02x13 - Home for Christmas

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Little Men". Aired: November 7, 1998 – December 17, 1999.
Based on Louisa May Alcott's book "Little Men", the sequel to "Little Women", this show chronicles the heroic struggles of Jo Bhaer as she attempts to manage Plumfield, a boarding school for boys in Concord, Massachusetts.
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02x13 - Home for Christmas

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Hang these things right, they won'’t make a sound.

Hang '’em wrong,

And the noise will drive you crazy.


How'’s that?

You'’re gettin'’ good at this.

Well, there'’s only two more windows to go,

And we'’re all ready for the winter,

Though it sure don'’t feel like winter.


Don'’t look like we'’re gonna get snow for christmas this year.

Well, guess it doesn'’t matter if there'’s gonna be snow or not.

[ Mixed chatter ]

You'’re right about that.hmmm.

Ah! Shutters are all done.

Well, that was fast.

You and dan work well together.

Ah, he learns pretty fast.

Well, he'’s got a good teacher.

Looks real nice, jo.

I'’m looking forward to christmas this year.

I think it'’s gonna be real special.

[ Mixed conversations ]

Nick: a beer.harrison: nick?

Yes, i-i thought it was you.

Everything all right?

Yeah, I just...

I was expectin'’ someone else, is all.

Well, plumfield must be a flurry of activity

With christmas so rapidly approaching.

You can say that again.

Been a pleasure, gentlemen.

And thanks for the timepiece.

Well, if it isn'’t ben riley'’s big brother.

Do I know you?we ain'’t never been formally introduced,

But I seen you out at the school a while back,

When I was lookin'’ for your brother.

You want somethin'’?

I'’m still lookin'’ for that $ he owes me.

I can'’t help you there.yeah?

[ Snort ] I thought maybe you could.

See, I been lookin'’ for your brother for some time.

Figured he might be comin'’ home for christmas.

I don'’t know where he is.i say you'’re lyin'’.

Just like you lied to me the last time I come lookin'’ for him.

Hey, gentlemen. It'’s... It'’s christmas time.

What do you say we keep things friendly here?

Why don'’t you stay outta this?

Tell your worthless brother I want my cash,

Or I'’m gonna take it out of his hide.

Touch my brother, I'’ll k*ll you.

Bartender: all right. Break it up

Or take it outside.

[ Groan of pain ]

Tell your brother he'’s outta time.

[ Cough ]take it easy, nick.

It ain'’t worth it.don'’t go looking for a fight.

I ain'’t.

I'’m gonna finish one.

[ ♪ ]

Dan: nick?

You awake?

Sheriff webster'’s here to see you.

I'’ll be right out.

Can'’t you tell me what this is all about?

It'’s best we wait for mr. Riley.

What happened, nick?

Sheriff: looks like you got into a fight.

What can I do for you, sheriff?

What size boot do you wear?

And a half.

I'’d like to see the sole of your left boot,

If you don'’t mind.

What'’s goin'’ on?

Nick, what is this all about?

We found a footprint

From a boot very much like this

Beside the body of mr. Lynch.


He was found sh*t to death in a back street

In concord last night.

[ Gasp ]

Sheriff: mr. Riley,

You'’re under arrest for the m*rder of eric lynch.

Dan: no!

[ ♪ ]

[ ♪ ]

[ ♪ ]

He was lookin'’ for my brother.

Kept goin'’ on about the money

Ben still owed him from that poker game.

You met him when he came out to plumfield that time.

So you got into a fight with him in the tavern?


He threw a couple of punches when I wasn'’t lookin'’. I...

[ Heavy sigh ]

I pretty much seen red after that.

But you didn'’t k*ll him, did you?

Nick, this doesn'’t make any sense.

If he came looking for ben...

Ben'’s no match for a man like that.

But ben created this problem himself.

And it ain'’t a problem no more.

[ Sigh ]

If nick k*lled someone, it must of been in self-defense.

But mrs. Jo said the other man'’s g*n was still

In its holster. Which means...

Which means I don'’t believe it.

Me neither. Nick would never sh**t anyone

Unless someone was gonna sh**t him first.

It'’s that guy that came here lookin'’ for ben that time.

Maybe nick didn'’t have a choice.

Tommy: yeah, he looked pretty mean.

Bess: and he did start the fight in the tavern.

Dan: that'’s right.

Then maybe he just lost his temper.

Emil: but the other man never pulled his g*n.

So it wasn'’t self- defense, was it?

Nick ain'’t no m*rder!

I'’m gonna go talk to him myself.




Dan, what are you doin'’ here?

Get back to plumfield.

Nick, what happened?

You gotta tell me.

Look, I know you wouldn'’t k*ll no one

'’Less it was you or him.

Mrs. Jo said it was that guy who come out to plumfield that time.

Said he was lookin'’ for your brother.

Is ben in concord or somethin'’?

Ben had nothin'’ to do with this.

He'’s on a ship halfway '’round the world.

Now you get home!

Nick, you gotta tell me.

[ ♪ ]

Amy: laurie.

How is she?

She'’s resting.

Did she talk to nick?yes.

Apparently he was trying to protect his brother.

What do you mean? He'’s admitted doing it?

Amy: well no, but accordingto jo,

He hasn'’t denied it either.

Still, I can'’t believe this is premeditated m*rder.


I thought lynch started the fight in the tavern.

Amy: he did,

But in later the alley he never drew his g*n.

And we all know what a temper nick has.

Meg:poor jo.

That kind of rage and anger,

How will she ever explain this to the children?

Well, we obviously don'’t know all the facts yet.

But if he didn'’t do it, why doesn'’t he just say so?

Let'’s not lose hope.

What nick needs most right now is...

Is a good trial lawyer.


Probably knows somebody.

I'’ll wire him in new york right away.

I'’m sorry to trouble you again, mrs. Bhaer,

Mr. Lawrence.

What is it, sheriff?

Good news, I hope.

I'’m afraid not.

We'’d like to have a look around, if you don'’t mind.

For what purpose?

Well, it seems when mr. Lynch left the tavern last night,

He was carrying a large sum of money

And a gold pocket watch that he won at a gambling game.

When we found his body, his pockets were empty.

Well, you'’re suggesting that nick robbed the man?

I'’m not suggesting anything, mrs. Bhaer.

We'’d just like to have a look around.

I can'’t believe this.

Well, if they don'’t find anything,

And they won'’t,

It will only look better for nick.

His room is in the barn.

[ ♪ ]

I'’d like to apologize again,

Uh, mrs. Bhaer, for the inconvenience.

I'’m sure you found nothing.

I, uh, found this r*fle.

Does it belong to mr. Riley?

Yes, it does. He uses it for hunting.

I'’m, uh, going to have to take it in for closer examination.

[ Approaching hoofbeats ]


What'’s he doin'’ here again?

Dan, it'’s all right. They'’re just leaving.

Nick didn'’t m*rder nobody.

And you got no right to keep him in jail.

Dan, that'’s enough.

Nick didn'’t k*ll anyone!

I don'’t like this any more than you do, son.

Good day, mrs. Bhaer.

I know that this is difficult for you.

And if nick didn'’t do it, no jury will convict him.

[Span tts:fontstyle="italic"]if?[/Span]

Dan: what were they lookin'’ for?

Nat: some money and a pocket watch that was stolen from lynch.

Dan: sheriff webster don'’t know what he'’s talkin'’ about.

Did you talk to nick?

Yeah. He said to go back home and don'’t worry about it.

But I know he'’s holdin'’ somethin'’ back.

Like what?i don'’t know.

But I'’m not gonna give up on him like everyone else,

'’Cause I know it didn'’t happen the way they think it did.

Maybe the g*n went off by accident.

It coulda.

Well then, why doesn'’t he just say that?


What'’s that?

Looks like a letter from ben.

Let me see that.

[ Reading ] nick, sorry for the way things ended up

Last time I seen you.

Don'’t know why I always act so crazy

When all you'’re tryin'’ to do is help.

Been back in boston for a while now...

I see. I knew he wasn'’t on a ship!

[ Reading ] with christmas comin'’ and all,

I thought I might come out to concord next friday...

Friday, that was yesterday.

Ben came to concord

Lookin'’ for nick last night.

That'’s why nick went to the tavern.

Yeah, ben was supposed to meet him there,

But instead he ran into lynch who wanted his money.

And ben got scared and sh*t him.

That'’s why nick is doin'’ this.

He knows that ben k*lled lynch,

And he'’s just tryin'’ to protect him.

But where is he?

Well, he probably went back to this hotel, the clairemont.

[ Mouthing silently ]

Yeah, yeah, I know where that is.

It'’s in the south end of boston.


Hey, dan, where are you goin'’?

I'’m goin'’ back to boston.

We don'’t even know if he'’s there.

Maybe we should just tell the sheriff.

The sheriff'’s already made up his mind.

Don'’t worry. I'’ll be back by sun-up.

[ Pounding on door ]

Dan: wake up in there!

I know you'’re in there, ben.[ Groan ]

I'’m comin'’, I'’m comin'’.

Hurry up!

All right. All right.

It'’s the middle of the night.

Nick'’s been arrested for m*rder.



Is this some kind of joke? Is nick with you?

Nick'’s in jail because of you.


You k*lled lynch, didn'’t you?

You were on your way to go see nick,

When lynch finally caught up with you

To collect the money you owe him.

What are you talkin'’ about?

You k*lled him, robbed him, and took off again,

Like the coward that you are.

I ain'’t left boston in a month, little man.

You gotta turn yourself in.

For what?for m*rder!

Get outta my way.

You can'’t let nick hang for this.

[ Groans ]

[ Gasping for air ]

I didn'’t k*ll nobody.

[ Gasp of pain ]

You'’ve got a visitor.

[ Whispering ] ben, what are you doin'’ here?

We gotta get you outta here, nick.

I think you gotta tell '’em it was self-defense.

I mean, maybe jo can help get you a fancy lawyer,

And he can tell '’em what a crazy lunatic lynch was.

That'’s gotta help.

Make it seem like you had no choice.

That'’s what happened, right?

You gotta be kiddin'’ me.

What are you talkin'’ about?

Lynch was lookin'’ for you.

Yeah, I know.

I saw you, ben.

Standin'’ over his body.

[ Disbelieving chuckle ]

What?i called out to you,

But you took off.

What are you talkin'’ about, nick? I had nothin'’ to do with this.

I was playin'’ cards in boston.

Playin'’ cards?

You got witnesses?


Well bring '’em in. I'’d like to talk to '’em.

I can'’t.

Listen, nick.

I left early so that I could come to concord.

And I fell off my horse '’cause I was drunk.

"I fell off my horse, I was drunk."


I'’m tellin'’ you the truth, nick.

I don'’t wanna hear it.

You been tellin'’ lies your whole life, ben.

And I get it.

Once a liar,

Always a liar. Is that it?

So you... You gonna try to pin this on me?

I'’m gonna pin this... Who'’s in jail, ben?

Get out. Get outta here!

You make me sick.

Merry christmas to you too, nick.

Hey! Do something with your life!

Jo: edward,

Thank you so much for coming.

No thanks are necessary, jo.

A pleasure to be of service.

Free of charge, I might add.

Oh, my! That'’s very kind of you.

I'’ve spoken with nick, and quite frankly,

He'’s not being very forthcoming about the details,

But from what he has said,

I think I can make a case for self-defense.

And he is agreeable with that. But it'’s not going to be easy.

Amy: I should say not.

I mean, the other man didn'’t even pull his g*n.

Edward: well, the other man is the key.

You see, I'’ve learned that mr. Lynch

Had reputation for his belligerence.

Now, he not have may drawn his g*n,

But chances are, he went for it,

And given what happened earlier that evening at the tavern,

I would argue that that was enough

For nick to sh**t him in self-defense.

Of course, it all depends on the jury,

And I understand that eli mcbride will be prosecuting.


And he can be a considerable adversary in a courtroom,

As you can imagine.

And we all know how fond he is of nick.

Jo: edward,

I think you know dan and nat.

They have a letter they'’d like to show you.

It'’s written to nick from his brother.

Uh, we think, uh,

Ben might have k*lled lynch.

Has anyone spoken with ben?

Dan: I did.

He said he didn'’t do it.

I don'’t believe him.

I'’ll talk to nick about it.

As for the letter, it, um...

Doesn'’t prove anything.

And before I go accusing someone in a courtroom,

I need solid evidence to back up my allegations.

What kind of evidence?well...

If ben had the m*rder w*apon, for instance,

Or was in possession of the gold pocket watch

And the money that was stolen,

Or if you could even prove

That he was in town the night of the m*rder.

Edward, there'’s so much I feel like I should tell you.

[ Chuckle ]

But I know this isn'’t the time.

Yes, i-it...

It ended, uh... Badly.

Thank you so much for what you'’re doing for my family.


We can find a time to talk.

I'’d like that very much.

[ ♪ ]

Mr. Mcbride: whatever happened in that alley that night,

The truth will come out.

Nick riley is a violent man.

He has a history of v*olence,

And we will show that on the night

When he rushed from the tavern in pursuit,

He had only one thing on his mind;

To find and k*ll eric lynch.

We will show that his actions were planned and deliberate.

For when he found eric lynch,

Mr. Riley already had his r*fle in his hands,

And his violent temper led quickly to m*rder.

What'’re you doin'’?

Oh, I'’m drawing nick'’s brother.

What do you think?

Hey, that'’s pretty good.

What'’s it for?nat: if we could prove

That ben was there the night lynch was m*rder,

Nick'’s lawyer could use that in court.

So we'’re gonna take this sketch down to the "chronicle" office,

Get mr. Bridger to make some copies,

And start askin'’ everybody in town.

Someone must have seen him.

When mr. Lynch confronted mr. Riley at the bar,

He was clearly looking for a fight,

But mr. Riley backed away.

But not too far away?

Mr. Lynch was, uh...

Well, started making threats against his brother.

And what was mr. Riley'’s response to this?

I, uh...

I don'’t recall. It happened very quickly.

Come now, mr. Bridger.

A newspaper editor who can'’t recall

What somebody said?

Let me remind you, sir, you'’re under oath.

Did he not say, "you touch my brother

And I'’ll k*ll you"?

Answer the question, mr. Bridger.


And when you tried to stop him from pursuing eric lynch

Into the street, with m*rder intent,

What did he say then?

He said...

That he wasn'’t looking for a fight.

He was going to finish one.

Bartender: I remember him.

He was in here a few months back.

How about the night lynch was k*lled?

No... Well now that you mention it,

I do remember hearin'’ nick say he was waitin'’ for someone.

You sure ben never came in later?

Place pretty much cleared out when nick went after lynch.

About half an hour later, I was closin'’ up

And I heard the g*n.

What if when nick went after lynch he didn'’t find him?

Ben did, and sh*t him down.

Could be.


Mr. Mcbride: mr. Dobkin,

Did you hear mr. Riley threaten to k*ll eric lynch?

Yes, sir, very well.

I was sitting at the poker table a few feet away.

And did it sound like a serious thr*at?

I would say so.

If the bartender hadn'’t of stepped in when he did,

It might'’ve ended right there.

Thank you.

Edward: good afternoon, mr. Dobkin.

I'’d like to ask you a few questions about mr. Lynch, if I could.

Did you know him well?

I never met him till that night.

Hm-mm. And what was your first impression?

A little rough around the edges, but he seemed...

All right.

Oh, I see.

So he seemed all right when he was winning all your money

And your grandfather'’s gold pocket watch?



And what about when he confronted mr. Riley at the bar?

I mean, you'’d have to agree that was, uh, provoking him;

Looking for a fight.

Yes, I would agree with that.

And what about when he viciously punched mr. Riley

When mr. Riley had his back turned?

What did you think then?

I don'’t know. I...

I guess I thought he could be pretty dangerous.

Pretty dangerous.

Would it surprise you to learn

That that'’s how everyone who knew mr. Lynch remembers him?

Your honor, eric lynch is not the one

On trial here today.


Did you also know that on two occasions

Mr. Lynch served time in prison for as*ault?

Your honor!

Mr. Trenton,

That is enough.

Edward: yes, your honor.

That will be all, mr. Dobkin.

Mr. Gerson: I'’ve been asking everybody who comes in,

But nobody'’s seen him since he was in town a few months back.

But you'’re welcome to leave the signs up in the window

For as long as you want.

Though I'’ll be closed over the holidays,

So it won'’t do you any good, I'’m afraid.

But merry christmas to you.

Merry christmas, mr. Gerson.

It'’s no use. We'’re never gonna find him.

We ain'’t givin'’ up,

Not till we ask everybody in town.

Not even then.

Dr. Pierce, this r*fle was taken

From mr.riley'’sroom.

Can you tell the court, please,

Exactly what you discovered when you examined it?

I found traces of black powder around the muzzle,

Indicating that it had been recently fired.

Mr. Mcbride: the autopsy

Which you performed on eric lynch

Has revealed that, uh, the b*llet which k*lled him

Was fired from a caliber r*fle.

What caliber is mr. Riley'’s w*apon?


Thank you.

Besides winchester,

Remington, stevens, henry and sharps

All make a caliber r*fle.

Were you aware of that, dr. Pierce?

Yes.well then,

You must also be aware that the caliber r*fle

Is the most common w*apon available on the market today?


So then it'’s possible this...

Was not the m*rder w*apon at all?

It'’s possible.

Your honor, I think everyone in this room

Understands that almost anything is possible.

Our purpose here today is to discover what is probable.

I agree, mr. Mcbride,

And as the hour is late,

And two days hence is christmas,

We will resume this trial in days time to continue our task.

This court is adjourned.

[ Rattling of manacles ]

[ Sigh ]

[ Mixed murmuring ]

[ ♪ ]

[ ♪ ]

Sure don'’t seem like christmas day, does it?

Not even any snow.

Where is everyone?


Guess they don'’t feel like celebratin'’.

Where are you going?

Into town.

I gotta keep lookin'’, mrs. Jo.

Talk to everybody I can.

[ ♪ ]

Jo: I think that I know nick riley

Better than anyone else in this courtroom,

And I can assure you...

That I would never have hired him to work in my school,

If I thought he were capable of this crime.

But some people might say that is only your opinion, mrs. Bhaer.

No, that is not only my opinion.

I would say that is the opinion of everyone in this town

Who knows nick riley,

Even those who saw him that night.

They might tell you that he'’ll get angry,

Or maybe even that he has a temper,

But they'’ll also tell you that he is [span tts:fontstyle="italic"]not[/span]a thief,

And he is [span tts:fontstyle="italic"]not[/span]a cold-blooded m*rder.

Thank you, mrs. Bhaer.

Mr. Mcbride: mrs. Bhaer,

Ah, let'’s talk about mr. Riley'’s temper, shall we?

You'’ve been a witness to it yourself, I believe.

Yes, I have.

Did it frighten you?

Yes, I suppose it did.

Have you ever seen him lose control?



Are... Are you quite sure about that?

Might I remind you of an incident

Just last christmas when mr. Riley

Punched a young man quite senseless.

That man was b*ating his wife.nevertheless,

One can only imagine what might have happened,

Had you not interceded.

Edward: objection.

Your honor, this is wild speculation.


Mr. Mcbride: mrs. Bhaer may choose to ignore,

The m*rder temper of mr. Riley.

This jury certainly cannot.

Your honor!

Mr. Mcbride, that is enough!

The jury will disregard mr. Mcbride'’s last remarks.

Well, it all comes down to you taking the stand, I'’m afraid.

So we need to go over it very carefully.

Don'’t worry. I-i know what I'’m gonna say.

Yes, but we still need to review it.

Remember, mcbride is going to try and trap you

Anywhere he can.

[ Heavy sigh ] well maybe I shouldn'’t take the stand then.

No. No, no. No. You have to testify.

Nick, there'’s nothing to be afraid of.

You just have to tell the truth.

The truth.

It'’s not going to be a problem, is it?


We'’ve asked almost everybody in town,

And no one saw him in concord that night.

There must be something else we can do.

Well, we better come up with it quickly.

Aunt jo says the trial is only going to last a few more days.

Maybe if we could find ben,

He has the pocket watch he stole,

Or something.

Ben hasn'’t been back to the hotel room in boston

Since last time I was there.

Well, did he leave anything behind?

Dan: no.

But the night lynch was m*rder,

Ben was gone for most of the day.

It was nearly : in the mornin'’

Before he got back to the hotel room.

That would have given him plenty of time to get to concord and back.

But, dan, nobody saw him in town.

And as much as we want to believe it'’s true,

If it isn'’t, it isn'’t.

It is!

Nick didn'’t do this,

And no one is ever going to change my mind about that.

The trial is winding down, and it all hinges

On nick'’s credibility on the stand.

Right now, I think the jury is against him.

You mean that you'’re gonna lose?

Dan, please, let him finish.

What I mean, dan, is that I think you were right.


When I was going over nick'’s testimony with him,

He seemed very unsure of himself, like...

Like he didn'’t...

He didn'’t really know what happened.

Like he was protecting somebody.

Yeah. I knew it!

I... Ithink...

I think you should talk to him, jo.

I can'’t think of anyone else he'’ll listen to.

You can do it, mrs. Jo.

[ Sigh ]

Ben had nothin'’ to do with it.

I don'’t believe you.

Please, nick...

Tell me what happened.

By the time I caught up to lynch that night,

He was already d*ad.

Ben was standin'’ over him.

What? You saw him do it?

No. I got there just after.

I called out to him, but he took off.

Are you sure it was him?

He came to see me.


He said he didn'’t do it.

Swore up and down he was somewheres else.

And then I caught him in a lie.

And you'’re going to throw your whole life away for him?

The trial ain'’t over yet, jo.

I could still walk away from this.

Or you could hang.

[ Heavy sigh ]

If I give ben up, he'’ll hang for sure.

Why do you feel like you owe him so much?

What has he ever done for you?

It was his idea to go to sea.

And that turned my life around.

And how does that compare to giving up your future?

Your dreams?

I should'’ve been there for him.

You [span tts:fontstyle="italic"]were[/span] there for him.

You raised him after your parents d*ed.

That'’s right.

And when lynch came g*n'’ for him, I wasn'’t there.

I'’d pushed him outta my life.

He has done nothing but cause you sorrow and heartache.

What about us?

You think he wanted to k*ll him?

You think he wasn'’t scared out of his mind?

Ben [span tts:fontstyle="italic"]hates[/span]g*n.

[ Sigh ] but he knew lynch was comin'’ for him;

Knew he didn'’t have a chance without one.

He'’s my brother, jo.

Dobkin:i don'’t recall seeing this man.

But I was playing poker that night,

Wasn'’t really paying attention to anything else.

You were playing poker with lynch?

That'’s right. He cleaned me out.

Pocket watchand all.

Are you sure you haven'’t seen this man?

It'’s real important.

How about after nick went lookin'’ for lynch?

No one came in after that.

I sat there and finished my drink.

A little while later...

I heard the sh*t.

I'’m sorry, boys.

Edward: after mr. Lynch punched you,

You left the tavern to go looking for him.

Is that correct?

Yes, sir.

Can you tell us what happened next?

[ ♪ ]

Edward: mr. Riley?

Can you tell us what happened

When you left the tavern in search of mr. Lynch?

Nick: I found lynch in an alley.

I tried talkin'’ to him, but he turned on me, and went for his g*n.

Mr lynch went for his g*n first?yes, sir.

I wouldn'’t have sh*t him if he hadn'’t tried to k*ll me first.

Edward: thank you.

Mr. Mcbride: mr. Riley,

When you came upon eric lynch in that alley,

And he, uh, went for his g*n,

Which hand did he use?

His right.

Where exactly was the g*n?

[ Unsure ] in his shoulder holster.

So the holster would have been on his, uh, left side?

That'’s right.

Would it interest you to learn, mr. Riley,

That eric lynch was left-handed?

His holster was on his right side?

Well, w-whatever side it was on,

He still went for his g*n first.



Ben, wait. Please.


Ben, if you did this,

You [span tts:fontstyle="italic"]have[/span]to say something.

I didn'’t do it, jo.

You gotta believe me that if I did, I would stand up.

Nick has been b*ating himself up ever since you left.

He says that he wasn'’t there for you when you needed him the most.

Is that true?no.

He'’s willing to die for you, ben.

Can'’t you see that?

[ ♪ ]

[ Rapping of gavel ]

Gentlemen of the jury,

Have you reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

The defendant will please rise.

We find the defendant guilty of m*rder in the first degree.

[ Mixed murmurs ]

[ Banging of gavel ]

Have you anything to say before I pass sentence?


Having been found guilty of m*rder in the first degree,

This court has no alternative

But to sentence you to death by hanging.

May the lord have mercy on your soul.

[ Mixed murmurs ]


Uh, nick didn'’t k*ll no one.

Nick: ben, what are you doin'’?

I did it. I k*lled lynch.

Ben, stay outta this.

I was comin'’ to concord for christmas

To see nick,

And I ran into lynch on the path.

I owed him some money, so I gave him all I had.

He wanted my horse and saddle too.

So I sh*t him.

Crowd: [ gasps ]

Cleared out his pockets,

Headed back to boston.

I'’ll sign any confession you want.

Nick was just tryin'’ to protect me like he always does.

Judge: take him away.


Why, ben, why?

This is more like the way it should be, ain'’t it?

Me on this side, you over there.

Why did ya come back?

I couldn'’t just leave ya hanging, nick.

You signed a confession, ben.

They ain'’t even gonna give you a trial.

They'’re just gonna take ya out first thing tomorrow mornin'’

And hang ya!

I couldn'’t afford no fancy lawyer anyhow.

You think this is funny?

W-well it is, kinda,

When you think about it.

All my life you been tellin'’ me to act responsibly,

And now I finally am.

I couldn'’t just let you take the fall for me, nick.

You been doin'’ that my whole life.

Stickin'’ up for me, fightin'’ my battles, payin'’ my debts.

I never amounted to much, but that ain'’t your fault, nick.

That is just me.

That ain'’t true, ben.yeah, it is.

But that'’s all right, because now I'’m finally doin'’ somethin'’

That I can be proud of.

You should of just kept goin'’.

[ Snorting ]

Yeah, I had my whole life ahead of me.

I'’m real scared, nick.

You'’ve always been there.

But now it'’s really up to me.

[ ♪ ]


Hey, mrs. Jo.

You should be very proud of yourself.

You were the only one who didn'’t question nick'’s innocence.

Even I doubted him.

But you stuck by him. You never wavered.

It took a lot of courage for ben to do what he did today.

But it was the right thing to do.

Was it?

You know...

Ever since the trial began,

We'’ve been searchi'’' for evidence

To pin the sh**t'’ on ben.

We must'’ve talked to every person in town,

But no one saw ben in concord

Till two days after lynch was d*ad.

Well, maybe no one remembers seeing him.

No one at all?

Aw, it'’s not like ben would of been hidin'’ or nothin'’.

He just would of went to the tavern lookin'’ for nick.

Someone would'’ve seen him.


Nick saw ben standing over the body.

He saw ben do it?no.

He was already d*ad...maybe ben didn'’t k*ll him either.

Maybe he just came by and found the body just like nick did.

Dan...uh, mrs. Jo, please.

Just hear me out.

Ben says he took the money and the watch,

But where is it?

So now I started thinkin'’ '’bout the pocket watch, and...

I remember me and nat talked to the guy that lost it.

He also lost all his money to lynch that night.

The thing is...

I think he lied to us.

What do you mean?

Well, he said he heard the g*n in the tavern,

But the bartender said that the place was empty,

And that he was closin'’ up.

[ ♪ ]

Nick, there'’s really no reason for you to witness this.

I ain'’t leavin'’.

Dobkin wasn'’t in here. No one was.

Just me and the empty chairs.

Why would he lie about that?

Does he live in concord?

He said he was from chicago.

Professional gambler.


He'’s got a room upstairs.

Anybody home in there?

Jo: he isn'’t here.

[ Grunt of effort ]

What are you doing?

We'’re runnin'’ outta time, mrs. Jo.

Well, it looks like he'’s packed and ready to leave.

Look at this!

[ ♪ ]

[ ♪ ]

You wouldn'’t even get close.

Anything you want to say?

I guess I should say "sorry" to my big brother

For all the trouble I'’ve been.

You promise me you won'’t go blamin'’ yourself

For the way things turned out.

You were a good teacher, nick.

I just didn'’t learn very well.

Those kids you'’ve got now are gonna turn out fine.

[ Shudder of fear ]

[ Opening of door ]


Jo: wait!

You can'’t hang this man.

This watch belongs to henry dobkin.

He lost it in a poker game to eric lynch.

Dan: we found it in his hotel room.

Jo: which means he very possibly

May have sh*t lynch to get his watch and his money back.

Dan: there he is!

[ Grunts of struggle ]

Thought you were going to get away with it, didn'’t you?

Sheriff: get him out of here.

Well, you don'’t get much closer than that and still walk away.

You were gonna die for me?

I was just takin'’ after my big brother.

[ ♪ ]

So the man nick saw standing over the body was dobkin?


But... Why did he stay in town so long after he did it?

Well, if he had run off right away,

It would have attracted suspicion.

So he had to bluff it out.

Consummate gambler.


[ Whinnying of horse ]

It'’s good to have you back.

It'’s good to be back.

Both: [ chuckling ]

Ben, you'’re more than welcome to stay

As long as you like.

Thank you, jo.

Dan, you don'’t mind if I stick around a while?

Hey, not at all.

You saved my life, little brother.

I don'’t know how I'’m gonna repay ya.

Dan: aw, it'’s the least I can do

For callin'’ you a coward.

You called him a coward?

It wasn'’t very nice.

All: [ laughing ]

Come on inside.

Jo: [ laughing ]

All: merry christmas!

Child: welcome home.

Well, I know it'’s a few days late,

But I still think it'’s going to be a wonderful christmas.

[ ♪ ]

[ ♪ ]
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