01x04 - The Martyr

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Flowers in the Attic: The Origin". Aired: June 29, 2022 - present.*
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After a whirlwind romance, Olivia finds herself as the mistress of the imposing Foxworth Hall, where she soon discovers that the fairy tale life she expected has quickly become a nightmare.
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01x04 - The Martyr

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OLIVIA: A house can be many
things besides a home.

It can be a palace or a prison.

A monument or a mausoleum.

A dream or a nightmare.

But a house can also be alive.

Because only something alive
could cause so much destruction

to me, to those I love,
to my flesh and blood.

[breathing heavily]

OLIVIA: And though my daughter
did not share my blood,

my heart b*at for her
as if she did.

But in that moment my heart
nearly stopped.

[floor creaking]


[clears throat]
Oh, um.

OLIVIA: Because my daughter
shared not only a bed

with Christopher,

but family blood.

More blood than even she knew.

We'll discuss this
in the drawing room

when you are dressed.

You don't look well.

We just buried a body.
It takes something out of you.



I'm sorry you had to see that.

I saw nothing.

Because it would be impossible
for my daughter,

the young woman

for whom I have sacrificed
everything in this life,

to make such a foolish mistake.

I love him.

You will not touch my daughter.

You are a guest in this house.

What do you have to say
for yourself?

It's true.

We're in love.

You can't be in love.

It's against the laws of nature.
Against the laws of God.

As if you've ever believed
in God.

I don't believe in w*r

yet I'm afraid of what's
happening in Europe.

One doesn't have to believe
in something

to fear its potential recourse.


Let's talk about God.

What about the Greeks
or the Romans?

Their Gods love everyone
and anyone

regardless of relation or sex.

Don't be ridiculous.

You were the one who had me
reading the symposium

when everybody else
was reading Austen.

Christopher is my other half.


Do you have any idea
what your father would do

if he found out about this?

I'm not afraid of daddy.

Malcolm will not understand.

All this could be yours one day.

If your father finds out
what you've done,

what you want to continue doing,
it's over for you.

You'll get nothing.

That's a risk I'm willing
to take.

You don't know
what you're saying.

You don't know what else
he's capable of.

There's something
you don't know.

You're uncle and niece.

Half uncle and niece.

But that's not all.

Your blood ties are far stronger
than that.

You are also half siblings.

That's not possible.

It is.

Because I've been lying to you.

We've all been lying to you.

Corrine, I am your mother
but I did not give birth to you.

Alicia did.

Daddy and Alicia had an affair.

Not exactly.

But then how can
what you say be true?

Their relations were not...
Mutually agreed to.

Alicia found herself pregnant.

Garland had been d*ad
for too long.

There was no way to pass
you off as his.

So, she abandoned me to you.

She didn't have a choice
in the matter.

We didn't give her one.

So, you took her child?

I saved her name, and yours
for that matter.

And your own.

We're all Foxworths.

And being a Foxworth
still means something

because of what we did for you.

How we sacrificed for you.

A life of lies
is not a sacrifice.

Then you've never lied to help
anyone but yourself.

Everything we've discussed here,

everything you've done tonight,

I will never breathe
a word of it

and neither will either of you.

Christopher, if you'll retire
to your room

so I may have a word
with my daughter.


You may not be of my blood
but you are of my heart.

I have done everything
in my power

to keep the secret of your birth
from the world

because that's how much
I love you.

Because you are my child.

Just as Mal was.

Just as Joel is.

And nothing, nothing you can
ever do will ever change that.


What are you doing here?

I don't care what
my mother said.

It doesn't change anything.

You're my sister.

I don't love you like a brother.

How do you love me?

That's what I thought.

Say it.

Tell me.

I love you.

How do you love me?

What do we do now?

Let's run away. Tonight.

How will we survive?

We'll have each other.

It's easy to think
it's that simple

but we'll need more
than each other.

We'll need a place
to live, money.

We'll figure all
of that stuff out.

You don't know what it's like
to have nothing.

I do.

If I have you,
I have everything.

I'm serious.

If we're going to do this,
to really actually do this,

we need a plan.

Start packing.

What are you doing here?

No daddy.

What have you been doing?

Your father's will?

He left half of everything
to Christopher.

Your grandfather was not
of sound mind

when he wrote that.

According to whom?
Did he see a doctor?

That is none of your concern.

But Christopher could've used
this money for school

or to help his mother
when she was ill.

Would you rather I had given
all this up?

Would you like to have
grown up like, like some,

some, some kind of peasant girl?

Half still would've been
so much.

Half is half of what I deserve!

I was the one who,

who kept those
businesses running

when your grandfather was off
gallivanting around Europe

with his child bride!

I'm the one who, who put up
with his incompetence

for all those years and
I'm the one who suffered

when my mother left.


If you acted like this
when you were a child,

I can see why she left.


Did that feel good?

Just like I bet it made you feel
good to steal from Christopher.

That's probably why
you kept the will.

To remind yourself that
you're so big and powerful

that you can steal from a child.

Everything that I do,
I do for you.

I'm so tired of hearing
that tonight.

You're lying.

I... I love you.

Then act like it for once.


What, what about all the dolls?

And all the clothes,
and all the horses,

and the galas?

Real love, true love, is
about more than just things.

[hits wall]

I wanted to give you more,
so much more.

What are you doing to her?

She, she broke into the safe.

I thought we had
an understanding.

About what?

No, no, no.
You, you tell me.

Or so help me God I, I will
make you regret it.

So now you both want me to
fear a God you don't believe in.

It's nothing, really.

No. It's something.

It's the most important
something of my whole life.

I'm sorry mother,
but I am done lying.

I won't be like you or him.

Lies are what put us here
in the first place.

I'm in love with Christopher
and we're getting married.




[fighting grunts]

[fighting grunts]

I will k*ll you.

Just like I k*lled your father.


What are you doing, daddy?
He can't breathe!

Daddy stop!




You son of a b*tch!

Running from a fight?

You're a coward
just like your father.

I found my grandfather's will.

Half the estate's yours.

My mother d*ed

because we couldn't afford
proper medical care.

My father is not the coward.
You are.

Say it again.

My father's not a coward.

Not just a coward.

He's also a m*rder
and a r*pist.

Corrine, please.

Tell me it's not the truth,

I know what you did
to my real mother.

Our... Mother.

You told her?

You told her?!
You told her?!





Is everyone all right?

What's going on here?

My father is trying
to k*ll Christopher.

You're damn right I am!

- Mrs. Foxworth!
- I'm fine.

Death would be a blessing
compared to the devil's spawn

that you two would bring
into this world.

We're in love.

Not that I'd expect you
to understand that.

Corrine, don't.
You'll only make things worse.

No. I'm tired of this.

I see you, daddy.
We all do.

We all know that you don't have
any love in your life

and yet you sit there
in judgment of me

and who I choose to love.

Well if I'm a sinner then
what exactly does that make you?

The man who has two daughters
in this very room.

Corrine, don't.

Celia, your other daughter.

Everybody in the house knows it.

Everybody in town knows it,

because nobody chooses
to be with you.

You have to force yourself
on everyone

like the beast that you are!



You don't want my love so be it.

But you can't have
my money either.

That's enough.

Don't you mean
Christopher’s money?

If you do this with him you
are not part of this family.

You will never have been
part of this family,

and you will never be part
of this family ever again.

Do I make myself clear?!

I knew what he was doing
to you all those years.

I saw it and I didn't
say anything.

That was wrong of me.

You have nothing to be
sorry about.

My choices are my cross to bear.

It's a burden I never wanted
to share with you.

What's important is that
you're safe now.

Am I? Are you?

You m*rder my father.

You r*ped my mother.

[g*n clicks]

You h*t Corrine.

Now, you listen to me.

You are not a suitable match
for my daughter.

I love her.

No, my boy, you can't.

Because you don't really
know her.

Of course, I do.

No, you don't.

Because if you did,
you wouldn't love her.

She hasn't told you
who she really is.

And you know who she is?

The man she hates.

Oh, she hates me
because I know who she is.

She is a beautiful, selfish girl

Who got rid of her own child
last year.

Just to save her reputation.


It seems like I owe you
some money.

I think it's about time we made
ourselves a deal.

And what do we do now?

We'll figure something out.

As long as it involves

My darling, that's not possible.

You said you'd support me
when I found true love.


You promised, mother.
Look into my eyes.

I love him.

I'm sorry, not someone
of your own blood.

May I have a moment alone
with Corrine to say goodbye.


I spoke with your father.
I'm leaving.


You're doing the right thing.

The door stays open.

You haven't been honest with me.

What did you do?

Truths can be more powerful
than any w*apon.

You told him.

Once he knew that Corrine
was no more than a common slut,

he was more than happy to take
the grand for his silence

and leave.

You should be thanking me.

Solving a problem that you
created does not merit thanks.

How dare you lay a hand
on my daughter?

She is not your daughter.

She is mine.

She always will be.

No. I am her mother.

This very night I shed
Mrs. Steiner's blood for her.

If that isn't love,
I don't know what is.

Look at that.

You and I, maybe we're not
so different after all.

Corrine! Corrine!


OLIVIA: Everything that was
mine, everything I worked for,

Everything I loved,
had been taken from me.

I had nothing left.

OLIVIA: I was alone.

All three children gone.

Months had passed
without word from Corrine.

But losing her didn't seem
to have made Malcolm

change his ways at all.

Good morning darling.
Where are you heading?

To town.

I have a couple errands
to run for my grandmother.

Would you like a ride?

Even Satan is sweating today.

Thanks, Mr. Foxworth.
That sure be nice.

What are you doing?
Grace, do not get in that car.

Mrs. Foxworth.

Mr. Foxworth asked if I would
like a ride to town and...

You wouldn't.

Have a nice day at work.
Don't rush back.

Mrs. Foxworth.

What is it?

It's a letter.


She says she can no longer live

under the same roof
as her father,

that as long as he's alive
she won't come back.


[metal clatters]

Mrs. Foxworth.

It's awful late.
What are you doing here?

I forgot something in the car
earlier today,

and well, here it is.

Goodnight then.

Mrs. Foxworth?

Did you know that I always
wanted to live in new york city?


I wanted to be a singer
since I was a little girl.

Standing up on a stage,
lights pointing at me.

But I can never leave
this place.

Not with my family here.

I was afraid.

Afraid of what he would
do to them

if I wasn't here
to protect them.

Look, I understand.
Oh, do I understand.

I've wanted to do the same thing
more times than I can count.

But you didn't?

I couldn't face my God if I did.

I admire your conviction
but I don't share it.

Oh, maybe not.

But I've known you
for how many years now.

If it's not God's judgment
you fear,

then it's someone else's.

Or maybe it's your own,
but I feel it.

You've got good inside.

I think I used to.

But now I'm many things inside.

Thank you, Nella.

Just do me a favor.

If the other things get
the upper hand again,

not like this.

Samuel's cousin is the driver.

It would be obvious
that it wasn't an accident.

The police will blame one of us,

and I don't want to wake up

with one of my boys
hanging from a tree.

Of course.

Good night.

Good night.


[wood cracking]



I'll call the doctor.

OLIVIA: These old houses...

I tell you, you never know

When a railing may give way
to rot or decay.

Or a handsaw.

OLIVIA: I've come to know myself
as many things.

A proficient m*rder
is not one of them.

Mrs. Foxworth, after six months
in the hospital...

your husband's hemiparesis
has not improved.

So, he will most likely
never speak again

or regain sensation
in his left side.

I see.

Which means he will
need assistance

eating, washing, dressing.

And how is his mind?

Oh, perfect.

That's all that matters.

OLIVIA: But perhaps this was
better than death.

To know he was trapped
and I was in charge.

Where shall I have them put him?

Upstairs in his room.

Will you be employing a nurse
to care for him?


Only I can give him the comfort
I know he deserves.

OLIVIA: Like I always said, the
best kind of revenge takes time.

Welcome home.

I know it's not exactly
Foxworth Hall.

Well, it's better
than that motel.

[commotion coming from outside]

Just until you finish
medical school.

I know it's not much,
but it's ours.

And we can do anything
we want here.

No judgement, no rules,
nothing to be afraid of.

[commotion coming from outside]

Except maybe the neighbors.

I'm sorry. I know it's not what
you're used to.

[big band music]

May I have this dance?

Oh, it would be my honor,
Mrs. Dollanganger.


I'm not sure I'll ever
get used to that name.

At least no one will ever
find us this way.

And besides, I feel it has
a certain whimsy to it.



[jazz music plays]

Thank you.

You deserve far more
than a going away party

for everything you've done
for me.

No. Thank you for making
my family safe.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

For you.

Train tickets?

So, you can visit after you
become a big star in new york.

I will miss you.

As will your many friends.

None of them are quite like you,
Mrs. Foxworth.

Olivia. Please.


Mrs. Foxworth, may
I have this dance?

You may not. Leave her alone,
you fool.

I would be honored
on one condition.

You sing the song.

You hear that boys?
My first request.

[jazz plays]

♪ I'm living the high life

♪ There ain't no getting
me down ♪

♪ I been to hell on
a railroad track ♪

♪ I kissed the devil
and I ain't going back ♪

♪ Click my heels,
a one, two, three ♪

♪ Now I know what it means
to be free ♪

♪ I'm living the high life

♪ There ain't no getting
me down ♪

♪ It's just me
and my liberty ♪

♪ And no one telling
me how ♪


♪ I shall live my life,

♪ Not a cloud
in the skyline ♪

♪ I'm living the high life
for good ♪



Good afternoon gentlemen,
and thank you for coming here

all the way from Richmond.

I'm Olivia Winfield Foxworth

and due to my husband's
tragic accident,

I'll be replacing him

as acting president
of Foxworth industries.

[grunting and groaning]

Oh dear.

It looks like he's having
another one of his fits.

I was so hoping he'd be able
to join us today.

Please take him to his room.

[grunting and groaning]

I'm terribly sorry about that.

Now let's get down
to business, shall we?

When exactly will Mr. Foxworth
be returning?

As you can see he's
in no condition to work,

let alone be out of bed.

The doctors cannot be certain
when or if

resuming his professional

will be possible.

Now judging by the most recent
quarterly reports...

But we need Mr. Foxworth's

on our yearly tax filings.

No actually. You'll be needing
my approval.

And right now you most certainly
do not have it.

Do I make myself clear or will
you continue interrupting me?


Now, judging by the most recent
quarterly reports,

it seems to me the current
priority would be adjusting

the supply chain back
to a peacetime schedule.

Yet I found no evidence that
such an effort has been made.

Why is that?


Well someone speak up,

or I'll be forced to start
calling on you at random.

I had a truly
extraordinary afternoon.

But I suppose you know
that already.

What a pity you couldn't stay

for the rest of
the board meeting.

You should've seen the looks
on those miserable men's faces

when they realized they'd be
reporting to me from now on.

You just couldn't imagine.

Or perhaps you can.

Their expressions looked much
like yours does right now.

Professional impotence is really
not a good look on men.

You should try better
to mask your feelings.

I'm somewhat of an expert
on that,

having lived with you
for the past years.

But now.

Now things are different.

Sign these.

They give me control
of Foxworth industries.

Perhaps I didn't make
myself clear.

You will sign these

or tomorrow I may accidentally
forget to feed you.

I'd like to show you something.

I believe this was
your mother's?


[breathing heavily]

Well, that won't be possible
to replace.

Everything in this room
was hers, was it not?


[frantic breathing]


[frantic breathing]


From now on there will
be consequences

when you don't do
as you're told.

[struggling grunts]




[labored breathing]

I wanted to surprise you
and Christopher.

Welcome home.

Well, do you like it?

I adore it.

But can we afford it?

It's all taken care of.

Remember you're married
to a doctor now.

[baby crying]

It's OK. Come here Chris.

I can't believe I'm saying this,

but I really wish
my mother were here

to share all of this with me.

[baby babbling]

[gasping for breath]


Sign the damn papers.

Oh, and I won't be needing
your signature again

now that I control the business.

[yelling in pain]

[groaning in pain]

Mr. Foxworth seems
to have fallen.

Would you help him up?

OLIVIA: And that's when I knew,
without my children,

look what I had become.

I was lost.

I needed something to cling to.

Something or someone
who would remind me

what is right and what is good.

I needed my flesh and blood.

[rat squeaking]

Mrs. Foxworth, a Mr. John Amos
to see you.


You came.

As if I could ever deny a wish
of my dearest cousin.

I must say...

I was rather surprised by
the urgent tone of your letter.

You see after Corrine
and Christopher left

I found myself in, well,
rather a dark place.

And I suppose I was finding it
increasingly difficult

to find the light where it used
to shine so brightly.

A certain amount of darkness
is to be expected.

You've suffered tremendous loss.

I keep thinking some of it
may have been my fault.

I should have found a way
to open my heart

to Corrine and Christopher.

Absolutely not.

I mean, that cannot be.

You provided everything
for Corrine

and she chose a path
of moral corruption.

Any further contact with her

would pull you
into the life of sin

that she has chosen to live.

Whatever befalls her now is
God's way of punishing her.

But not having her in my life
feels like punishment to me.

One might ask,
and certainly not me,

If you have done anything
that merits punishing.

I am far from perfect.

God does not ask for perfection.

He only asks for repentance.

I would like that very much,
to repent.

To be forgiven.

But you never believed.

I also never found happiness
on the path I chose.

Even the scientific mind does
not repeat the same experiment

and expect a different outcome.

Perhaps this is
an opportune time

to enter a new variable
into the equation.


OLIVIA: And so I did it.

That night I prayed for
the first time in my life.

I prayed for forgiveness.

I prayed that Malcolm's
soul would be saved.

I prayed for Mal's spirit,
for Joel's safety,

And for Corrine's return
to me from her life of sin,

sin I was only just beginning
to fully recognize.

And so nearly a decade passed.

Prayer brought me peace.

It did not however bring
my children back to me.

Did you ever think
that being a parent

would be this exhausting?

Uh, no.


But even if someone had told me

I would never have been able
to understand.

My mother made it look so easy.

Well, your mother was also
an expert

at hiding how she felt about
a lot of things.


I think we need a vacation.

I can get some days off
in August,

we can pack up the kids,
rent a house on the beach

and just relax for a few days.

I'm not sure that's going
to be possible.

What are you worried about?

We can afford it.

No, it's not that.

You're pregnant.

Another baby?

Not exactly.

Another two babies.




Can we handle this?


Are you kidding me?

I love you so damn much.

Mrs. Foxworth, a Mr. Woodruff
to see you.

Yes. Thank you.
Send him right in.

Mr. Woodruff, how good
of you to come.

I am at your service.

- Please, sit.
- Thank you.

I can call for tea.

Quite all right.

Perhaps something stronger?



Thank you.

I've never done anything
like this before.

Do you require payment now
or after?

It's all the same to me.

I know you're good for it.

My husband can never know.

I have many clients who are
wives of distinguished men.

I assure you I operate
with the utmost discretion.

What would you like me to do?

I'd like you to investigate
my daughter.

[bird chirping]

No stroke of brush
could capture the spirit

behind your eyes, cousin.

Amos, you're too kind.

And I've been less than kind
to you as of late, I apologize.

Not at all.

And if you were,
which you are not,

I'm sure it's because
something I did

offended your delicate


Well, I've rarely been called
delicate or sensible

but I appreciate the sentiment.

And I intend to make up
for my shortcomings

In our relationship.


That's positively absurd
to think.

Not that there's anything
of the absurd about you.


I have something for you.

I think we're done here.

Follow me.
You'll see.

It was built shortly after
the main house was finished.

It's been generations
since it's been used,

but with a little effort

I thought we could turn it
into something special.

It's magnificent.

It's yours.

Eight years ago you answered
a letter from me

with your arrival at my door,
and you've stayed the course.

Helping me find my way to God,
and forgiveness,

and some semblance of peace
with Malcolm.

For that I will be
forever grateful.

It's been the greatest joy of
my life seeing you find faith.

This will do exceedingly well.

[wood snapping]


No one can hear us.

Hear us doing what?

Praying, of course.

[door creaks]

Mr. Woodruff, how good
to see you again.

Please sit.

Do you have any news
of my daughter?

I do. Quite a bit, actually.

She goes by Corrine
Dollanganger now.



What a silly name.
Why would she change it?

Of course, she would.

She feared exactly this,
my finding her.

Please continue.

Christopher is a doctor
of obstetrics.

[clears throat]

Quite successful at that.

They live in Pittsburgh.
This is their house.

Their wedding.

They married?

Many years ago.

And they have children.


Four of them.

Are they normal?

I mean, are they healthy?


Not only are they healthy,
they're so robust and charming

that folks in the town
have come to call them...

Ah, here it is,
the Dresden dolls.

But why?

Because they seem to present
as the perfect children

from the perfect parents.

You can relax now.

Your daughter has created
quite a lovely life for herself.

OLIVIA: Dresden dolls.

To remind me of my part
in my family's sin.

To remind me that I must grow
to be strong enough

to overcome that sin.

And over the next five years
I believed I did just that.

Wait here.

May I help you?

[phone ringing]

Foxworth residence.

No, Mrs. Foxworth is not
available at the moment.

Yes, this is Mr. Foxworth.

I see.

Thank you very much.

You just missed a call
from Mr. Woodruff.

Oh? I wasn't expecting
another report so soon.

Christopher is d*ad.

Car accident, apparently.

I thought you'd want to know
that Christopher is d*ad.

I need your help today.

The aberration of Christopher
and Corrine

was born of something.

That something was this place.

It was Foxworth Hall.

And I think I know
how to stop it.

[dark choral music]

Dear lord,

Only once one has been deprived
of frivolous pleasures

and emotional distractions can
one focus on what's important.

Faith, devotion, and repentance.

Today I ask for your redemption.

I ask for you to remove the
stain of sin from Foxworth Hall.

[dark choral music]

Can you at least leave that?
I have four children to feed.

Foxworth Hall now reflects
the new life that you've chosen.

One of prayer and...
And reflection.

God is proud of you.

[rat feet pattering]



What are you doing here?

Celia wrote about Christopher
and I got on the next train.

I am so...

What happened?

Why don't you join me for some
sweet tea on the terrace?

It's wonderful to see you.

You could've given
those things away,

or sold them and sent the money
to someone who needed them.

It was a sacrifice.
It was symbolic.

Of what?

Of Mrs. Foxworth's faith.

Amos. No need for formalities.

Nella, this is my cousin,
John Amos.

Amos, Nella.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm sure it is.

Believe it or not,
Nella used to work here.

That is not at all difficult
to believe.

But now she's a big star
in new york city.

If you count playing a few
Harlem bars as being a star.

I do not.

Well, I very much would
not want to interrupt.

Enjoy your tea.

He's not accustomed to guests.

Who look like me?

Truth be told, I don't often
have visitors.

But now I have you and
I'm delighted you're here.

Let's all have dinner together.


Invite your family.

Will Mr. Foxworth be there?

In his room, where he has
remained since you left.

Your mobility has much improved.

Would you like if we said grace
together before you eat?

Very well.

May God bless you.

Is everything ready for dinner?

We're quite out of practice
at entertaining, aren't we?

Yes, Mrs. Foxworth.

But everything
has been arranged.

This came for you.

Thank you.

Everything is delicious.

Send our compliments to cook.

Yes. And tell Odette she'd
better send me the recipe.

She's our cousin.

Well, she's so very talented.

Everything is always superb,
isn't that right, Amos?


Cook does her job quite well.

How's Joel?

Have you heard from him?

Not in some time.

He could be anywhere by now.

I feel like each letter is
from a different hemisphere.


Excuse me?

Joel and Harry.
That's where they are, Tangier.

Harry writes us every week.

That's wonderful.

They're going to see
the pyramids next month.

Can you even imagine?

No, I cannot.

And how's Corrine these days?

[whispers sharply]
Look what you've gone and done.

No, no, no.

It's not her fault.

I received a letter today
from Mr. Woodruff.

Apparently, Christopher was
deeply in debt when he passed.

Can't say I'm surprised.

The likes of him I would
surmise gambling.

Corrine and her children
are in dire straits.

Barely able to put food
on the table.

Well, that's nothing
you can't fix.

[drops fork]

Olivia's not going to support
that Jezebel.

Sending money would be
a betrayal of God's will.

Corrine must suffer
for her sins.


You think it's God's will for
one of his children to starve?

Our Lord's will should not
be questioned.

It should be followed.

Then what about free will?

It's precisely Corrine's
free will

that led her to moral
and financial destitution.

Even if that's the case,
which I'm not saying it is,

who are we to judge her choices?

Faith is about forgiveness.

To deserve forgiveness,
one must first ask for it.

Not that I should have
to explain myself to you.

Let Corrine reach the depths
of her despair

and be reminded of how much
she needs you.

This is how God will bring
her back to you.

You always said that you were
her true mother.

This is your chance
to act like it.

I've had quite enough of this.


She's your baby.

You won't abandon her,
because I know you.

I always said
you got good inside.

I've always believed religion
is food for personal thought,

not for the dinner table.

Mrs. Foxworth.
For you.

Thank you.


Is something wrong?

The farthest from it.
You were right all along.

Destitution brought her
back to me.

Corrine has asked to come home.


Put your faith in God
and you'll never go astray.

We must celebrate tonight.
A special dinner.

Let's dress for the occasion,
make it a night to remember.

Yes, let's.


[door opens]


I came to say goodbye.

I haven't seen much of you
these past few weeks.

My apologies.
I've been busy.

I remember the first night
you came here.

You were so scared.
You looked how I felt.

Yes. Well, that was
a long time ago.

And I knew right away
that you were different.

You weren't like them.

I really don't know
what you mean.

I think you do.

May I remind you that the people
of whom you speak

Are my family?

So, you're really
one of them now?

Is that all?

Or do you wish me to endure
your judgement any longer?

You don't have to replace one
controlling man with another.

He brought me to God and God
is bringing Corrine back to me.

You reached out to her?

No. It all happened exactly
as Amos said it would.

Once Corrine reached
a point of destitution

she realized her place was here,
at home with me.

I don't know what kind of God
you pray to,

but the one I know

doesn't wait for the people
we love to suffer

to bring them help.

One must repent to be
offered redemption.

Repenting doesn't
mean suffering.

And one small freedom does
not give you access to them all.

Watch yourself.

You are a guest in my house.

Olivia. I don't...

Mrs. Foxworth.

That's just it.

Mrs. Foxworth is everything
you didn't want to be.

I'll see myself out.

[dishes clattering]

Mr. Amos requested that
you meet him in the chapel

Before dinner is served.

Oh. Thank you.

There you are.
What's this all about?

You have hidden sin from me.

What are you talking about?

So, it's true.


We are only human.

Tell me.

Let me be your cousin
and your confessor.

There is only one right way
to confess,

and that is the truth.

There was a servant.

She knew about Malcolm
and Alicia.

She threatened to expose
Corrine's illegitimacy.

I had to stop her.

But it went terribly wrong
and she h*t her head.

An accident?

One cannot be blamed for
what one never intended.

It's what I intended but failed
to do that is far worse.

Malcolm's fall.

I did that.

I wanted him d*ad.

He forced himself on me.


Over and over and over again.

And I know what you're going
to say,

That it's his right
as the husband.

But I don't think it is.

You must think I'm a monster.


Never have you been more pure
or beautiful in my eyes.


How dare you judge my daughter
for a sin

you yourself so easily commit,

I am so sorry.

I will not be violated
by another man.

You will leave
Foxworth Hall tomorrow.

[breathing heavily]


What are you doing here?

I brought you into the light.

You will not send me out
into the darkness.

Not until I get
what I've earned.

[struggling grunts]

No, no!

[panicked breathing]

[panicked breathing]



[exertion grunts]


I have news.

Good news.

At least I hope you see it
as good news.

God has given us a second chance
at having a family.

Our daughter is coming home.

OLIVIA: At Foxworth Hall,

The seeds of sin were planted
in a garden of shadows

long before I ever arrived
at its gates.

Those seeds needed
blood to grow,

and I was foolishly bringing
new blood into its walls.

Blood that I intended
to purge of sin.


Little did I know then that
my efforts would give rise

to the greatest evils
Foxworth Hall had yet to see.

Why couldn't they pick us up
at the train station?

Because your grandmother wanted
our arrival to be a surprise.

Why did you never tell us
we had grandparents?

It's complicated.

You see, your grandparents
are very wealthy.

Extraordinarily wealthy.

All we have to do is be
on our very best behavior,

make them love us a whole lot,

and I know that they'll take
care of us forever and ever.

What did your father
always want for you?

Best education possible.

And that's exactly what
they can buy for you.

Access to the best schools,
trips around the world

so you can actually see the
places that you study in person.

And we will not just show up
in London, Paris, and Rome.

We will show up wearing
beautiful gowns and jewels.

That's just the beginning
of what we can expect

our futures to be like.

Which is why we need to make
them love us so much.

Why should we have to convince
them to love us?

Aren't they supposed to love us
no matter what?

Well, yes.

I only need to remind them
of that love, that's all.

How long is that going to take?

Well, that depends

on how well behaved
we all are, doesn't it?

Where are we going to live
until they're convinced?

My childhood home.

Foxworth Hall.

[gate creaks]

[knocking at door]

Hello mother.

You haven't changed one bit.

Well, hurry up.

Before anyone sees you.

Why are we sneaking in the back?

Mother, this is Christopher,
Cathy, Corey and Carrie.

Children, this is
your grandmother.

What do you say?

Thank you for having us.

How do you do?

They do appear normal.

Why wouldn't we?

They don't know?

Good. It will make what
we must do a bit easier.

Now follow me quietly.
We must not wake Malcolm.

Who's Malcolm?

- Shh.
- Shh.

I thought you said this place
was going to be nice.

You will choose to be quiet

or I will take that choice
away from you.

Thank you so much
for taking us in.

I can't wait for daddy
to meet the children.

We need to discuss the terms
of your staying here

before you see your father.

Well, let's talk then.

Not in front of them.
And not until tomorrow.

Well, what do you propose
I do until then?

I can't very well hide away
four young children.

Follow me.

[lock clicking]

You are now in my home
and you will follow my rules.

The first of which
you're already breaking.

Boys and girls will not sit,
sleep, or recline

in any other way
in bed together.

But why?

And you will not speak
unless spoken to.

But you did speak to me.

Come on, Corey.

You and I will sit over here.

When you are asked to speak you
will do so in a hushed voice.

There will be no running,
no crying, and no...



And you will read
the bible every day.

Memorize verses and recite them
to me when I bring you dinner.

Since when were you religious?

Since I realized
the error of my ways,

as I hope you will do in time.

Do you mean to say we're
supposed to live in this room?

It's just until I sort things
out with my father.

And then in the morning you
can come down for breakfast

and we can go for a walk
in the gardens.

Okay then.
Just for one night.

Thank you, my darling.


That's quite enough.

[door lock clicks]

It was only for one night.

And it was for their own good.

At least that's
what I told myself.

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