04x13 - How's It Going to Be

Episode Transcripts for the remake of Roswell. Aired: January 2019 to present.
Roswell Revisited. Here we go again! "It was you..."
An all-new cast ten years into the future. Based on the books Roswell High by Melinda Metz.

It's been twenty years since the original aired but we still talk about Roswell as if it were yesterday.... come reminiscence over the original or talk about the new relaunch Roswell NM.
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04x13 - How's It Going to Be

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Previously on Roswell, New Mexico...

I took this from CrashCon.
Pretty sure it says "Savior."

This is my name.

CLYDE: Anyone who bears
this mark will never be able

to use Theo's portal to return to Oasis.

SHIVANI: This is the
formula to remove his brand.

Clyde wants to cr*ck
Theo's lock on the portal.

And now this brand will be gone.

As soon as I reconfigure the map,

we can finally go back to Oasis.

You tell me how long you've
been forgetting things.

LIZ: Ever since I
stopped taking the mist.

My brain is broken.

This world is dying, Max.

- TEZCA: All it needs

is for you to give it life.


TEZCA: Max is going to need the
fiercest warrior at his side.

have the same mark as Clyde!

You can't leave!

CLYDE: Now we're all here.

Who wants to bend to me first?


You're as troublesome as your teacher.


Nice trick. Watch this one.



What are you doing?

He's using frequency to hold us.

This is exactly what I
was working on with Heath.

Remember my party trick to bend sound?

I'm trying to bend his around
mine so we can break free.

CLYDE: Now to take
your heart as a trophy.



Look who untuned the dials.






He's taken Rosa!

MAX: How are we gonna get Rosa back

before an uber-powered Clyde
jumps through the space door?

Don't know about Rosa, but we
need to destroy this portal.

We can't let Clyde return back to Oasis.

MICHAEL: Slow your roll. Maybe
we should explore other options

before we kaboom, literally,

the only way to return
to the home planet.

Michael's right.

That has to be our last option.

Then what is our first option?

The star map.

Clyde needs it to calibrate the portal,

- send him back to Oasis.
- Wait, I destroyed that alien MapQuest

when I escaped from him
inside the mineshaft.

So... so there's a window of
opportunity to shut him down.

Okay, Michael, Dallas, Bonnie,
you guys go look for Rosa.

Max and I will run
defense on the space-hoop.

Okay. Yeah, that should
you buy enough time

to reactivate the brand on Clyde's arm,

so Theo's locks will trap him here.

Let's head out, guys.

You're worried about my abilities?

I'm not worried about what you can do.

I'm worried about what I can't.

Turns out, huffing that
experimental pod mist

had some neurological side effects.

- Did Kyle take a look at you?
- Not yet.

He's working on mending Alex,

and we don't have any time to waste.

Okay, there's got to be
someone else who could help.

I mean, there's one other
person I can think of,

but I don't know.

Tracking 'em down could be...

Maybe Deep Sky can help find them.


- Hey.
- Hey.

How's Alex doing?

Well, I caught him doing some
Dark Web Rolodexing for Liz.

Seeing as you're here, I'm assuming
you ditched Shivani's g*ons?

Yeah. Sonya had a hidden tracker on her.

The moment things got a little
dicey with Team Senovative,

a whole caravan of Deep Sky's
finest pulled up to the party.

Well, us Valentis can
be an intrepid bunch.

Is that why my sister
planted a kiss on you

before she jumped
through the liminal space?

It could have been an
"in case I die" kiss.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Is that what it felt like?



It felt like the answer to the
question I asked her down in Mexico.

You're the answer she deserves.

Then I have to say thank you.

For using your astral
projection gift to save her life.

[SIGHS] Yeah.

You think it could work
to help try and find Rosa?

So far, my alien third eye

is only seeing one person.


A certain spaceman of the cloth.

So, what is it about him

that allowed you to cross
the space-time continuum

into Theo's upside down?

Dallas makes me feel safe.

Could be something to build on.

If he's standing right beside you,

maybe you could focus
your sight elsewhere.

What is Liz's sister doing here?

I'm a man of my word.

You helped me,

and now I'm gonna help
you with your daughter.

Oh, I knew it.

I knew her regenerative proteins

were the key to reviving Nicole.

Rosa is the resource,

but those proteins
still need to be mined,

which is where this comes in.

This device will extract those proteins?

It'll separate her blood
into its base components

and keep only what we need.

What will this do to her?

What does it matter

if your daughter will live?

♪ And don't be alarmed if I fall... ♪

ALLIE: Alanis on the jukebox,

equation on the pages.

The only thing that's missing
is the antenna on your head.


You came.

You went through a lot
of trouble to find me.

Mm. You went through a lot
of trouble not to be found.

We had some of the greatest minds
searching for you in Careyes.

Well, what started as a
search for aliens in Mexico

ended in a bottle of mezcal.

Turns out, when I looked around my lab

and saw more booze in
my beakers than answers,

I knew I was lost.

So you gave up science?

There's a thin line between
determination and obsession.

And the thing with obsession is,

it grows in our blind spots.

I imagine you reached
out to discuss mine.

There is this alien,

and he's targeting everybody I love,

including the man I intend to marry.

And he has Shivani
helping him based upon some

empty promise that he's
going to save Nicole.

Yeah, when it comes to Nicole,
she doesn't have a blind spot.

She's just... blind.

A blindness I enabled
by helping your wife

develop an intellect-enhancing drug.

My loved ones, they were able
to untangle me from it all,

but Shivani... she can't let go, Allie.

And even when you can let go,

quitting this drug has
neurological side effects. So...

my memory is deteriorating.

I need your mind, Allie,

to help me stop this alien.


You're the person who
shaped how this brain works,

so what better Hail Mary than
reaching out to Mary herself?

We need to come up with a plan,

in case Clyde comes
back before Liz does.


Before we escaped that liminal space,

Tezca shared a memory with me.

Was it about the blue flame?


But not in the way that you think.

What is this place?

It's some sort of a temple.

MAX: That's...

That's me, isn't it?

Just watch.

The scientist's analysis indicate

these crystals are failing.

The life force they bring to the
flora and fauna is fading fast.

The empath's intel confirms the
Dictator's seizing these temples

one by one, holding them hostage

unless the rebels bend to his will.

TEZCA: If he controls the crystals,

he controls Oasis.

He's the only one who knows
how to wield the blue flame.

What if he doesn't restore their energy?

Then our world dims.

NORA: He holds the power to save us.

Which is why my Triad has
decided to form a rebellion.

What if you fail?

We flee to raise the child elsewhere,

holding strong that one day

he will return to restore
life back to our home.

TEZCA: He'll need a name.

I've given him one until
he can choose his own.


Did you build an alien heart?

I sort of pieced one together
from a fried specimen.

If you created a whole branch
of science to save someone,

I'm guessing you love them deeply.

Yeah, I do.

And that fine line you
described between...

determination and obsession

hasn't always been kind to me.

Well, at least we were
always good at the science.

Yeah, all right. Let's get
down to cooking some up.

Nora and Theo were rebel aliens

who designed a lock into a portal

that would recognize
the mark of Ophiuchus.

And the lock prevented

their members from passing
through and returning to Oasis.

I suspect Shivani figured out
a way to take that mark off

- of our alien troublemaker.
- Mm-hmm.


We've got blood with genetic
markers to remake the lock.

I need you to isolate those marks

and fill in the gaps in
the recipe to make it stick.

It's a classic Roswell number seven.

Narrow target, impossible timeline.

Lives hanging in the balance.



Where am I?

[GASPS] Shivani?

What are you doing?

I'm sorry, but a sedative might
interfere with the process.

ROSA: You think that my blood is gonna

bring your daughter back to life,

you're wrong.

Miss Resurrection here
doesn't get to judge me.

Don't do this.

- She would never be okay with it.
- But she'll be alive!

No parent should ever have to know

what it's like to outlive your child.

MICHAEL: No trace of Clyde
anywhere on Jones's old farm.

And every minute we don't find
him, Rosa's in more danger,

and he's closer to using the portal.

Yeah, you were pretty
fired up about saving it.

Max said it was a strategic
choice to keep it on the table.

Strategy, huh?

I mean, that look in your
eye, you sure it wasn't

your inner Buzz Lightyear
jumping up and down?

I want to marry Alex more than anything.

But, yeah, I have wondered what
Oasis looks like all my life.

Uh, speaking of going home,

I think that's why Clyde grabbed Rosa.

Oasian technology is designed

to be in harmony with the universe.

Once our scientists realized
that our bodies were made up

from the material that came from stars

and that everything is vibrating,

they-they explored
that interconnectedness.

Similar to how birds
use Earth's polarity

to know which direction to
fly south for the winter.

Exactly. The-the star map was formed

by a group of Oasian rebels
who had the same strong

frequency abilities for
tracking and guidance as Rosa.

They selflessly sacrificed their lives

to transfer their
power into the first map

upon which each following one was made.

I-It provided a means to locate
planets across the galaxy.

And now that the map is
broken, Clyde needs someone

with those same abilities
to help him repair it.

Wait, wait. Okay. So,
if-if Clyde uses Rosa

to repair the map, then...

then she could die
li-like the rebels did?

Well, he's not creating
a star map from scratch,

but it is possible by the
completion of the process.

And we got no way to find her.

MARIA: Actually,

I think I know a way.

Wouldn't your astral
projection gift work better

someplace a little more familiar?

It's not about the space.

A power like this can only be manifested

when I hone in on someone
that makes me feel safe.

My brain seems to think that's you.

So my working theory is,

if my safety net is standing
right in front of me,

I can extend my vision
elsewhere to find Rosa.

Yeah, uh, of course. I'll give it a try.


Just relax and...

lean into our connection.



I-I recognize that abandoned church.

It's St. Sebastian's off old Highway .

Okay, I'll go to Deep
Sky and update Liz.

You get our girl.

ALLIE: Okay, so...

Every time we introduce the alien locks

to Clyde's cells, it disintegrates.

When he upgraded his genetics,

it looks like he, uh, got an ability

that rapidly att*cks foreign agents.

Okay, so...

how do we build a wall
between these two things?

How about alien cortisone?

I mean, it stops inflammation
because it halts the immune system

- from attacking foreign elements.
- Points for Dr. V.

Okay, and if you want some extra credit,

you got to tell me how we're
gonna make that ET ointment.

Stasis is the ultimate cortisone.

The mist is literally
still stuck in my brain,

blocking neural pathways
and protein receptors.

Okay, so we blend the properties
of the mist and the mark,

and there's no way
Clyde can use that portal

once we inject him.

Yeah, it's like they say,

"Alien bio-engineering science is easy."

I'd say that's enough to do it.

I'd love to inject her myself.

This is for Nicole, isn't it?

Rosa's proteins hold
her frequency powers,

which is exactly what I need

to fix my broken map.

I can't bring your daughter back,

but without her,

you wouldn't have been
desperate enough to believe me.




Where's Rosa?

I won't let you pass.

Your ethics say different.

Good luck, champ.


[SOFTLY]: All right, can't do both.

Can't do both.


ISOBEL: We have to
talk about this, Max.

Tezca's last act before dying
was sharing that memory with me.

That memory has got to
be at least years old.

Planet's probably already d*ad.

What if it's not?


Then the last thing we can do right now

is let Clyde get there.

I have an idea.


Looks like you chose the wrong one.

Ah, looks like Tezca taught
you a little mindscape trick.



If you like Jones so much...

... you can die like him.



Good thing we learned
to always bring one more.


LIZ: Max!


Thank you

for making me legend.

You won. Okay?

Don't make me listen to you gloat.

This isn't gloating.

[CHUCKLES]: This is a revelation.

[SIGHS] To b*at the woman
that my savior couldn't,

to bring his plan to fruition...

Thank you

for showing me just how
capable I am to rule Oasis.

Get off my planet.

That, you earthen trash,

is the idea.

I jammed my syringe into the fruit.

When you grabbed its prickly skin,

you didn't realize you were injected.




So, uh...

What do we do now?

I got an idea.

Who wants to go to a wedding?

How long you gonna sit and stare
at that thing before you realize

it's not gonna answer back?

So, I guess Iz told you about
the memory Tezca dropped on her.

She's worried about you.

- I'm not sure how you can help.

I am a bartender.

- Tell me your woes.

All right.

You ever heard the one about
how the fate of an entire planet

rests on one man's glowing blue hand?

Delete the sci-fi slant
and you're left with...

the world on your shoulders.


I think in my case
it's a bit more literal.

You feel guilty 'cause you...

just want to slip a
ring on Liz's finger?

Well, I want to know what's
actually happening on Oasis.

And then I don't have to
decide between Liz and a planet

based on -year-old intel.

Well, cowboy,

there is another
reason I came down here.

So far, I've only been able to
astral-project with Dallas, but

I think it's time to kick off
those preacher training wheels

and see what I can do.

Kyle's theories were correct.

Your protein count has been climbing

since you got unhooked from the machine,

which means you should be
back to normal in no time.

Speaking of normal, Isobel said

that you and Max went all
dynamic duo at the portal.

You should have seen him, Rosa.

The way he controlled the flame,

it was like he is exactly
who he's meant to be.

You know, Papi says
life can be a crucible.

You either burn up in the heat,

or you become something stronger.

I remember back in high school

you were totally against, and I quote,

"the heteronormative-patriarchal
institution of marriage."

Yeah, I was a gay emo kid
in a dried-up cowboy town,

so a wedding didn't really
seem like it was in the cards.

And thank you for being here.

Since Greg can't be here,

I'm, uh, glad there's someone
from my family by my side.

Don't hate me, but

when you said Gregory wasn't coming,

I was relieved.

After all that's happened...
the good and the bad...

he's not the one you wanted
to share your feelings with?

♪ We were caught in the high... ♪

You know how I knew it was time

to ask Michael to move in with me?

♪ With friends like these ♪

I listened to my heart.

♪ I can do whatever I please ♪

So, maybe you need to do the same.

♪ I can be whatever I want to be... ♪


Oh, thank God. You're late.

And Michael's nervous telekinetic energy

- keeps breaking things.

MICHAEL: Where did I
put those shoes, Iz?

Oh, sorry, I was, um,

I was thinking about what
Maria showed me on Oasis.

Did you, uh, did you make a decision?


Maybe we just elope.

Breathe. I brought you
something for the nerves.

- Is it tequila?
- It's got tequila in it.

♪ Never get old ♪

Looking good, kid.

They told me to find something old

that could tell a good story.

This belonged to your mother.

As committed as she was
to fighting for Oasis,

she still saw how, in the midst of it,

Louise managed to find great love.

There's no doubt in my mind that Nora

would want you to do just the same.

♪ Can you feel it? ♪

♪ Can you feel it... ♪

Thanks for always being there for me.

And don't forget,

you still owe me for
all that copper wire.


I love that old-timer.

I mean, he stuck with
you through everything,

even with a front row
seat to all your antics.

- So I'm a work in progress.

♪ I can be whatever I want to be ♪

Did finally listen to you, though.

♪ With friends like these... ♪

Embraced my destiny.

Although, clearly, I
still have plenty to learn,

first of which...

How do you tie a tie?


Who would have thought that I'd
be made an honest alien, huh?


Okay, so I've done a lot
of things over the years,

uh, that have inadvertently
embarrassed the man that I love.

- But now we're married,

so I'm going to
intentionally embarrass you.


My husband wrote a song, uh,

for us about getting past
everything that stood in our way.

I cannot top that,

but I can say thank you...

... with someone else's song.



♪ The strands in your eyes ♪

♪ That color them wonderful ♪

♪ Stop me and steal my breath ♪

♪ And emeralds from mountains ♪

♪ That thrust towards the sky ♪

♪ Never revealing their depth ♪

♪ And tell me ♪

♪ That we belong together ♪

♪ Dress it up with
the trappings of love ♪

♪ I'll be captivated ♪

♪ I'll hang from your lips ♪

♪ Instead of the gallows of heartache ♪

♪ That hang from above ♪

♪ And I'll be your crying shoulder ♪

♪ I'll be love's su1c1de ♪

♪ And I'll be ♪

♪ Better when I'm older ♪

♪ I'll be the greatest fan ♪

♪ Of your life. ♪


- Know what I just realized?
- Hmm?

I married my high school sweetheart.

- Aw.

Here I am, just thinking
about the future.

I can't wait to sign my
first check Alex Guerin.


Never been much of a
Manes man, you know?

MAX: Are you considering which, uh,

which earthly pleasure
you'd like to toast with?

What pairs well with melancholy?

Hey, why are you two sulking
over here in the shadows, hmm?

There's a wedding happening.

Just, um...

trying to figure out how I move forward.

Also, what is the difference
between bourbon and rye?

Oh, that's easy.

And since I'm understaffed,

and there's nothing more
certain on Earth than taxes,

you can learn on the job.

[LAUGHS] I'll get started right away.

I think Isobel should teach
her the electric slide first.


♪ Live from the funk... ♪

LIZ: Hey.


You blossomed into your
best self in New York.

So thank you for being here

just 'cause I needed you.

That is a sister's job.

And in the spirit of doing it well,

how are things with you and the sheriff?

I'm not afraid of the
other shoe anymore,

'cause it dropped...

... and we handled it.

♪ Like I do, oh, tonight
looks good on you. ♪

♪ And if the sky goes dark again... ♪

You want to show 'em how it's done?

I do.

So, I caught you in one of those, uh...

classic wistful DeLuca moments.

I was reminiscing how
my mom used to joke

that you could see a couple's future

by the way they moved
together on the dance floor.

♪ I will be your shining light ♪

♪ I will be your shining light... ♪

I'm lucky I met you, Dallas.

You've been a constant for me.

Despite being a terrible chess player.


Okay, well,

how about you dust off
the chess board and, um...

loser buys the other dinner?

- Hmm.
- ♪ In the night ♪

- I've seen the home planet.
- ♪ In the night. ♪


I wanted to talk to you, and I felt like

- the wedding wasn't the right place.

I wanted to talk to you, too.

And say thank you

for always pushing
me towards my destiny.

It's what you've always
done for me, so...

just glad I could do it for you.

You add so many wonderful
things to my life.



And that makes what I'm
about to say that much harder.

Isobel showed me a memory of Tezca's.

Oasis is dying,

and the blue flame

is the only thing that can revive it.

But Tezca hasn't seen
Oasis in nearly a century.

I mean, who-who knows
what condition it's in.

I've seen it,

through Maria's ability.

Oasis is on the verge of total collapse.

So you're saying you want to return.


No, I don't want to.

But I feel like I have to.

What... Is it a guarantee solve?

'Cause if you don't know,
maybe y-you shouldn't go.

You know that feeling when you're
looking through a microscope

and you see a problem that only you

and your beautiful mind can solve.

That's how this feels.

How can I argue with that?



- We're closed.

Might be rusty,

but I tweaked Kyle's
work and I think I've got

a formula that should
end the addictive pull

that alien mist has on you and Shivani.


♪ Somebody other than me... ♪

I thought your alien woes were over.

I was planning to propose to Max.

Didn't go great.

But you're Liz Ortecho.

Couldn't possibly be another woman.

Oh, the other woman...

is a whole planet he has
the potential to save.

I just can't shake off the feeling

that if I hadn't backed
away a few weeks ago,

- things would be different now.
- No, it wouldn't be.

I mean, if you said yes,

then it would be like
him saying yes now.


♪ Walking away... ♪

You know, love is like
science, it's always evolving.

♪ Without the sensation... ♪

You're the best student I ever taught,

and I know you are gonna figure
out what Shivani and I couldn't.

Do you still love her?

I love how much she cared about Nicole.

I just wish she loved her
enough to let her go in peace.

I think hearing that from you...

it'd make a big difference for her.


You want a Mercury
milkshake for the road?


I think I might just take these

as a reminder of my time in Roswell.

Ah... fits like a glove.



Thank you for letting
me borrow the luggage.

You know, I really thought my
trash bag method was tried and true,

then I realized it might be frowned upon

in a honeymoon setting.

Not a problem.

Uh, besides, I actually have, uh,

one more wedding gift for you.

To, uh, remind you

that as you start the
new chapter in your life,

it's gonna be written
by you and Alex alone.

Why you giving me this, Max?

I'm going to Oasis.

You, uh, said something earlier

that made me realize that we
all have a destiny to fulfill.

Yours is with Alex.

Mine starts out there.


Uh, Deputy Chen is taking
over as interim sheriff,

but protecting our family...

that'll be up to you. So...






You come here to lose once again, huh?

Actually, I came to say goodbye.


Not exactly music to
my ears, but I get it.

I've been so...

clear on what path I should follow

until today.

And now you have me wondering,

is there another path
I should be taking?

The thing is, I can't
start something else...

... until I know who I am.

I don't want you to forget me, so...

in the meantime...


♪ I don't wanna lose this ♪

♪ A feeling that I can't replace ♪

♪ I've run out of excuses ♪

♪ Why I shouldn't feel this way ♪

♪ If we're made of stardust ♪

♪ Then you and I are the same ♪

♪ I wanna go wherever you go ♪

♪ Wanna ease the pain ♪

- ♪ 'Cause we are made of stardust... ♪
- Can I do anything?


No. My God, this is perfect.

♪ I wanna be wherever you are ♪

♪ I wanna ease the pain ♪

♪ We can run for miles ♪

♪ Until we h*t the sunrise... ♪

Let's get the hell out of here.

♪ We've only just g*n ♪

♪ Oh. ♪


I wasn't sure you'd come.

We are way past skipping town.

I know what you were gonna do
yesterday after the wedding.

Do you still have it in your pocket?

This is me saying hell yes.

To be fair, I kind of stepped
on your proposal first.

Well, no matter our distance,

I wanted to give you something to
keep a little closer to your heart.

You are my turquoise.

And I want to be yours always.

Max, I know saving Oasis
is something you have to do.

And I was just so afraid of letting go,

'cause every time we've done that,

we've been broken apart.

But I realize now,

love is a constant state
of breaking and remaking.

And relationships, they evolve

to survive.

So now we're gonna do this.

I love you.

And you're damn well gonna
marry me when you get back.

You ready?

To take the most literal
leap of faith in my life?

I think so.

I love you, Liz.

You don't know how much.

Yeah, I do,

'cause I'm gonna feel it
across the universe, Max Evans.


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