01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Rig". Aired: January 6, 2023 - present.*
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A group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig are due to return to the mainland when a mysterious fog cloaks them and supernatural forces take hold.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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[machinery whirring]

[Heather] Do you think these items
could be those containers

from the production module?

[Dunlin sighs] Have to be.

I know nothing about them
yet here we are with unaccounted items.

What about the serial numbers?

They all start the same,
could that tell you what it is?

[Dunlin] No.

Same manufacturer maybe. But...

haven't been logged properly.

[Heather] Well, someone knows it's there.

How often are these things locked?

[Dunlin] They're not.

[Heather] Magnus must know something?

[Dunlin] It wouldn't be the first thing
he's failed to tell us.

The decommissioning?

Likes to fix everything by himself.

He hasn't said nothing about
shutting this place down.

He hasn't spoken to me once since we...

Since we lost...

Since everything that's happened.

Must be pretty hard,

losing people you're responsible for.

- I wouldn't know what to do.
- Yeah, well...

wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

I didn't know that.

You wouldn't.

Was his son, Thomas.

Eight years old.
h*t by a car on his way to school.

Magnus should've been there,

but he stayed past his rotation
because the other OIM was sick.

Losing one family while looking
after another.

[eerie music playing]

[Baz] Now close the valve.

[Garrow grunting]

[Baz] Stop! Stop! It's gonna blow.

[alarm beeping]

The pipe into the seafloor
is still pressurized.

The whole force of the reservoir's
coming up through here.

[alarm continues to beep]

[beep stops]

If we wanna take this apart...

we're gonna have to shut it off
at the source.

How do we do that?

[eerie music continues]

[theme music playing]

[music fades]

[clock ticking]

Hey, how you feeling?

Like a million dollars.

So what's the damage for saving the world?

Some nasty burns.

You were lucky.

Guess it was a worthwhile show then, eh.

[Rose] It's not funny,
you could've gotten yourself k*lled,

then we'd have another problem
on our hands.


Thank god I survived then,
save you the hassle.

That's not what I meant.

Look, if I'm keeping you from
more important things...

That's not fair.

Well, you clearly rather be
somewhere else.

I should be somewhere else.
Working out what's going on.

But instead I've been here, with you,
because I wanna be.


Let me help.

I can take the pain.

The more heads the better

and there's no point in me lying here
feeling sorry for myself.

We need answers.

What we need, is for you to be okay.

You need to rest.

I'll be back in a bit.

[door opens and closes]

Alright? How is he?

[sighs] I mean he's talking but I dunno.

Well, he's not shown signs of
anything unusual

and it's been nearly twenty-four hours so.

I don't think
he's a risk to himself or us.

I don't think Baz is either.

I... I think we've got him wrong.

He... he's not aggressive.

k*lling Alwyn seems pretty aggressive
to me.

He said he didn't mean to.

I keep thinking back to
how he was with the growth,

and how it reacted to him...

and he said he had to protect it.

Alwyn wasn't messing
about with any growth.

But he was trying to take Baz off course.

So, why'd he go after
his blood sample then?

Why run when we were trying to help him?

Help doesn't always seem like help
when you're scared.

- Fight or flight.
- [Rose] Yeah.

He talked about "memories of
what was here before

but it was under att*ck", right?

But he... he said long before.

Millions of years.

That's exactly how old
I think these spores are.

Older in fact.
Hundreds of millions.


There are species of bacteria
that can remain dormant

for whole epochs of history
and then be brought back to life.

[Rose] Back in the nineteen twenties,
there was a researcher

who managed to reanimate ancient bacteria
within coal deposits

that were three hundred million years old.

[Rose] Scientists at the time
didn't believe him,

but now we know it's possible.

And these bacteria
don't always need our help.

With the right conditions
they can trigger their own regrowth.

Well, that's... slightly terrifying.


[Heather] You think that's what
we're seeing? Why here?

I can't be sure.

But the deep ocean is the largest, oldest,
least explored habitat on Earth.

If I was looking
for ancient forms of life,

ones who have the memory of
every struggle a planet has ever faced...

this is exactly where I'd look.

So, this thing could be like an ancestor?

[Rose] Yeah. Not only that.

If we're right, this could be huge.

This would be the oldest living organism
ever discovered on Earth.

[Cat] Yeah, we've pissed it off.

Aggressive or not,
whatever it is, it's k*lling people.

And we're just sitting ducks.
This is so f*cked up.

You, okay?

No, I'm scared.

[Heather] We all are.

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm pregnant.

Tell me you're joking.

[Rose] Does Magnus know?

Jesus Christ, Cat.

You have to tell him.
It has to be declared.

It was never supposed to be me
that carried.

It was always gonna be Kacey,
but then she couldn't.

So now if something happens out here.

Kacey just doesn't lose her wife,
she loses her baby.

Hey, come on.
No one's losing anybody.

Alright, take a minute,
we'll work this out.

Hey Cat.

Congratulations. This is good news.

[Heather] Yeah.

What are you doing out of bed?

I was coming to talk to you
but I didn't want to interrupt.

[Rose] What are you doing?

I wanna help.

You wanna help, come with me.
Come on.

[wind whooshing]

[breathing heavily]

[mournful music plays]

[music continues]

[keypad beeping]

[breathing deeply]

Alright boss?

Aye... aye.

I was just, er, looking for Rose.


Yeah, all good.
Just erm getting a bit of peace and quiet.

Anyway, if I see her
I'll send her your way.


Of all the fossils in the room,
this one has to be the oldest.

[Rose] Oh I know.

Just bear with it.

Pictor has been searching sea beds
for new places to drill for decades.

So, they must have found something before.

The growth is reacting to Baz, right?

And he believes he needs to protect it.

So how are they communicating?

That's a good question.

[Rose] I mean,
there is bacterial communication.

It's a chemical process,

but it's effect is similar to
the way humans use language.

It's called... "Quorum Sensing".

Could being exposed to the spores
let Baz do that?

I don't know.

I've never seen a host interact with
the quorum sensing process before.

Well, I've never heard of someone
falling a hundred feet and surviving.

"What you don't know can still k*ll you".

Or save you.

It's just something Alwyn said.

I mean he's right.

Nature constantly changes and adapts
in ways you wouldn't believe.

Said like a true geologist.

Well, it's just true.

I mean look at the Earth...

it's a rock that's been hanging in space
for four and half billion years,

but across that time it's actually been
many different planets.

How do you mean?

There are periods in the history of
the Earth that are so different from now.

They... It... it's closer to Venus,
or the moons of Jupiter.

Volcanos across whole continents,
ice caps all the way to the tropics.

The Earth is always changing.

We're here so briefly
that we assume it's stable,

but there's no such thing as solid ground.

And this thing has been there for it all.

Survived every near extinction we've had?

Did it survive ‘em
or did it could have caused ‘em...

You sure it needs protecting?

Well, that's just it.

Mass extinctions destroy most of the
evidence of what caused them.

So, this could be a real thr*at

or just an innocent bystander.

I don't know.


[Heather] Oh finally.

[Magnus (over speaker)] This is the OIM.

Rose and Dunlin to the control room

OIM out.

Come with me.

Both of you.

[devices beeping]

What's going on?

Hey, you okay pal?

- I'm fine.
- Shouldn't you be in isolation?

He's fine. Cat's certain.
So am I.

What's so urgent?

The pressures through the roof.
Baz and Garrow...

What is he doing!

[Magnus] sh*t!

Looks like he's trying to bypassing the
safeties for the well head control.

[Rose] Why?

The only reason you'd do that is
if you wanted to open it.

[siren wailing]

Isn't that like, blowout territory?

He'd have to be nuts.

The pressure on that thing,
he'll get us all k*lled.

Well, let's not give him the option.

Fulmer, can you reconnect us?
Take control remotely?

Well, I can try, but it's unlikely.
He's got the manual controls.


Is there any other way to shut it off?

We should send the Bullseye ROV down

and close the triple S valve
inside the well.

It can't be reopened from topside.

No. No, It's too risky to try that
with the Bullseye.

Well, going back over to the
Production module's out of the question.

Baz is way too unpredictable,
and probably contagious.

If we don't get there in time
whoever goes over there is d*ad for sure.

- I, just...
- [Dunlin] Magnus.

What is that?

That's, err, it's new equipment.

- Magnus, unless he's gonna swim down there
- Yeah, for what?

and get in our way,
the Bullseye is the best way to stop it.

Magnus! For what?

It's to suck every last drop out
the reservoir.

- Dunlin, can you just...
- Ahead of decommissioning?

- Why don't I know about it?
- Magnus, we need to make a call. Now.

- Do we launch the ROV or not?
- [Dunlin] Look I'm head of safety.

The well head is the
most volatile place on this whole rig...

It's not operational yet.

[Dunlin] But why am I
was the last to know?

[Rose] Magnus.

- Now's not the time.
- No, never is.

For f*ck sake!
What is he doing?

The pressures out of control.

We need to launch the Bullseye now.
There's no other way.

- Fulmer?
- Nah, I can't reconnect.

Okay we send the Bullseye.

Easter's the best trained.

Then let's get him up here.

Dunlin, sort the launch team.

And what about this injector?


[door closes]

[Magnus] This is the OIM.
Easter to control room immediately.

Ah, c'mon.

What's wrong, darling?

Sad you're not invited to the party?

All food to be consumed
within the canteen...

f*ck off, Murchison!

[water trickling]

[siren beeping]

You sure this'll work?

They'll go down and shut off the wellhead?

It's what I'd do. If I thought someone
was trying to open it.

Will it hold?

As long as they're fast.

Good thing we're not doing this at night.

It's always night down here.

[Easter] I've seen some fish down here
that shouldn't exist.

All glowing eyes and teeth.

That's what you get for diving
into the abyss.

[eerie music playing]

[Easter] Okay.

I wasn't expecting that.

My God...

Are those circles?

[Magnus] Aye.

But what is it?

"The fountains of the Great deep
burst apart."

[water trickling]

Some kind of thermal vent?

Well head checks were done
on last rotation.

There was no mention of anything like this
down here.

What if it's just woken up?

Close the S valve, Easter.

Before our day gets any worse.

You got it boss.

[machinery whirring]

Steady hands.

[Easter] What did you expect?

[Magnus sighs] Well done.

[siren wailing]

Hey, what?

That should have bought us some time.
Before they try something else.

[Heather] "The ring and the dark".

What if this is what Baz meant?

Alright... alright let's get these off.

- Right so we just disconnect it?
- Yeah.


- Wait!
- What?

System's primed.

Disconnecting it will only set it off.

So, what do we do?

- [beeping continues]
- We're running out of time.

We need Fulmer...

he's the only one
who knows these kind of systems.

We... we gotta get him to help.
Then he can tell the others,

make them understand the warning!

[beeping stops]

Did he say anything else?

Anything that might make sense of it?

Only that we had to stop it.

I'm just not sure what exactly.

But... there must be a reason
why he was interfering with the well head.

I... I'm certain he wasn't trying
to put us in danger.


I'm not so sure about that.

Yeah, if he was ready to open it
then he wasn't messing around.

Yeah, but he didn't.
I think she's right.

He seems to be trying to achieve
something, not just hurt us.

I think you're looking for logic
where there is none.

[Magnus] His behaviour, this symbol,

they're just more things
we don't have answers for.

Did Dunlin speak to you?

About what?

The unaccounted for items?

Do you know anything about this delivery?

There's no record of what they are.

How am I supposed to know
if I signed for them?

Dunlin found four containers
in the production module

that he didn't authorize.

Did he say what was in them?

They were locked.

[Magnus] Everything here was delivered
and installed on the last rotation.

While I was onshore. Rose?

No, I don't know anything about them.

Well, we've got a problem then,
cos neither do I.

[message tone beeps]

- Oh my god.
- [Heather] Signal?

The satellites back on.

Maybe. The skies are clear.

Files. We can access the files.

[Magnus] Rose! Rose!

[radio chattering]

[message tone ringing]

Fulmer... radio room!
Get through to the beach.

Kinloch Bravo to coastguard.

I repeat, Kinloch Bravo to coastguard.

Signal's back.

[suspenseful music playing]

[music continues]

Kinloch Bravo to coastguard.

Tell me you've got through.

- I've got dial tone.
- I have to get back.

Don't we all.
Make yourself useful.

Kinloch Bravo to coastguard.

What's Project Cirein?

I've never heard of it.

What... what's the next clearance level up
from you?

There isn't one.

Oh, come on!

[coast guard]
This is the Coast Guard receiving.

[indistinct chattering on phone]

This is OIM of Kinloch Bravo.

Emergency rescue required.

Can you confirm rescue? Over.

[indistinct chattering on phone continues]

Can you confirm rescue? Over.


Oh my god, Cat, are you okay?
Tell me you're okay? Is the baby...?

I'm, I'm fine, we're fine.

[giggling] Are you okay?

No one's been able to contact the rigs.

Pictor keep fobbing me off,
telling me everything's fine.

- What's happened?
- Weird stuff.

Really weird.
I'm fine, we're both fine.

Look don't panic
but we need a rescue yeah.

Cat okay, well, um, who do I call?

Give, give me a number?

- I knew something wasn't right...
- [Cat] Okay try the coastguard yeah.

No, I have, they won't listen to me,
I'm not Pictor.

What exactly have Pictor said to you?

We haven't even been able to contact them.

- They said err...
- [metal thuds]

What's happening Kacey, what's going on?

It looks like another power cut.
We keep getting them.

Right hang on let me show you.

I can't... I can't see Kacey,
you're gonna have...

Is that fog?

Kacey! Kacey!
You listen to me.

You don't go outside, d'you hear me?



Kace? Please. [crying]

[line cuts]

- [line ringing]
- C'mon. C'mon, c'mon...

- [line breaks]
- sh*t!

[signal breaking]

Can you confirm rescue?

I should have some old passwords in here.


Here read these out.

I'll see if any work.

[eerie music playing]

[metal clinking]


- You got through?
- What?

No. No... the err,
the signal's gone again.

Everything alright?

Fine, fine.

I thought I'd come down
and give you a hand.

- Yeah, thanks.
- [Baz] Fulmer?

- [Baz] We need your help...
- f*ck!

You um... you stay with the radio I just,
I need to check something.



[Magnus (over speaker) ] This is the OIM.
Please assemble for urgent briefing.

No exceptions. OIM out.


C'mon. C'mon!

[Heather] This isn't working is it.
We should go.

Maybe Magnus has better news.


Where's Fulmer?

He ran off from the radio room
before we were called down.

Haven't seen him since.
He's been acting weird... Rose...?

[suspenseful music playing]

Fulmer. We need you.

How long have you known?

Just now.

I saw the drawing.

You've seen those circles before.

I don't know how I knew to draw it.

You must have recognized them
in the control room?

Why didn't you say anything?

Why did you let me believe I was okay?

I didn't know.

You could have told me.

You should have told me.

Whatever it is, [sighs] it's in me, Rose.

It's been in me this whole time.

Come here.
Come here let me see.

You're still hurt.

It's gotta be a good sign, right?

It's not just the circles.
Or the healing.

I've started seeing things.

Hearing things.

Baz spoke to me.

He spoke to you?

Like erm, a hallucination?

I don't know.
I can, I can hear him in my head.

Is he speaking to you now?

Or like a memory?

It's different.


I'm sorry.

You're gonna be okay.

You should head back.

I'm gonna find an answer to this.

I promise.


You should rest.

I'm gonna come straight back okay.

[doors closes]

[scary music plays]

[music fades]

Did you get through?

He's coming.

[crowd murmuring]

Signal came back for a short
while just now...

Did you get through?

- No.
- I don't know.

Well, what is it?
A no or a don't know?

We made contact with the Coast Guard.

They never confirmed rescue, Magnus.

[Magnus] Err I've called us here
because I need the bigger picture.

- [crowd shouting]
- Wait, listen, listen. Listen!

Raise your hand
if you got through to shore?

[indistinct chattering]

Then I'm certain the message got through.

If not by my channels,
then at least by yours.

[Murchison] Aye, but it might not just be
the message we have to worry about.

If blackouts are happening,

they might not have the resources
to send help.

What you talking about?

Well clearly, I'm the only one
who bothered listening to the news.

- [crowd chattering]
- Wait, wait, wait, quiet, quieten down!

We don't know
they won't have the resources...

unless you've heard this direct.

Unless someone has actually spoken to
the team in charge of our choppers,

I'm ain't buying that they won't try
as soon as they find out.

Agreed, there's no way
they're gonna leave us out here.

Look our families will team together,
they'll find the resources...

What if our families don't know
what's going on?

Y'know I spoke to Kacey and she said

that Pictor have been telling them
that we're fine.

What you saying?

What if Pictor aren't sending help?

But that doesn't make sense,
why would they do that?

Because we mean nothing to them!
f*ck all.

They're probably hoping that we've b*rned
and disappeared as well.

Would save them the cost of
a decommission.

Or what's happening here
is happening at home too.

Why'd you say that?

Blackouts, comms down.

[Murchison] They said power-cuts,
it's not the end of the world.

Look regardless of power-cuts
and resources...

clearly our families don't know
what's going on.

[Dunlin] And the longer we stay here,
the more our resources deplete.

We need to get back. Now.

Look I know it's a risk,
but we should take the lifeboats,

it's our only option.

Ah we won't make it to shore
in the lifeboats.

They don't have the range,
and the navigation. Not a chance.

[Dunlin] I've supported your call,
day in, day out.

Staying here's the wrong one.

Look maybe the lifeboats
ain't the right answer,

but we gotta do something.

And what if Cat's right,
what if this is happening back home?

This ain't just about us.
It's our families.

- We stay put we stay safe...
- Look f*ck the rules.

It's alright for you.
My boys are waiting on me back there.

- [Murchison] Everybody needs to calm down.
- [Cat] No! I'm with Dunlin.

I need to get back to my wife.

Ohh, kids this, wife that...

you wouldn't get yourselves in such a

if you'd just tried to contact
the Coastguard!

- What about us, here?
- Some of us care more

about others than we do ourselves Hutton!

We are your "others".

Well, it's not my fault
we're all you've got left.

Look at ya,
no wonder no body f*cking loves you.

You touch me again you will regret it.

You don't know anything about...

- C'mon then!
- [Magnus] Hutton!

[crowd shouting]


Stop! Stop it!
She's pregnant, stop!

Oh no, I best not have heard
what I think I just heard.

You're carrying a child?

And you came out here
without saying a thing?

You're the f*cking medic!

Keeping it secret puts yourself in danger,
the entire crew not least your baby...

How could you be so selfish?


Look, you're not the only one out here

It's reckless.
You're all being reckless.

Of course, we all want to get home.
But I have to put your safety first.

That's my job!

It's crew first. And is...

It's always been...

crew first.

And that... that's why I wasn't... there.

- That's why I lost my...
- [Dunlin] Okay?

- Sit down. Sit down, you're okay.
- [Dunlin] Magnus...

You need to stop before it's too late.

Go, rest and I don't want you
to step foot inside that control room

until you've slept.
Right now, I've got this.

[crowd chattering]

Hey! Hey! Listen up.

I am sorry
if Pictor lied to your families.

But believe me, I'm with you, not them.

We will find a way back,
no matter what it takes.

I promise.

Sorry, Magnus.

I should never have brought up Thomas.
I'm sorry mate.

Let's go.

It's me.

[Rose] Hey.


[tenseful music playing]

f*ck! f*ck!



[Cat] Fulmer!


- Heather!
- That was all my fault.

You were trying to protect her.
She'll forgive you.

- I... I didn't mean to...
- She'll forgive you. Listen to me.

Was Fulmer being weird with you tonight?

Look I... I... I... can't right now.
I need to find Cat.

- [Heather] Cat?
- What? What's going on?

Something's not right.



What are you doing?

Come back!

I can't.

It's not safe anymore.

I'm sorry.


[wind whoosing]

[scary music playing]

[scary music continues]

Oh, my God.

What is it?

We need to go. Now!

Come on.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

[Heather] There they are.

What happened?

Fulmer... he went across.

[Rose] Growth over there.

It's everywhere.

The spores.

They landed on my stomach.
Like they knew.

[chattering from background people]


There's lights coming towards us.

It worked? They got through?

They must have!

[Cat] Well, what is it?

Looks like searchlights.

- [Heather] A ship?
- Can't tell.

[Dunlin] Look everyone move back.

What's going on?

Lights, in the distance...
we're being rescued!

Nar seems too quick.

They might have already been on their way.

Should I get Magnus?

We get him when we're sure.

Listen up!
I want everyone in their survival suits.

Okay, prepare for immediate evacuation.

[crowd cheering]


The message got through, we're going home.

I'll believe it when I see it.

[siren hooting]

[hooting continues]


- [Rose] Check your suits.
- [Dunlin] Get a move on!

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Hey, hey, hey what's all the fuss?

Could be a rescue.
We're preparing for evac.

- [Hutton] Thank God.
- [Rose] Get ready to go.

[Heather] But what about Fulmer?

I'll go. I'll find him.

No. We can't risk it.
We need a plan.

I think I can see it!

[Hutton] Yeah, but how many of them?

- [Rose] Just the one?
- Yeah.

[Murchison] For all of us?

[eerie music plays]

We're not alone.


No. Something else.

I don't know what this is.

But it's not a rescue.

[eerie music continues]

[closing theme music plays]
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