beard.

Yeah, I...

It felt like it belonged to
a different era of captain.

Thought that's what you were
going for: man out of time.

How have you been holding up?

Someone told me
I have better places to be,

so I'm trying to be there.

Better places.

And how's that going?

You tell me.



Much as I love you being mysterious,

I've got a date on the far side
of the Neutral Zone.


Anyone I know?

Not that kind of date, actually.

You know, I'm making osso bucco

next week, if you're interested.

I mean, I'm always curious

who the Chris of tomorrow is gonna be.

Beard, no beard.

Surprise me.



AL-SALAH: We are on our own out here.

How do you plan to fix
our supply chain problems?

Under the proposed retrofit directive,

every outpost will be equipped

with state-of-the-art
matter synthesizers

fueled by minerals
from the asteroid itself.

They will also each receive a set

of fully-automated mining craft
that can be operated remotely.


How does this sound?

Sounds like what I've been

asking for for the last five years.

- [CHUCKLES] Well, you're welcome.

You know I'm working.

I just wanted to meet Captain Pike.

[CHUCKLES] Apologies.

Maat has always dreamed
about joining Starfleet.

W-What did you say your name is?


Maat Al-Salah.

AL-SALAH [ECHOING]: He has a model
of the Enterprise back home.

You're quite a hero of his.

MAAT: Is it true you can tell

what warp you're at just by listening

- to the sound of the engine?


Apologies, I-I think I need a moment.

- I'm sorry, he just gets a little excited.
- It's totally fine.

I'm just feeling a little
under the weather.

Number One and Spock can answer
any further questions you have.



UNA: Captain.


Chris, that boy.

He's one of the names you mentioned.

Yes. I wasn't expecting that.

There's two cadets who don't make it.

He's one of them.

You don't have to face this alone.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

But I have to do something, don't I?



Take dictation.

Dear Maat...

... I'm gratified to see your
deep interest in Starfleet,

and I encourage you
to pursue your dream,

but there is something
you should know about...

... the future?

MAN: You'll figure out how to say it.

Trust me.

Who the hell are you?

Thought that would've been obvious.

I'm you.

PIKE: Space.

The final frontier.

These are the voyages
of the starship

Its five-year mission:

to explore strange new worlds...

... to seek out new life

and new civilizations,

to boldly go where
no one has gone before.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


It's just, this room brings back
a lot of memories.

Is this some kind of...

Joke? No.

How am I supposed to believe...

That I'm really you?

You ever gonna let me
get a word in edgewise?

I knew you were going to say that.

Does that help?

I've been doing this long enough

that I'm not just gonna
take the word of somebody

who shows up in my cabin
and says he's future me.


Your first pony was named
Sir Neighs-a-Lot.

He broke his leg
in a rainstorm. Your parents

had to put him down,
and you cried for a week.

Ever tell anybody that?

It's hard when your tragic
backstory starts with...

A silly name.



I'm here because that letter
you're about to write

is going to wreck the future.

How, though?



Two cadets die in that accident
seven years from now.

Maat is one of them.

You're trying to figure out

how to save the cadets and yourself.

And you do.

We do.

You write to all of them,

tell them not to be there that day.

But like so much of this
time-bending stuff,

there are, uh...

... unforeseen consequences.

Well, how bad can it be

if I figure out a way to save
all the cadets and myself?

Hell, isn't you standing here
evidence that I pull it off?


And that's the problem.

Causality is complex.

The letter is just the first domino

to fall in a chain reaction of events

that leads to catastrophic results.

It alters the future

in ways that we never
intended to change.

You sound like one of those
Klingon monks from Boreth.

Who do you think sent me?

They gave me something to show you.

Is that what I think it is?

A time crystal.

It will show you the effects
of changing your fate.

This is serious.

This is "end of the world" stuff.

I know that you would never

put your own fate before
the fate of the galaxy.

And that's how I convinced the Klingons

to let me show you instead.

Instead of what?

You know the Klingons.

Nothing they wouldn't rather
solve with a bat'leth.



Uh, sorry.

Wh-What was I saying?

Um, that since the age of wooden ships,

all shipmasters

have had a happy privilege of...


Um, I assume I was-I was
talking about weddings?


Which we get to perform, as captains

on-on ships.


We take you...

... and-and you... uh...

A-and you...

... both want to get married.

- So...

COMPUTER: All decks, red alert.

Repeat, all decks, red alert.

Thank God.

SPOCK: Number One to Captain Pike.

Outpost Four reports
they are under att*ck

by a space vessel, identity unknown.

Copy, Mr. Spock.

On my way.


What's the situation, Mr. Spock?

Lieutenant Uhura can brief you.

Outpost Four reported under att*ck, sir.

Then message terminates.

Any word from Two or Three?

Two has not responded to our hails.

And Three has also gone silent.

How far out are we, Erica?

Eight minutes from Outpost Four
at this velocity, sir.

Did Outpost Four say anything
else about the attacking vessel?

No identification, sir.

ORTEGAS: I'm guessing
it's the same attackers, sir.

The Romulans.

Let's not make guesses just yet.

I'd like to avoid a w*r if I can.

Maintain course. Alert me
when we're two minutes out.

Mr. Spock, could you join me
in the ready room, please.


Seven years into the future.

I do not understand.

Is this one of your human jokes?

I'm serious, Spock. This is...

Well, it's time crystal stuff.

Approaching this logically,

time travel seems a less likely solution

than that you are compromised ment*lly.

And as your first officer,
in these circumstances,

it is my job to assume command.

I agree. If I was ment*lly compromised.

But I am not.

So, what's the logical solution?

Perhaps the doctor could do a full scan.

Why don't we try a mind meld?

That way you'll know
if I'm lying or not.

My mind to your mind.

My thoughts to your thoughts.



carry the weight
of a terrible future, Chris.

The accident in question
was six months ago.

In this timeline,

there were no cadets
at the reactor incident to save.

No one was even hurt.

I need your help, Spock.

I was sent forward to this
moment in time for a reason.

We have to figure out why.

I would posit that in this present,

you were never injured
in the training accident,

thus, you remained captain
of the Enterprise,

putting you in charge
at a crucial moment

in the ship's existence.

A moment where the whole
future hangs in the balance.

All we can surmise

is that, in the prime future,

some other captain of the Enterprise

must have commanded it differently.

Thus, it is imperative you do not change

what you would normally do on the ship.

I thought we were trying
to avoid a terrible future.

We are trying to discover
why this future is,

in the estimation
of your older self, worse...

So the only way to discover
the terrible future...

... is to live it.

ORTEGAS: Enterprise is
in position and holding, sir.

Just out of w*apon range.

Detecting a fair amount

of debris, but no sign
of any attacking ship.

Let's triple check.

Nyota, see if there are
any other Federation ships

in the vicinity, in case we need backup.

The Farragut is closest.

A couple hours away.

That's La'An's ship, sir.

Yes. I'd forgotten.

Sir, we're being hailed.

It's the outpost. Audio only.

AL-SALAH: Enterprise, can you read me?

This is Commander Hansen Al-Salah.

This is Pike. What's your status?

Outposts Two, Three and Eight are gone.

Unknown w*apon completely destroyed.

We had our deflector shields on maximum.

h*t by enormous power.

First att*ck blew through our shields.

If they h*t us again
with our deflectors gone...

Do you read me, Enterprise?

What h*t you, Commander?
What vessel? Can you identify?


It all happened so fast.

And it seems to have
disappeared somehow.

Switching to visual.

Enterprise, can you see?

My command post here...

we're a mile deep, on an asteroid,

- almost solid iron,

and even through our
deflectors, it did this.

Can you see?

We see, Hansen.

Was your son with you?

No, thank God.

What can you tell us about the attacker?

No identity.

Only a glimpse of...

Then it fired something at us.

High-energy plasma.

Fantastic power.

Vessel seems to have disappeared,

but it is out there somewhere.

[PANTING] Enterprise,

there's something's
on our sensors moving fast.

Send us your signal.


Enterprise, can you see,
in the center of my screen?

- Phasers?
- Still out of range, sir.

We're out of range, Commander.
Do you have w*apon?

Negative. Phasers gone.

w*apon crew are all d*ad.

Hail them. Warn that ship off.

I'm trying. They're not
acknowledging us.


Interesting how they became
visible for just a moment.

Perhaps necessary to use w*apon.

Sir. We have to find a way
to engage them.

We need something to follow, Lieutenant.

We have no visuals.

Analyzing their movement patterns now.

Give me a moment.

Sir? Incoming warp signature.

We're being hailed.

It's one of ours. The Farragut.

La'An's ship?

- Who's hailing us?
- UHURA: Their captain.

James Kirk.

Sam's brother?

Uh... I mean, uh...

On screen.

Enterprise, this is
Captain James T. Kirk

of the USS Farragut,
offering assistance.

Christopher Pike.
Good to see you, Captain.

We received Outpost Four's
distress signal

and pushed warp nine for
as long as we safely could.

Do we know who did this?

We have a pretty good idea.

We're trying to determine, conclusively.

I may have a lead, sir.

The ship in question

appears to have a kind
of cloaking device.

But they still have a detectable
gravitational presence.

So, can we track it, Commander... ?


Theoretically, yes.

By detecting the microlensing
of background stars

we can determine
an approximate location.

Impressive, Mr. Spock.

Where's the intruder now?

He has changed heading.
At a very leisurely maneuver.

- They may not be aware of us.
- How can that be true?

They had to decloak to f*re.

Their device may work both ways:

it makes them invisible to our sensors,

but requires a massive amount of energy.

They are likely flying blind,

without enough power
to run their scanners.

So, we can't see them
but they can't see us.

His heading is now - - , mark - .

The exact heading
a Romulan vessel would take

toward the Neutral Zone and home.

Sir, it's the Romulans.

We have to take them out.

We can't enter the Neutral Zone.

Starfleet is clear on this.

We do, that's considered an act of w*r.

They've destroyed three of our outposts.

That's not an act of w*r?

We att*ck the Romulans
without authorization,

the Federation will
consider us expendable.

KIRK: We do have another option.

We can shadow the ship.

Follow a parallel course,
to buy us some time.

- Not an intercept course, sir?
- No.

The captain is right.

That would be a declaration of w*r.

But if Enterprise and Farragut

match course and speed

with the enemy ship, exactly,

move for move,

they might think
we're just a reflection.

Echoes on their sensors.

That way we won't lose them

while we wait to hear back
from Starfleet.

Let's start shadowing them.

Uhura, send a message to Starfleet.

Ask for permission
to engage the Romulans.

Captain Kirk, we'll be talking.

I look forward to it. Kirk out.

Get Sam Kirk up here, ASAP.

Am I off the record here, sir?

Jim was always at the top of his class.

He's smart and highly
skilled, obviously,

but he's not above relying on charm

or even luck.

Sounds like a wild card.

A whole deck of 'em.

He doesn't like to take the path
everyone else does.

And he doesn't like to lose.

Should we be worried that
he's going to start a w*r?

Look, I'm not gonna say that
Jim isn't a pain in the ass.

He is. He's a huge pain in the ass.

But the truth is,

he's as fine a captain as Starfleet has.

- Okay. Good to know.
- Like I said,

he does like to bend
the rules sometimes.

No, more like all the time.

SPOCK: Captain, can you
come to the bridge?

There is something you should see.

UHURA: There's a comet ahead,

and its trail is reflecting a signal

on an unused EM frequency.

It is encoded. Mr. Spock
is trying to decipher.

But we think it might
be from the enemy ship.

They cut off transmission, but
we managed to make a copy.

I think it's the feed
from their bridge, sir.

So, we're finally going to see
what the Romulans look like.

Put it on screen, please, Mr. Spock.

♪ ♪

PIKE: Captain Kirk,

welcome aboard the Enterprise.

Thanks, Captain Pike.


Quite the ship you got here.

He's jealous.


Well, we're not gonna
get out of this problem

by not talking about it.


I'd like to hear what Mr. Spock
has to say for himself.

I assure you, Lieutenant,

the similarities between
Vulcans and Romulans

came as a surprise to me.

Perhaps even more so than you.

It does seem suspicious.

Not the similarity itself,

but that we should
discover it right now.

What are you suggesting?

Well, it's no secret that
the Vulcans and the humans

are in alliance.

Perhaps the Romulans allowed us
to see that transmission

in hopes that it would sow discord

- among us.
- ORTEGAS: Even if we ignore

the pointy-eared elephant in the room,

we have another problem to worry about.

We're going to lose our prey.

MITCHELL: The Romulans are on a bearing

to return to the Neutral Zone
in an hour.

KIRK: I don't think we can wait.

We have to make a choice here.

SPOCK: Say we do make that choice.

Their plasma w*apon

can still slice through our shields.

That, in conjunction
with their cloaking device,

gives them a tactical advantage.

Even against our ships
working in tandem.

M'BENGA: Working in tandem for what?

To destroy them?

Say we're lucky enough to do that.

Isn't that, technically,

an act of w*r?

ORTEGAS: I hate to say it, Doc,

but they started it.

This isn't a schoolyard.

Billions of lives are at stake here.

Which is why I want to hear
everyone's opinion

before we take any action.

- I vote against w*r.
- ORTEGAS: So do I.

I just think that means
k*lling Romulans.

Captain, your thoughts?

What happens when they return to Romulus

and tell their leaders

that the Federation
won't even fight back?

I'm starting to lean toward att*ck.

If we allow them to destroy our
outposts with no repercussions,

we run the risk of w*r.

Have to believe there's
another way forward.

I think we should att*ck.

Mr. Spock?

SPOCK: If the Romulans

are an sh**t of my Vulcan blood,

which I believe,

then att*ck is indeed the only option.

Vulcan, like Earth,

had its aggressive colonizing period.

Savage, even by human standards.

If the Romulans retain
this martial philosophy,

then weakness is something
we dare not show.


if Spock and I can agree,

then there's hope for all of us.

We don't all agree.

KIRK: Hold a moment. Captain Pike,

that comet we're approaching

might just be the alternative
that you've been looking for.

Mr. Spock, can you put up the
trajectory on screen, please?

Currently, the Romulan ship

is headed for the comet's tail.

Now, I know that they're invisible

and we can't lock on
to their exact position.

But the second they go through that,

particle distortion will
reveal their location.

And we'll be flanking
them on either side.

They'll be pendent and we'll be
able to get w*apon locked.

Good plan, Captain.

Captain's personal log, stardate . .

Per Captain Kirk's plan,
we are mounting a pincer move.

Our two ships will slowly drift closer

as the Romulans remain unaware.

When they pass through the comet's tail

giving us their exact location,

we will be in w*apon range.

Kirk, however, has agreed to my plan

to neutralize, not destroy,
the Bird-of-Prey,

leaving open
the possibility of dialogue.

And yet I remain concerned

this brash, young Starfleet
captain follows his own rules.

I can't help but wonder,

is Kirk the reason I was sent here?

If I wasn't here to stop him,

would we be lead into a w*r?

Ortegas, maintain present
course, but be ready.

I'll keep my foot over
the gas, just in case.

SPOCK: Still tracking
the gravitational presence

of the Romulans.

Their trajectory remains unchanged.

Holding position.

Let us know when you
see them, Enterprise.

We're passing through the tail.

Any second now.


Something isn't right.

The captain is correct. We should
have seen them by now.

KIRK: Enterprise, I don't like this.

SPOCK: Reading gravitational
signature again.

It's behind the Farragut.

- Kirk, get out of there!
- Red Alert!

Red Alert. Erica, close that distance

as fast as you can.

att*ck pattern Tiberius .

Get behind them.




f*re phasers, Captain.

We're out of range. We're just
as likely to h*t you as them.

Maybe you'll draw their f*re.

Mitchell, full phasers, now.

Holy... We actually clipped them.

Nice sh**ting, Jenna.

Nyota, hail them. I want
them focused on us.

Hailing, sir.

Keep f*ring.

MITCHELL: They're f*ring
their plasma w*apon.

Brace for impact!

Damage to Decks Six, Seven, and Nine.

And w*apon control is down.

That should have destroyed us.
How are we still standing?

SPOCK: They were sh**ting at a distance.

Perhaps their plasma w*apon

is less effective when fired long range.

Status of the Farragut?


They will lose life support
inside of five minutes.

I can get us there in seconds.

Pike to transporter. Get
the pads warmed up, Chief.

We're about to test their upper limits.

Clear the pads. There's
one more group behind us.

[SIGHS] Am I glad to see you.

Oh, um...

I didn't know you were
a hugger, Lieutenant.

Oh, Commander.

Or have you forgotten?

I d... Of course I haven't.

Uh, uh, speaking of...

when's the last time
you've talked to Una?

Well, I-I can't talk to her.

No one can. It...

She's not allowed contact.

Of course.


KIRK: Captain Pike.

We need to talk. Now.

You flinched.

You deliberated and we lost.

We fired, Captain.
And we were fired upon.

That's why you're still here.

From the start,

you wanted to cr*pple them,
not take them out.

We may have different points of view,

but do not question
my combat readiness, Captain.

I'm saying caution means
you're not going to put

everything you have into the punch.

And that's a good way to lose,

because your enemy will see
that and act accordingly.

All this because of a second's delay?

Tell me I'm wrong, Captain,

and I will back down.

If you're saying you're more willing

to take risks than I am,
I don't disagree.

And let me remind you that
you're saying that on my ship,

after yours has been destroyed.


I'm just saying I underestimated him.

I'm not going to do it again.

SPOCK: Captains Pike
and Kirk to the bridge.

There is something
you'll both want to see.


Before they cloaked, I was able
to scan the Bird-of-Prey.

They are trailing trilithium fragments.

Their power supply is damaged.

I do not believe they have enough

to make it back to Romulus.

- Do we know their position?
- Yes.

On a heading for the Neutral Zone.

We could overtake them.

What's the status of our w*apon?

Our offensive capabilities are limited.

Phasers are down.

And torpedo launch tubes
sustained damage in the att*ck.

But the Romulans don't know that.

They will if we pull up
on their six and can't f*re.

Lieutenant Uhura, open
a channel to the Romulan ship.

Sir? They haven't responded
to any of our hails before.

I know. Open a channel.

We're going to send them a message.

What are you doing?

Taking a risk.

This is Captain Christopher Pike
of the USS Enterprise.

Our two cultures have been
at w*r for years.

Long enough that
we don't even question it.

But I believe we can
make another choice.

Right now.

I'm offering you a temporary cease-f*re,

so that we can talk.

For the first time in years.

Okay. That was... unexpected.

They want to destroy us, but
they also want to get home.

Knowing what your opponent wants

is key to a successful negotiation.

That's assuming they
can be negotiated with.

Captain Pike, the Romulans are calling.

Looks like we're about to find out.

On screen, please, Nyota.

Captain Pike,

it is good to make your acquaintance.


I know your ships att*cked our outposts

on the edge of the Neutral Zone.

But I also know

that our two cultures have
been at w*r for generations

without ever having been face-to-face.

I don't know why your
ancestors att*cked Earth

or what my ancestors did in retaliation.

I only know that we're paying a bill

that was written long before
you and I were ever born.

Perhaps it's time
we reconsider the cost.

So, we can blow each other
out of the sky

using what little power we have left,

or we can try something different.

We can explain ourselves to each other.

Understand each other. Empathize.

If we don't, this w*r between us

will simply continue, unabated.

And the cost for that is sure.


More and more death.

Our peoples are indeed
different, Captain.

In our culture, your words
are a show of weakness.

What chance does dialogue
offer, save to delay me?

Why should I listen to you?

PIKE: Both our ships are
damaged. Your cloak

is unstable, which leaves you
vulnerable to our w*apon.

Maybe you have enough
power to att*ck us.

Maybe you have enough power

to get back to Romulus without repairs.


maybe we can marshal
our w*apon and destroy you

before you make it to the Neutral Zone.

Or perhaps we chase you
across the border

and destroy you and get out
before anyone's the wiser.

So what is it that you're
suggesting, Captain?

A good faith gesture.

Two hours.

Enough time to repair
our ships and bury the d*ad.

And maybe this bit of mercy

will lead to something
further and better

between our two cultures.

Two hours.


They are lying.

Romulans can't be trusted.

They sh*t Farragut right in front of us.

Stand down, Erica.

You can't let them get away with it!

Stand down!

Yes, sir.

Sensor readings suggest

the Romulans have stopped
forward movement.

I wonder what they're doing over there.


... same thing we are.

SUBCOMMANDER: A cease-f*re?

This is Federation weakness.

Is it not the Romulan way

to att*ck when we are given
advantage like this?

We are engaged in a cease-f*re,

We have two hours.

Put all hands to repair our engines.

If we do not, we will not
make it back to Romulus.

Sir, we should commit all
hands to w*apon repair.

The Federation has
given us the advantage.

We can strike before
this ridiculous cease-f*re

is completed.

This is your fourth mission,
is it not, Subcommander?

Third, sir.

I served with your Uncle Tarqan
during the Reman campaign,

did you know that, Subcommander?

I did.

His death was a great
victory for Romulus.

Yes, he was brave.

His commander, however, was a fool.

He forced him to fight
after we'd lost w*apon,

and the only logical choice was retreat.

He did not have to die.


His death was a waste.

And it was stupid. It left us weaker.

Now, I can say that
because I'm old enough

and I don't care what
people think of me.

Pride is not something we can afford.

We look at the world clearly on my ship.

We do not make choices based on ego.

Engines first.

Then, w*apon. That is my order.

Or are you so arrogant

you think you know better
than your Commander?

No, sir.


Because I need you.

I don't know if this peace game

we're playing with
the Federation will work.

But I have to see it through.

And if we achieve it, then, good.

But if not?

Then you'll get your w*r.

Do you want some coffee?

I do not drink coffee. I do drink tea.

All right, Would you like some tea?

No, thank you, Captain.


Well, the more things change,
the more they stay the same.

It's good to see you're
still you, Spock.

So many things have gone wrong today.


The loss of Outpost Four.

The destruction of the Farragut.

Any one of them could set us
on a path to a dark future.

But I can't help feeling...

... that there's something
worse to come.

Typically, no one can know
the future in the moment.

One can only follow one's instincts

and hope the truth will present itself.


... what happened to Una?

She was sentenced to

the Federation penal colony
on Salius Six,

where she has spent much
of the last seven years.


Her deception.

I am confused.

Even years ago, I thought you knew.

- Come.

SPOCK: If you'll excuse me,
I wish to supervise

the repair of the phaser
array personally.




I know you want me to change tack, but

pride is just not something
we can afford.

You want me to tell you
that I wouldn't have tried

to blow those Romulans out of the sky?

Well, I would have.

But it wasn't my call.

Okay. We're here, now.

And the truth is...

I don't know these Romulans
can't be trusted.

But I also don't know if they can.

And neither do you.

Fair enough.

I'd like to explore a backup plan.

If you'll give me the resources.

I'm listening.

Look, the Romulans

just bought themselves some time.

Sure, they can use that
time to make repairs.

But remember, they're on
the edge of the Neutral Zone.

They could also use it
to call for reinforcements.


what if we did the same?

Just in case they decide
to turn and fight after all.

Jim, we're on the far edge
of Federation space.

It takes days to get a
message to Starfleet.

We're weeks away
from help getting to us,

even at maximum warp.

But the Romulans don't know that.

Captain Kirk...

... what are you suggesting?

Captain Pike...

... can I borrow a shuttle?

Try it now.

Aye, that's the one.

This is where the auto repair
was getting hung up.

She's very fused.

I do not need to remind you
that we have less than two hours

to restore phaser control
to working order.

ENGINEER: I'm an engineer,
not a miracle worker,

Mr. Spock.

Two minutes, Captain.


MITCHELL: We have engines,

but w*apon systems are not back online.

Bridge to Spock. Status?

Working on it, Captain.

Working on it.

UHURA: Two hours, Captain.

And... mark.

Open a channel to the Romulan ship.

Have you repaired your ship, Commander?

Have you repaired yours, Captain?

Conventional wisdom suggests

that our next move
is to resume hostilities.

To fight.

You yourself told me
that in your culture

to do anything else would
be a sign of weakness.

But let me tell you a way
in which humans are not weak.

Our strength comes from our
willingness to see a partner

instead of an enemy.

In our culture, that is an act

of faith and strength,

not a failure of character.

Do Romulans have that kind of strength?

I too tire of endless w*r.



Why is the fleet here?
I did not call for them.

I alerted them of our
situation, Commander.

The Federation showed weakness.

It is the Romulan way to strike.

You were not going to.

I took matters into my own hands.

You disobeyed a direct order.

Had you not negotiated
with the Federation,

I would not have needed to.

We undertook this mission to test

the strength of the Federation.

They showed us they lack it.

We should have destroyed them

- the moment they did.
- You don't remember

a time without w*r.

But I do.

Who wins an endless w*r
with the Federation?

We will, Commander.

An endless w*r, by definition,
can never be won.

Captain Pike will not trust my word now.

What does that matter?

He will be d*ad soon.


Take him off the bridge.

UHURA: We're being hailed, sir.

It's the Romulan flagship.

On screen.


I am here to accept your
unconditional surrender.

Nice to meet you, too.

I'm Captain Pike

of the Federation Starship Enterprise.

And you are?

You may address me as Praetor.

It is customary to kneel.

As I'm not a Romulan,
you'll forgive me if I don't.

Now, I'm confused.

We are holding to our side
of the Neutral Zone, as you are.

Yet you demand our surrender?

Captain. I have you surrounded.

Surrender or we will destroy you.

You have one minute to comply.

You know, I don't like her.

Perimeter alert.

We have ships incoming, sir. Dozens.

- More Romulans?
- No.

They look like... ours.

I've got a secure channel
from the lead ship, sir.

It's Captain Kirk.

Chris, the reinforcements you ordered?

Been years since the Federation

has seen the Romulans.

We didn't know what
their ships looked like,

and so I figured they don't know
what ours look like, either.

All robotic mining craft?

Mining, hauling. Not one of them manned.

But to the Romulans,

who's to say we aren't
a Federation armada?

You sneaky son of a b*tch.

It's enough to bluff with, I hope.

Try not to get us in a real fight.

I'll do my best. Thanks, Captain.

It's my pleasure, Captain.

Bridge to Spock.

We really could use some
phasers right about now.

How's it going down there?

We are making progress.

The conduits are severely damaged.

Work faster, Mr. Spock.

We're going to need w*apon soon

or we're not going to need them at all.

Romulan praetor is hailing us, sir.

Keep a secure channel
open for Captain Kirk

so he can listen in.

You ready to sell this?

Ready as I'll ever be.

By now you've probably noticed

our armada of Starfleet
Delta Class att*ck ships.

But we won't have to use
them, will we, Praetor?

This is an act of
unparalleled aggression

on the border of our territory, Captain.

No, just a standard training maneuver

that happened to land our fleet
here the same time as yours.

You want to know what actually is

an act of unparalleled aggression?

A Romulan Bird-of-Prey
using cloaking technology

destroying our Neutral Zone outposts.

- I know nothing of what you speak.
- That's okay.

We'll send you a recording
of it de-cloaking

right before destroying Outpost Four.

[expl*si*n ON RECORDING]


Romulan ship is de-cloaking
and breaking formation.

Heading our way.

Praetor, what is this?

This is a culling, Captain.

That commander should not have

allowed himself to be caught.


It's the Bird-of-Prey
we've been chasing.

Nyota, pause communication.

Open a channel with
the Romulan Commander.



So, we see each other
once again, after all.

What are you doing?

Only what is asked of me.

I never called for that Armada.

We can beam you and your crew aboard.

You don't have to do this.

It is not our way.

I regret that we meet in this way.

You and I are of a kind.

In a different reality,
I could've called you friend.

What purpose will it serve to die?

We are creatures of duty, you and I.

Just one more duty to perform.

Do not be upset.
I have accepted my fate.

Perhaps, someday, my sacrifice will lead

to an end to this conflict between us.

They're powering up w*apon.

The Romulan praetor
is hailing us again, sir.

On screen.

Our fleet is stronger now.

And I am ready to accept your surrender.

This is really how you want
to end years of peace?

What do Romulans care of peace?

It means nothing to us.

And your apparent affinity
for it has sealed your fate.

Thank you, Captain Pike.

If not for your weakness,
we would never have known

what easy targets your
Federation would be.


They're powering up w*apon again.

Evasive maneuvers, Erica.
Pattern Zeta- .

Kirk, get back here.
We're about to warp out.

Roger that.

Captain, warp engines aren't engaging.


I'm sorry, sir.

MITCHELL: Sir, the
drone ships are moving.

Son of a b*tch.

Kirk, what are you doing?

Covering your escape.

Get those engines fixed.

ORTEGAS: He's putting the drones
between us and the Romulans.


MITCHELL: Captain Kirk
has beamed on board.

Engines online, Captain.

h*t it.

Damage report.

MITCHELL: Reports coming from all decks.


the Romulans are broadcasting

on all known subspace frequencies.

It's declaration of w*r, sir.

Against the Federation.

MITCHELL: Decks Five , , and
are all reporting hull breaches.

w*apon systems took a direct h*t.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Massive cerebral trauma.

Major blood loss.

Spinal fractures.

Radiation burns across

% of his body.

I'm not sure that
he will recover from this.

But if he does...

... he will not be the same.

♪ ♪

what you're thinking.

I was thinking the same thing
when I went through this.

That I traded my fate for Spock's?


This isn't going to help, but...

... it gets worse.

This w*r with the Romulans.

Millions die.

So far. It's still going on.

Not only did you start something

that should never have been started.

The best chance at a lasting peace

between the Federation and
the Romulans in any timeline?


turns out he's lying in a biobed.

We all want to think
our future is important.

And ours... yours and mine... it is.

Just not the way you think.

Time is, uh,

is complicated.

But the monks showed me
something simple.

Every time we change the path,

he dies.

And he's got things to do.

Fate-of-the-galaxy type things.

Paths diverge.

But I am the result of one

that should never have been taken.

- Thank you.
- Hey,

look at it this way.

How many people get to
give their life for someone

twice in one day?

See? Twice, 'cause there's
two of us and we're both...

Yeah, I-I got it.

Got it.



Oh, yeah.


Not interrupting, am I?

No, I...

Not really, I'm just, uh...

... talking to myself.

Fancy a drink?


You know, uh...

I don't think I can explain it, but...

... I think I was supposed to meet you.

I get that feeling too.

I, uh, honestly just came by
to check on you.

I'm sorry things went down
the way they did.

You tried for something better.

Tried and lost.

Did it ever occur to you that sometimes

you can't avoid a fight?

If you had just chased that Romulan ship

from the get-go and taken it out,

maybe none of this would've happened.

You're a good captain, Jim Kirk.

Enterprise would be lucky to have you.

You thinking of retiring?


Oh, no. No, not yet.


come on over and have a seat, Captain.

Tell me about yourself.

Where are you from?

[SIGHS] I grew up in Iowa.

[FADING]: My father George
was first officer

on the Kelvin before he moved to...

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


delete file.



SPOCK: Captain.

- Am I interrupting?
- No.

I'm very glad to see you.

But you saw me only moments ago.


You left the briefing suddenly.

It was uncharacteristic.

Was it?

But now your demeanor appears changed.

Having heard the boy's name,

I cannot help but wonder
if this pertains to your future.

Let's just say I...

think the universe is telling me
that some fates are inescapable.

And even if I could get out of mine...

... it might just fall to someone else.

Someone you know?


Is that why you are very glad to see me?

I believe I may owe you
a debt of gratitude, Captain.

Although for precisely what,
I do not know.

Spock, you are...

You are very important to me.

As you are to me, Captain.




♪ I'm makin' memories... ♪


♪ I'd like to remember ♪

♪ I'm meetin' new people ♪

♪ I'd like to recall ♪

♪ Some of their names ♪

♪ Like Larry and Steve ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm makin' memories ♪

♪ That I can keep ♪

♪ Tonight I'm makin' memories ♪

♪ I'd like to remember ♪

♪ I'm meetin' new people ♪

♪ I'd like to recall ♪

♪ I'm makin' memories ♪

♪ I'd like to keep ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm makin' memories ♪

- ♪ I'd sure like to keep. ♪
- Captain,

incoming message from Starfleet Command.

Captain Batel is beaming onboard.

They want you and Commander Chin-Riley

to meet her in the transporter room.

Captain Batel,

I didn't think we'll be
seeing each other so soon.

I know, Captain.

And for the record,
I'm sorry about this.


What the hell is going on?

Under Starfleet code of conduct . ,

I'm arresting Commander
Una Chin-Riley for violations

of our anti-genetic
modification directive.

She's an Illyrian, Chris.

I don't care what she is.

- She's my...
- I don't like it either,

but I have orders.




I've known this might happen for years.

I didn't ask for this job.

I really am sorry.

So am I.

Because this isn't over.

BATEL: Energize.
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