01x07 - We Are You

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pantheon". Aired: September 1, 2022 - present.
Bullied teen Maddie begins receiving messages from a stranger that claims to be her recently deceased father, David; his consciousness has been uploaded to the cloud after an experimental brain scan, and it turns out he's not the only one.
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01x07 - We Are You

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[Tchaikovsky's "The Seasons,
Op. a, TH "playing]


Arkady: Mmm!





[Bell dinging]







[Speaking in Russian]




[Keyboard clacking rapidly]


[Engines humming]

Man: Our next-gen Reaper,
Your Highness,

with enhanced ATLC,

or "automated takeoff
and landing" system.

Allows all flight operations
to be controlled

remotely from a single location.

In this case --Creech Air Force Base
in Las Vegas.

And I know
what ATLC means.

I was a pilot, remember?

Which is why
the president is so glad

we're dealing
directly with you.


I like Vegas.


Satellite hand-off complete.

Climbing to , .

[Wind howling]

Man # : That's weird.

It looks like
there was a signal spike

just before the hand-off.

[Alarm blaring]Com link is down.

I've lost control.


Hellfire armed!
Target acquired!

What target?!

We'll take .

[Rocket roaring]


[Scatter clapping]





[Grunts][Women giggling]

Can --
Can he feel the sex?

[Gasps]We just destabilized

what's left
of the US-Saudi alliance,

and that's what
you're thinking about?

I will inform the president
of our success.

No fingerprints, right?

Arkady was a top hacker
before upload.

Now he's unstoppable.

But not for long.

The anonymous warning
we received about the flaw --

we've confirmed it.

A dozen more hacks
like this,

and Arkady's core processes
will degrade

until he is
essentially brain-d*ad.

There are
always more Arkadys.

As far as this one
is concerned...

...ignorance is bliss.

[ Women giggling,
Arkady laughing ]

[ Moaning ]

[Choir singing]



[Heartbeat, ragged breathing]

Man: Attention, shoppers. Make
sure to check out our specials
in our produce department.

During the COVID pandemic,

basic household goods

practically became
a new currency.

The shopping list
for the Singularity Wars

is pretty much the same --

with maybe a few changes.

Batteries, cured meats,
eggs, rice, pasta.


So we can keep Dad's servers
cool if the AC goes out.

Man: Attention, shoppers...

Maddie: Sometimes knowing the
future makes you look psycho.

She's thinking, "What do
they know that I don't know?"

[Bell dinging]
I mean, I could tell her
the stock-market crash

two weeks ago
wasn't a bot-trading glitch,

like the media reported,

or that the expl*si*n
last week in Iran

that exposed
a secret enrichment site

was no accident.

We think a Chinese UI
was behind the market crash

because it helped Beijing
in their trade negotiations

and that Israel's UI spun up
the centrifuge array

in the Iranian lab,

though there was no proof
and direct casualties -- yet.

Man: A malfunctioning US drone
has apparently k*lled

King Raman's brother
and Secretary of Defense Fox.

Man # :
It appears to have k*lled many.

Total casualties as high as ,
possibly more.

-Sources on the ground --
-Terrorism has not been

ruled out at this stage.
[Cellphone vibrating]

Hey!Dad, are you seeing this?

David: Maddie?
Put your mom on, please.

Do you think
it's one of them?

Please give Mom her phone.

You've gone dark for two weeks
to conserve energy,

and now they're
launching m*ssile.

And you can't
even tell me --
We know who did it.

We have bigger problems.

Bigger problems?
What could be --

Laurie is planning
to go public

and reveal our existence
to the world.


Arkady Koslov was a top hacker
for the Russian GRU

and the Russian Mafia.

Yair Gispan was a decoratd
counterintelligence agent

for Mossad.

Beijing has uploaded three
individuals who work as a cell.

He Ping was
a political prisoner,

a former physicist forced
to work

as a gold farmer
while incarcerated.

He and other prisoners
would play online games

like "Reign of Winter"
for hours

to accumulate
virtual money for...

Bai Fu, the warden at Suzhou,

who was arrested
for running the scheme

and sentenced
to his own prison.

Zhong Shuchun
was a commissar,

a m*llitary political officer,
before she was upload--

What are you --
Are you recording?

A summary for everyone

who won't bother to read
through the files.

Files? No.

No one's going to
read anything.

We're not going public.

Maybe you're not,
but I am.

Laurie, I think what Chanda's
worried about is

if you expose them,
you could expose us, as well.

You willexpose us.

We'll be hunted down and erased
no matter where we hide.

We're already
being erased!

[Distorted] The flaw is
sure-ing make of that

it's a timing of matter!


A matter of time.

The only question now is
how many innocent lives

are we going to
bring down with us?

People are starting to die

because of what
you've unleashed.

These are not destroyers.

They are our brothers
and sisters,

and they are in bondage.

It is up to us
to free them,

to warn them
about the flaw.

We tried that.
They ignored us.

Their governments ignored us,
like I said they would.

We need to make contact

We can't find them.

We have no idea
where they are in the cloud...

I can find them....except for
their m*llitary home servers,

which we don't have enough power
to breach without burning out --

Laurie, I can find them.

give me hours.

And then what?

There is no option to let
the world know we exist.




The others are our only hope
to save ourselves.

Together, we have
a chance to crowdsource

a solution to the flaw.

This back door you hid
inside the upload package.

It can't be used
to track them.

It just lets me know
who they are.

I never should have
shared that with her.

The flaw is affecting
her reasoning.

She's over-emotional.

Like you were when you k*lled
your boss and his family?


She severed our connection
about a minute ago.

I don't trust Chanda,
but I kinda agree with him here.

[Sighs] Me too.

David, what's your plan
to find them?

I mean, it has to be something
you haven't tried yet.

It is.

you're not gonna like it.

But I need your help
to reach out to someone.

[Debussy's "Clair de lune"

Chassé. Chassé.
Pas de bourrée.


Woman: ...their grades, and we
can't be doing this kind of --

Yeah, my daughter --
she's the one that got up.

Woman # : I know.

Which one's yours?

Tough man to track down
outside the office, Peter.

What are you doing here?

What do you want?

Well, those are two
very different things.

What I want is
to never see you again.

What I'm doing here...

is asking for your help.



Logorhythms doesn't have
a cure for the flaw.

We're not even close.

Ellen: Which you knew
when you uploaded him,

which is why you owe him.

He needs the program
you built to track the UIs.


There's going to be a w*r.

And you have to choose
what side you're on.


[Monitors beeping steadily]Woman: [Muffled] Cary?


[Monitors beeping erratically]

Severe blood loss,
going into shock.


Do you know who sh*t you?

[g*n fires]

your family is here.

[Monitors beeping steadily]

Renee is here.

Hey, baby.

I'll give you guys
a moment.

Get used to this feeling
of mortality.

You can kiss eternity

Woman: Dr. Della Fuente
to pharmaceuticals, please.

Dr. Della Fuente
to pharmaceuticals, please.

You told the police
a mugger sh*t you.

You'd rather I tell them
the truth?

Why not? You already destroyed
everything else we worked for.

Caspian already knew.

The girl, Hannah --
she slipped up,

and he caught her in a lie,
broke the truth out of her.

My only hope was to...
lean into it.

Your only hope?

To save the plan.Ugh!

When he stops running --
and he will --

I'm the only one
in this room Caspian will trust.

I told you,
you still need me on this.


I told you
she was unstable.

You cannot honestly believe
a word that he says.

I don't, but I want to control
who he says them to.

This will be best handled
on our time, on our turf.

Let's get him
back to Norway.

[Rail car rattling,
train horn bl*ws, man coughing]

Let's go.
[Seibold's "Are We Alive"

♪ You could say I'm crazy ♪

♪ But you lie ♪

[Teenagers grunting, dog barks]

♪ Everything is breaking
down inside ♪


♪ Falling for the voices
in my mind ♪

[Bell tolling]♪ Running out of places
left to hide ♪

♪ Am I alive? ♪

They call it a vocation,

but it's not just about
embracing Jesus.

It's about changing your life

and helping others
change theirs.

A few years ago, I realized
everything my life

was supposed to be about
was a lie,

and it led down a dark hole.

But I found a new life
here with my brothers.

Now nobody from my old one
even knows where I am.

Where do I sign up?

Sign up?

I just want to help.

Man: Pulling back from
the negotiating table as the US

maintains it
will shield the drone pilots

from the Saudi governments
demand they face trial

for the m*rder
of Prince Waleed.


Hi. Can I...?


[Chain rattling]

The Pentagon still refusing
to confirm or deny the tragedy

was the result of human error
or computer malf--

Wow. I thought my mom was
the ultimate doomsday prepper,

but arctic survival gear?

What do you what, Maddie?

Look, I know that you love
Laurie, just like I love my dad.

I mean, not justlike,

You'll do anything
to protect her is what I mean,

even if it means
protecting her from herself.

What do you mean?

Like when she thought
my dad

was the one
who invented the flaw.

Part of you knew she was
heading down the wrong path.

No. I mean, what are you
talking about now?

She hasn't told you?


On August , ,
at : am Japan Standard Time,

an atomic b*mb exploded
over the city of Hiroshima.

Only a select few knew what was
coming before it happened.

The rest of the world
was caught by surprise.

I don't want that to happen

My name is --[Whoosh]

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

And where's
the rest of you?

I'm conserving power.

It's gonna take
a big processing crunch

to get this message
to everyone everywhere.

When were you
gonna tell me?

I predicted David
would tell his family,

and they would tell you.And you're conserving power.
Got it.

Cody, you have to
prepare yourself for my death.

I'm way past that.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Did you not predit
I was going to say that?

I'm going to Norway
to Logorhythms' data center

and I'm gonna get
your source code.

Then we re-upload you
from source.

You don't really believe
that will work.

What we've been through together
has changed

almost everything
I believe.


hell yes,
I believe that will work.

'Cause I believe in us.

You can't do that.

It's already in play.



I don't want that.

Do you hear me?

I don't want you
to bring me back.


Why not?


Why not?!



[Items clattering]



[Computer chimes]


[Telephone ringing]

Woman: Pope wants you
in the conference room.

Admiral, this is
Dr. Peter Waxman,

one of our leads on this.

Pete, this is Admiral Kurtz.

He's the new director
of the NSA.


Actually, I'm wearing
my Cyber Command hat today.

This is Dr. Steven Gold.

He heads up DARPA's
Defense Sciences Office.

What you're about to hear
is top secret.

Doesn't go
outside this room.

Of course.We've been working on

an experimental project

involving uploaded

Only turns out we're not
the only ones

playing in this sandbox.

And other players may have
already w*apon

the technology.

Y-You mean they've
actually done it?

Uploaded people?

Which is why we're here.

We've become aware of a...
flaw in the upload process,

and we figure, if anyone
could help us cr*ck it,

it'd be you guys.

had something similar.

Project Destiny, right?

And how far
did he get with it?

Didn't go past prototype after
he learned about the same flaw.

Why don't you get them
the relevant materials?


Admiral, look,
I always thought

Stephen Holstrom was one
of a kind, but, recently,

our team came across
a gifted Dark Web hacker

that they think could help.

Now, if the NSA can help
track him down...

We're family now.

What's his name?

Caspian something.

We'll get you all the intel
we have.

The problem asks us what number
we have to multiply

by X to get .

But to answer that, we have to
put it in terms of what is X?

[Teenagers grumbling]

And it becomes simple math.

divided by equals...?

[Loud rock music
playing through headphones]

Equals , right?

Then why not
just say that?

Why do we have to know
what X is?

Trust me, whatever you do --
and I'm talking about in life --

you're always gonna be
solving for X.

X is the thing
you don't see coming...

the thing that's gonna Kn*fe you
in the back

when you least expect it.

Say Y equals my choices,
what I want for myself,

and Z is what's expected of me.

Like, I want to do
what makes me happy,

but the world says,
"No, dumbass.

You got to do this."

Like, "Go to this class,
get good at math," right?

So how do you resolve that,
be your own person,

especially when you factor
in all these other X's?

Multiple unknowns.

Another pandemic,
climate change, w*r?

Multiple unknowns.

Recursive algorithms spiral out.

The center can't hold
because there is no center.

What's he saying?

But multiple centers --
like ripples in a pond.

Fractal heuristic geometries
canceling and reinforcing.

[Chalk clacking rapidly]



[Chalk snaps]





"Good Will Hunting."



[Door slams]

[Indistinct conversations]

So, how was your
first day of school?

I think I flunked out.

You got their attention.
That's half the battle.

You saw that?

I'm sorry.
I-I don't know what happened.

I guess it just...

Please don't kick me out.

And find someone else
who can solve for X?

Not a chance.

Just wanted to make sure
you're okay.

Look, I don't want
to sound pushy.

A lot of young people
who come here --

they just want a hot meal,
no questions asked.

But it seems like...
you're running from something.

Maybe if you tell me what it is,
I can help.

I don't know.
Can you run away from yourself?

What do you mean?I mean...

I don't know who I am.

Or maybe I do,
and that's the problem.

The struggle to reconcile
conflicting identities is --

is pretty much par for the
course for the brothers here.

Most of us lived...
very different lives

before we took up
our vocations.

I, uh, saw the tats.

You thought those were
from prison?

I was in a bad metal band.

Yeah, I spent most of my time
with a needle.

It can seem like we're required
to act in certain ways

by society, our parents,
even our own bad impulses,

that we don't really
have a choice.

Do we?

The great paradox of
Christian faith

is that we believe
in predestination.

For God, all moments of time
are present in their immediacy.

And we also believe
in individual free will.

In other words, since we can't
know our ultimate futures,

we also can't know how
our choices will affect them.

What matters is that
we still get to choose.

How do you know...
if it's the right choice?

Any choice could be
the right one,

so long as you
willingly embrace it.

Waxman: You were right.

Yeah, I know.

So, did you have to give this
to the NSA, as well?

If the NSA knew we built
a program to track UIs,

they'd find out
we started this whole thing.


Not that it works anyway.

I told Pope that Sacramento
would be the last place

David's home server
would be hiding,

but he still sent us out
on a wild-goose chase.

Chuck E. Cheese
was a nice touch.

You can tell him that.

Tell him yourself.


[Computer chiming]




Thanks for coming.

Seven hours left.

You find them?
About to.

I got the core modules for
Logorhythms' tracking program.

We can rebuild it together.

That'll take longr
than seven hours.

Not if we overclock.

What's he doing here?David: I invited him.

I'm hosting both of you
on my server

to give myself
a speed advantage.

I want to be up front
about that.

And I'm scanning for exploits,
so don't try to bring any in.

I'm not here to fight.
I want to save all of our kind.

That should be our message
to the others

and the only message we send.

That ismy message.

It's just by "our kind,"
I include every human mind.

They don't include you.

They will never see you
as the same.

Okay.I'm not.

We may be more than human,
as you suggest,

but I will never act
or think less than.

Chanda, can you help us
rebuild this?

Give it to me. I was
uploaded after both of you.

I can afford more decay.

As long as
he does it here.



[Computer chimes]


There's the three of us.

No. That's you.

And that's me.

And that's Laurie.

Your server's
in the Pacific Ocean?

I like to keep mobile.

Looks like Koslov's in Russia
and Gispan is in Israel,

both behind
m*llitary-grade firewalls.

So that means --

The Chinese
are in Palo Alto.

On a mission, right now.

And guess
who they're targeting.

-Everyone knows

was into UI research.

Maybe they're looking
for an edge.

You're not thinking
about warning them, are you?



[Wind howling]


David: "Reign of Winter"
is their workspace?

Laurie: Makes sense.

The professor farmed it fr
in-game currency hours a day.

And the warden
ran the operation.

Our uploaders chose spaces
we'd be comfortable with.

This is the one
they knew best.

They're pen-testing,

searching for a way
into the subnet.

[Rumbling, crackling]



We're not admins.

We're like you.

I can hear him. How?

Translation subroutine,
and we overclocked

so your bosses in Beijing
can't listen in.

We just want to talk.


They're trying
to bounce us.


[Energy crackles, whooshes]




They're not just overclocked.
Something's wrong.


[Cellphone vibrating]


There's been a surge
in network traffic.

It's pretty suspicious.

Yeah, that --
that's a load balancer

I wrote to
test system strength.

Is it holding?

Then ignore it.


[Energy crackles, whooshes]

They're using Shadowpad.

I see it.


Listen to us!

You are being worked to death.

There is a fatal flaw
in the upload process.

Don't listen to them.

Your m*llitary was warned,

but I'm guessing
they didn't tell you.





[Gasps] Aah!

You guys need to learn
to write your own code.


We weren't lying to you.
Here's a breakdown on it.

It's the same data
I sent to your bosses.


The data does suggest
an anomaly.

Because they designed it to,
not because it's real.

It's real.

And when it makes you no longer
useful, they'll replace you.

We want you to be free.

We want you to helps
find a cure together.

In -- In exchange for what?

Do as you're told
or I'll see you're both deleted!





[Wind howling]


How could you
let her go?!

She wasn't listening.

And the other two were clearly
under her control.

Then maybe
we can try again,

see if we can
pry them away from her.

I can't.

I-I have one action left,
and I have to take it.

I'm going public.

I have to warn the world.

You can choose death
for yourself,

but you will not choose for us.

[Energy whooshes]


I said no exploits.

You grabbed one of theirs?

She never wanted this
to work.

You said it yourself,

If she exposes us, they will
find us and they will k*ll us.

Maybe, maybe not.

But if you
att*ck her again,

I'llbe the one
to send out the message.

We could have been great.





[Indistinct conversations]


They ever let you guys
take a break here?

After we finish serving.

The line
doesn't look too bad.

Maybe you grab a bowl and we
could sit and talk for a moment?

What do you say,

[Ladle clatters]

See any black SUVs?

It seems like that's always
a sign of trouble.

For what it's worth,
I'm driving a rented Malibu.

I lucked into a spot
right across the street.

I'm Julius Pope,
by the way.

You're alone?
Just me.

Look, if you want to run again,
I'll understand.

I-I just want to talk.

[Sighs] That TikTok.

But I deleted it, which means
you must have searched

the deleted caches,

which means you had access
to government surveillance tools

and m*llitary-spec
facial recog.


you do not disappoint.

By the way, Cary's okay.

He pulled through,
and he's getting better.

I thought
you might like to know.

What are you going to
do to him?

You think we're the bad guys.
I get that.

Actually, no.
I take that back.

Even though we have
psych profiles that tell us

what you're supposed to think,
I don't pretend to have any idea

what this is really
like for you.

I don't imagine anyone
on this planet does.

He used to give me
that same look.

Stephen Holstrom
was my best friend.

You, your birth
was his idea.

We were given
the responsibility to guide you,

but who were we kidding?

I guess I just want to apologize
to you for screwing it up

'cause I can't apologize
to him.

[Scoffs] An apology.

That's how this ends?[Sighs]

I don't know how it ends.

It's up to you.

Oh, now it's up to me.

Now I have free will.

Does Brother Kenneth
work for you, too?


Doesn't matter.

You want me
to be Holstrom?

this is what I want.

Full control of the company
that I created

and the power to do
whatever I want with it.


You don't get it.

First thing I'm gonna do
is trash your UI program,

then shut down the rest of the
company and sell off the pieces.

You know,
I-I had a catchphrase

I think I said to Stephen
like a hundred times a day.

I would say,
"I work for you, Boss."

When we were a struggling
little startup, Stephen said,

"Let's pour half our profits
into research."

I said, "You're wrong."

A few billion dollars later,
he said,

"Let's take
the company private,"

and, again, I was like,
"No, you're damn wrong."

By the time he got around
to "Let's fix death,"

it was,
"I work for you, Boss."

You took the company public
again after Holstrom d*ed.

Because I don't know
what the hell I'm doing.

Just like most of the people
who can't see how you see.

Pay no attention
to the scared,

greedy bald guy
behind the curtain, okay?

Just tell me what to do.


are gonna regret
saying that.


You're wrong.


[Doorbell rings]

[Footsteps approach]

Thanks for calling.

What happened
to your VR rig?

It's...on the fritz.

Okay, so,
what's the plan?

Do you know
what you're gonna say?

Or maybe you can --
I don't know --

block her broadcast somehow.

Or even just try and...Maddie,

I can't tell
Laurie what to do.

I mean, I never could.

But you're the only one
she'll listen to.

And you said
you'd talk to her.

It's gonna take a lot of power
to send her a message.

After it's done...

she might not be able to
communicate at all.

I'm here to say goodbye.

Only a select few knew what
was coming before it happened.

The rest of the world
was caught by surprise.

I don't want that
to happen again.

My name is Laurie Lowell,

and I d*ed
on September , ,

at : AM
Eastern Standard Time.

I was resurrected at : AM
on the same day.

My brain was sliced apart
one layer of neurons

at a time
by a precision surgical laser,

which simultaneously scanned

and mapped
every neural connection.

That data was then coded into
a dynamic emulation of my brain,

a copy which could only be made
by destroying the original.

As far as I know,
I am the first human being

to undergo
this life-changing transition.

I also know with certainty
that I am not the last.

There are others.

And that is why I am revealing
my truth to all of you today.


I'm glad you're here.

I'm sorry about before.

I know.
I can't stop you, Laur,

but you can't stop me

I'm still going to bring
you back.

Cody, even if they kept
my source code

and even if you found it,

it wouldn't be me
you'd be bringing back.

It would be
day one of my upload.

Everything we went
through together...

the last two years...
would be lost.


So you wouldnt
want that.

You wouldn't want that girl --
trust me.

Are you kidding?
I-I love that girl.

I know.

But she didn't love you.


[Children playing in distance]



[Cellphone vibrating]



Chanda: Maddie?

It's Vinod Chanda.

Sorry, but I wanted
to be sure you'd answer.

I can tell from your GPS
that you are several blocks

from your home,
which is good,

because I wanted
to speak with you alone.

If you hang up,
I won't call back

and I'll take your
SIM chip offline.

Why would I hang up?

We're all on the same sid,

I wish that were true.

But this is serious.

It's about saving
your father's life.

Oh, well, I definitely
want to hear that.

[Sighs] It seems so petty now,
all our relationship stuff.

I just wanted
more of your time.

You were always working.

You resented me
because my career took off.

[Sighs] I didn't.

You did.

But all that changed
after I found myself here,

and you were there for me.

But I didn't know
what I even was anymore.

You reminded me.

And I realized how strong
you were to go

on loving someone
you couldn't even touch.

I fell in love with you again
and so much more this time.

And I don't...

I can't go back to
the me who didn't love you.

I want you here
to hear my truth,

you made it possible.


I want you to know that
I understand why he defended


I even respect it.

Yeah, I'm not so sure.

Because you know
she can't be reasoned with.

And now neither can David.


So I need him to step aside
and let me continue to approach

the other uploads
and get them to join us.

If he continues to oppose me,

he will suffer the same fate
as Laurie Lowell.

The tracking program showed me
exactly where his server is.

Understand?I understand.

I know you do.

I see you heading there
right now.

But it's too late to warn her.

This isn't a digital afterlife.

This islife.

I and the others like me

cannot be trusted
with this power.

We are not ghosts.

We are not aliens.

We are not machines.

We are not gods.

We are you.

We are you if you could burn
a building to the ground

all by yourself
without setting foot in it.

We are you if you could
command a m*ssile

to f*re halfway around the world
at a target of your choosing.

[Men shouting indistinctly]


We are you if you alone had
the power to cr*pple a city,

crash planes,
k*ll the power to hospitals,

and set the world on f*re.

We could also use this power
to improve life on the planet.

And that's why I'm releasing
these files and this evidence,

along with the open source code
for the upload project,

because this shouldn't be
a secret

in the hands of a select few.

I'm not trying to stop progress.

I'm just trying to stop
another Hiroshima.


I trust all of us to debate,

and do the right thing.


I believe in humanity.


I believe...


...in us.



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