01x08 - It B Over

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Paper Girls". Aired: July 29, 2022 - present.
Based off the comic book series by the same name four girls are on their paper route in the morning hours following Halloween 1988, when they become caught in the crossfire between warring time-travelers, changing the course of their lives forever.
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01x08 - It B Over

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10-34, over.

That's a 10-34. Over.

Come on. f*ck.

Who are you talking to?

We're ready to go.

Come on.

Lady, we're out of time.

Who are you calling?

Trying to send a distress signal
to my STF contact.

Hold up, you can do that
on a walkie?

Yeah, it's, uh
the STF uses paired walkie sets

to communicate across time.

- Shut up.
- The Old Watch can't track

analog signals,
so they can't listen in

on what you're saying
over these old things.

I can only communicate with
the other walkie in this set.

Durane has the other one.
He recruited me in '94.

But he's not responding.

TRC-218 two-watt three-channel
hand held CB receiver

with Channel 30 crystals.

Heck and Naldo stole
the other one in my set

on Hell Day in 1988.

Heck and Naldo have the matching
unit to this one in 1988.

- Are you sure?
- Stole it right off my friend.

- You're sure?
- Mm.

Because if what
you're saying is true...


Anyone out there?
Anyone hear my voice, come back.


One four...

Oh, shit!

That's them.
That's Heck and Naldo.

Yes, yes, I can hear you.

- You're coming through.
- It is them.

Tell them it's us,
the girls they stole

- the walkie from.
- Screw that. Tell them to get

their future butts
here already, please.

Guys, we're going home.

Put a team together
and get here ASAP.

We can evacuate
the civilians and maybe

even get the drop
on these bastards.

If these STF freaks
win this dumb w*r,

maybe all of our futures change.

Adult you never gets
in that robot.

KJ never gets that perm.


Tiffany probably
still goes to the same

- fancy college, though.
- Mm-hmm.

Future's so bright, right?


Do you read me?

Come on, let's get a move on.

Chop, chop, lady.

Do you read me?

I'm just gonna give them
the 1999 folding coordinates

- and keep repeating.
- Good idea.

Okay. Uh... this one right here.



Hey, assclowns,

if you can hear this, get ready,

'cause we're coming
to get our shit back.

That was me.



It was you on Hell Day.

We heard you.

It was your voice.
We heard your message.

What do you mean?

T-That's impossible.
You weren't...

This has already happened.

Oh, my God, all of this
has already happened

and nothing changed.

Will somebody please tell me
what the f*ck is going on?

What the f*ck is going on

is that nobody's
going anywhere, Larry.

They got our message in '88.

We heard it, too.
Heck and Naldo got the message,

and they still die.

And we can't get home.

It's a time loop.

A predestination paradox.

Events in the future
trigger events in the past

causing them to repeat
over and over again.

And everything that's happened

and everything
that's going to happen,

there is no changing it.


M-Maybe we can take it back.

Tell Heck and Naldo to abort.

Tell them to find another way.
Tell them it doesn't work.

Please... Please,
can you hear me?

Please, you're gonna die.

Abort, abort.
You're gonna die.

You are going to die.

Hey, look at me. Mac.

We are gonna figure this out.



Where's she going?

Maybe just give her a minute.

I'm afraid we don't
have a minute.

They're coming.

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Where are you?
They're waiting.

Mac, we got to get out of here.

You all right?

Thanks for being so...

I don't know, just thank you
for being how you are, I guess.

You all right?

I'm... I'm just gonna...

I'm just going
to check if there's

any food or stuff
or supplies or something,

in the house for us to take.

No, you stay here,
take a load off.

- Mac.
- It's fine.

g*dd*mn it.


I'm sorry about that. Um...

I didn't realize
you were in here.

Your friend is funny.

I wouldn't.

Hey, we're ready to go.

When I was your age, that silo

was filled to the roof
with grain.

Afraid I'm not much of a farmer.

Guess I don't end up
being much of anything.

As riveting as that is, Larry,

we have to get out
of here right now.

You said so yourself.

I can't. My MeeMaw.

We can't let them catch you.
You know too much.

That's funny, 'cause I feel like
I don't know a f*cking thing.

Sorry, but you've seen
how MeeMaw is.

She can't be on the run
in her condition.

You might not understand this,
but I have no choice.

I have to take care
of her, okay?

You're not the only one
with a family, Larry.

And if you really care about
your meemaw, get in the car,

survive this, and find a way
to get back to her.

You can't do her
much good otherwise.

Mac, look, I'm sorry.
Okay? I just, I...

KJ Brandman.

What are you going
to do with us?

I think maybe
we got it wrong, KJ.

I think she just wants to
send us home, believe it or not.

I'm going with not.

If you put us back,

we really won't
remember any of this?

- Mac.
- That's the trade-off.

I just need the exact date
you came from.

We're not telling you.

November 1st, 1988.

I'm just tired.

I just want to go back home,

have a decent smoke
and sleep in my shitty bed.

And you, you should just
forget about all of this.

Have a fan-f*cking-tastic time
at your bat mitzvah.

You'll be back
in your bed in no time.

There's just someone
who wants to meet you first.


You kids seem a little on edge.

The vibes in here
are tense right now.

Is it Prioress?

Eh, she can be
a little too much,

but you know what?
She means well.

And plus, she got you here
safe and sound, so...

we can all relax
a little bit, right?

Let's all take a deep breath.
What do you say, huh?

So, I'm not gonna lie.

You have completely f*cked
the Stony Stream timeline,

but here's the good news:
we're gonna fix all of that.

No worries at all.

- By k*lling us?
- What?

Let me guess, this is the one
that k*lled your brother?

No. No k*lling.

I was thinking more like
taking you from here,

dropping you back in 1988,

and then erasing
any and all memories

of this nightmare
ever happening.

Come on.
Doesn't that sound good?

- You can really do that?
- Wait,

- can you put us in the future?
- What?

What do you want
with the future?

My friend has cancer.

- And maybe in the future, there's a cure.
- Christ, Kaje.

Is there?

That's a dinosaur.

Get in the car.

This feels like our cue, ladies.

Get in!

Did you make this mix?

- No, my brother did.
- Ah.

Well, you got
a pretty cool brother.

He's got good taste in music.

Let's, uh, let's listen
a little, huh?

Ugh. So good.

I remember when this song
came out.

Okay, let's think
about your life

like it's your
favorite mix tape, right?

And every moment in your life

is like a different song
in the mix.

Now, what happens if you, uh,

wanted to change
one of the songs...

or, in this case, even better,

record over it
with a different song?

- Hey, easy with that.
- Hang on, hang on.

I'm trying to make
a point. Okay.

Now let's listen.

Hey, easy with that.

It's a little hard

to hear over the headphones,

but believe me when I say

the sound quality has degraded
each and every time

you record over the tape.

Nothing is as good

as the original.


the STF...

Those little rascals...
They're out there

thinking they're changing
the mix tape of time

for the better by making
all the bad stuff go away.

But in actuality,

what they're doing...

...is recording over
the original track

with all their own songs.

If you keep doing it,
over and over...


the timeline just unravels.

And in its weakened state,
after all the recording

and the rerecording,
guess what happens next?

Now no one can listen.

This, right here,
is the end of the universe.

You f*ck.

So, that's why the Old Watch

has to keep the original
mix tape playing.


No exceptions.

Look, I'm sorry, kid.

I'm old enough
to remember cancer,

and that's a real
cold card to catch,

but, like we say
at the Old Watch,

"Your time is your time."

Can I put in an order to have
my brain extra scrubbed?

Look, I don't want
to remember any of this.

I like you.

I'm gonna order up the deluxe
platinum rinse just for you.


Ha. All right.
Great job, everybody.

So, we've got a little bit more
cleanup to do here in '99,

and then we'll drop
you guys back at...

Wait, what-what was
the date again?

November 1st, 1988.

Oh, '88. Are you kidding?

What a great year for music.

...And Justice for All.

Are you guys heavy metal fans?

Lars Ulrich, probably the best
drummer working right now.

The guy's double bass kicks

are out of control.

Hold on. Slow down, okay?
What do you care

if your mind gets wiped?

Are you serious?

You think I want to go back
to my boring life

in f*cking Stony Stream
with no memory

of time travel or any of this?

Give me a pen.

Get in the car!

Give me one.

You won't remember any of this,
but at least you'll have that.

Now make it real.




Wait, hold on!


Ladies, meet Tessa.

Tessa, these are our
new friends.

They're a little lost, but we're
gonna get them back home.

Hey, I have a question.

- Yeah?
- Those STF guys we watched her execute

are from some time, right?

So why is that allowed?

Why doesn't that f*ck up
your mix tape?

Look, I don't make the rules.

Really? If you don't,
then who does?

You got, like,
a boss or something?

I... No.
No, I don't have a boss.

What? No. Everything
just happens for a reason.

I don't believe that.

I believe that people say that

to absolve themselves
of responsibility.

But we make choices.

And if you can stop
bad things from happening,

you have to try.

I get it. You're nervous.

But trust me,
it's better this way.

Better for you, maybe.

No. No, see,

better for the timeline.

Look, I know this might be
hard for you guys

to wrap your heads around,

but trust me,
that is a privilege.

You know what?
I changed my mind.

Deal's off.

If you're worried
about Ablution,

it doesn't hurt or anything.

You just blink your eyes and...

all the burdens
you're feeling right now...

won't even be a memory.

You're not listening.

We're not
f*cking doing this, man!


See, I think

you might be laboring
under the delusion

that you have a choice.

Aah, get your hands off me,
you f*cking creep!

Let these girls go right now

or I sh**t your pet
right in the neck.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Not cool, not cool, man!

You're no k*ller.

Maybe not.

But I am a proud member
of the STF Underground.

- Oh, here we go.
- Drop it.

Get the hell over here.

You should probably
get out of here.

Hurry up, hurry up.

You've been sold
a bill of goods, my man.


What makes you say that, huh?

Because you talked to a couple

of freaky teens
with metal pimples?

Come on, think about it.

Let's all just
take a deep breath,


you drop that g*n.

Come on, what do you say?

I say...

at least I've finally
done something right.


Have it your way.


You saw me try
and save him, right?

I-I-I-I legit did not want him
to get chomped.

Let's go find the girls.

Did they see where we went?

I don't think so.

That guy had a f*cking dinosaur.

Poor Larry.

He didn't deserve that.

He saved us.

For a little while at least.

I'm sick.

- What do you mean?
- What?

You can do this, Mac.

It's cancer.

Dylan told me.

Is that true?



It's true.

Look, in four years,

there's no future me.

I don't understand.

You told me that you grew up

to be some kind of vet,
and that you were okay.

I'm so sorry, Mac.

Me, too.

I'm glad you told us.

So what are we gonna do
if they find us?

You mean when they find us.

We'll fight them, I guess.

And if we lose?

Jerry Garcia out there said
that he'd erase our brains,

then send us back home.

Or we could escape them somehow
and wait seven years

for another folding,
on the off chance

it actually takes us
to where we want to go.

Well, then, I guess I call dibs

on the freaky armored lady
trying to k*ll us.

Not if I get to her first.

Maybe if we stack you
on Erin's shoulders.


We can do this
the easy way or the way

where the dinosaur rips
the house apart.

You decide.

I already have
an expiration date.

They only know about two of us.

So maybe

they'll go
without taking you guys...

- Not a chance.
- We can't let you do that.

Look, I've only got four more
years to live, so why don't I

- just go outside alone?
- The only reason we're

still standing here right now

is because
we've stuck together this far.

We're paper girls.

So we stick together.



We're not gonna change that now.

Guys, wait, wait.

I'm sorry for what I said
earlier about your bat mitzvah.

I'm sorry for all of it.

I don't want to forget you guys.

We don't want
to forget you either, Mac.


let's be honest.

You couldn't
even if you tried, right?


You want to come, by the way?

To what, your bat mitzvah?


You're all invited.

If we survive this, that is.

I'm there.

I wouldn't miss it.

Sure thing.

If we make it,

like you said.

But I'm not wearing
a f*cking dress.



Erin Tieng.

Tiffany Quilkin.

And I'm Ben Dover
and this here is Buck Naked.

Now let's get on with this,
you freaky b*tch.

I wonder if this is
what really happened

to the people who think
they were abducted by aliens.

If there's aliens
in addition to this,

I really don't want to know.

So if we see each other
on the street

or the mall...

you know, after this...

...do you think
we'll recognize each other?

I don't know.

Maybe some of it will stay.

You know?

Not the whole thing, but...

maybe we might
remember stuff like...

Erin's cool T-shirt.

Or Mac's nasty smoker's breath.

Hey! I quit already.

You smoked a cigarette
on Tiff's roof

last night.

One, it was a clove,
so it doesn't count.

And two...
that was only last night?

How long have we been gone?

I don't know.

But I feel much, much older,

I'll tell you that.

Tiffany Quilkin.

Come with me.

Oh, hell no.

What are you gonna do with her?

This doesn't concern
the rest of you.

If it's about Tiffany, it does.

Maybe you think I'm asking.

Maybe if you were gonna
do something to us,

you'd have done it already.


Come with me.

All of you.

I was your age, maybe younger

when I joined the Watch.

The STF t*rrorists invaded
on the Fourth of July.

To them, we were all guilty.
Guilty of creating

the godforsaken future
they came from.

A new kind of w*r.

Made singularly possible

by the discoveries of a team

lead by Dr. Joan Braunstein.

A team
of which you will be part.

The Quilkin Institute.

Why are you telling us this?

I'm offering you an opportunity.

Do you still want
to save your sick friend?

What is this place?

Come on, ladies.

A folding.

But controlled.

Is it, like, permanent or what?

Are those ships?

They are.

Like you, I didn't choose to be

part of this w*r, it chose me.

My generation, my timeline.

For years, I have tried
to put out its f*re,

only to watch it
endlessly reemerge and mutate.

This is our last, best chance
to make sure it never happens.

Whether Grand Father
can admit it or not.

Tell Dr. Quilkin
what you've seen.



And if we do what you're saying,

does that mean
my older self won't die?

She was piloting that big robot

and didn't survive.

I don't know.

But I believe the future can be
what we make it.

Get in the ship.

Yeah, let's get
the hell out of here!


Prioress, what causes this?

Are these travelers escaped?

This one tried to deliver them.

- He initiated launch.
- No!

- But why do the travelers still...
- She lies!

Folding entry in two minutes.

They're coming. Go!

KJ, come on!

Come on, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

Whoa. These were real.

- Come on, KJ, get in here!
- I'm so sorry.

- If I can undo this, I promise I will.
- Go.

- I'll see to it that you get...
- Don't!

No! No...

No, KJ, get out of there, now!

f*ck, what's he doing?

- Grounding us, what do you think?
- We have to stop him.


Folding entry in one minute.

- One minute.
- Erin!


- Erin, come on, come on!
- Erin!

- Come on!
- Come on!

KJ, Erin, just get in here!

She's gonna get left behind
if she doesn't move her ass!

Come on, guys! Come on!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Okay, just rest. Thank you.

- We have to go! Now!
- Come on!

Ten, nine,

eight, seven,

six, five,

four, three, two,


Launch sequence initiated.

Vessel away.



What the f*ck?


- nine...
- Get them out of there.

...eight, seven...

- Shut this down right now!
- ...six, five,


three, two,


Vessel away.


Where did they go?

What the f*ck were you thinking?

This is the only way
there can truly be peace.


she's Dr. Quilkin.

- What?
- The Dr. Quilkin.

She'll make a different choice.

- And all this...
- Oh, P.

I'm gonna stop you
right there, because...

I'm afraid...

...it's your time.

Let's go!

Looks the same.

I don't know
what I was expecting.

Flying cars, maybe?

I don't see another capsule,
do you?


Do you hear that?

And you're gonna play

I can't do that.

- Oh, why not?
- 'Cause they're...

They're semi-pro,
you said so yourself.

Holy shit.
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