01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV Show "Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka". Aired: 13 November – 18 December 2003.*
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The Doctor tries to help a village where the residents are in fear of an alien race called the Shalka.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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why is it keeping that going?

The Shalka share the scream
like whale song.

A way to transmit a lot of messages
between each other at high speed.

- Their sonic Internet.
- Mmm-hmm.

And that machine adds
a*t*matic coordination.

It keeps all of their slaves doing
what they're supposed to be doing

without the Shalka having to think about
every little command.

It must be able to record, play back,
relay and boost the screams.

Their sonic service provider.

Stop that.

What are you going to do?

Same hairpin I used to open
the hardware store.


Now, hold still.

A friend of mine,
Andy Warhol was his name, said,

"They always say
that time changes things,

"but you actually have
to change them yourself."

Wonderful man.
He wanted to paint all nine of me.

What are you talking about?

- Just getting my courage together.

Thank you.

In time I hope you'll allow me
my eccentricities, Alison.

Sometimes they're all I or the world
have got.

Is that why you brought me down here?

So you could do this in front of me
and save my life?

Of course not.
That would be sheer vanity.

I need you in a very practical way.

- Doctor!
- Oh!

What it must be like to escape
the reliance of all life on other life!

To take sustenance directly from worlds!

They take good care of their planets,
Alison, after they've transformed them.

Don't let it take you over!

Stop slapping me!

I wasn't. My neurons were linked to it.

I was learning from it

-and reprogramming it.
- Oh.

I can understand the scream now.

All that beautiful information.

That was the pleasurable part.

Now, here comes the dangerous bit.

Don't move until I tell you.

# What good is sitting
alone in your room?

# Come here the music

# Play #

I must say I'm getting tired of all your

(IN FRENCH ACCENT) Ooh, “nul points,"
says the Time Lord jury.

- Tell me honestly...

Am I irritating you yet?

You'll have to do better than that.

Look how strong the Time Lord is!
Look how he stands up to you!

A billion worlds?

You're just a bunch of
one-penny jelly snakes!

You're just a bunch of
one-penny jelly snakes!

h*t me again, George.

Perfect pitch, finally.

I think, therefore, I win.

You haven't won.

You kept your human vocal cords.

Which doesn't prevent me
from doing this!


You could only destroy an unprepared
or inexperienced Shalka.

We have a tradition of sonic combat.

And I have a tradition
of getting in the way.

You are not preventing the destruction
of this world by delaying me.

The scream continues to operate
without my personal direction.

But with the knowledge of
your whole system in my head,

I'm eventually going to
get the hang of this.

Or perhaps I'll just...

Get you to f*re me
in the right direction.


- Alison!

Die, Doctor! Die!

That's just it, Prime.

Life won't...

That nodule, the big one! h*t it!

Oh, yes! Yes!


Hundreds of Shalka have taken up
positions just under the surface

to protect the slaves
and direct operations.

They're starting to ask why they haven't
had any central commands

for the last couple of minutes.

But they're more than capable of
getting the slaves to finish the job.

How long have we got?

The atmosphere could react and change
any second. Do you trust me?

Oh, how needy are you? Yes!

Then this is why I brought you.

I want you to take your passenger
back on board.


I've put it into a deep sleep.

Being a Shalka, it can communicate
with all the others via the scream.

It grew in your head
already connected to a human brain.

So it was easy for me to
ment*lly reprogram it.

Now, it'll plug your brain
into the Shalka network.

I am going to be okay, aren't I?

I wouldn't risk losing you.
You know I wouldn't.

It just feels so... Oh.

You're in charge now.

You're the centre of Shalka operations.

Tell the slaves to shut up.

The Shalka will try and stop you.
You mustn't let them!

Listen to me!

Everybody, I'm one of you!

A human being.

You're free!


Stop the scream!

Stop the scream!

They're trying to drown me out.

Trying to take control back.

You had the willpower to fight them
on your own.

Now you've got all those people
on your side.

You can do it!

Change of plan.

Am I speaking to the Shalka now?

- Yes.
- Are you all on the surface,

all trying to control every single one
of those humans on your own?

Spinning all those plates at once?

- Yes.
- Well then,

this is how it feels to drop them.

Come to the cabaret.

They're gone.

Vapourized. All of them.

Including the little ones.

Amateur, indeed!

We could've used a scream
to fix the atmosphere.

Not just to stop the Shalka,
but to get rid of all the pollution.

All I needed was
another couple of seconds!

I wouldn't have allowed you that.

Humans can sort out the problems
they make themselves.

Every time I think I understand you...

I feel the same way!

I don't like the m*llitary,
but I have so many friends in it.

I say I do not k*ll,
but then I exterminate thousands.

Look, you do your best to keep
all the plates from smashing.

You don't have to be perfect, okay?




It's only antiseptic, Sergeant.
Hold still.

Permission to howl, sir?

Permission denied.



Ah, smell the air, Greaves!


I think we're going to be all right.

Who's we, sir?



This place is so huge.

You have seen but a small part of it,
my dear Miss Cheney.

Tell me, do you plan to stay
long enough to explore?

- Stay?
- With us.


-I don't think I've been invited.
-He would never invite you.

And neither would I,
because I am by no means fond of you.

So why do you call me, "My dear"?

I call everyone that.


However, loathe as I am to admit it,

you offer him a companionship
that I do not.

One he has not allowed himself
for a long time.

What happened
to make him such an emotional island?

1t is for him
to tell you the whole story.

But I think he sees
an echo of it in you.

- Have you always travelled with him?
- By no means.

I was of aid to the Doctor
after he had lost...

During the events that so damaged him.

In return, he offered me
a last chance for salvation.

An offer I was foolish enough to accept,

as those who punish us are always
sending us into danger.

And I doubt we will ever,
as the Doctor promised me,

reach the place he calls Bognor Regis.

Of one thing, however, I am certain.

He wants you to stay
and share his exile.

Trust me.

Exile? Exile from what?

You left the umbrella stand
in the Zeppelin hangar, again.

Zeppelin hangar?

Couldn't you have landed
back at the school?

My control over the old girl's
a bit erratic.

Shame that worm never
told me how it works.

Couldn't you have got us back after
it stopped raining, at least?

It won't. Not for ages.

The Earth needs to sort itself out.

The English will love it.

Probably try to conquer the world
all over again, which would be bad.

If I stay with you,

could we go back to see the pyramids,
find out who really built them?

The Tardis can travel
to any time or place.

Here comes your boyfriend.
So, all's well that ends well, eh?


KENNET: Doctor, the Prime Minister and
the US President want to thank you.

The UN has already been in touch
about a closed session

and I believe
there's even talk of a parade!

Oh, let's not get all mushy, Major.

Leave that to the Shalka, eh?

You saved the world, Doctor. Good on ya!

So this really is goodbye.

JOE: Alison?


Doctor? Wait.

- What on Earth for?
- I.

I have to say goodbye to Joe.

- What?
- Alison?

The Doctor can drop me off
at Mum's place.

I'll be okay.

- Doctor...
- Greaves, how fabulous!

You've got a tan!

Permission to thump him, sir?

It suits you, Sergeant.
Good for you to get outside.

Because I'm bored, Joe.
I want to do something.

This is my chance to travel
in a time machine.

Doctor, how do you know that
you'll be able to get her back?

Time machine, Joe.

She's probably back there already.
Go on, phone up her mum and see.

Hello, Mrs Cheney? Is Alison there?

Oh, I see.

You're not.

Well, I guess now we know.

Don't we?


You can't just saunter off again,
Doctor. Not on your own.

You're right, Major, not on my own.

- Doctor...
- Yes, Major?

Fancy an extra hand?

Not enough room, Major.
She's smaller than she looks.

Aha! The Master wants to go.

Does it always have to
make that awful racket?

I'm afraid you'll have to
get used to that.

Is there anything else
I'll have to get used to?

Ship rules.

No running, no jumping,
no pushing and no slapping.

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