02x12 - At Long Last

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Cleaning Lady". Aired: January 3, 2022 to present.
After witnessing a m*rder, a Cambodian doctor cleans the crime scene to stay alive and then begins to live a double life.
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02x12 - At Long Last

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Previously, on
"The Cleaning Lady"...

I'm willing to help you.

Are you okay?


They said you had
a cardiac arrest.

Get them
to run the test again,

check everything.

Kamdar brought us
to Maya.

He said
he knew she was a rat.

And that if I didn't sh**t her,
he would've k*lled Thony.

Kamdar's backing

one of the biggest
human-trafficking rings

on the west coast...
dr*gs, prostitution.

We take him down,
we can dismantle

half a dozen syndicates
in Vegas.

My nephew has
a high fever,

and he started throwing up
about an hour ago.

Proof of insurance,
Social Security number.

Did you get
the new medicine?

It is illegal
to administer this drug.

Save her son.

Social Services
will stay with Luca.

You're not taking my son
away from me!

Do you hear me?!

You have to let her go.
She has nothing to do with this.

Just get in the car, ma'am.
I took that ventilator.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on.

Hey, hey.
What's going on here?


FBI Special Agent
Garrett Miller.

What are the charges,

Child endangerment,

of an illegal drug,

and felony theft
of medical equipment.

What the hell
did you do, Thony?

We didn't steal
any equipment.

We were using it on Luca.

He's having his treatment
inside, and it's working.

You have to tell them
to let us go.

Dr. De La Rosa
is an active asset

in a Federal case,
so she has to be released to me.

She's already been cleared
with the AUSA.

You can call Detective Williams
and confirm it.

What about Fiona?

Officer, if you could...

If you don't have clearance
on her, she's coming with us.

Take her.

- Alright, let's go.
- Oh, no.

No, please,
don't let them take me.

My kids need me.

Garrett, say something!

I just need some time
to figure this out, okay?!

Oh, my God.

No. I...

I didn't...


Get away from me!

Don't touch me!

I didn't poison you!

Then how did that medicine
get into my system?!

Nadia, let me in.

I want to talk to you.

Joseph, let me go, please.

You know I can't do that.

Please, let me go.

So, what can you do?

I don't know, alright?

I can't just wave
a magic wand.

Well, you got me out.

Yeah, as my informant.

Look, unless you can deliver
something on Kamdar,

you can't keep
demanding things.

Okay, so if I give you

you can arrest him
and then you can get Fiona out?

Wait a minute.

What do you have on him
that you haven't given me?


I told you
that he helped me

with a-an experimental drug
from Manila.

The one that got you
and Fiona arrested?

What I didn't tell you
is that I went with him.

To Manila?

And we got a lot more
than just Luca's dr*gs.

How much more?

A large shipping container.

I thought we were just
bringing medicine,

but he smuggled in Fentanyl,
lots of it.

God damn it, Thony.

That's what we could have
busted him on.

How come you didn't tell me
any of this?

Now that crap is gonna
h*t the streets.

I know.

Where's that shipment now?
I don't know.

Kamdar's men
came yesterday.

They moved it.

Alright, look, if we can get
our hands on those dr*gs,

I can put him
away for life. Okay.

But you're gonna
have to testify.

I can't do that.

He'll come after
my whole family.

Not if I can protect you.

We get those dr*gs,
you testify, right?

I can use that to get Fiona
out of jail,

relocate your family,

give you new identities,
legal ones.

You could do that?

If we can get Kamdar
behind bars, yes.

But this is
a two-way street,

and if you keep anything
from me, deal's off.


I-I needed this ventilator
for Luca,

but they would not
let us use it

because of this new drug

that hadn't been
approved here,

and we got our self
into a lot of trouble,

and it was my fault.

So, how come they let
you out?

Can you two
give us a minute?

We need to know
what's going on.

I have been doing some work
for an FBI agent.


He's going to help your mom
get out of jail.

He's the one who drove us
from the police station.

He's a good guy.

I thought
he was just a friend.

Why didn't you tell me
he was FBI?

Because it's not something
I'm supposed to talk about.

Look, he's going to help
your mom.

So, everyone knew but me?

She was just trying
to protect us, okay?

It's not...
I'm not a kid anymore.

You should've told me.

Jaz. Jaz!
Come on.

Fiona's gonna be okay.

I want to make sure
of this.

Oh, she better be,

because it sounds like
it was your fault.

I needed that ventilator
for Luca.

So you just took it?

As long as you continue
to make these choices,

you're just gonna keep
hurting this family.

I need to go check
on my daughter.

we'll get surveillance up

in Kamdar's suite,
see if Nadia's in there.

Well, if she is,
we need to get her out

- before any of this goes down.
- No.

We can't make a move
until we get those dr*gs.

And you have no idea
where he's moved them? No.

What made you even think
you could get away

with stealing from Kamdar?

They thought
he'd be d*ad.

I can still testify
without them, right?

No, without evidence,

we won't have enough
to convict.

It'll be your word
against his.

Okay, let me talk to Kamdar.

I'll try to figure out
where the dr*gs are.

No way.
After that stunt

at the shipping yard,
you guys are b*rned.

I think she's right.
The moment Kamdar sees us,

he's gonna want to put
a b*llet in our heads.

What about Fiona?

You said that I had to testify
to get her back.

There is a truckload of Fentanyl
about to h*t the streets

that you are responsible for.

So, no matter how much

Miller wants
to help your sister-in-law,

she is not the FBI's priority
right now.

So, that's it?

You're not gonna give me
a chance?

I can get back in
with Kamdar.

It's too dangerous.
You know that.

Just let us handle it,

Once we got Kamdar
behind bars,

then you can do your part
and testify.

And I'll see about Fiona.

He's wrong.

I can get back in with
Kamdar. You can't.

You need to stay the hell
away from him.

And what, let Fiona stay
in jail and get deported?

Do you really trust the FBI
to protect you?

There's only one way to make
sure none of us get hurt.

If you k*ll Kamdar,
you get arrested,

I'll lose Fiona.

You don't understand,

As long as Kamdar is breathing,
none of us are safe.

You okay?


JD's right.

I-I did this to you,
and I'm sorry.

Look, we did it for Luca,
but now,

I have to think
about my kids.

I mean,
what are they gonna do

with their mother in jail, huh?
O-Or if I get deported.

I-I don't even want them
to see me in here like this.

I told them that Garrett
is going to help.

Oh, no!

You can't make promises
like that to them.

He will.

He said if I testify,
he will get you out of here.

He's gonna give us papers,
green cards.

Even for Chris.


That sounds just too good
to be true.

Come on.

It is, isn't it?

I just need to find
the evidence.

So, Garrett's boss seems
to think I can't do it, but...

No, because you can't do
everything, Thony.

Yes, I can.

I know how
to talk to Kamdar.

I'm gonna make him
trust me again,

and I will find the evidence
before they can.

Wait, you're gonna do this
without the FBI backing you?

That's the only way

I-I can get you out of here
and protect us.

No, no, no.
Not if it gets you k*lled.

I'm gonna fix this, Fi.

I promise.


I promise.

Look, man, you said
I had until next week.

I've paid Kamdar five times
what I borrowed already.

It's k*lling me.

Well, that's how it works.

But I didn't come here
to take your money.

See, I have a different deal
to offer,

one that will get you out.

Hey, no, no, no,
not that crap.

Pour us a couple
of 25 Year Reserves.

Thony's intel was good.

Jefferson's now got eyes
on Kamdar's suite.

The vantage point is limited,
but it's something.

Is Nadia still in there?

Yeah, and she seems
safe for now.


'Cause we're gonna tie
this sonofab*tch

to every Fentanyl overdose
in the city.

If we find the dr*gs.

We will.

From your lips.

Dinner at Bluey's

You're on.

Jefferson, how's the view?

I got a better view of myself
than anything else.

But I got
some movement inside.

Alright, man, if things
get interesting, let me know.


Come on, Jaz.

Let's talk about this.


I don't want to talk you

What happened?

You should've married Mom
when I said so.

I spoke to an attorney
to see what options we have,

and, uh, to find out
if it made a difference

if I married your mom.

He said
it's too late for that.

Because she's already
being detained,

it'll be hard to prove
that it's not fraud.

But we've been living here
with you.

Eh, doesn't that help?

I mean, you guys are
in a relationship, in a way.

Aren't you?

The bigger issue is that
she's been living here

illegally all these years,

so she'll have to leave
the country first.

And then
she can come back?

She'll be barred from returning
for 10 years.

10 years?

No, that's...
That's insane.

There... There's gotta
be another way!

There's a possibility
for a waiver,

but we have to prove
extreme hardship.

Okay, well, what about us?

Is she just supposed
to grow up without a mom?

Unfortunately, having kids
here doesn't count.


What's that gonna do
to my mom?

How is she gonna deal
with not seeing us or...

Or... or being with us?

It's gonna k*ll her.

I can talk
to another lawyer.

I can get another opinion,
but he said

that even if she
had a green card,

grand theft
is a deportable offense.

Because they took
the medical equipment,

he doesn't think
we have much of a case.

I want to see her.

Um, go tell your sister
to come eat something

and then we'll head over...
No, no, no.

I-I want to see her alone.


Hi. Wait, um, wh...
Where's Jaz?

Is everything okay?

Chris wanted to speak
with you alone.

I'll just be outside,
give you guys some space.

Um, okay.

What's going on, anak?

I, um...

I just wanted to let you know
that I made a decision.

If you get deported,
then I'm going with you.

What? No.

No, no, no, no.
That's not happening.

Hey, it's my choice,

I'm not gonna let you
go alone.

Come on, Chris,
this is crazy.

No, it's not.

I'm not even supposed
to be here, alright?

I'm a TNT,
just like you.

You're wrong, okay?

You're supposed to be here
because everything I did,

I did for you...
Don't roll your eyes at me.

Everything I did,
I did for you.

I know. I know.

I-I see that,
and I appreciate it.

I do.

No, you don't,
because if you did,

you wouldn't be
saying this.

Look, every sacrifice
I've made,

every lie I've told,
every toilet I've cleaned,

it was for you

so you could have
a life here.

Okay, and you're not
throwing that away.

You hear me?

But how am I
supposed to stay here

if you're forced to go?

Because this
is your home, anak.

You're meant to be here.

Look, I-I know...

I know this must be
hard on you,


the best thing you can do
for me right now

is... is live the life

I've always wanted you
to have.


He'll see you.

There's something called
"honor amongst thieves".

You don't abide
by that principle, do you?

Look, I didn't steal
from you.

Arman did.

I need that medication
for my son,

and you need
a new supplier.

Nothing's changed.

I mean, he tried to steal
from you

because you cut him out,

but there's no reason
for you to cut me out.

Don't listen to her, Robert.

She's not someone
who can be trusted.

How do you know she didn't
re-route the dr*gs?

Because I need you
as much as you need me.

That drug
from Manila works.

But I only got one box
before your men stopped me.

If I don't get the rest,
my son could die.

That sounds very much
like what you need.

Look, that
pharmaceutical contact

in Manila is mine.

With all the corruption,
people don't trust easily

in the Philippines.

I know how to keep
that pipeline going,

just like you asked,
without Arman.

And so, you'd switch
allegiances just like that?

Because she's
a selfish snake.

Everything I've done,
I've done for my son.

So, you may not trust me,
but you can trust that.

Yes, Arman helped me
in the past,

but you're the one
who can help me now,

and I need this deal
more than anybody.

And that's why
you saved my life...

after I was poisoned.

When does your son need
the rest of his medicine?

As soon as possible.

Just let her have them, Robert,
then be done with her.

The last thing you want
is to be in the Caymans

worrying about how she could
be screwing you over.

Alright, let's go.


That entire shipment's about
to be handed over to my buyer.

It's best we catch them
before it happens,

don't you think?

What the hell?

Come on. I would hate
to keep our buyer waiting again.

What's up?

We got a problem.

Your girl Thony is
with Kamdar.

You didn't put her in there,
did you?

Hell no.
You sure?

And they're heading out.

Something is going down now.

Alright, Caudillo's got
eyes on the valet.

Alright, make sure
he stays with them.

Caudillo, tell me
you've got Kamdar.

They're down here at the valet.

And Thony?

She just got in a vehicle
with them.

There's two S.U.V.s in front.

Thony's riding with Kamdar
in the third behind them.

Any idea
where they're headed?

Not yet,
but they're on the move,

turning northbound on the strip,
with heavy security detail.

We're on our away,

but do not engage
until you have backup.


Talk to me, Caudillo.
Where are they now?

Just turned west
on Range Road.

What the hell is out
there? Not much.

I gotta drop back
or I'll be seen.

just don't lose them.


I told you to stay the hell
away from Kamdar.

What the hell are you
talking about?

Thony's with him now.

Damn it.

You have any idea
where they're going?

You're gonna have to give me
more than that.

We're in North Vegas,
heading west on Range Road.

Yeah, there's a junkyard
out there.

Kamdar used
to send me to collect.

They have to be headed
in that direction.

I'll see you there.

You stay the hell away.


Damn it.

My buyer has
some trust issues,

which is why we're here.

And I have to say,
so do I.

I really, really need
to get those meds

back to the hospital
for Luca.

Don't worry.

Your meds are here.

I told you not
to come here.

Yeah, well, you know
that wasn't happening.

You're not going in
without this.

Come on.

Let's go pretend to be
on the same side.

Come on!

There's something I still
need to discuss with you.

You said my cardiac arrest

was caused
by a drug interaction.

Well, that was
just a guess.

Don't lie to me, Thony.

How many?
About five, six.

I swear.


You saved my life, yes,

but you just happened
to be right there.

Like you knew
what was coming.

And Joseph told me you refused
to use the defibrillator

that would've k*lled me.

Based on all my experience
as a doctor...

The truth, Thony!
The truth.

If I knew anything, Robert,
I would tell you, okay?

Finish her. What? Think of...

Think of my son.

And I-I just saved
your life.

And for that, I'll grant
a life for a life.

Your son can live.

We won't touch
your family.

But you've lied to me
one too many times.


Don't move!


Stay there!

Robert Kamdar!

Up against the vehicle.

We got him.


can you hear me?

Garrett down!




Stay with me.

Garrett, stay with me.

Hold on. Hold on.

You did it.

No, we did it.

Agent down over here!



N... No.


How is he doing?

Good. The doctor said
the treatment worked.

He's stable.

Sal am at.
Ingot ka.


No touching.

How are guys doing?
And how... how's Luca?

He was sleeping, so they
wouldn't let us see him,

but the social worker
says he's doing okay.

Good. Good.

Well, sometimes, you need to do
what you know

is right in your heart,

and even when other people
say it's wrong.

Okay, but it's not right
that you have to pay

for it like this.

I know, anak.

But... But don't worry.

Your Auntie T is, uh...
She's working on getting me out.

But what if she can't?

What if you get deported?


I guess... I guess,
maybe your... your dad can...

Oh, Fi,
you know I've got them.

That's something you don't
have to worry about, okay?

We'll be fine, Mom.

We'll be okay.

We'll work it out.

I'm just... I'm holding you
tight right now.

Don't worry.
Your Auntie T, she's on it.

They told me
I'd find you here.

Have a seat, Thony.

You know,
Garrett graduated

97th in his class
at the Academy?

97th out of 250.

He was average at best.

But no one had better instincts
in the field.

He could always find a way
to wiggle out of anything,

land on his own two feet...

until he met you.

I never meant for this
to happen.

We told you your status
as a CI was compromised.

We told you not
to engage with Kamdar.

I-I did what I had to
for Fiona,

and Garrett told me
that he would help get her back

if I delivered Kamdar.

And now he's d*ad
because of it.

You broke protocols.

You endangered lives.

Not to mention
the countless crimes

you committed with Arman
that Garrett let slide.

But Garrett
wouldn't want Fiona

to suffer
for your mistakes,

so I am going to take
your statement

and forward it

to the U.S.
Attorney's Office.

And if they approve it,

we will file the paperwork
to get Fiona out.

Thank you.

Please state your name
for the record.

Thony De La Rosa.

Sorry to interrupt, but I just
got a call from AUSA Serrano.

Kamdar posted bail.

He's out.


How did this happen?

He's a flight risk.

His lawyers
convinced the judge

that if he surrendered
his passports,

he's not going anywhere.

That's not true.

He's... He's going
to the Cayman Islands.

Nadia tried to tell me.

He's got a private plane.

He's paying off
immigration officers.

He's leaving the country.

Do you know where
he keeps his plane?

I-I can take you there.

You better be right,
because if Kamdar gets away,

the deal is off.

You just said
that you were...

Garrett may have bent
over backwards for you,

but the U.S.
Attorney's Office

isn't going to pull strings
for nothing.

I already helped you
catch him.

It's not my fault
he managed to post bail.

Doesn't matter.
If we lose Kamdar,

there won't be anything
for you to testify to.

I'll round up the squad cars
and meet you there.

I'll send coordinates
as soon as I have them.


He said
about two minutes.

Not till Nadia gets here.

Here she is.

First you keep me a prisoner,
then you let him kidnap me!

You haven't been kidnapped.
You've been escorted.

I'm not going with you,

You tried to k*ll me.

I was just returning the favor,
so be fair.

Arman, wait.


If you k*ll me,
you'll never get away with it.

I'm not gonna k*ll you.

No. Nadia?


So, how does it feel,

walking in here now,
being your own boss?

Not having to answer
to anybody?

Not Hayak...
not Kamdar.

From now on,
this is all ours.

You mean it's all mine.

Auntie T.

How's Luca doing?

He's good.
He's stabilized now.

What's wrong, Thony?


The deal with the FBI
fell apart.

I'm so sorry.

So, what does that...
What does that mean?

It means that your mom
has to go back home.

But this is her home.

Hey, you said
you'd fix this.

I know, Chris.
You promised.

I will fix this.
Where's your FBI guy?

I want to ask him
some things. Maybe...

You can't.
He's... He's gone.

What do you mean,
he's gone?

He's... He's d*ad.

Was that your fault, too?

- Chris.
- What?!

How can you guys
just stand there?

She got Mom deported,

and we're never gonna
see her again.

Blaming each other is not the
way we're gonna get her back.

We have to stick together
as a family.

Come here. Come here.
It's okay.

What are we gonna do?

No matter what happens,

both of you guys
can stay with me, okay?

My home is yours, too.

Jaz could stay with you,

Luca needs me,
now more than ever.

So, I have to be there
for him. Okay?

He can't keep
losing everybody.


Hey, Luca.

Lie down, lie down.


I missed you.

I missed you, too.

Hey, buddy.


- Hey, little man.
- Hey, Luca.


Where's Tita Fi?

♪ Don't you know
I'm no good for you? ♪

♪ I've learned to lose you,
can't afford to ♪

♪ Tore my shirt
to stop you bleedin' ♪

♪ But nothin' ever
stops you leavin' ♪

♪ Quiet when I'm comin' home
and I'm on my own ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪


Ready? Aim.

♪ Don't you know
enough already? ♪

♪ I'll only hurt you
if you let me ♪

♪ Call me friend
but keep me closer ♪

♪ And I'll call you
when the party's over ♪

♪ Quiet when I'm comin' home
and I'm on my own ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪

♪ Nothing's better sometimes ♪

♪ Once we've both said
our goodbyes ♪

♪ Let's just let it go ♪

♪ Let me let you go ♪

♪ Quiet when I'm comin' home
and I'm on my own ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪

♪ Oooh, quiet when I'm comin'
home and I'm on my own ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪

♪ Well, I could lie and say ♪

♪ I like it like that,
like it like that ♪

Spanish dance music playing...

I told you
not to k*ll Kamdar,

but you did it anyway.

Fiona's gone
because of you.

Thony, she's alive.

What I did
kept us all safe.

You need to help me
get her back.

You need to fix this.

What you're asking for
is not easy.

There's a lot of risk,

and Nadia can't find out
about this.

Thony, unless you trust me
in how I do this,

I can't help you.

I never stopped
trusting you.

I know you did this
to protect me,

but you have to understand,
I need to have my family back.

Officer Jappa.

I'm sure you were
just as upset as I am

about our friend,
Mr. Kamdar.

But the only change
to your arrangement together

will be the management.

Your compensation
will remain the same.

Kamdar said you might be
handling Manila.

That's correct.

There's one more thing.

On our next shipment,
I'm bringing someone back.
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