01x01 - Pilot

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Peripheral". Aired: October 21, 2022 - present.*
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Set in the future when technology has subtly altered society, a woman discovers a secret connection to an alternate reality as well as a dark future of her own.
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01x01 - Pilot

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What sort of mess

have you gotten yourself
into now, Aelita?

You mean, what sort of mess
have you got me into?

Who would have ever guessed
you'd become the sort of man

who makes
such dangerous friends?

I went for six months
without shoes once.


Amazing how
the soles of one's feet

can toughen up or go soft.

Depends on their environment.

Just like the other sort
of soul.

Do you remember
what happened to them?

My shoes?

You gave them to me.

When I first found you,
I made a vow.

That I'd save you if I could.

And you did.

Did I?

What are you up to, Aelita?

Saving a world.

Our world is long past saving.

I thought
that was always your point.

I didn't say "our" world.

Goodbye, Wolf.



- Morning, Mama.
- Mm.

Brought you some coffee.

Just be careful.
It's a little hot.

Ah. Thank you.

There you go.
And I made you a sandwich.

I left it in the fridge.

Burton wants one, he can
go ahead and make his own.

He ate yours yesterday.
And please don't try

to tell me otherwise.

I wasn't hungry.

Can't keep losing weight, Mama.

Go end up in the hospital again.



Burton! Open up!


Do you care to tell me why

Mama's last Tamosene's
only ten milligrams?

Jump in real quick.
I got to pee.

Uh-uh. Have you been
swapping pills with Mama?


Have you been swapping pills
with Mama?

Jesus Christ, Flynne.
You really think I'd do that?

She's got a ten milligram pill.

And just that one, too.

Which means you've likely
not only been swapping

but stealing.

- So I need cash. Now.
- How much?

- How much you got?
- A thousand, if I make it to the next level.

Which you could maybe help with.

That's just one pill.

Which is one day, ain't it?

And I got
something big coming tonight.

So we'll have the rest tomorrow.

All right. Orient me.

Squad of n*zi in the house.
We're in the barn.

Who's "we"?

Me and Reece
and some dude from California.

He hired us
to get him past level 20.

Keeps saying "Chill."

Annoying as all hell.

Reece is the one in the beret.

Hurry up!

I'm late enough as it is.

Whoa, now, hold it, hold it!

Jesus, don't y'all
even have a shred...

...of decency?

At least let the damn sheep out.

I like your beret, Reece.

Real classy.


Where is Burton?

Powdering his nose.

What are we looking for?

Supposed to be a map.

Did y'all find it?

What are you doing?

Drag that door open, will ya?

I'm back.

Gimme a sec.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Chill, dude.

You want to guess why
y'all didn't find that map?


'Cause it hadn't arrived yet.

You can send the money
to my phone.

You're welcome.


What the f*ck happened?

Flynne happened.

Is it true
that Homeland Security

flags every withdrawal?

Well, that would
make sense, I suppose.

Seems the only time
folks use cash nowadays

is for something funny.

Now, is there a question

hiding in there somewhere,

How's your mama doing, Flynne?

She's okay.

Yeah. Thanks for asking.

What you doing here?

Macon and Edward run afoul
of the law

- at long last?
- Well, not quite yet.

But, uh, give 'em time.

I was just
dropping off an order for Dee Dee.

Printing toppers
for our, uh, wedding cake.


I should probably go
and help 'em out.


definitely mess it up
without some adult oversight.

Billy Ann is waiting on you.

With some nubbins.

So you're warned.

Thank you.

See ya, Tommy.

You didn't say
anything, did you?

Well, what was
I supposed to say?

How 'bout you go,

"Oh, just trying to imagine

what it must be like to be you.

Standing there."

Then you go, "But I can't.

You're too damn handsome.

It's like trying
to imagine myself

inside a lion."

Billy, a lion?

Doesn't matter.
Just pick an animal.

And then,

all sultry,

"You value your time?"

And he says, "Sure,"
'cause what else would he say?

And you go, "Well,

why waste these
precious minutes talking..."

Hey, Flynne?
I got Tommy's order here.

"...when we could be pressing

- our sweaty..." - Oh, my.
- Have you any idea

why they ordered two grooms
and only one bride?

"Howdy, Billy Ann.
Mind if I have a nubbin?"

Uh, maybe 'cause
you misread the form?


All set, then.

"Great to see you, Billy Ann.
Thanks for the nubbins."

I have to say it:

your skills and personality

are being sadly wasted
in this den of imbecility.

Printer 15 jammed.

Especially when you have

a far more lucrative
employment option

at your literal fingertips.

How much does Burton get
jockeying for rich folks?

A whole lot more
than he deserves.

And you could earn even more.

As long as you use
his avatar, that is,

and they don't realize
it's a girl doing it.

I'm done with that, Billy Ann.
I've already told you that.

Yeah, have indeed.
But not the why of it.

Which would seem like the meat

- of that particular sandwich.
- It ain't real.

Like it or not, this here's
the only world that I got.



on that note...

...before I go make the world
a cleaner place,

I have one last thing
to say about this.

If somebody had been
all puppy-eyed for me

in the lead-up
to my marrying Jasper...

...I would've surely wanted
to know it.

'Cause like you just said,

life goes by real quick.


why waste a minute being timid?

You know that was
a whole lot more

than just one thing, right?

All right.
Have a good day, sweet pea.

Maybe do something bold with it
and make us all proud, huh?

- Bye, Billy Ann.
- Bye.

Hey, ladies.



f*ck me.



Burton said to fetch this home.

- What is it?
- Just the coolest f*cking thing

we've ever fabbed.

- Mm-hmm.
- And how'd he pay for it?

Didn't. Something called...

"Mi-la-gros Cold iron" did.

Covered our overhead for
the month in the process, too.

And what's it supposed to do?

So, it's some sort
of remote piloting gizmo.

I mean, our best guess, that is.

Yep. Half the components

don't even have patents yet,
far as we can tell.

It's like mercenary sh*t,
my bet.

- Where did this come from?
- Mi-la-gros

- Cold iron.
- It's a Colombian company.

- We looked 'em up.
- Mm-hmm. - What kind?

Kind that's registered
in Bogotá.

And that's all
they're gonna tell you,

f*ck you very much.

Is Burton working for a cartel?

f*ck off.

Now, you two are positive

he ain't paying nothing

- for this?
- Mm-mm. Not a dime.

- You have got to scan for it, though.
- Mm-hmm.



Nothing personal. Customer
requested chain of custody.

You want to talk some sense
to me about Mama's pills?

Go on.

I can feel you wanting to.


Ask what this is.

How old do you think I was
the last time that worked on me?

Handing me a toy to distract me?

Might be surprised.
'Cause when it is working,

you wouldn't necessarily notice.

That's sort of the whole point.

It looks weird.

What are
all those silver prongs for?

And there's no screen.

Cutting-edge VR, Flynne.

Folks want me to beta test it.

For a shitload of money, too.

Put us in the clear for months.

- Why you?
- Turns out I'm one

of the few jockeys
ever to reach the 100th level

- in Halcyon.
- Come on.

You never made it past level 83,

- the f*re caves.
- True enough.

But someone else was using
my avatar, apparently.

Playing as Easy Ice.

And she got herself
all the way to level 107.

Uh-uh. No, Burton.

I don't have time for this sh*t.

- I got to put dinner on...
- This here's the only way

we're gonna pay
for Mama's Tamosene.

Come on. You know
I'm proud of you, right?

- How good you are at this?
- Oh, shut up.

You are so full of sh*t.

I can't see how you
stand yourself sometimes.

I know.

But it's true.

I am proud of you.

They pay by level?

Time on the clock, straight up.

Longer you're in,
the more you earn.

Like I said,
working out the kinks.

What do they want?


Achiever and explorer.

Your fortes.

Do I get another big-ass beard
this time or what?

Far as I can tell,

you're gonna be a version of me.


Then I should probably just act
a little dimwitted, then.

I just put it on?


Lay back.

Close your eyes.

Stop it.

Count back from ten.

The rest should be

- more or less.
- Okay.

Six. Five.

Four. Three.

Two. One.

Burton, this is not working.


Holy sh*t!

Well, hello.

Welcome to the Sim, Easy Ice.

Is this like your other sims?

No. No f*cking way.

I can feel things.


Pain, too.

So you've been warned.

Who are you?

The voice in your head.

I tell you what to do
and you do it.

That's how you earn your keep.


Your destination.

I think I know what that is.

No, you know what it used to be.

Halfway around the circle.

Keep going.

Around the corner.

And pull up
at the door on the left.

You're on foot from here.

I need a w*apon?

Just the rapier of your wit,

should you possess such a thing.

Let's look lively now.

Someone's waiting.

Say "I've arrived."

I've arrived.

You don't appear to be
in our database.

Your name is?

Easy Ice.

And do you prefer "Easy"?

Or "Mr. Ice"?

"Mr. Ice" has
a pretty good ring to it.

Registered, Mr. Ice.

Enjoy the party, Mr. Ice.

Where is everybody?

In the garden, dear.

What is this?

A company party.

Somebody made a sim
about a company party

at Buckingham Palace?

There's the wit
I was hoping for.

What's the company?

A little venture called
the R.I.

Which stands for...?

Research Institute.

Or Rebirth and Innovation.

Or Radically Immoral.

Depending upon whom you ask.

This is their annual

pat on the shoulder.

A high point
of the social calendar,

I assure you.
Not to be missed.

Head inside, please.

Enjoying yourself, Mr. Ice?

shall we play a little game?

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Who's the prettiest of 'em all?

Oh, dear. No, no, no, no, no.

That's the queen bee
of this entire vile hive.

You don't want to feel
her sting, trust me.

That's better.

Warmer. Warmer.

Warmer still.

Your crown of laurels.

Now approach her, please.

I need you to convince this
young woman to take you home.

Don't tell me you're shy.

Make this happen now
or you won't be paid.

It's flattering at first,
you know.

But if you stare too long,

it starts to feel a tad dodgy.


you are about
to cross that line.

I was just trying to imagine
what it must be like.

To be you.

Sitting here like this.


I can't.

You're just too beautiful.

It's like trying
to imagine myself inside a...




Be a king to my queen.

I'm Mariel. And you are?

Do you value your time, Mariel?

Well, as much as anyone. Why?

I could introduce myself

and then spend
the next hour leaning close,

complimenting you.

And then, maybe,

if the signs seemed right,

I could ask you to take me home.


I could ask you now.

Your new friend
has rather affected tastes.

Her car requires a driver.

Should you try to harm Mariel,

this creature is programmed
to k*ll you, all right?

In your pocket,
you'll find a glass ampoule.

You're gonna snap this open,

hold it under
Mariel's pretty nose,

and while you do this,
I'd suggest you attend

rather closely
to your surroundings.

Chop, chop.
Let's keep this moving.

Look at her.

I speak,

and I'm like a thought
for you, aren't I?


Such power.

I didn't realize I'd enjoy it

quite so much.

Planting words in your head,

like so many seeds
in fertile soil.


When there were need
of the creation of the sun,

the Moon, the planets,
and the Earth,

there was only darkness,

and everything was created
from the darkness.

On your right, pull in.


Show us what you've learned.

I've arrived.

Who's this?

Your master, little puppet.

The one who pulls your strings.


You're my first polt.
I'm not gonna lie, it's...

bit of an odd feeling.

What's a polt?

You see, I know
that you're real,

and yet...

Still, it's just all a bit
hard to fathom.

If I assured you that
you'd likely no longer exist

in, like, another decade,

what would that mean to you?

No, it's true. Ten years.

Would that carry any weight?

Would you wake from here
and change your life?

You were easier to follow

when you were just
a voice inside my head.


Now what?

Something rather eye-opening,
I assure you.

Let's resume this tomorrow,
shall we?

Well, you gonna
say something, or just lie there?

Holy sh*t.

Holy sh*t. It was

like being there.

Like I was actually
in your body.

Felt like an upgrade, I bet.

No, it felt f*cking weird
is what it felt like.

What's the sim about?

A kidnapping.

But, I mean, that's definitely
just the start.

Well, you must've done
something right

because they want you
back tomorrow,

- and they just bumped up the money.
- No sh*t.

Look, I don't want to be
an assh*le about this, Flynne,

but we're talking
a lot of f*cking cash here.

Like, enough to set us right
for months.

I hear you.


There's no need to argue.

- It's that good, huh?
- Hell, if you had any idea,

you'd for sure want
to take over yourself.

Wh-Wh-Whoa. Hold up.

- You good?
- Yeah.

Is that thing safe?

Bit late to ask now,

don't you think?

How's it work?

I don't know. Some sort
of neural cutout, I guess.

Like my haptics.

Ah, f*ck. Well, that
ended up pretty well, huh?

Just wait here till it passes.
You'll be fine.

I'll ride over to Jimmy's

and pick up the rest
of Mama's Tamosene.

Nah, I got it, Burton.

I could use some fresh air.

Sorry, Conner.

I've been told to cut you off.

I need Tamosene.

Think you might need a little
bit of help with your math

here, Flynne.

I just want the one pill.

I'll come back here tomorrow
and pick up the rest.

You know that's not
how this works.

Y'all shut the f*ck up.

Now, unless you want to,


I don't know, figure out

some sort of barter deal?

You know,
render us both a service?


give me the g*dd*mn pill.

Maybe you should try
your luck at Pharma Jon.

See if they're a little more...



How about you just give

the young lady
what she asking for?

I would've guessed

a one-armed dude
would know when it's time

to mind his own business.

Want to know the best part

about being
a one-armed dude, Cash?

No more clapping?

You ain't got

a lot left to lose, bruh.

Walk away.

Why? Are you worried
about your boyfriend?

I'm worried about you.

You see,
in a situation like this?

Now, let's say I decide
to reach for that

bull pup there.

Now, what's the worst thing
that can happen to me?

As far as I can figure,

the worst thing,

and I mean
the very f*cking worst...

...is that I only
manage to k*ll two of you,

rather than all three.

They should've
finished the job, Conner.

k*lled you outright.

Done us all a service.

Yeah. Trust me, Cash.

I had the same thought,
many a morning.

Gonna rob a bank tomorrow?

Nah, Burton has
something he scrounged up.

Knowing him as I do,
that sounds a tad worrisome.


How's he holding up?

You should come by sometime.

See for yourself. He might even

be moved enough
to offer you a beer.

Just the one?

Well, I guess it depends
on how generous

he's feeling.

How's the charge on that?


Burton never pedals
like he ought to.

Those words could end up
on his gravestone one day,

don't you think?

Definitely, yeah.

Want some help with it?

See you around, Conner.

I think a quick
performance review

might be in order,

don't you?

Some constructive criticism?

I-I could understand
how you might be

unhappy with us, Mr. Pickett.

Gonna h*t the john real quick.

Sit down, Jasper.

I'm not unhappy.

Just confused.

If you'd decided to sell
that young woman one pill,

I might be inclined to trust
you made a judgment call.

I might even respect it.

Betraying, as it would,

an unexpected level
of improvisational thinking.


...it's the bullying
that gives me pause.


Well, what would you call it?

The way that drunk cr*pple
manhandled you out there?

Drink up, son.

I need you calm,

so you can absorb this lesson.

When you look weak,

I look weak.


Good boy.

Take him to
the restroom, Jasper.

Get him cleaned up.

Something wrong, hon?

No, ma'am. Just the sorry state
of your hair.

But don't worry, I'll ask
Billy Ann to come over

and give this briar patch
a little trim.

That'd be nice.

She tells me all the news
you're too proper to share.

Are you trying to call
Billy Ann a gossip?

I'm saying she knows how
to entertain

an old shut-in like me.

Is her Jasper still mixed up
with his Uncle Corbell?

Mama, please tell me

that you do not ask her that.

If I was her best friend,
I might.

So, how's the pain been?

Oh... you know.

I don't.

That's precisely why I'm asking.

Well, Burton's been
giving me his extra pills.

That's helped some.

What do you mean?

Well, he says he doesn't
need them so much anymore.

They help tide me through
the rough patches.

How are those
haptics treating you?

Been worse.

I saw you last night.

Through the window.

Appreciate the beers.

Could've been colder, though.

Beggars and choosers, Burton.

I'm sorry I said
all that evil stuff

about you taking Mama's pills.

Hey, you know
if you ever want to talk,

I'm all ears.

About what?

You know, the pain.

What's going on, Flynne?

What do you mean?

You're acting f*cking weird.

Yeah? Well, just give me that.
Stop piddlin' with it.

I promise not to tell anyone,
but you almost look happy there.

Makes me want to take a photo.

Record the event
for posterity's sake.

f*ck off.

Just don't let Milagros Cold iron
catch you smiling like that.

They might start charging us,
rather than paying.

They got a good thing going
here, Burton. I'm telling you.

It's gonna be huge.

Well, enjoy it while you can.

I intend to.

Don't you worry about that.

Six. Five.

Four. Three.

Two. One.

I assume you're wondering
why you can't move.

And that's a very good question.

Which leads to
another question, I know.

Why would I do such a thing?

Do you know

what "enucleation" means?


Now, I imagine that you've g*n

to shout in your head,
haven't you?

"End game! Disconnect!"

Alas, you can't
do that here, 'cause

I initiated the connection,
and only I can end it, so...

Oh, look.

That's Mariel's
beautiful blue orb.

Soon to be yours.


I suppose that this

may all seem
a little bit sadistic.

Me not putting you under
and all that, but

I assure you,
it's for a very noble cause,

all right? Look,

I may need you

to endure terrible pain
in the coming hours,

okay? So try

and see this as
a sort of little test.

I mean, you're not actually
in this body, are you?

Can you hear your heart?

It's like a frightened horse,

trapped in a burning barn.

But none of this is real, is it?

I need you
to discipline your mind.

Convince it that this is

all imaginary.

Your heart.

Show me that you can rein it in.

Well done.

Very well done.

I think you've earned yourself
a little shut-eye,

so to speak, don't you?

Back, are we?

And look how pretty you are.

Ah-ah, ah-ah. Best not.

Doctor's orders.

What are we doing?

You're going to be a love,

and open some doors for me.

Press your eye to it,
or rather dear Mariel's.

What is this place?

"Infinity in the palm
of your hand.

Eternity in an hour."

It's a great gift
I'm giving you.

I hope you're worthy of it.

Are you ready?

For what?

To lay claim to your destiny.

Your eye.

The other one.

Master it.


Stop him.

Now. He's here to k*ll us.

Aelita West.

Grains and Legumes.

Have you encountered
one of these before?

It's a clever little device.

Delivers a sonic punch.

Right down into the organs.

Now, I've never felt it myself,

but what I've observed,
it's rather effective.

Who else is involved?

f*ck you.

Is this the liver over here?

Or is it the spleen?

I really should brush up on my anatomy.

But I know where the brain is.

And guess what happens then?

Names, Ms. West.

Who else is helping you?

Help? I f*cking wish.


Easy Ice, eh?


What's your real name, lad?

Once we cut this
bloody thing's head off,

we can easily trace
your connection.

So why draw it out?

Who are you?

Where are you?

What happened?

- Never again.
- What...

Never f*cking again.


Flynne Harlene Fisher.

I've been waiting out

in Jasper's truck,
thinking you were tied up

tending to your mama.

Finally, I decided
I ought to come in

and lend a hand,

being such a conscientious
friend and all,

and look what I find.

- Shake a leg, princess.
- Mm-mm.

- I'm calling in sick.
- What's wrong?

- Everything.
- Know what déjà vu means

if you translate it,
like, literally?

"Already seen."

As in, we both already seen
how this sort of funk

plays out
'cause we been here before.

This exact same moment,
so come on,

get some clothes on.

You didn't.

Billy Ann, drop it.

Billy Ann, give it back.

- You dirty, dirty girl.
- Give it back.

Billy Ann, give me the figurine.


Think I might've missed
an episode or two here.

- Mind catching me up?
- Just go.

All right?
Jasper's waiting on you.

And he'll keep at it, too.

Which is one of his finer
qualities, if I'm being honest.

What? Is this about Tommy?

- That's just so stupid.
- What's so stupid about it?

It's a seventh-grade crush
I didn't have any good sense

to give up on. That's what.

- Act on, you mean.
- Come on, Billy Ann.

It ain't gonna happen.

You know that.

You know, I've been
playing this sim,

filling in for Burton.
Mean, it's

new tech, best I've ever seen.

It's like you're...
actually there.

You can feel your whole body,

- like it's real or something.
- Hmm.

Then, you know,
just 'cause people want to go

and make things nasty,

it turned.

They cut my eye out.

- Mm-mm.
- b*at me to death,

for no reason at all.

It was just meanness,

plain and simple.

I'm sorry, sweet pea.

Yeah, but you know, the thing
that I keep thinking on...

The palm of my hand
got ripped off, right?

Oh, Jesus.

Yeah, but underneath it,
it was...

...it was a machine.

Why would they design it
like that?

- Why not?
- 'Cause it seems to me like

the whole thing they're gonna
be selling this sim on,

what's most important about it,
is that everything feels real.

So why go and put machine
underneath it?

Why not just use
an actual human hand?

I don't think I'm following.

I'm just being stupid.

I know that look
you get, Flynne.

Might mean a lot
of different things,

but stupid ain't one.

f*ck it. Then here it is.

I can't help but think
that I was...

actually there.

In a real body,
somewhere that's... real.

Not just in an another sim.

Ms. Fisher,

I need you to listen
very closely.

You're in grave danger.

Everything you believe
about your experience

with the headset is wrong.

Everything. The situation
is far more complex

and far more perilous
than you can possibly imagine.

It's crucial that you log back
into the sim. Immediately.

- How'd you get this number?
- Ms. Fisher?

I asked you a question.

Finding your number
has honestly been

the least challenging
of my tasks.

- Well, don't call it again.
- Your life is at risk.


...Atlanta couple had

two servings
of bad luck yesterday,

when a bee flew in

their car window.
The driver...

...in a panic,
sending the car swerving

into a tree...

...the driver was unconscious...

so police were called to the scene.

- Step into the road, please.
- Why?

I'm gonna sh**t you
if you don't.


It's of critical importance

that you sign back
into the sim, Ms. Fisher.


You are in grave danger.

An ad has been posted

on the dark net offering
a $9 million bounty

for a contract k*lling.
There's reason to...

There's reason to believe
that you and your family

are the intended target.

The offer has been accepted...

- The offer has been...
- The offer has been accepted by a party...

The offer has been accepted
by a party out of Memphis.

I cannot assist you
in this emergency

unless you sign back in.

I repeat. I cannot

assist you
in this emergency unless

you sign back in.

Thing is,

one of these nights, Conner's
gonna roll out of Jimmy's

sh*t-faced again, and...

he ain't gonna make it home.

And that's on all of us.

Even if it's the one thing

we've all somehow agreed
never to f*cking talk about.

How we had intel
on that situation.

The one that got him
all bl*wn up.

We all let him choose
not to pay it any mind.

Yeah, well...

...it felt a little
more complicated

than that, at the time.


Hey, Flynne.

What's going on?

The mighty Flynne.

Someone from that company's

trying to contact me.

What company?

Milagros whatever,
the Colombian one.

He said someone put a h*t on us

for $9 million on the dark net.

f*ck off. Y'all can laugh,

but he went a fair ways if he
was just trying to freak me out.

- Did he say why?
- No, he didn't say why. He said

I just need to sign in again,
so he can help us.

He's just trying to get you
back in the harness.

I'll call him tomorrow,
tell him to f*ck off.

Why not tonight?

'Cause I've got company, Flynne.

And he's maybe a little
too drunk to find his phone.

Hey, grab that 12-pack
from the fridge, would you?

You're too drunk to fetch it,

you're too drunk to drink it.

What's she talking about?

Sim developer.
Hired me to do a job.

Hired your avatar, that is.
Meaning Flynne.

Whatever's on your mind,

might as well go ahead
and say it.


What about him?

What we were just talking about.

His current state.

How we all had warning

and chose not to believe it.


a $9 million bounty.

Are you serious?

Still got those drones
in your car?

Tommy Constantine was
asking after you the other day.

Funny thing
about losing your sight?

People get frozen in your mind.

I know I've seen Tommy

all grown up.

And I ought to be able
to picture him that way,

but you say his name,

and I just see
a scrawny little boy.

Him and Burton and the others

on their bikes, racing down
that hill out front.

That was a long time ago, Mama.

What are they up to out there?

Playing with their
stupid drones.

None of them managed
to grow up, far as I can tell.

Not many do, in my experience.

- Sleeping pill?
- Yes, please.


- All right, Mama.
- Mm.

- Night night.
- Night. Love you.

Love you.

There something
I ought to know about?

Just an excess of caution.


You got anything?

No, not yet.

We were wondering, Flynne,

you sure they didn't mean
nine dollars?


You f*cking with us?

Looks like
somebody's come hunting

for that nine dollars.

What happens
when more people come?

Hunting us down?

I could really use some intel

right about now.

You're inside
what we call a Peripheral.


Piloting that body
as if it were your own.

I just don't believe you.

A lot can happen

in 70 years, Ms. Fisher.

A lot did happen.

Those men who came to k*ll you?

They won't be the last.

Eliminate Flynne
and Burton Fisher.
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