03x25 - Camp Wilderwood

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sofia the First". Aired: November 18, 2012 - September 8, 2018.
Animated series features Sofia, an ordinary girl who becomes a princess overnight when her mom marries the king.
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03x25 - Camp Wilderwood

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I was a girl in the village doing all right Then I became a princess overnight Now I gotta figure out how to do it right So much to learn and see Up in the castle with my new family In a school that's just for royalty A whole enchanted world is waiting for me - I'm so excited to be - Sofia the first I'm finding out what being royal's all about Sofia the first Making my way, it's an adventure every day Sofia - It's gonna be my time - Sofia To show them all that I'm Sofia the first ( gasps ) I think I see the lake.

- FATHER: Ooh, it's just like I remembered.

- AMBER: That's it? I wanted to stay home and look for meteor showers with my telescope.

I wanted to go to flying carpet camp with Zandar.

Oh, you kids are going to love it here, just like your father did at your age.

When I first went to camp, I wasn't sure about it either.

But before I knew it, I was having the time of my life! Don't worry, Dad.

I'll make sure they love it here.

Thank you, Sofia.

Have a great time.

Bye, Daddy.

Guys, this is gonna be so great.

James, you get to try tons of new activities that will be even better than flying carpets.

Some of this stuff does like kind of okay.

And we'll all get to make new friends.

Amber, you know everyone will love you.

It's true.

People do love me.

Wilder welcome, campers! That must be Maple and Marty, the camp counselors.

ALL: How do you do, Maple! Welcome, one and all, to our peaceful Wilderwood sanctuary.

Here at camp, we have over 50 enchanting activities.

And over 500 species of animals and plants that are even more enchanting.

Except for the itching ivy.

That is not so enchanting.

What's itching ivy? - I think it's that.

- ( yells ) It makes you really itchy if you touch it, and it's super contagious, so stay away from it! Huh.

I thought we cleared all the itching ivy from this area.


All righty then.

Let's kick off this summer right.

Everybody introduce yourself to another camper.

Here we go.


I'm Mandy.

Pleased to meet you, Mandy.

And you are? You don't know who I am? Uh, no.


I'm Sofia, and this is my sister Amber.

It's our first summer at camp.

Mine, too.

I could hardly sleep last night, I was so excited.

- Me, too.

- ( both giggling ) Hello.

I'm James.

No offense, but I'm not shaking your hand.

You're the kid who was standing in itching ivy.

I didn't even touch it.


I'm just gonna go over there.


- Huh? - Wendell? - Yes.

It's me.

What is a wicked wizard like you doing at summer camp? And what are you planning to steal this time? Sadly, I'm not here to steal anything.

I don't have magic lute or my wand.

My parents took all my good stuff away.

Then why are you here? After I tried to steal all your horses, I might've turned a pig into a flying vicious pigasus.

- Wow! - That doesn't sound good.

And then, I might have taken over a kingdom.

Just a small, out-of-the-way kingdom, mind you, That's when Mum and Dad decided grounding me wasn't enough.

So they forced me to come here to this rubbish camp.

They wanted me to see that there are ways to have fun "without being naughty, Wendell.

" Whatever that means.

Well, everyone deserves a second chance.

Or a tenth chance.

Now we're about to begin enchanted arts and crafts.

Cozy up and find a seat, campers.

Oh, don't be shy.

( kids chattering ) That's the itchy kid.

( kids whispering ) This seat's taken.

( whispering continues ) Hey, I'm not even itching.

Give it time.

It's gonna happen.

I don't wanna sit over here anyway.


Who would like to sit next to me? No one knows who I am here.

Sofia! Sit with me! Come on.

Welcome to silk weaving.

With these enchanted sew-and-sew spindles, you can weave anything.

All it takes is a flick of the wrist.

Just picture an image, and voila! Row, row, row your boat, tiny campers.

Oh, I could do this for hours.

Why, hello there, fisherman.

Meet the catch of the day.

Why is it so easy for Sofia to make friends? Wait a minute.

This stupid thing oh! Ha! Look at James.

( laughter ) ( frustrated groan ) Get off! Oh, no.


Let me help you.

I don't need your help.

I don't need anyone's help.

I don't even like arts and crafts.

I thought camp was supposed to be fun.

I'm sure the next activity will be better.

WENDELL: This is too easy.

MAPLE: Our first climber reaches the top.

What a dismount! Here.

Give it a try.

MAPLE: Our second enchanted climber is doing quite a nice job.

Note he perfectly anticipates each magically appearing handhold.

What technique! This is exciting! Um, I think I'm starting to feel itchy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's gotta hurt.

Luckily he had a cushion to break his fall.

- And a mud puddle.

- James! Are you all right? Does it look like I'm all right? ( campers laughing ) All right, campers, settle down.

Just leave me alone, Sofia.

I know you meant well, Mom and Dad But trust me, camp is really bad Uh-oh, uh-uh-oh I haven't made a single friend When will the summer ever end? Uh-oh, uh-uh-oh Can't do one more activity Feels like I'm in captivity Send a coach to take me home I've got the summer camp blues Too many rocks in my shoes They can keep their canoes 'Cause I've got the blues The summer camp blues Uh-oh, uh-uh-oh I ran into a stinky skunk A wicked wizard shares my bunk Uh-oh, uh-uh-oh Got itching ivy everywhere I look so weird, the kids all stare Uh-oh, uh-uh-oh Each day, I feel so miserable I wish I were invisible Please send a coach to take me home I've got the summer camp blues I really need some good news There is no time to lose I've got the blues My hiking pack weighs a ton The campfire's hot as the sun My s'mores got way overdone I've got the blues The summer camp blues Uh-oh, uh-uh-oh All I wanna do Is go home to you 'Cause I've got The summer camp blues Love, James.

( bell ringing ) Sofia, I hear Maple and Marty are making a huge announcement after breakfast.


Do you know what it is? No idea, but come sit with me and we can make guesses.


Amber and I will be right over.

Um, Amber.

What's wrong? She asked for you, not me.

Everyone is usually lining up to make friends with me.

No one's doing that here.

I don't know how I'm supposed to make friends if I have to do it myself.

Why don't you try talking to the other campers? See what you have in common.

It would be a lot easier if the other campers would come and talk to me.

I know, but things are different here.


I better go see what's wrong with James.

James, what are you doing out here? Why aren't you at breakfast? I'm not going to breakfast here ever again.

I'm going home.

What? What are you talking about? As soon as Dad gets this letter, he's gonna come pick me up.

James, I know you've been having kind of a rough time, but it's just the beginning of camp.

Things will get better.

Not for me, Sofia.

Come on.

I hear the activity they're about to announce is the best.

Before you send that letter, just come to the announcement.

There's some great stuff coming up.

You can still have fun.


Please! ( sighs ) Okay, okay.


( horn bl*wing fanfare ) It's time to start this year's inter-camp competition.

( cheering ) Once again, Camp Wilderwood will take on the camp next door.

MARTY: The Junior Knights.

In our annual flag race.

Teams from each camp compete to be the first to plant their camp's flag on that island.

And I really feel like this is the summer we are finally going to win.

You mean Camp Wilderwood has never won? - No.

- But that just means we're due.

Uh, how are we supposed to get to the island? That, young campers, is entirely up to you, and your infinite imaginations.

But you will not have to imagine alone.

You will each be teaming up with a camp buddy, and each buddy team has until tomorrow morning to build a boat, raft, or anything else you can think of to get you to that island as fast as possible.

So, everybody, buddy up! Well, chum, guess it's just you and me left.

The wicked wizard and the kid with itching ivy.

I really didn't think camp could get any worse.

Tell me about it.

There is nothing good about this camp.

At least you didn't get itching ivy.

At least you didn't get a bellyache from eating an entire tray of cookies.

Sofia! Wanna be my camp buddy? Actually, I was thinking that maybe you and Amber would make good buddies.

BOTH: Oh! You were? Yeah.

I know once you talk to each other, you'll see you have so much in common.

Well, I really like silk weaving, - and you do, too, right? - I love it.

Then maybe we could make our whole raft for the race out of sew-and-sew silk weaving.

That's a genius idea! We're gonna make the best buddies.

Thank you, Sofia.

You're welcome.

I'm gonna go see how James is doing.

Well, I think he found a buddy.


How about that? I haven't slept one night with all those crickets chirping in my ear.

At least you didn't fall in a creek.

This camp is absolute rubbish.

Complete and absolute rubbish.

( bl*wing fanfare ) All right, campers, it's time to get building! Come on, Mandy.

Let's go to arts and crafts.


I guess now I need a buddy.

So, camp buddy, what do you wanna build? Ugh.

How about a lifeboat to save us from this camp? Yeah.

Too bad we can't make a boat to take us home instead of to that island.

Who says we can't? - Do you mean - Oh, yeah.


We should totally do that.

Everyone will think we're racing to the island, but then, boom, we turn around right in the middle of the race, and head for home.

We must do it.

Oh, we're doing it.

Well done, us.

Hey, do you guys need any help? No, thanks.

We're good.

Um, okay.


I don't suppose you need an extra hand with that.

Um, no, thank you.

Wow, James.

Your boat looks incredible.

Thanks, but it's not quite finished.


We still have to get a sail big enough to take us To the island.

Right, Wendell? Right.

To the island.

Looks like Wendell's turned out to be a great camp buddy.

( sighs ) You're lucky, James.

How about you? You wanna be my camp buddy? - Sofia, over here.

- Hey.

Your raft is sure looking good.

I know, but that's not why I called you over here.

Do you not have a buddy? Uh, not really.

( gasps ) You gave up your only camp friend so I could have a buddy? And now you have no one? It's okay, Amber.

No, it's not.

You were so worried about making sure James and I were happy, that you forgot all about yourself.

I guess I did.

Well, now it's my turn to make sure you're happy here.

You can be buddies with us.

- Right, Mandy? - That would be great! But camp buddies are supposed to be teams of two, not three.

Well, that was before I got to this camp, and I say there can be three buddies.

So do I.

What do you say, Sofia? Wanna join us? Thanks.

I'd love to.

How can I help? Our raft already looks great.

Now we just have to make sure it'll float.


I think I've got an idea.

All we need are a few of these.

Look at that flag.

It's a perfect sail for our boat.

The Camp Wilderwood flag? Wendell, we can't take that.

Sure, we can, James.

Look, we'll send it back once we get home.

I promise.

All we have to do is get past one sleeping fairy.

( snoring ) Okay.

Let's do it.

( Maple muttering ) Camp Wilderwood is neck and neck with the Junior Knights.

It's just a dream.

She's sleep-talking.

( yells ) Oh, no.

That's right, we caught up to you, you stuffy Junior Knights.

( snoring resumes ) Still dreaming.

( muttering and snoring continues ) Quick.

Let's get it before we're really caught.

And Wilderwood wins for the first time in camp history.

Volleyballs? Great idea.


We have a brilliant buddy.

James, I can't believe you made such an amazing boat.


With our own four hands.

We'll see you after the race.


See you then.

Campers, this is the day you've all been waiting for.

The inter-camp flag race against the Junior Knights.

( all cheering ) Before we get started, it has come to my attention that the official Camp Wilderwood flag has gone missing from the flagpole.

None of you campers would know anything about that, now, would you? All right then.

We'll get into that later.

Now, it's time to race! Now, everyone listen for the sound of the starting horn, and get ready to launch.

MAPLE: Racers, to your starting lines.

Okay, everything's ready.

Home, here we come.

( bl*wing fanfare ) MAPLE: And they're off! - The teams are neck and neck.

- See ya.

MAPLE: Wait.

Camp Wilderwood is taking the lead.

So long, campers.

Hey, Maple, isn't that the missing camp flag? I suppose I shouldn't let them get away with that, but we're winning! It's working.

We're home free! Wow! Look at James go! Yes, but it looks like he's headed in the wrong direction.

We've run aground.

James, help us! - Are you okay? - AMBER: No, James, we are very much not okay.

I think we better lower the sail and turn around.

What are you talking about? Just a little further, and we can sail right home.

I know, but my sisters are in trouble.

That's their problem.

Wendell, I'm not leaving them behind.

SOFIA: Hurry! We're sinking! Help! Hurry, Amber.


That should do it.

SOFIA: James, catch.

They're going to ruin our plan.

( straining ) We'll just bring 'em back to camp, and then we'll go home.




Hey, campers, you better get moving.

The Junior Knights are catching up.

There's still time to win the race.

Come on, James.

We have to get to the island.

We're not going to the island.

We're taking you back to camp, and then, we're sailing home.

- What? - Why would you do that? I know you love camp, Sofia, but I don't.

It's just not for me.

But you looked like you were having so much fun making your boat.

I still don't like it here.

No one will be friends with me.

Um, what about Wendell? Me? Oh, I don't have any friends.

Well, what about James? Hm.

She's right.

You mean we're actually friends? - I guess we are.

- We can still win this race! - What do you say, guys? - I'm in.

Come on, Wendell.

It won't be the same without you.

I guess if you're doing it, I'm in, too.

For Camp Wilderwood! ALL: Camp Wilderwood! MAPLE: Hurry up.

You're our last hope.

The honor of Camp Wilderwood rests entirely on your shoulders.

Everybody pull! MAPLE: It looks like it's neck and neck.

Oh, this is exciting! It's going to be close.

We're doing it.

We're winning! MAPLE: And Camp Wilderwood takes the lead once again! We did it! We haven't won yet.

We still have to plant the Wilderwood flag.

But ours went down with our boat.

JAMES: Don't worry.

We got this.

MAPLE: And the Junior Knights have their flag.

They're racing across the beach.

Camp Wilderwood jumps ahead of them.

It's a steep climb, and neither of the teams are slowing down.

- Yes! - We did it! Camp Wilderwood wins! Next time you wanna borrow the camp flag, just ask.

- Okay.

- Sorry.

( cheering ) Let's hear it for our Wilderwood champions! ( cheering continues ) I love camp.

- Our heroes! - Yay, James and Wendell! Now, who would like to join me in celebrating this historic, wonderful victory with some campfire cookies? I do.

Yeah! So, are you guys gonna go escape from camp, or are you coming to the mess hall for cookies? Cookies sound good.

Not to me, but let's go anyway.

Maybe camp's not so bad.

You know, now that we're the champions of it and all.


I never knew I could have so much fun without being bad.

( gasps ) Oh, no.

My parents were right.

( giggles ) I guess they were.
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