01x06 - k*ll Denji

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Chainsaw Man". Aired: October 11, 2022 - present.*
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Betrayed and k*lled, a teenager named Denji gets revived as Chainsaw Man, a soul with a devil's heart.
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01x06 - k*ll Denji

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Arai... just now... you were going downstairs, right?

Kobeni, make a double peace sign and stay put.

Well, sh*t.

Aki... what's going on here?

It has to be a devil's power at work.

Kobeni, stand right there.

Why are there rooms on the other side of the window?

Hey! None of the windows go anywhere!

They just open to the room across the hall!

I figured as much.

We're trapped on the eighth floor.

th Floor

Let's run through what we know.

This is probably a devil's doing,

and no matter how many times we try to go to a different floor,

we end up on the eighth again.

The elevator is inoperable for whatever reason.

There's no way outside via the rooms or any windows.

We tried going through the ceiling, but ended up on the eighth floor again.

Maybe it's because Power k*lled that devil?

He coulda d*ed while using the power to keep us trapped.

And now—

You commanded me to k*ll him!

Did not!

A devil's powers are released when they die. It can't be that.

Is the flesh piece reacting, Aki?


It's gone d*ad still.

That devil before was bait, and we bit hard.

I've never seen a devil try something so clever before.

But if no one hears from us for a while,

won't other Devil Hunters show up to help?

I guess we better hope they don't fall into the same kind of trap, then.

We're all gonna die here.

We're gonna starve to death.

H-Hang in there, Kobeni!

Didn't you become a Devil Hunter to send your brother to college?!

They basically forced me to do it.

My parents are set on my older brother going to college,

since he's the gifted one.

So they made me get a job.

It was become a Devil Hunter or a sex worker!

I wanted to go to college, too!

And now I'm gonna die here!

Her face...!


Quit laughing!

Kobeni, devils love fear, okay?

If you get scared, you're giving them what they want, sweetie.

But I'm so scared!

Something bothering you, too, Aki?

The clocks in this room...

have been stuck at : for a while now.

In every single room... it's :.

There's a chance that time has been frozen here on the eighth floor.

And if that's the case, no one is coming.

Oh, sh*t! Then we can sleep all we want, right?

How stupid are you?

We might be trapped in here forever.

I mean, we might be, but we might not be, too, y'know?

Wake me when you figure it out.

This bed is freaking sweet. It'd be stupid not to sleep in it.

I owe the devil for this nap.

He's actually asleep...


Rise and shine, Denji.

We find a way off the eighth floor yet?

Hate to break it to you, but not yet.

We found out the power and electricity are still working while you were asleep.

There was a little bit of food that some of the guests who ran must've left behind.

I'll be honest, everyone's really worn out.

Aki's been searching for the devil nonstop.

I told him to take a break, but he won't listen.

Arai was helping Aki at first,

but now he's locked himself up in another room to have a panic att*ck.

Kobeni freaked out and tried to drink toilet bowl water, so I knocked her out.

And as for the Fiend...

Something happen to Power?

Given there's nothing else to do, I've decided to win the Nobel Prize!

Once I've earned such glorious esteem, the humans will all kowtow to me!

And with the Nobel Prize as my foothold,

I shall ascend to the prime minister's throne!

What better way to ensure human suffering?

My first act will be passing a % sales tax!

She's always like that.

Huh. Okay, then.

Let's take turns watching Kobeni and Arai.

I couldn't even use the bathroom when it was just me.

Well, this is my last cigarette.

I'm bored by how little this upsets you.

I can take it easy because Aki's working hard.

The nicotine also helps!

Gotta have a port in a storm, right?

Life is sweeter with a bit of dependence.

Hey, that's the same brand he smokes.

That's because Aki learned all about the flavor of cigarettes

from yours truly!

Not gonna smoke, Aki?

No. It's bad for your bones.

You should start. It's great for socializing.

I'm not looking to make friends.

Let me guess why you joined Public Safety.

You're out to k*ll the g*n Devil, right?

Everyone who signs up with a chip on their shoulder is the same...

since only Public Safety is allowed to hold onto pieces of the g*n Devil's flesh.

Devil Hunters die young anyway. Might as well smoke.

I don't plan on dying any time soon.

I'll hold you to that.

It's a pain in the ass when your partner dies.

What the hell was that?

She was my old partner's girlfriend.

It happens a lot. You get issues with the family and friends of d*ad partners.

They can't do anything to get back at the devils, so they take it out on me.

I just consider it something that comes with the territory.

What was that about?

I put gum on the clothes of that girl who h*t you.

You shouldn't just sit back and take being treated like that.

No need for you to feel guilty. I was pissed off.

So I got some payback.

Serves her right.

She's gonna waltz around without realizing there's a wad of gum on her clothing.

There's something my master said...

Devils don't fear Devil Hunters who are strong or brave.

They fear Devil Hunters who have a screw loose.

Which is why I think you'll survive a long time in this job, Aki.

Was that an insult?

And I'll eat your almond tofu if you don't want it.

Just one.

I'm not smoking. It's bad for your bones.

I wish you would. I get the feeling we're gonna be together for a while.

Just one, then.

This is the first and last cigarette I ever light up.

Himeno, do you have any smokes left?

Sorry. Last one.

Let me have it, please.

If you insist...

Dude, that's kissing! No fair! That's an indirect kiss!

Shut up.

I've got bad news.

Remember the devil we k*lled?

The one that I slew!

Well, he's a lot bigger now.

That really is the one I slew.

It traps us in a hotel... and its body turns into that?

What the hell kind of devil is this?

Humans. Hear me, humans.

You foolish humans. I offer you a contract...

It talked!

A contract?

Feed me the human known as Denji.

Even his corpse will do.

Let me eat him.

Do this, and I'll let the rest of you leave in peace.

You'll be free to leave! Now, accept this contract!

Do it... Do it....

Denji... let it eat you.

Man, that's obnoxious.

Aki, can't you swallow this thing with the Fox Devil?


Looks like Fox Devil isn't coming.

We're cut off from the rest of the world.

The Fox Devil's body is in Kyoto, so that makes sense.

Let's see what my Ghost can do, then.

That hurt!

It hurts! Oh, it hurts! The pain!

It hurts...! It hurts!

It got even bigger!

It's pointless!

This isn't my main body...

You won't find my heart here.

You're inside of my stomach...

and I have no weaknesses on this eighth floor.

There is no way to survive this place, apart from accepting my offer.

You're probably not gonna let them go, even if I do die.

Actually, no.

The devil used the word "contract," right?

Those kinds of terms hold a strong sway when a devil is involved.

If one side makes good on the deal, the other has to or else.

Whichever side breaks the contract ends up dying.

So, we would be able to leave by k*lling you, Denji.

Himeno... we should k*ll him.

We can come up with another plan once he's d*ad, and we're out of here.

We're all gonna end up starving otherwise.

Devil Hunters are legally allowed to make contracts with devils.

We should take the deal!

The devil wants Denji d*ad.

That means his death would benefit it,

which is why we're not accepting.

I'm with him!


I say we k*ll him!

My Nobel Prize will remain forever out of reach if I'm unable to leave this place!

You must die for my Nobel.

Fiends can't make pacts with devils.

It wouldn't be obligated to let us leave, even if you k*lled him.

Look, we're not k*lling Denji. We're Devil Hunters.

We only k*ll devils.

Shall we wrestle to pass the time, then?

You're just gonna try and k*ll me! Hell no!

So hungry...

Aki, have you got any kind of plan for actually getting us out of here?

If what the devil says is true, we can't k*ll it.

But we're not k*lling Denji, either.

So, is the plan to starve, then?

If we really run out of options, I'll use the sword.

No, you won't.

If that thing can get us out of here,

shouldn't he use it?

He shouldn't use it, even if we're out of options.

If it comes to that... sorry,

but you'll have to die, Denji!

It's gone?!

It's gone... all the food that was left on the bed...

None of it's left.


You ate all of it, didn't you?

'Twas not me. This is Denji's doing.

Of all the obvious lies...

I get it now...

I figured it out.

We can't get out of here because of that Fiend's power!

That has to be it!

No, it doesn't.

Calm down, Kobeni! This is the Blood Fiend—

So you're taking her side? Even though we're Devil Hunters?!

You're on the devil's side, Arai!

You're a spy!

He's spycy.

I... I'm not on the devil's side...

I know you're a spy!

Was that a scream?

We need to move!

k*ll Denji...

Give me his heart... Give it!

I will grow as your fear grows... and with your terror, I will capture you!

So, fear me more!

Be overcome by your impending death!

Dread everything.

I will be the one to k*ll Chainsaw...

It will be me!

The Eternity Devil!

The floor's tilting!

Give me Denji's heart!

Somebody, anybody, k*ll Denji!

Please make him d*ad!

We're running out of time!

Let's just feed him to the devil!

I'm using the sword.

You okay with that, Himeno?


Whoa, lady! What the hell?!

We can probably get out of here if he uses that sword,

but the pact is one that takes a lot of years off Aki's life in exchange.

He's got too much to live for.

I'm sorry, Denji.

Damn it!

Hey, get off!

Let me go!


He might be a piece of sh*t that deserves being stabbed a time or two...

But he wants the g*n Devil d*ad.

And I... can't k*ll it by myself.

To do that, I need Devil Hunters with the guts to fight it.

The more, the better...

Even if it costs some of my own life...

I'm not letting Denji die.

Power! You're the Blood Fiend, right?

Can you keep him from bleeding out?

I only have total control over my own blood.

The blood of others is a challenge.

But I suppose I'd need a new cook if topknot d*ed.

Given that, I have little choice.

What do we do?

What do we do?!

Aki... Aki! Aki, what do we do?!

I-It's not my fault!

You! This is because of you!

If you just let it eat you, this would all be over!

Yeah, yeah, I get it.

Guess it's snack time, then.

Oh, thank goodness.

I'm not gonna go down smooth, though.

So if I manage to k*ll this f*cking devil...

I still expect to get that kiss!

Have you any plan to win?

It's gonna hurt real bad, but I'll get my chainsaws out.


I dunno what this devil's deal is, but it's scared of my chainsaws.

That's why it didn't try to k*ll me, and wanted you guys to do it instead.

And I remember it was crying about pain when it got att*cked...

So I figure, if I tear it up until it can't take the pain no more,

it'll wanna k*ll itself!

A very devilish idea indeed.

I can't believe you did that for me.

Nobody asked you. assh*le.

I'm through with owing anybody anything, got it?

So once you're out of here, we're even!
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