01x03 - The m*rder

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Flowers in the Attic: The Origin". Aired: June 29, 2022 - present.*
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After a whirlwind romance, Olivia finds herself as the mistress of the imposing Foxworth Hall, where she soon discovers that the fairy tale life she expected has quickly become a nightmare.
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01x03 - The m*rder

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They tell you
when one door closes

another opens.

But what if you can't say
goodbye to the past?

Because it's always
staring back at you.

Haunting you.

I would like to speak
with Olivia alone.

You do not get to make requests
after breaking our agreement.

Knocking on my door,
threatening to wake my family.

You do not get to see
my daughter,

Not tonight, not ever.

You must believe me,

I am not here to exhume
our past.

I am here to put it to rest.

Well then why come at all?

Because I have cancer.

And Christopher...

He's in medical school now.

Can you believe it,
my son the doctor.

You must realize how dire
things are for me

to be on your doorstep.

I have little time left

and even less of the inheritance
Garland left me.

It was all lost in the crash.

And when I'm gone, Christopher
will have nowhere to go.

No means to finish
his schooling,

No other family to support him.

I gave you my daughter
by choice.

Tonight I am asking you
to take my son.

I had followed
my instincts

but that had led straight
to Mal's death.

Olivia, please.

And so it began.

For one dark year I pushed back
against my instincts.

This is Malcolm's decision
to make.

And learn to follow
Malcolm's instead.

Nothing will be free
for him here.

He will have to work
for his education.

But I don't need a tutor, daddy.

I just want to go back to school
and see my friends.


I became an observer
in my own home.

None of this g*dd*mn
piano music!

You know what I want
for Christmas?!


I told myself

that I did it for the safety
of my children.

In here,
day in and day out.

Alicia has d*ed.

I thought that as long
as I obeyed Malcolm...

Where do you think Christopher
would like

this picture of his parents?

One thing could
remain certain.

That what happened to Mal would
never happen again in my home.


I thought perhaps
I could ride my horse

into town this afternoon.

If this is about your debutante
ball dress,

I already have appointments
set for seamstresses

to come to the house next week.

Then shouldn't I know what
the latest fashions are

before they arrive?

You can't keep me locked up
in this house forever.

It's up to your father.


With my debutante ball coming up

I really need to have the best
dress, don't you think?

Well, only the best
for my daughter

on the night she introduces
herself to Virginian society.

So, maybe you could give me
the key to the swan room

and I could have a look through
grandmother's old things

for some inspiration.

Why don't you visit the shops
in town instead?

I don't know, daddy.

It just doesn't sound very fun
to go all the way there

and look at all those
tantalizing things

and not have any means to bring
any of them home.

Well, what is to be done
about that, hmm?

I guess I could ask Joel
to stop playing his piano

for a bit and take me.

Wouldn't that be a gift
to us all.

I've already lost my closest
friendships from school

since no one writes anymore.

When they show up to my ball,
if they even do,

I'll be a complete stranger.

How am I going to have any fun?

Well, hopefully this Christopher
fellow coming to stay

will make father look up.

It's easy for you to see
the positives.

They actually let you leave
for school

and get away with a life
full of secret dalliances

while I'm stuck at home

listening to the world
on the radio.

No, that's just because
since Mal d*ed.

Well, father's the only one
making decisions these days

and he doesn't give a fig
what happens to me.

And it's dalliance.


You're cruel.

Why won't you tell me about her?

This is more fun.

Just tell me this.

Is it because I know her?

You can keep trying but you're
not getting anything out of me.

Mrs. Steiner.
Good afternoon.

Why Mr. Joel Foxworth.

All grown up and pretty
as a peacock.

If you'll excuse me,

some of us don't have time
to dawdle in the streets

contributing absolutely nothing
to the workforce.

And who was that bucket of joy?

A bucket and a mop full of joy.

She used to be our housekeeper,
Mrs. Steiner.

Mother fired her
before you were born.

Mal always told me how much
he hated her.

Hmm, I can't imagine why.

Do you want to come with me
and help pick out a dress?

Tempting, but I have
my own shopping to do.

Oh, Miss Foxworth,
your stockings.


Just another thing falling apart
in my world.

Do you have any for purchase?

Well, only paint on.

Looking for something?

Not anymore.

Sir, I'm helping the young lady.

That's quite all right.

The top button seems
to have caught

as I was unloading my luggage
on the train.

Normally I wouldn't mind
being one button short,

but first impressions
being what they are.

If the lady will allow, I can
mend it in just a moment.

Go right ahead.

And take your time.

We seem to have stumbled upon
each other indisposed, Miss.

And exposed, sir.

I'll forgive your bad impression
if you forgive mine.


Those were my last silk pair.


They ripped.

I guess I am to become
one of the many women

parading about town
with painted seams

on the back of their bare legs.

It's unladylike
and uncomfortable.

Well, I may not be able to
soothe the issue of comfort

but I can assure you
that no gentleman

will be staring at your legs.

So, you're saying
you're no gentleman?

Thank you.

I'm forever in your debt.

Better watch out.
I might keep you to that.

There you are. I have
a present for you,

so you know what time it is
to come to see me.

But I like listening
for your music.

It reminds me of when Nella
used to sing to me at night.

You can still listen with a very
handsome watch on your arm.

You sure this isn't just some
way to hold me over longer?

You know my father.

There's no way I'm getting
my trust till I turn .

I don't need some
rich man's fortune

making me wait to go see
the world.

I'll go out and grab it myself.


Where is it you truly
want to go?


What does that mean?

New York? Chicago?

Nova Scotia?

You can't just traipse the globe
without any direction.

I'll be happy anywhere
without automobiles to work on.

Anywhere I can make
my own decisions,

just anywhere but here.

Traveling costs money.

I can take odd jobs.

You can always play your music
for money.

Everyone needs music.

I can't take my piano with me.

There's plenty of places
got pianos

and you're plenty pretty
to get a job playing on them.

Aren't you kind.

Would you please quit
that racket?!!

Go, go, go.

I told you all that piano
playing would make him soft.

What are you talking about?

I found that n*gro garage boy

doing improper things
to your son.

Oh my god, is he hurt?

Worse. He was enjoying it.

I'll talk to him.

I will take care of it.
You've already done enough.

Hey, hey, what's going on?

Hey! Hey!

What's happening?

No! You gotta have
a reason!

- Just tell us why!
- Mom, they're hurting him.

You can't just break
in our home!

You get your hands off
my boy.

- You gotta have a reason!
- Mom, where are they taking him?

Get off him!

Let's go. Get in the truck.
We'll follow them!

Come on, come on!
Get in, get in!

Oh, my god! Harry!

You get your hands off me!
Don't touch me!

Get off me!

Is this him?

That's him all right.
That's the thief.

I ain't no thief. I didn't
steal nothing.

You shut your month.
Not another word.

Our Harry, he is no thief.

Then how do you explain
this spiffy little piece

on his wrist then?

Mrs. Foxworth,
you know our Harry

would never steal from anyone.

She can speak to his character.


I don't think we know this boy
well enough

to speak to his character.

Oh, come on!

Samuel don't!

Mrs. Foxworth, please!

I didn't do anything!

Harry, stop moving.

No, no, no!


No, Harry! Please no!


Get inside.

Well done.

Let's go, let's go.
Let's go.

Does anyone want to tell me
what really happened last night?

Drop it, Corrine.

I hate it here.

Mr. And Mrs. Foxworth.
Your guest has arrived.


Welcome back to Foxworth Hall.

Corrine, Joel, I'd like you
to meet your uncle Christopher.

Pleasure to finally meet you,
uncle Christopher.

Uh, yes.


Christopher, we're delighted
to have you here.

Isn't that right?

Yes. Right.

Please excuse Joel's silence.

He often plays the piano
too late into the night

and tires himself.

He's a very dedicated musician.


Something I've always wanted
to learn.

Actually, you already know how.
Or you did.

I taught you along with both
of the boys ages ago.

Well now...

So Joel, tell me.
Is it like muscle memory?

Will I immediately
become Beethoven

If I just return my fingers
to the keys?

Piano's not a bicycle.

I'm so grateful

that you're allowing me
to stay here with you.

Your charity in providing me
a home,

I can't thank you enough.

Is that what you think this is?



Of course not.

I hope you are prepared to work
in exchange for your tuition.

That is the arrangement
as I've understood it.

And I am more than happy
to serve your office

in any way it requires.

You will not be working
in the office.

You will be helping out with the
yard-work here at Foxworth Hall.

I'd be happy to, sir.

Daddy, surely you can't
expect him to work

Alongside Nella's family
and the rest of the servants.

What's wrong with him working
alongside Nella's family?


You know mother?
You were right...

I didn't get much rest
last night.

Excuse me.

It's for the best.

I'm late for work.

Corrine darling, why don't you
show your uncle to his room?

I, um, haven't quite finished
my breakfast yet.

I can surely find it myself.

Come. I'll show you.

Taylard residence.
Rockford speaking.

Rock? It's Corrine. Foxworth.

And to what do I owe
the pleasure?

How do you feel about
sneaking out this afternoon?

I must say I did not expect this
house to be quite what it is,

or for you to be who you are.


Did your mother tell you
very much about her time here?

Almost nothing at all.

Is the piano the only instrument
I can play?

I can't believe you're
allowing this.

This isn't the place.

You have to know what the police
would do to a black man

they think stole
from a white man like father.

Keep your voice down.

How can I when Harry
could be d*ad?

You saw what they did to him in
full view on our own front lawn.

Just imagine what they're doing
to him in jail.

We have to do something.

This wasn't Harry's fault.

It's something we came to
together, willingly.

It's what we both want.

Where are you?

Someone you love
is pleading with you

that someone they love
is hurting.

You won't do anything.


This isn't up to me.
It's up to your father.

This is fine.
Don't go any further.

Thanks for giving me a way
out of the house.

That was the most exciting
afternoon I've had in weeks.

Yeah. Yep.

Movies always make me
feel better,

except when you make me wait
through the whole thing.

I guess first year of business
school doesn't teach patience.

Patience, no.

Persistence, yes.

I really do have to go.
I've been away for too long.

I'm real glad you called me up,

See you soon.

What you doing?

Shh! It is none
of your business.

But will you please,
please don't mention

that you saw me to either
of my parents.

As long as you tell me
where you were.

Why do you care?

Just concerned for my niece.

So, my father has you
working already?

Who am I to reject the call
of my new vocation?

It does look as though
you'll be needing

to pay another visit
to the seamstress.

Hey. Careful who you're
laughing at.

See, I was just about
to tell you

That your father's still
at the office

and your mother is getting
her dress fitted.

So, if you're looking
for a way to sneak in

you might try through
the kitchen.

But now maybe I won't
tell you that.

Thank you.

May I ask who this is regarding?

Not if you want to keep
your practice.

And Curtis, make it the most
effective treatment available.

Joel: Are you going to do
something about Harry?

We are.


I'll come with you
to the station

and you can drop the charges
against him immediately.

You will be leaving
to spend some time

at a professional facility
in Westmoreland.

Now you will say nothing
to your sister about this.

You will pack one bag and I will
take you tonight after dark

so nobody sees us.

Now the professionals there
will... Get it out of you.

And you will recover.
And then you will return.

And we will never speak
of this again.

What if I don't want to go?

That is not your decision
to make.

It's my life.

It is my name.

And you're on board with this?

When are you going to tell me
what you want?!

I am aligned with your father.

I'll go if you drop the charges
against Harry.

I know your father's plan
seems extreme.

Your plan.
It's your plan too.

You agreed to it.

If you go get it fixed then
your father wouldn't hurt you.

It's a little late for that.

Thank you for doing this.

I'm not doing this for you.

The least you could do is
give this to Harry for me.

- I was just heading...
- Getting a glass of water.

Because it's just so... Hot.

Yes, it is.

Exceptionally hot.

Well um... Goodnight.

- That's not my room.
- That's my room.

I will just go to
my actual room.

Which is apparently
right next door to yours.


How did you sleep last night?

- I was a bit restless.
- Not well at all.

Of course. Sorry.

No, it's okay.

I slept just fine.
Thank you for asking.

Where's Joel?

He left for Montreal.



He received a telegram yesterday

inviting him to study
with a top musician there,

but he had to leave right away
in order to accept.

This is ridiculous.
Why wouldn't he tell me?

Who's the musician?

A composer at the philharmonic

He was really very torn
about it.

He didn't want to upset you that
he'd be gone for the summer.

He's not going to be back
in time for my ball?

But he was supposed to be
my first dance.

Your ball will be just as good
without him.

Maybe better.

Miss Foxworth.

Corrine, please.

Glad to see you're home.

I stopped reading when I
realized what they were.

Oh, it's all right.

I know you must be hurting.

I just want to know where he is.

Did he tell you?

What do you know about a place
called Westmoreland sanitarium?

Some physicians call
Westmoreland experimental,

but experimental is too kind
of a word for a place like that.

What's happened?

Over here,
if you would be so kind.

Mrs. Foxworth.

Do you have a moment?
We need to speak to you.

It's important.

I know about Joel and Harry.

You may leave.

Just what are you
both imagining?

Forget imagination.

Any serious professional
will tell you

that Westmoreland's methods
are extreme and unverified.

They have consequences.

The approach they're known
for uses shocks of electricity

in patients' brains for every
condition you can imagine,

from nervousness to venereal
disease to h*m*...


But it doesn't work.

Mother, please.

Joel needs you.

I might have been
mourning Mal

but I had closed the door
on my Joel

because I couldn't face
what was inside.

But it was seeing him there,
what was left of him,

I remembered who I was.

His provider.

His protector.


His parent.

What are you doing?

Getting my son
out of this place.

Only your husband
can sign him out.

My husband doesn't need
to know anything about this.

I am his mother and I'm
taking him home.

Why do you think
they're taking so long?

Everything's going to be
all right.

If that place is what
I think it is,

as soon as your mother sees Joel
she'll know exactly what to do.

She's back.

It's Joel.

He's sick.

I can't take care of him
in the house.

Awful big house, though.

I know how heavy this is
for me to show up like this.

You don't know the first thing
about heavy.

I should have done
more than I did.

I wasn't myself.

But I'm working on
finding that person again,

and right now that person
is here at your door

Asking for your help.

I just want us all to sleep
better tonight.

You want us to help your boy.

What work did you do
to help ours?

She got him back for us.

Beaten bad.


No, I didn't.

I was too much of a coward.
That was Joel.

Joel brought your son
back to you.

So, if you won't do this for me,
would you do it for him?

Where's your boy?

He's laid out in the car.
I need a hand.

Malcolm can never know.

Oh, dear lord.

I'll take the legs.

What did you do to him?

Has anyone heard from Joel?

I'd just like to make sure
he arrived in Montreal safely.

I'm sure he has.
Isn't that right, Malcolm?

I should get to work.

As should I.

If you can't keep
this a secret...

He was barely conscious.

He needs to be in our home with
a real nurse or in a hospital.

Do you want your father
to put him through a window?

You let this happen.

You lied to me.

To protect you.

You have no idea what's gone on
in this house,

what I've done to shield you.

I have never asked
to be shielded!

When have you ever asked
what I wanted?!

Everything I've done
was for you.

And look at what we've lost.

I'm worried about Corrine.

We had a fight.

She rode off on her horse
just before the storm h*t.

I thought she'd be back
before dark.

What were you thinking?

Search the entire estate!

That night, horrors
rained down on our home.

You, head out
to the lake.

Let's get on with it.

No one rests until
we find my Corrine.

Some we had
already imagined.

Some we had hidden
from view.

And others we couldn't
even dream of.

They would come
to haunt us later.

But in that moment
there was only silence.

My own.




What did they do to you?

Don't you worry about me.
I'll be all right.

I should have told the cops
I gave you the watch.

That would've made things worse
for the both of us.

Worse than this?

Look at us.

I miss your playing.

It'll come back.

What if it doesn't?


You just sleep now.

We'll worry about
all that later.




Can you stand?

Where does it hurt?

My horse got spooked
and I fell off.

I need to look at the wound
but we're too far out.

We have to find shelter.

There's a chapel
just down that trail.

Okay, hold on.

If no one sees
the beacon outside,

We'll have to sleep here.

I'm going to do the best I can

but you'll have to be treated by
a doctor as soon as we get back.

I thought you were a doctor.

A qualified trainee.



Why don't you tell me how
you knew about this place?

I used to come here
with my brothers.

Are you trying to distract me?

Is it working?

We used to race our horses
all the way from the house to here.

And who would win, you or Joel?

Not Joel.


Ever since he d*ed

it's like we're not allowed
to talk about him anymore.

It's like we might break
if we do.

People don't truly break

if someone's there
to help them heal.

I'm done. You can relax.

So, the debt is paid.

I saved your shirt,
you saved my life.

Actually, you ruined my shirt.

It's wrapped around your leg.

So, I guess I owe you.

For some reason I still
feel like I owe you.



She's in here!

Oh, thank goodness.

Are you all right?
Can you walk?

Put me down please, daddy.

Just a few scrapes.
She was lucky.

Lucky you found me.

It was you?
Thank you.

I'm so sorry.

As you should be.

I'll call the doctor
in the morning.

I know you don't agree with
all of my choices as a mother,

and many days neither do I.

But I'm doing my best.

Joel will get better
if we let him.

I think I've had enough of
the world outside for one day.

Just want to go to bed.

Of course.

Do you need some help
getting up the stairs?

I think I can manage.

Good night.

Thank you.

How can we ever thank you?

There's no need.

Corrine's safety's
all I care about.

Well, good night.

I have an early start tomorrow.

No, you don't.

You no longer work for me.

You have more than paid
your debt.

From now on your education
is paid for in full.

You should be lying down.

I couldn't lie still if I tried.

I thought you were done
with the world for today.

I am.

That one.

What we stumbled into
in that storm...

Words like stumbled...

It can never happen again.

You make it sound like
it was an accident.

I'm your uncle.

Half... Uncle.

We lost ourselves.
I was worried about you.

I was just trying to make sure
you were all right.

That wasn't a worried kiss.

It wasn't a proper one either.

You're right.
Um, then it never happened.

I apologize.

You're not the only one
who feels sorry about it.

If you want to be dancing
in time for your ball,

You should get some rest.

What about Christopher?

Many debutants have used their
uncles for their first dance.

Or fathers.

It should be someone closer
to her own age.

Since you two have become
so close

I think it's only appropriate.

Christopher is a part
of our family now.

Surely my princess,

you wouldn't mind if I gave you
that first dance.

Christopher, would you do
Corrine the honor?

Actually, I was thinking
my friend Rockford

could be my first dance.

Your friend?

You have a male friend.

Rockford Taylard.

You knew about this male friend
of hers?

Oh, daddy.

Who doesn't know of
the Taylards?

Mr. Taylard owns the textile
mills just outside of town,

and his son Rockford

is just a very sweet
and disciplined young man

who I happen to have
crossed paths with

at events here and there.

And plus he has just finished
his first year

at the Blacksburg school
of business.

Are you sure you want to share
your first dance

with a relative stranger?

Rockford's not a stranger.


You do realize what
you're doing here.


I know why you're hesitant,
but rock's changed.

You don't yet know
what changes a man.

He is still the same person
that defiled you.

Remember that.

And remember what we had
to do because of it.

Mrs. Foxworth,
a visitor for you.

Mrs. Steiner?
What a surprise.

I'm going to make this brief
Mrs. Foxworth,

Since I don't much enjoy

being in the company
of a person like you

who stains the honor of
a great house like this.

I know about your son's problem.

What problem?

The Westmoreland sanitarium.

Three grand.

I'll come by to collect it
next weekend.

Unless, of course, you want
the whole world to find out

that your boy is a...

How does she know?

The important thing
is that she does

and that she's threatening
to ruin our son.

Joel is in the hospital
trying to get better.

If we don't pay her off
it will all be for nothing.

We can't have your
reputation ruined.

I'll arrange for the money.

And you care for him?

He's exactly what I need.

The complete opposite to
our overly-complicated family.

No one can change
who they care for,

not for anything in the world.

What about me?

Well, of course I care
about you.

Could you from far away?

What are you talking about?

I'm leaving.

What? Why?
You're getting better.

And if I stay here
that won't happen.

Not really.

What about Harry?

I don't know.

I thought you'd still be
at the office.

I'm leaving.

How did you get out of
the hospital?

I don't want anything and
I'll never bother you again.

If you run, you will never be
welcome back here again.

I know.

I will say that you are
no longer my son.

Well, you were never much
of a father to me anyway.

And I will write you out
of my will.

I don't want your money if
it'd give me a life like yours.

I'll ask you one last time.

How did you get out
of that hospital?

It was me.
I brought him home.

You took him out of
the sanitarium

without consulting me!

Wait for me.

I went to visit him.
He was unrecognizable.

- We were fixing him.
- We were breaking him.

No, you already did.

Just like you broke
our other son!

Mal's death was an accident.

Was it?

You are a curse on this family.

You meddle and our son dies!

You meddle and our other son
becomes an invert!

You meddle and Corrine
gets pregnant!

Alicia falls down the stairs!

I get poisoned, and now
that godforsaken housekeeper

has come back to blackmail me!


Because everything that
you touch, it turns to ash!

And I know you wanted that storm
to take Corrine away from me.

Mal d*ed because you as*ault
his fiancée.

Joel was tortured because
you couldn't love him for who he is.

Corrine fell into the arms
of another man

because she was running
from yours!

You are the curse, Malcolm!
You are the storm!

Everything you touch.


I went looking for it
the day after they took you.

I found it beside the driveway.

The face is busted
but you can pawn it.

Get yourself some money
so you can properly get out of here.

With you?

On your own.

Thank you for being there
with me.

For everything.

I can't make you go through
this next part with me.

You deserve a life
without memories of this place

And all I'll do is make you
return to it

Over and over again.

Harry, think about everything
being with me

has put you through.

I have.

You know,
I've been kicked before.

It's not the first time
I pushed to the ground.

I'm, I'm not better yet
but neither are you.

We get through this together

Just like we got through
last year.

That's the point.

I'm not going to throw
the towel in on you

just 'cause you're scared.

I've got a world to see,
and I got you to see it with.

Well, where should we
start then?

New york.

If it's with you,
I was thinking just...


I wish I could force him
to hand over your trust right now.

This is more than enough.

Just promise me
you'll live with no regrets.

Only if you do the same.

This is going to end
with someone dying.

Get out of this place.
Save yourself.

Leave him.

Bye, baby.

Mr. Foxworth.

A pleasure to work together
again after all these years.

I'm assuming.

Mrs. Steiner.

What you fail to understand
about threatening my name

is I no longer have a son.

So, you can blab to whomever
you'd like.

Very well.

I can only imagine how important
tonight's party must be to you.

I hope it goes off
without a hitch.

Daddy, where is my dress?

It was supposed
to arrive yesterday.

I have bad news, my darling.

Your mother...

ruined it.

Ruined?! How?

Don't you worry,

because I have one last surprise
for your big night.

Thank you.


Daddy told me what you did
with the dress,

but don't worry.
I'm not mad at you.

Well, I had it fixed.

Daddy said I could wear

one of grandmother's
dresses instead.

You brought that down
from the attic?

This is our daughter's night.

She looks even more beautiful.

You look...



You're a vision.

No one will be able to tear
their eyes from you.

You're right.

Nothing must distract
from my Corrine.

Not tonight.

Take this back

Go on, now.

You sure you know
exactly how to do it?

I think the timing
will be important.

You just calm down and you have
yourself a good time.

I know how to talk
to your father.

We'll show him how great
we are on the dance floor.

Thank you.


Mrs. Steiner...

I thought you and Mr. Foxworth
had come to an understanding.

Lest there be any confusion,
you are not welcome here.

We did, about your son.

But I'm not here about him.
I'm here about your daughter.

Or should I say Mrs. Alicia
Foxworth's daughter.

What a secret to hold.

If this gets out,
it'll stain your life forever.

Everything you've worked so hard
to build will come to pieces.

But something tells me
you're more worried about

What will happen to her.

You don't want her to know
who she is, do you?

Oh, hello again,
Mrs. Steiner.

Miss Foxworth.

Corrine, where is your father?

I haven't seen him
since the guests arrived.

I hope you enjoy yourself.

Oh, I intend to.

Right this way.

Oh, Mr. Foxworth, sir.

I've been looking for you.

Mr. Taylard.

I have something very important
to discuss with you, sir.

I would like to ask for your
daughter's hand in marriage.

Let's discuss this in private,
shall we?

Yeah, sure.

A gesture of settling
this amicably.

I've learned through the years
that this is one of

the best places for delicate
conversations like these.

It's how I even kept
some conversations from you.

How did you hear
about such awful rumors?

Doctor Curtis keeps
detailed records.

You work for doctor Curtis now.

His notes go all the way back
to the night

you called him to the house
to look at a pregnant woman

Who fell down the stairs
for example,

Where he recorded the woman's
delusional rantings

For being kept prisoner.

Doctor Curtis doesn't suspect
anything, does he?

Oh, don't worry.

He's a bit thick.

But the real tip of the scale,
Mrs. Foxworth.

I mean, look at your daughter
then look at you.

She's gorgeous
and you're a monster.

Three thousand then.


I'll get your money.


Corrine darling, not now.

I have something very important
I need to discuss

with your father.

But I can't find
Rockford anywhere

and the first dance
is about to begin.

Christopher. Thank goodness.
Would you be so kind?

It would be my honor.

- We have a problem.
- Not now.

Not during Corrine’s
first dance.

I believe congratulations
are in order.

You heard.

He's a lucky man,
wherever he is.

Don't do that.

You're not allowed
to be jealous.

He stood you up.

Not after what we agreed.

You're my uncle, remember?

And as your uncle
I wouldn't want you

to rush into something that
you'll almost certainly regret.

I'm more than capable
of making my own choices.

I thought much the same
of myself until...

Until I realized otherwise.

There is no worse pain than
being stuck in a life of regret.

The gentleman he sounds
as though

he speaks from experience.

Do you have any regrets?

With you?


I have never been so proud
of you in all my life,

and you look so
ravishing tonight.

- Daddy...
- Hmm.

Has Rockford spoken
to you tonight?

He made his intentions clear
and I made mine clearer.

Did you hurt him?

Daddy, what did you do?

He won't bother you again.

He abandoned you tonight,

and I will never abandon you.

Because you...
belong to me.

Corrine, you were incredible

but I really must speak
with your father.

Rockford asked daddy
for permission to marry me

and he scared him away or,
or hurt him, or...

Please mother,
you have to talk to him.


Do you love him?



You don't really.

You think you do,
you really think you do,

but you don't.

He's just a door to a life
you think you want.

But trust me, behind it
is no life at all.

How can you be sure?

I can see it in your eyes.
You're not in love with him.

But when you really know,

when you find someone
you really love,

I will support you
no matter what.

This was supposed
to be my night.

Excuse me.

Mrs. Steiner is here.

I've locked her in the library.

Why would you do that?

Because she knows about Corrine.

Knows about what?

You're an animal.

I apologize for resorting
to these methods

but you left me no choice.

A wild animal.

I had to find my husband.

He's on his way now
with your money, I can assure you.

Exactly how do you expect me
to trust you

after you kept me locked
in that closet for an hour?

And what's to stop me
from going out there right now

to make a little toast
of my own?

Just know, Mrs. Steiner,

What you seek to destroy,
it's all I have.

A life built on lies.


But it's all I could manage
given the circumstances.

Everything I've done,
every choice I've made,

good, bad, or somewhere
in between.

It's all been for my children.

Corrine is not your child.

She may not be of my flesh
but she is of my heart.

Who do you think you're fooling.

People talk.

Everyone knows that deep down

you're jealous of Corrine
for her beauty, for her charm.

For the fact that she'll have
a love in her life unlike you.

What do you know about love?

Do you think garland
ever loved you in return?

Oh, my apologies, you knew him
as Mr. Foxworth

and he knew you as the woman
who cleaned his chamber pot.

How dare you?

This is my house.
I'll dare to do as I please.

I think I'll go find
Mr. Foxworth on my own.


She was going to tell everyone.

We have to call a doctor.


Our guests are waiting.

Shall we?

- Oh.
- Sorry.

What are you doing?

Never mind. It's none
of my business.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

The engagement's off.

I'm not really sure it was
ever really on, but...

I'm sorry.

Are you?

Not at all.

I have tried so hard
to make it work.

To move on, to forget about-

But fighting what I feel inside

has become more difficult
than facing it.



You're what I feel inside.


You're what I want.


You're who I love.

Do you love me?

Of course I love you.

So, what do we do now?

Keeping up an illusion
is hard work.

Back-breaking work.

Heartbreaking work.


At breakfast you want
to k*ll your husband.

By bedtime you're helping
him bury someone else's body.

But something keeps you
going through it.

Get some rest.

The thought that all of
the blood and dirt and lies

would be worth it.

But in the end,
because of everything I did...

their lives will be better
than mine.

My children.

Joel got out of
Foxworth Hall alive.

Surely Corrine could too.

But I was learning the hard way
that my home had too many doors.

Old ones. New ones.

Behind each a place to hide.

That night, each and every one
of Foxworth Hall's doors

would fly open.

And there would be
no hiding anymore.
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