01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV Show "Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka". Aired: 13 November – 18 December 2003.*
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The Doctor tries to help a village where the residents are in fear of an alien race called the Shalka.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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MASTER: You hurt yourself again.

Ah! Thank you.

My plan worked perfectly.

- MASTER: But of course, it was a plan.

I knew he would deactivate me
because otherwise I will prevent him

from hiding all the secrets
of this craft.

And I see he's done just that.


Now you need me to tell you
how to work the real systems.

In return for safe passage

off this suburban nightmare
of a planet, obviously.

Now, where shall we begin?

It's still not safe here, sir.
Possibility of lava becoming dry later.

- I can't believe she's gone.
- Sir, the next evacuation truck

comes through here in 10 minutes
and you're going to be on it.

Or you may force me
to stop calling you "sir".

- I'm not going anywhere without...

- Alison!
- Stretcher party.

Alison, are you okay?

What are you doing here?

- Where am I?
- You're back in Lannet.

Where have you been?

They let me go.

ALISON: Why would they do that?

(GASPING) The Doctor.

- They k*lled the Doctor!
- Shh.

It's okay now. You're with me.
I'm getting you out of here.

Major Thomas Kennet,

first Royal Green jackets,
not available at the moment.

- Please leave your communication.

This is the Doctor.
I'm terribly sorry, but...

I'm afraid that I'm about to die.

The aliens are called the Shalka.

They have a warp gate
to their home world.

Knock that out and they may do a deal.

I know you don't know
much about me, Kennet.

And this is...this is hardly
the time to start a friendship.

But just know this.
I was finished anyway.

Hopeless! I can't do this anymore.

I got her k*lled. Again.
It's not the first time.

So it's apt I don't continue.

And... Well, I'm happy with that.

I do, however, have some last words
for the universe.

They are...

Battery low?

I will have my last words. Blast you!

This is not how I want to
spend my last few remaining...

Seconds! Time!

Time machine! Tardis!

You're part of the Tardis.

If I can get you to remember that...

I just need a door handle.

Don't worry about the sign!


Aha! You look busy.
Many hands and all that.

Doctor, you're alive!

- I mean, how dare you profane

a craft of the glorious
Shalka Confederacy with your presence?

I'm the Doctor. Hello.

(CHUCKLING) Hello, hello, hello.

And that's the Master, who I see
isn't holding on to anything.

- And this...

Is a black hole.

- Bye.
- I can explain.

- You don't have to.
- Oh, good.

- Have you saved the day?
- No. Help me.

There's just a chance
she may still be alive.

If we can do
a biological search of the cavern.

Who are we searching for?

- Alison.
- A young woman, again?

Yes, again.

No! Stop! We can't take off anyway.
The Shalka force fields...

Have now been sent to hold the Tardis
in the secondary configuration mode.

- Once we change it...
- No, I have to be sure.

On this point, your programming of
my electronic brain was quite specific.

We leave the girl behind.

(SIGHING) I can't do this anymore.

And yet, you just did.

As always, you are at least
two things at once.

Perhaps your most
infuriatingly human trait.

Well, I am surprised
to see you back here.

Major Kennet, you must forgive me.

I've insulted your profession,
taken command of your men,

been inexcusably rude
and hopeless in the face of...

I meant that Miss Cheney said
you'd been thrown into a black hole.

Alison's alive?

Why did the Shalka let her go?

KENNET: She doesn't know.
We can get her in for the whole story.

Yes, shortly.

But, for the moment, I'd prefer it
if she weren't too close at hand.

She and her boyfriend
really need to talk.

KENNET: So, this is the Tardis.

I haven't seen one of these
since I was a young man.

So, now you have it.

- Why are you still here?
- Indeed, indeed.

I rather came back
because of a message I left for you.

This is the Doctor.
I'm terribly sorry, but..

- I'm afraid that I'm about to die...

Nothing you needed to hear.

- So you can manage on your own?
- KENNET: Absolutely!

Only, I seem to have found some form.

I might not be quite so useless now.

Well, it's a pity we won't
get a chance to find out.

Excuse me, sir! But we've caught one!

Oh, no. I was hoping you'd got crushed
under an avalanche.

- Greaves...
- Sorry, sir.

Permission to speak freely,
retroactively, sir?

- Granted.
- You captured a Shalka?

- Could I just...
- As you wish.

I don't believe it.

He's still alive,
after being thrown in a black hole.

- I don't think your mum's home.
- No.

My old stomping ground.

I used to play Knock Down Ginger
on this street.

And, now, here I am
talking about outer space. Blimey!

I don't wanna be here.

Joe, can we talk about this later?

No, I mean,
I don't wanna be here, Alison.

I can feel it.

That's the lot. I'll be off now.

- MAN: Ow!
- What are you doing?

I don't know.

(STUTTERING) I didn't mean to do that.

- Is he okay?
- JOE: He's still breathing.

- Oh, no. Not now.

Not here.

JOE: Something's making me
get back in the truck, Ali.

ALISON: Joe! What's happening?

I have to call the Doctor.

But I can't do it...

GREAVES: It was crossing the road, sir.

I was afraid to break because
of the oxygen cylinders.

Oxygen? It got a jolt of the pure stuff
and it knocked it out.

KENNET: We can hardly advance on them
with pure oxygen.

No. But if you can set up something
like an oxygen tent...

KENNET: We can get one
from the hospital.

Get this Shalka wrapped up in one.
Keep feeding it oxygen

and get it over to the chemistry lab
at the school.

GREAVES: Whatever he's planning to do
to you, fella, I wouldn't be in your...

Whatever you do for shoes.

DOCTOR: Don't bully it.

KENNET: You heard the man, Greaves,
don't bully the monster.

(GROANING) My head.

How long have I been asleep?

A couple of hours.
No idea where I'm driving.

My throat's
not feeling so good now, Ali.

Oh, that poor guy.

You couldn't stop yourself, Joe.

Neither of us could.

Listen, wherever we end up,
I need to get my head looked at.

It's okay. We will.

Because it feels like
there's something inside.

- Sorry.

Can't have you communicating
with your fellows.

DOCTOR: You're going to get
just enough volcanic gas

to stay alive and talk to me.

Hear that? We humanoids could be part
of your sonic network.

We're not the primitives
you think we are.

Here you are, Doctor. Strong and sweet.

Put it some distance from me, Greaves.

I'll get to it eventually.

I look at that ugly thing lying there
and I think...

I'm glad I took the ring back
to the jewellers.

I mean, it's so much
more powerful than we are.

If the rest of them knew we had it here,
it would be terrible.

They'd come for us.

You fought them in the caves.
Are you telling me you were afraid?

As if! Of course not.

- How's your throat?
- Could be better.

I think I'm getting laryngitis.

DOCTOR: Keep an eye on it
for a moment, eh?

I'm just popping out
to do something eccentric.


GREAVES: What... what happened?

You wanted that thing to do that to me.

The Shalka scream doesn't just
scare people into obeying.

It softens them up
for long-term control.

What are you going on about?

If you live over a nasty landlord
for a long time,

you get to the point where he doesn't
have to keep bashing on the ceiling.

So, what about this gas?
Where did that come from?

Out of your mouth,
in a manner of speaking.

Get it back in the tent.
I need to talk to your boss.

-1 could sue him for that.

If I could get a lawyer to believe it.

- Major!
- Doctor, I was just coming to see you.

Because something's happened
to the evacuees.

Exactly. We've had calls from relatives

who've been asked
to provide places for them.

As far as we can tell,
none of them have arrived.

They want us to stop here.

Why? What's here?

Everyone we know.

The sound is still telling everyone
what to do, even when we can't hear it.

Isn't that your boss?

- Alison.
- Alison. Time is short.

Everyone's here, Alison.

The soldiers evacuated us.

But instead of going
where we were supposed to, we came here.

Has... Has everyone got something
in their head?

- Head?
- Shh.

- No.
- Oh...

Let's have a look.

Oh, dear.

DOCTOR: So, where are they?

KENNET: In the Pennines.
Middle of nowhere.

KENNET: A place called Edale Wood.

Thousands of them.

The local police thought
it was an illegal rave

and have called for reinforcements.

That's not on volcanic rock.

They must be using some form
of direct control.


JOE: It must be something
from the expl*si*n in the shop.

Let me see.

- Tell me if I'm hurting you.
- I don't care, just get it out.

What? Something's just...

- What is this?
- Joe?

No, just.. just wait.
It's okay. I think I've nearly got it.

Hold on.

Oh, no!
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